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I Don’t Check In Notification
I Don’t Check In Notification 26 хвилин тому
I really want Christine but gotta to knowing that it’s ain’t gonna happen.. sorry I’m not sum 12 yrs old kid that would fall for MrClickBait. 😐🤷🏻‍♂️
Nicky Poundtown
Nicky Poundtown 27 хвилин тому
GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas Essentially it's a GTA1 remaster
Damon Brefreau
Damon Brefreau 34 хвилини тому
Damn you reaching bro
Mr.FIREWOLF PLAYZ 35 хвилин тому
In the remastered version they put gasoline on Simon Riley too...poor guys but...he respawn in MW 2019
TheNdub Media
TheNdub Media 40 хвилин тому
Totally irrelevant... but Your graphics look insane..
Gecko o
Gecko o 44 хвилини тому
I knew it, I knew it, putting a go kart on the podium was not a joke but a signal of insanity
nachocheeze1876 53 хвилини тому
Honestly, the one thing I'd love to have on gta one day is survivals with zombies
Joseph 54 хвилини тому
how is Michael in here
Aikawa Kano Ch.
Aikawa Kano Ch. 56 хвилин тому
How'd you feel getting blown up after spamming your awful mod menu? Thanks for crashing my game.
Taki Mitsuha
Taki Mitsuha Годину тому
well, last night (GMT+07) i played GTA Online and nothing's weird happened i got my Jester RR from the prize ride and so on.
Dustin-fisch Годину тому
Christine ist the best horror movie ever from 80s
Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels Годину тому
I haven't had any of those things happen to me
•W• Годину тому
Ady Mills
Ady Mills Годину тому
I lost loads of cars, and the biggest concern is that my prime gaming rewards that I had linked up to my social club. Yet I'm still paying them. I lost my oppresser mk2 I dnt know what is going on
Edison K.
Edison K. Годину тому
The fact that he still has over 3 million subscribers is the 8th wonder of the world.
5mBaZ Годину тому
Jack: what is that thing? Arthur:alright 🤠
Ocelot S
Ocelot S Годину тому
I have very little doubt gta 6 is even going be good… look at cyber punk, last of us 2 and other game titles took way to long make and they were utter crap.
locjourney78 Годину тому
In tuners I had 4 races done and one race left for the prize car and when I logged on today it showed I only had one race done
Ted :l
Ted :l 2 години тому
Rockstar games are 🤡s they don’t care about the community
M Bonita
M Bonita 2 години тому
I Hope GTA Trilogy Remastered Put on PS4
M Bonita
M Bonita 2 години тому
I Hope gta trilogy remastered on ps4
Superior 2 години тому
Haven't seen a video of yours for 2 years, good too see your content is the exact same every video.
Caleb Newton
Caleb Newton 2 години тому
Kinda wonder if the whole emerald ranch thing might be a future dlc or something
JROC_ 585
JROC_ 585 2 години тому
MY GUY STOP SAYING TRILOGY THE latest game is gta v 5 as in not a trilogy jus sayin
Erica & Nate
Erica & Nate 3 години тому
Maybe the vet copped a feel!!!! Lol
Gary Bent
Gary Bent 3 години тому
Are they still bringing out more cars from this update or we already got all 17
John Doe
John Doe 3 години тому
Thx for the info.....all cars accounted for....
Nyarlathotep 3 години тому
I bet either Arthur or Javier are the father of Jack.
Colt Redden
Colt Redden 3 години тому
Just sniper the modder and instantly leave
giga chad
giga chad 3 години тому
thank god i got it for free
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake 3 години тому
Xbox is trash and no one even plays it why would they want their best selling franchise on a weak console
rohit singh
rohit singh 4 години тому
They have to sell microsoft to buy Take two interactive lol, they don't have the capacity whatsoever. Don't talk about this bullshit news.
