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Ugunna Ehtdat
Ugunna Ehtdat 5 хвилин тому
It could be worse...you could be scouse...eating rats in your council house.
flyinghawlucha 8 хвилин тому
Nice guy Not so nice strategy
Online music
Online music 17 хвилин тому
ole out
jacek bialek
jacek bialek 30 хвилин тому
ole out!
roomfood royal
roomfood royal 35 хвилин тому
............................De Gea ........Mctominay Lindelof Bailly Bissaka ......Matic....Pogba.......Shaw .........................B.Fernandes ......................Ronaldo...Cavani
Ronaldo 38 хвилин тому
Ole out
TH silly
TH silly 42 хвилини тому
today not happen
Keagen Jones Dharmawan
Keagen Jones Dharmawan 48 хвилин тому
0:54 why is sir alex pretending to be chewing?
Rissky Putra
Rissky Putra Годину тому
Can't Wait To See in The Next Match 🤩
አማን ሰላም
አማን ሰላም Годину тому
Ruuuud Ruuud Ruuuud the best finisher
Sin Aung
Sin Aung Годину тому
If you want to know more about Ronaldo/play the full game
አማን ሰላም
አማን ሰላም Годину тому
ruuuud the beast, best finisher
barbaro Helm
barbaro Helm Годину тому
Glazers out ,ole and the crap coaches out
ufal sinubi
ufal sinubi Годину тому
Olle otttt Sidan
IHACKER316 Годину тому
He scores goals galore , he scores goals , Paul Scholes he scores goals
ufal sinubi
ufal sinubi Годину тому
Rashford on Greenwood off Cavani on sanco off pliss
Esi N
Esi N Годину тому
So many wannabe managers on here 😂😂😂
Mhd Nurfaisa
Mhd Nurfaisa Годину тому
let phil jones play
Nat1 Baby
Nat1 Baby Годину тому
GAME SHOULD BE CANCELLED... there is NO VALID EXCUSE for flying 100 miles. Disgusting attitude towards the world. Football is such a hotbed of greedy, disrespectful, ignorant idiots.
Farhan hayati wafa
Farhan hayati wafa Годину тому
Striker ( cavani, c. Ronaldo, j. Linggard) 👍👍
Euz Sov
Euz Sov 2 години тому
ronaldo sancho rashford greenwood pogba bruno matic
The king
Pete Geraghty
Pete Geraghty 2 години тому
More delusion from this lunatic of a manager easiest job in the world the fool has all he has to do is read the comments to pick the team and still can't get it right. Get with the times clown ole stop living in the past last min winners what coach dose that oh yes Ole does
GOAT CR7 2 години тому
GOES BRRRRR 2 години тому
yes yes u make the best transfer this year and its fav to u
Kuang Lovenie8
Kuang Lovenie8 2 години тому
Ronaldo is manchester united legend
Yass Sighs
Yass Sighs 2 години тому
de gea : am i a joke
Danial Glay
Danial Glay 2 години тому
Don't say anything about rotation when you didn't play donny
ShooterPlayer 69
ShooterPlayer 69 2 години тому
ole out after this game pls
FifaFc 2 години тому
This is a must win game not draw this game and Rashford shouldn’t be rushed back into the team he needs to come back slowly
TROLLER 2 години тому
Where CR7
S.A 2 години тому
Rashford Ronaldo Sancho This will set the stadium on fire 🔥
Nat1 Baby
Nat1 Baby 2 години тому
Rashford needs to send Ole to school
Nat1 Baby
Nat1 Baby 2 години тому
Used to like Ole before he said that Rashford should put kicking a silly ball around over FEEDING STARVING FAMILIES!! When we see more than 0.001% of football employees actually doing anything productive for society then greedy idiots like him can have their opinion. FOOTBALL IS DESTRUCTIVE TO INTELLIGENCE
Mekxx Projeck
Mekxx Projeck 2 години тому
Muhammed ALTINKAYNAK 3 години тому
Çünkü o RONALDO 👑
Edwin Sithole
Edwin Sithole 3 години тому
Fred needs a long injury layoff. That seems mean, but ffs he's been dreadful and costly.
ari k
ari k 3 години тому
Syamim Syukry
Syamim Syukry 3 години тому
We will lost or draw , i swear.. Man Utd under ole is sickkk + maguire & varane injured 👎
Shabbir singh
Shabbir singh 3 години тому
This happen again in 2021
Razz Kiron
Razz Kiron 3 години тому
Rashford, ronaldo and greenwood is best duo
Josip Perić
Josip Perić 3 години тому
CR7 wins us this game .
Aleksander Tsankov
Aleksander Tsankov 3 години тому
Pathetic little man. Doesn't have the character of a winner and champion. Great player and bad manager. If Mourinho had this team when he arrived in Manchester he would won the league. Even Van Gaal probbably would do better if he had this team.
Rampangas Multi Skill
Rampangas Multi Skill 3 години тому
Hope your change tactical ..the formation is very slow game...
