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Teo 2 години тому
YES! Season 2 is here!
Hunter Tippetts
Hunter Tippetts 2 години тому
I missed this show more than a fat kid misses cheese cake.
Scypheroth 2 години тому
2 good perfect trucks...RUINED!
Bros Numeral Dos
Bros Numeral Dos 2 години тому
La tomate
La tomate 2 години тому
They're mail vans now where I live
Hannah May
Hannah May 2 години тому
I think Nolan should have gotten high car this time around lol
Mathew Rutledge
Mathew Rutledge 2 години тому
I thought for sure you would switch who got high car.
christopher 2 години тому
Miles per hour*
Justin Rawlings
Justin Rawlings 2 години тому
Body lifts are actually functional for the purpose of larger tires which increases axle ground clearance.
Twisted Bonnie
Twisted Bonnie 2 години тому
HiLow is back baby!
Dan Bai
Dan Bai 2 години тому
My N****.. You ready everyone?
Ronald Harris
Ronald Harris 2 години тому
How did you find 2 Tacoma trucks that aren't stolen?
Jeremy Halladay
Jeremy Halladay 2 години тому
Watching this made my credit score drop 132 points.
Minis For Erbody!
Minis For Erbody! 2 години тому
Sick episode can’t wait for the rest of it.
royrex100 2 години тому
I think it would be cool to have a segment for offroad offroading
Ciara-Jean Murphy
Ciara-Jean Murphy 2 години тому
Love love love this series ✨
mirthenary 2 години тому
At what point are you going to do the Carolina lift😆
Sweatsy 2 години тому
FYI this is my dad sorry You guys should stick to drift cars and stay away from the four-wheel-drive trucks. You failed to mention several issues about putting a 3 inch coil over lift kit in a Toyota Tacoma. First of all, let’s Address articulation. Lifting a truck is not going to give it more articulation, It only changes from equal articulation up and down, to more articulation up and less down, the amount stays the same. The biggest issue you’re going to have is the ball joint on the A arm binding When it is in full extension. The coil over lift kit companies never tell you that an upgraded a arm is required. Also the drop differential kit should be your next biggest concern because your drive axles are not sitting horizontal anymore and your U joints in them are going to wear out prematurely. That red truck is so jacked that it probably won’t last 10,000 miles without breaking something. Watch your Termanology, Zach referred to the upper A arm as the control arm. I know this kit and this truck like the back of my hand and it would have been a little confusing to somebody that doesn’t know anything about coil over lift kits in a Toyota Tacoma
Nic Scharing
Nic Scharing 2 години тому
Fuck yeah!! Nolan and James are becoming some smart and experienced car guys it is awesome to see it!
Adam Grove
Adam Grove 2 години тому
Next car, 'Van Life' van!!!
Bran_Muffin 2 години тому
So happy this is back!!
adamg9502 2 години тому
Can you help me with som ideas and tell me what I should know about my car witch is a 2001 SL1 Saturn Sudan
Crewmate Not an imposter
Crewmate Not an imposter 2 години тому
Was anyone else’s day just made 100 times better with this new episode of Hi low
JustVixen 2 години тому
8:18 definitely the second one For me at least..
Squishy Sack
Squishy Sack 2 години тому
Y'all need a driver mod...
Eric Butterfield
Eric Butterfield 2 години тому
Both teams should ride in all three trucks for all tests this season.
jeast417 2 години тому
Icon is trash
Jason Cromwell
Jason Cromwell 2 години тому
"I seriously advise you don't do this at home". Me doing it in a field with my hand directly on the top plate of the spring, felt like the recoil of a 50 bmg through my hand
TheDamdDino 2 години тому
I’m enjoying the offroad content with high and low, and money pit
AwJeezAwMan 2 години тому
I have never clicked on video so fast in my life
Stefan Du Toit
Stefan Du Toit 2 години тому
Love this series, and so happy that there is another season of it. I just wished that Nolan be in the hi team now
Micaiah Guerrero
Micaiah Guerrero 2 години тому
12:52 pause
steve barcia
steve barcia 2 години тому
I hope they show more on the difference between the suspensions on the high speed whoop stuff in the next episodes. That’s where the icon destroys the rest
Kaden Kandler
Kaden Kandler 2 години тому
The HiLow tire episode is going to be tragic for Nolan . . .
custommotor 2 години тому
Please don't show people you taking apart a strut like that. Your going to have people doing that and getting hurt bad. Show the correct way with the tool or not at all.
M H 2 години тому
Donut is skirting that fine line of being that "indie feeling friends fixing cars videos that the every guy can watch" and the "we are now popular and are going to bro down and sell out." o and obligatory "hiring Zach was the greatest thing Donut ever did" comment
Dec Jackson
Dec Jackson 2 години тому
Wasn’t there a Spanish Facebook only hilo or am I misremembering
Paraschiv Ratoi
Paraschiv Ratoi 2 години тому
I think it would be more fun to see James building the cheaper car and Nolan the expensive one
Jesus Melgar
Jesus Melgar 2 години тому
They should add a Mid car.