CMDR SVT 4 години тому
i hope all the 112000 idiots who fell for this used adblock at least xD
Elton Dantzler
Elton Dantzler 4 години тому
You Got A Good Hustle Going Bro... You Know Nothing...
Jimmyle tv
Jimmyle tv 4 години тому
maybe the guy that had a rollback has something to do with mods. I have seen modders lose their account/rollback/ money wipe. I've seen these things at least maybe 3 or 4 times since 2014. remember the global money wipe when the gun running warehouse was release?
wilghko 4 години тому
Elton Dantzler
Elton Dantzler 4 години тому
I've Been Watching ROCKSTAR's Pattern For Years Now... They Have Proven Time & Time Again That They Know What They're Doing And KNOWS What It Takes To Deliver The Highest Level Of GREATNESS!! You Guys Just Aren't Patient... But I'm More Than Positive That All Of You Crybabies Will Be Eating Crow When It Finally DOES Drop!! Hey... If Nothing Else... It CAN'T Be Worse Than CYBER PUNK!!!
Jahdiel Duncan
Jahdiel Duncan 4 години тому
I a millionaire
Jahdiel Duncan
Jahdiel Duncan 4 години тому
Thanks because I about to do it
Ahmed Larsson
Ahmed Larsson 4 години тому
Imagine a community. With everyone just ruining and leaving gta for a good, for reasons we want but can’t. I wish we dropped them, i hope gta 6 gets trashed
Hargle Flargle
Hargle Flargle 4 години тому
no shit sherlock, u can sell fish to the buthcher
Nick Campano
Nick Campano 4 години тому
5:46 is the best passive aggressive Arthur quote i've heard thus far
the E
the E 5 годин тому
i dont think this is his video not him talking but the gameplay thingy what ever you call it i think hes just talking not playing
Morgan Dobson
Morgan Dobson 5 годин тому
Lies lies and more lies
Veda 5 годин тому
A roof scoop?
Brant UGA
Brant UGA 5 годин тому
Hi 👋
toprilo 5 годин тому
0:18 thats not gta 6 that gta 5 with graphic mods
Lord Dorker
Lord Dorker 5 годин тому
I am a real lvl 1196. I have been playing for several hours a day for the last 7 years. I haven't gotten on GTA since this last update. I think I am finally done with it. Thank you rock star for making it so bad as to allow me to get my life back.
Connex Jasso
Connex Jasso 12 хвилин тому
I’m lvl 40 and I’m done.
Chris Cardenas
Chris Cardenas 5 годин тому
What's going on with the car meet when I go in I don't get points or the pink meter reputation level not showing up
rob runnn
rob runnn 6 годин тому
Hello mr. Boss for the win I just want to know cuz everybody get the pirate suit or is it just certain people I've been indifferent Lobby's private lobby public libraries and I can't find them and I've searched everything and got one of those Maps off the internet and I can't find anything so you tell me what's up appreciate it follow you all the time
Hanea Fraser
Hanea Fraser 6 годин тому
Did anyone else think its odd for rockstar to gift $18,000,000 to an online player for no reason happened to a friend not too long ago? 🤔😐
Jimmy Felix
Jimmy Felix 6 годин тому
You can find about 300-500$ in the second story of the farthest building left of the entrance of the mine
red eye scall
red eye scall 6 годин тому
Hey Mr boss I have found a weird secret in red dead I know it’s an Off-topic but as I was playing red dead redemption 2 story mode for the 3rd time but I have found out you can Visit Mr. Davison’s house and can become a stranger and saint’s Encounter I don’t know if it has been discovered yet but I just Encountered this today
red eye scall
red eye scall 6 годин тому
Never mind I have found a video
Ig mexco ‘
Ig mexco ‘ 6 годин тому
How is that funny mr boss
SaltyGrain 6 годин тому
I died when he said "Edinboro", it's pronounced "Edinburuh" (Edinburgh)
Frank Carino
Frank Carino 6 годин тому
No way 6 will be a single platform game! Money hungry T2 will never burn holes in their pockets!