Shaddy Boy Comedy
Shaddy Boy Comedy 3 години тому
Ole you don't know your job how can Carrick help you your job leave manchester United we need serials Coaches in the team
Steven Stevanus
Steven Stevanus 3 години тому
Fred fred and fred until ole retire or fire LOL
prashant shrestha
prashant shrestha 3 години тому
i think this man right her will try to destroy Ronaldo by keepin him on bench.he will make him retire soon.
Pmao Th
Pmao Th 3 години тому
Sully Nour
Sully Nour 3 години тому
Speaking smiling ,Speaking Smiling By the end of the day we get slapped 😡
Dev Ray
Dev Ray 3 години тому
The goal from nani was offside
Fatima Khan
Fatima Khan 3 години тому
deno Njoka
deno Njoka 3 години тому
Go! Go Manchester United *& Beat Leicester City Where I Say That I Believe What Manchester United Manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer Has Said In Yesterday's Press Conference Where I Say That Manchester United Away at Leicester City Will Be a Difficult Match Where There Can Either Be a 2-2 or 1-1 Draw or Manchester United Beat Leicester City Away 1-0 or 2-0 or 2-1 or 3-1 or 3-2 or 4-1 or 4-2 or 4-3 Where I Urge Manchester United Manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer 2 Start Cristiano "CR7" Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, Paul Pogba, Jadon Sancho With Marcus Rashford Being Our Number 9 Forward or With Marcus Rashford & Edison Cavani Pairing 2gether* 4 I Am Hopeful Manchester United Will Beat Leicester City Away at King Stadium 4 Manchester United Manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer Has My One 💯% Support.
Y E N N.
Y E N N. 3 години тому
play rashford and van de beek then we will win
midhun mohan
midhun mohan 3 години тому
Mr Man Utd
Mahmood Alemour
Mahmood Alemour 3 години тому
Since day 1 I see him being clueless.
Reckoner 4 години тому
Imagine thinking this is better than Sinclair's in 97.
azerty azerty
azerty azerty 4 години тому
Ce Patrice evra ne représente même pas l'un quard des joueurs de son poste
JT PRO 4 години тому
I hope rashford is soon back
joashmula254 4 години тому
sounds sweet when the commenter says *com'on greenwood com'on mason*💕
Tahmid Ahmed
Tahmid Ahmed 4 години тому
Happy Birthday 🎂 Coley
Paijo Londo
Paijo Londo 4 години тому
And then they fans ask to robbie " WHEN IS IT GONNA END ' 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 2021
king maddockthe3rd
king maddockthe3rd 4 години тому
let me make this categorically clear , there is no doubt that ole is an empirical likeable character his legendary status will never be erased in the mind of a true Manchester united fan but ole the manager/coach has tried his best but he just lacks the coaching level which is now required to restore Manchester united to its rightful position in World football . Thank you ole for what you have done but it would be noble for you to resign and allow capable managers to come through
Jamie C
Jamie C 4 години тому
Van de beek nominated for a balon d'or a few years ago now can't get in the team ahead of Fred or mcTominay. What the f**k is that all about? 🤦
Hermin Omar
Hermin Omar 4 години тому
Ole united DNA = Do not Attack
Hiếu Nguyễn Thị
Hiếu Nguyễn Thị 4 години тому
Ahmed Malow
Ahmed Malow 4 години тому
U ar manager 4 nothing
Robbie fess
Robbie fess 4 години тому
Ole .. We just want to win .. Please
Adi Pamuja
Adi Pamuja 4 години тому
Olle out
Reza Novaldi
Reza Novaldi 4 години тому
Legend 🔥
Addo Daniel
Addo Daniel 4 години тому
Ole we beg change your formation wai Go in for Cavani and Ronaldo and at the top ooo ole
Kanishk Munot
Kanishk Munot 4 години тому
just play VDB for 5-6 consecutive matches, he will create more chances than bruno and pogba
talha.khan_18 4 години тому
Virat Kohli In Cricket and Ronaldo In Football two G.O.A.T ❤
Lawrence Contreras
Lawrence Contreras 4 години тому
I honestly cannot think of a better volley… previously Android Townsend against City was the best volley I’ve seen … this is the same but smacks off the bar and back into the roof if the net…the dream!!!
Ahmet Sagat
Ahmet Sagat 4 години тому
Wow what a Striker🔥
Aveline Cardoz
Aveline Cardoz 4 години тому
It's dangerous that Ole thinks we playing attacking football the united way, some one needs to tell him that we don't have a style of playing, slow pragmatic football so boring football, and he keeps telling man utd dna, is he real 😴
Hashim abbasi Abbasi
Hashim abbasi Abbasi 5 годин тому
They have much to fix🛠️
HoV ZENTONO 5 годин тому
I love you Man Utd 😘🥰💗❤️
Mufc Racer
Mufc Racer 5 годин тому
Jose and Van Gaal hammered but Ole gets a free pass for 1999 that is the truth will always be a legend but time to change manager.