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Roxas Loud
Roxas Loud 52 хвилини тому
Toxic players better not hop on Nintendo and taint this game with thier crsp
Sliinkyy 53 хвилини тому
How can you dislike this?
Joe Oviedo
Joe Oviedo 56 хвилин тому
OMG!!!!! I love you Nintendo!
T master 2006
T master 2006 Годину тому
When’s this dropping?! It’s a few days till Christmas and we still got *Nothing* 🙁
Mr. Minecraft
Mr. Minecraft Годину тому
I’m guessing the hockey one was Toronto
o Годину тому
Nintendo showing pc gameplay
john wick from fortnite
john wick from fortnite Годину тому
yeah thanks for adding earthbound
Shreyas03 24
Shreyas03 24 Годину тому
Anyone after launch? Game Freak did an incredible job with the game! Except the graphics and not including all Pokémon
Gabriel Siqueira
Gabriel Siqueira Годину тому
Nintendo the bayonetta 3
TheTiredTire Годину тому
*Tyler1 intensifies*
Abbachiode Годину тому
They’re just selling you overwatch but slapped a 2 on the cover art bruh.
InterFur Incorporated
InterFur Incorporated Годину тому
86_percent Sam
86_percent Sam Годину тому
Why they need a new game for this?
Nicole Przybyl
Nicole Przybyl Годину тому
Do you think this is funny 59.99 is this a great deal😠
Smasher Demesa
Smasher Demesa Годину тому
My Nintendo Gaming Memories It was my first playing New Super Mario Bros DS
David Sun
David Sun Годину тому
Luke Drake
Luke Drake Годину тому
Nintendo It’s me Luke remember me And my moveset for Neptune I sent you when I went to NYC? I want you to put her in SSBU as the 5th Fighter in the Fighter Pass.
HANGAR 550 Годину тому
esto es real hijo
Hiiiii Годину тому
ok broooomerrrrrrrrrtrrr
KungFuMaster Годину тому
XC2 was not really for me, so I'm hoping to get to XC with this 😀
Jaelen Ingo
Jaelen Ingo Годину тому
Wow. D:
Remix Jenos
Remix Jenos Годину тому
R.I.P screen capturing
jack the gamer 3
jack the gamer 3 Годину тому
Happy birthday smash ultimate
Годину тому
Nintendo. Can you please add ice flowers and mini mushrooms and other mario game power ups that are linked with in the chosen games in super mario maker 2?
Doris Hudson
Doris Hudson Годину тому
G night h hi
Oh no... the boost pads are ALREADY spawning in hot garbage.
That One Mudkip
That One Mudkip Годину тому
Channel is Subscribe
Maelee Johnson
Maelee Johnson 2 години тому
Maelee Johnson
Maelee Johnson 2 години тому
Can we just talk about how much SMOOTHER THE GAME LOOKS?!?!? LIKE THE GRAPHICS BROOOO
Hazsch 2 години тому
legend Of good
legend Of good 2 години тому
Mario 64 n64 release was unbelievable . It changed everything
Retx Crak
Retx Crak 2 години тому
Victor M.
Victor M. 2 години тому
2:20 oh look its senna
Sebastián Oropeza
Sebastián Oropeza 2 години тому
1:03 finally finally 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍😍😍 this game finally is definitive
William Brannen
William Brannen 2 години тому
I'm not trying to ask for much all I ask for is that if you do make any more updates in the future if you could please have the kid Koopalings in the game.
William Brannen
William Brannen 2 години тому
Cuz they only real bosses in Super Mario maker 2 are Bowser, Bowser Junior, boom boom, and pom pom.
Nicole Przybyl
Nicole Przybyl 2 години тому
I wish I could wear it😍
i love my ducky
i love my ducky 2 години тому
Please cheese and crackers give us chrono Trigger either the port or remaster be awesome
neku neku
neku neku 2 години тому
Really prefer star ocean 3 than this
Mardhiyah Rasyidah
Mardhiyah Rasyidah 2 години тому
.do you know super smash bros..?! 😗😘☺️🙂
Mardhiyah Rasyidah
Mardhiyah Rasyidah Годину тому
hari ulang tahun super smash bros ( nintendo 64 ( 21 januari 1999 ) ) , pas hari kemunculannya megaman zero / zx legacy collection ( nintendo switch , playstation 4 ( versi inggris ( 21 januari 2020 ) ) ) .?! the birthday of Super Smash Bros (Nintendo 64 (January 21, 1999)), on the day of its appearance Megaman Zero / Zx Legacy Collection (Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 (English version (January 21, 2020)))?! 😉😛😜🤔🙄😏
Alpharadius 2 години тому
William Brannen
William Brannen 2 години тому
You know what would be really cool if Nintendo added the kid Koopalings in the game with their own different movesets from the Mario Brother games.
Junko Shima
Junko Shima 2 години тому
well see you all mid 2020! i feel like splatoon coming then since im hoping animal crossing is done!
Foggy Pebble
Foggy Pebble 2 години тому
Crystalis! That was one of my favorite games as a kid! I thought it was too obscure to ever be adapted to a newer console!
KadenTheman #1
KadenTheman #1 2 години тому
I like how it says that it's for Nintendo switch but you can obviously mouse buttons and left shift in the bottom right corner of the gameplay
Giovanni Vasquez
Giovanni Vasquez 2 години тому
Add more prizes for my Nintendo if you want a Nintendo switch or a 3DS game you need to get 10000 coins to get a good game 3DS 5000 plz I hope this happens as my Christmas gift
Luxury Charge
Luxury Charge 2 години тому
Before me buying Nintendo switch expectations: all my friends will have the Nintendo switch and we will all play together! After buying Nintendo switch: Reality is often disappointing
bingus dingus
bingus dingus 2 години тому
Have fun buying the same game.