Akram Akram
Akram Akram 6 годин тому
Come on kids, repeat after me: *CLICKBAITER*
Josh Mclaughlan
Josh Mclaughlan 6 годин тому
Ray Smith
Ray Smith 6 годин тому
I'm glad they took the fame out. If your an outlaw why would you want people to recognize you. I mean the whole point of being an outlaw is to kind of avoid detection
Unwanted Highlights
Unwanted Highlights 6 годин тому
Great work Ross, Keep it up Champ!
William Wilkinson
William Wilkinson 7 годин тому
Think it's funny how Ross aka mrbossftw creates UKvid accounts in the names of GTA V characters and comments on his own videos. Lol
Jamie Tuck
Jamie Tuck 7 годин тому
Thought.. what if this is Gavin? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Haw Haw
Haw Haw 7 годин тому
At 6:41 if u just started the game encoutering that gives u one of the best early game horses
Roobie ᗜˬᗜ
Roobie ᗜˬᗜ 7 годин тому
This guy's still clickbaiting?
Arin Adams
Arin Adams 7 годин тому
For me #1 was never playing it again lol, I loved Arthur Morgan so much that after he died, I didn't want to play RDR 2 anymore lol
blackmoonx3599 7 годин тому
Yeah well last week I did the race place top 3 for 5 day race..Thursday Friday Saturday I had 3 out of 5 days..got Sunday and I was 0 out of 5 days..I'm like wtf so I didn't play Monday I got on won one race ..well guess what I'm back to 0 today...smh I'm done
Karen Davis
Karen Davis 7 годин тому
31. Kill all of the legendary animals
Hehe ;)
Hehe ;) 7 годин тому
Dude lying rockstars wont ever release a game that has been old never would they continue a franchise again u people disgust me the fact that u can wait for years and years for em to put som
Trent Kaniuga
Trent Kaniuga 7 годин тому
except that big games have advertising budgets closer to 10-20 million. But still, its nice to hope and dream.
Mariah M
Mariah M 7 годин тому
What Rockstar should do to clean up the game is separate lobbys from tryhards and normal players like me who just wants to be able to do my missions without being exploted by oppressors every second i breathe.
Bakie 4 години тому
How would they know how to separate, just hop into an invite or mess around with your internet to be in a public lobby by yourself
J H 7 годин тому
Damn. Blue seats aren’t available on the Xbox.
Beastmode beastmode
Beastmode beastmode 7 годин тому
🤣🤣🤣looks like my PC for the last year 🤣🤣
Jared Stoddard
Jared Stoddard 7 годин тому
If you screw up on one of these side pieces do they ever respawn?
Jonah Matthews
Jonah Matthews 7 годин тому
I think people don’t understand them BUYING a company like they would have no choice
Jonas Ruidera
Jonas Ruidera 7 годин тому
GTA Online is offline. I can't get in...nor log in to my rockstar account
LordClydeofOMAR 8 годин тому
At this point, GTA 6 has me thinking "this must be how Duke Nukem fans felt waiting for DNF." Regardless of what happens, GTA 6 (if it ever comes out) is probably going to be disappointing even if it isn't XBOX exclusive. I'm not even sure I want it anymore.
mc kittums
mc kittums 8 годин тому
"He was also secretly a drug addict" woah blew my mind
Tony Brown
Tony Brown 8 годин тому
I've had to restart all my operations like weed farm, coke, forgery etc.
Josh Mclaughlan
Josh Mclaughlan 6 годин тому
Man that sucks,,,, i lost everything in my bunker, and had to do the staff setup thing again,,,, also i requested my sparrow from my kosatka and for some reason it kept spawning in 2 pieces, was very weird,,, and i also had this facepaint, and that day, i went to the barbers to remove it and for some reason the facepaint kept randomly appearing on my face