Scypheroth 2 години тому
using a chrome socket on a impact....FOR SHAME!
Kutlwano Makhobotloane
Kutlwano Makhobotloane 2 години тому
I can't be the only one who wanted to see a switch in teams 👀
Leandro Grosso
Leandro Grosso 2 години тому
Thanks Donut Media for these awesome videos, I cant get enough. Keep up the good work and stay savage! <3
Gato 2 години тому
when is the rb25 rebuild video??
ClericChris 2 години тому
Nolan: If you can afford to to spend the money to save on labor that's harder than changing your oil, do it. Dear Nolan, this is all about the struggle. If it were easy it wouldn't be special.
renmimby3000 3 години тому
Surely it was Nolans turn with high car?!
Michael Salter
Michael Salter 3 години тому
I'm Aquarius... totally not accurate lol. I drive a 16' Ram Hemi. Not driving an ecobox lol
EdgarM moreno
EdgarM moreno 3 години тому
I like how they have the parts for future episodes just chilling on a rack
Robert Hollar
Robert Hollar 3 години тому
Lol why would you grab a taco? The newer ones blow ass... Also icon is a bit average for off road...
Wyatt Scheerer
Wyatt Scheerer 3 години тому
K9THEGREEKGOD 3 години тому
*killer meme star enters chat*
crmyers designs
crmyers designs 3 години тому
25:02 The correct term is "damping," not "dampening." Just wanted to let James and the editor know for future reference.
B 3 години тому
I love how this doesn't feel like a UKvid video. Honestly, the production quality is so high, you could tell me this was a Netflix series and I wouldn't question it.
Христо Попов
Христо Попов 3 години тому
Love it when you hear BilSTEEN, instead of BilSTEIN.
Gato 3 години тому
please, if you turbo or supercharge them, dont break them as with the z's, they where so good
Ricardo Tellez
Ricardo Tellez 3 години тому
Forward !!!!
Rob 3 години тому
Can’t wait for next ep
Ricardo Tellez
Ricardo Tellez 3 години тому
Fuc k yeah !
IamR3D88 3 години тому
HiLow is back! This is NOT a drill! HiLow is back!
Flow Rob
Flow Rob 3 години тому
In 70s , working for Marine engine supplier , they had a 250cc motorcycle . To start it , u open petcock going to start pan under the horizontal cylinder . Fill the pan , lite the pan . Wait while it Burns out . Kick start it . Simple every time.
Ryan 3 години тому
Where is money pit its been two weeks since the last episode was on
Ugnius Zavadskis
Ugnius Zavadskis 3 години тому
17:53 ???
Rob Glaser
Rob Glaser 3 години тому
Wonder how the stock truck would have done if you locked the rear differential like you did the modded trucks. Bet you did and it did nearly the same as the modded trucks and that is why you didn't show it that way.
greatchimp 3 години тому
Enflict 3 години тому
Those leaf springs constantly came through the FedEx hub I used to work at and I unloaded them all the time not knowing what the heck they were. Now I know! Thanks DM!
Skylar Ladden
Skylar Ladden 3 години тому
Who else subscribed to 🍩 before they had over 1million subscribers?
S'bu Cele
S'bu Cele 3 години тому
What about bmw engines
Ziad Tarek
Ziad Tarek 3 години тому
why is it censored 24:31
T. O'Neal
T. O'Neal 3 години тому
So my truck literally has a "low-car" suspension setup lol and it kicked ass for 2yrs now
Jason Fazio
Jason Fazio 3 години тому
JustVixen 3 години тому
My dad had a tacoma from the first model year, and instead of letting it be recalled, he just replaced the rear suspension. That allowed him to be the first person to have recorded maintenance on a toyota tacoma with 100,000+ miles on it. He still has it, his daily drive is a camaro, but the tacoma still runs, has 660,000 miles last time i checked. Toyota reliability yo.
B M 3 години тому
Bilstein is no cheap company, they do serious stuff
Michael Garner
Michael Garner 3 години тому
I thought y’all were gonna switch to Nolan having Hi Car and you having Lo Car James
Pabz Roz
Pabz Roz 3 години тому
I fricken love HiLow almost as much as I love James.
Aalas Tair
Aalas Tair 3 години тому
New season of HiLow! Let’s go baby!
b.x.b L.J
b.x.b L.J 3 години тому
Couldn't of picked a better direction for season 2
veerxive 3 години тому
why do you torture Nolan by giving him cheap parts again? 🤔
justajerseyboy 3 години тому
THE STEEZGODZ ARE BACK!! Also why can't Nolan get HI Truck??
Lorian 3 години тому
I would have loved if this season was about Suzuki samurais Also Nolan should had Hi car this time
Eubank31 3 години тому
I'll tell you that i did not expect to see bilstein on the low car
Gas E Cars
Gas E Cars 3 години тому
This is what we have been waiting for, THIS IS NOT A DRILL