TameFly 2 години тому
I was so exited to play this game but it Hasn’t come out
jacob drolet
jacob drolet 2 години тому
Looks amazing even on the switch too
JBI JBI 2 години тому
This game is gonna sell like crazy
Duke Oppfelt
Duke Oppfelt 2 години тому
Listen, this isn’t a gameplay trailer, this is THE trailer ok
VendettaCalls 2 години тому
This is an artistic wonder, and the music fits perfectly. The nostalgia is overflowing, thank you Nintendo...
SunBroJoe 2 години тому
This is awesome. I love you Nintendo!
ThundraZEKE YT
ThundraZEKE YT 2 години тому
Where’s d.va? Did Sakurai did it again?
vichuwu c:
vichuwu c: 2 години тому
Nice. tf2 in switch
N Balè
N Balè 2 години тому
Bob Backwards is Bob
Bob Backwards is Bob 2 години тому
We all want earthbound let’s be honest here
Yisuz 2 години тому
Xenoblade Chronicles - Definitive Edition will be the GOTY 2020 ♥
12 Ri
12 Ri 2 години тому
I had Kirby super star ultra sadly I lost.
Tersa Viel
Tersa Viel 2 години тому
La Danse Macabre: hello! I am blixer but way more cooler! Even than his other forms! Blixer: * rage intensifyes * Edit: also the trailer is cool
super game game game
super game game game 2 години тому
rip mario battle royale
Ventuskh 2 години тому
we need the ezio collection :(
Michael Castellano
Michael Castellano 2 години тому
In honor of this update and future updates with new elements I am using the process of elimination method to recreate levels that these enemies and elements have appeared in.
The Trash Of The Internet
The Trash Of The Internet 3 години тому
No interest its look like the first and everything
yodef 682
yodef 682 3 години тому
This was was just published 5 months ago and it feels like waiting for No Man's sky in 2016 or for a Dragon Ball's canon sequel in 2010.
Random Dude
Random Dude 3 години тому
Man I can't wait for this coke milk update
Random Dude
Random Dude 3 години тому
Still no
Ignacy Mroziński
Ignacy Mroziński 3 години тому
Unfortunately that's the all time I have. I have to go back to play Animal Crossing New Leaf on my Nintendo 3ds
Beast 6479
Beast 6479 3 години тому
If there ever is a Mixtape 3. For the love of all things good. Let it be with Splatoon/Splatoon 2!
Gd Skullpro
Gd Skullpro 3 години тому
Add: Captian Toad!! And Make 3d Theme Real 3D!
Karpadoy 3 години тому
Nintendo: Draw your favourite gaming moments! Me: **Akechi boss fight intensifies**
Minecraft Boi7162
Minecraft Boi7162 3 години тому
When when will we get the next smash dlc
Russell Chan
Russell Chan 3 години тому
This trailer inst very realistic she's running the whole time!
Rick Jones
Rick Jones 3 години тому
So a not as good looking Spirit of the North? Got it.
Jason Kott
Jason Kott 3 години тому
can't wait for the n64 games to come out, super mario 64, mario kart 64, star fox 64, and super smash bros will be fun to play on the switch MAKE IT HAPPEN NINTENDO!!! then again, next year they are probably going to do Gameboy or gba games.
lovely little angels
lovely little angels 3 години тому
Wait so not on ps4 now?
KG 3 години тому
Yes my favourite, two games filled with trailing missions, can’t wait👌🏽
Benjamin Denverstone
Benjamin Denverstone 3 години тому
I agree with you Kyrsta. My favorite game is Super Mario World. It's the first game I played. I'm getting Switch Online so I can play it as much as I want!
Chase 3 години тому
I really like the part of Kit's story where he would play Super Mario 64 for comfort while talking on the phone. Anyone who has social anxiety knows that talking on the phone can be one of the most difficult ways to communicate. Any time I am feeling anxious or nervous or upset I've always had Nintendo games to ease the pain just a little bit.
LynkTheGamer 3 години тому
0:25 why would i stop using a console i paid for smh
TheYeshuaFreak 3 години тому
Nintendo: let’s make Botw 2 more like lord of the rings fans: yes please hater fans: why Nintendo why
Sans song the real
Sans song the real 3 години тому
Little bro : *pees on toilet seat* Me: 0:49
Nick N
Nick N 3 години тому
I'll be looking forward for a yacht club game that isnt shovel knight related
Stocke 3 години тому
Black Flag was the last AC I played, after that I stopped caring about the saga, is Rogue any good? would like to retake AC games again if they're worth.
Squrkyoin that isn’t a donut
Squrkyoin that isn’t a donut 3 години тому
Anyone else see the Link in over watch fan made trailer and saw this?
D Man 20_06
D Man 20_06 3 години тому
Gee, about time
al theriault
al theriault 3 години тому
They just want to copy fortnite because THEY HAVE CHAPTER2! Overwatch isn't good so I wont recommend ANYONE!! to get Overwatch 2 Like this comment if you read and agree with me.
Zayk Blood
Zayk Blood 3 години тому
Yeah because no games haven't had a chapter 2 before Fortnite was the first in history. Delete this just make you look like an idiot comparing these games.
ENDiZZLE TV Gaming 3 години тому
switch trailer, uses pc footage...
Robin Main
Robin Main 3 години тому
During the Rear Egg/Shock Spring Jump portion (I think) I don't know y but Sakurai sounded so happy to talk about it, and it makes me happy 4 no reason
天災 3 години тому
PurpleGalaxy 3 години тому
if theres not a splatoon 3 ima lose my woomy
Dallas Segno
Dallas Segno 3 години тому
lol modern slavery is so fun
Noob Animation
Noob Animation 3 години тому
*wii sports for switch. Come on nintendo*