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SpaceX Starbase Live with Felix
Місяць тому
Tristan Mole
Tristan Mole 2 хвилини тому
anys news on the raptor 2 engine
Michael Petty
Michael Petty 7 хвилин тому
Nah. More tents..it's Elons way if saying F-u I make Mars rockets in my garage. Lol. I think human rated Starships will be made at the cape. And cargo varients and prototypes will be made in Boca.
John Sostrom
John Sostrom 36 хвилин тому
I would think the move will allow a quick tent move. They could likely allowing construction of a solid larger building and then move equipment back in.
Pa Murf
Pa Murf 38 хвилин тому
:.... not allowed to launch" !!!! Are you freaking serious ? They are NOT READY to launch !!! Why do you have a mental block with this concept?
Luke Canty
Luke Canty 43 хвилини тому
Not sure you can look back at the current state. You just have to look at the current state, otherwise there is a bit of a contradiction. If you look back at it then it isn't current. Love your work, btw. Not *trying* to be a dickhead. Your English is magnificent. :)7
Rick Годину тому
Boca Chica is a research facility to get efficient at building star ships and boosters. But also the facilities to build them in. The new cape location that spaceX owns could be the location of where they will build the plant that will spit out a star ship out once a week and a booster every two weeks. Boca Chica is still a good secondary launch and landing location since spaceX will need multiple locations.
Gary Reed
Gary Reed Годину тому
Until they have FAA and Environmental clearance for major operations, constructing buildings instead of tents would be a waste of resources and capital. So far, most of the buildings are temporary (tents) or bolt together (bays). Both can be disassembled if operations at Boca shutdown / move or are curtailed.
Tigran Ohanyan
Tigran Ohanyan Годину тому
In February 28 they will say July 31. The point is to bankrupt Spacex. Chinese and bezos money well spend. Corruption is democrats engine....LOL
DaveDabling Годину тому
Always insightful, thanks.
k martin
k martin Годину тому
If the FAA becomes a problem, SpaceX will build a space port on Hainan Island in the South China Sea. Or just ship the segments to French Guiana
Dug6666666 Годину тому
What I don't understand is why ramp up production capability at Starbase if the yearly launch numbers are likely to be restricted.
Seven Numbers
Seven Numbers Годину тому
Could you add chapters to your videos please
Ron D. Lite
Ron D. Lite Годину тому
Stupid translation of title makes me think it is a Dutch video
Gabriel Sullice
Gabriel Sullice 2 години тому
first, love your videos! any chance you can use a slightly less exciting/loud music track though? i don't remember it from a few weeks/months ago. I find it difficult to focus on what you're saying and that's the best part ;)
Blake 2 години тому
as usual very entertaining!!!! and informative!!!
Ck digital The Q of 6th
Ck digital The Q of 6th 2 години тому
Keep in mind, even if the *beast* works out very soon, this tin canister of 29 boosters, will still not be able to take the top stage solar cruiser & park it in exo orbit velocity, this means, *another full starship* of DOUBLE fuel-trip-RISK. So a 3rd support stage may need adjacent to the BN/beast, to offer a ONE flight trip. Or if the next BN/Beast, had an aerodynamic top cone, with those margins of needed fuel, could make singular second trip, saving more fuel.
Colin Roll
Colin Roll 2 години тому
Dude, you just did an ad for ball deodorizer...🤦🤦🤦😂
SirHenry 17
SirHenry 17 2 години тому
I say bigger tent.
perkipushb 2 години тому
Nice 💇‍♂️ and beard trim, my dude.
GroovyVideo2 2 години тому
will accidentally get launched to orbit
x x
x x 2 години тому
It's extremely unlikely that any of the Raptor-1 powered craft will actually be launched. By the time FAA makes a decision, Raptor 2 will be in full swing.
Boston quad
Boston quad 2 години тому
The world's going to end and we're going to be worried about the FAA approve stuff😭😭😭😭😭💨
Timothy Sheridan
Timothy Sheridan 3 години тому
s I like your "double" image… But could you use two cameras about 2 1/2 inches apart so I can cross my eyes and get the 3-D view? Maybe you could ask for some twin camera footage of SpaceX with the cameras about 6 feet apart you should get a really nice parallax view from a distance. Maybe 3 feet apart or even 2 feet. But for your desktop 3 to 5 inches would be fine. And we can all do the cross eye 3-D.
John Nelson
John Nelson 3 години тому
Why do you have Jay Green on console for your intro?
Rick Denton
Rick Denton 3 години тому
A fit test using the tower, a photov opportunity, a smiling Elon, maybe a static fire, maybe, then take the whole thing apart, start over.
Roger Halt
Roger Halt 3 години тому
8:30 once the smaller white tent is moved, it appears there will be enough space for another silver one with the same footprint as the others or maybe a wider tent to help increase production.
Bill Dickson
Bill Dickson 3 години тому
When they test fire, how are they going to hold the rocket ship to the launch pad?
Roger Halt
Roger Halt 3 години тому
Maybe big bolts like on the test stands.