Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden
i am the only person who makes videos
The Real Drew Gooden
4 дні тому
YouTuber Books
Місяць тому
This Movie Has Every Stereotype
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This is Amanda's Channel Now
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What is Rick Lax doing?
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Trying Relationship Life Hacks
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The JayStation Unraveling
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Jumping the Shark
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I'm Disappointed
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There Are Too Many Christmas Movies
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I Auditioned For Kidz Bop
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Leaving the YouTube Bubble
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Insane How-To Videos from the 50s
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Overwhelmed by Choice
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The Dobre Brothers Terrible Apology
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Losing Your Relatability
9 місяців тому
My Crazy Strange Addiction Obsession
9 місяців тому
Arrested for Clout
10 місяців тому
Is SNL Even Funny?
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Stuff Nobody Says
Рік тому
"Dark Secrets" on YouTube
2 роки тому
Reacting To My Old Vines
2 роки тому
I Quit My Job To Do YouTube
2 роки тому
Vine: Where Are They Now?
2 роки тому
Top 10 Top 10 Lists
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Why Is YouTube Music So Bad?
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Are We Really Doing This?
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Good cop/Bad cop
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The Problem With Gift Cards
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The King of Vape
3 роки тому
Brian Santchez
Brian Santchez 12 годин тому
Wtf I remember the President song
BlueCreeper Bot
BlueCreeper Bot 12 годин тому
I might have done the math wrong but I ended up with 70.
Allison Castle
Allison Castle 12 годин тому
Dude if anyone sees this comment that has seen Destiny’s stupid fucking reaction video about this video, you should reply so we can talk shit about it together
I am trash
I am trash 12 годин тому
Drew saying “scrolling through the book” while talking about an actual book was honestly kind of a mood
Nichole Lopez
Nichole Lopez 12 годин тому
i hate rick@dick lax
I am trash
I am trash 12 годин тому
Jake Paul lowkey telling his female audience that they needed to know shit about guys didn’t sit well with me. I’m lesbian.
JustWannaFreeFx 12 годин тому
Drew's... Future beau. So, like, Logan Paul? (Or was it Jake)
I am trash
I am trash 12 годин тому
The one Gabbie Hanna poem was literally a knockoff of misleading compliments. Like honey fuck off
bryant. 12 годин тому
JustWannaFreeFx 12 годин тому
I'm pretty sure I've never laughed this hard in any of your other videos
Alena16 20
Alena16 20 12 годин тому
Highly recommend Jason Sulli as a fun twitch streamer to watch if you’re interested. He’s friends w Chris and Jenna/Julien. Wonderful guy with freaking incredible BIG HATCH ENERGY
Alena16 20
Alena16 20 12 годин тому
Drew talking about streamers he watches **Chris the Burger Man has entered the chat**
Laura Sosa
Laura Sosa 12 годин тому
please add veggie dog?
Okuyashoe Official
Okuyashoe Official 12 годин тому
Nice gtoradea ya got there
GifsDont LieBruh
GifsDont LieBruh 12 годин тому
It’s overwhelming how many have been profiting off of suffering. Pirates, scammers, gamblers: you’re trending.
ѕlєєρуρσтαтσσ 12 годин тому
*Balls Tugged On One-By-One* -Uneven heard man
carmscotch 12 годин тому
I am trash
I am trash 12 годин тому
“Remember books? Yeah me neither.”
Emma 12 годин тому
8:08 It’s ok, sometimes I don’t smart either.
Victorian Roblox Myth Hunter
Victorian Roblox Myth Hunter 12 годин тому
A very awkward video I must say
P M 12 годин тому
Lexi Senzell
Lexi Senzell 12 годин тому
Haha Danny is so funny 😂
Lama Say moo
Lama Say moo 12 годин тому
Is the cyanide like 1/10 of an atom
Lexi Senzell
Lexi Senzell 12 годин тому
When drew randomly got a ny accent “I dice my bagels!”
Jacqui Orozco
Jacqui Orozco 12 годин тому
EVe fRaNk
A Wild Asexual
A Wild Asexual 12 годин тому
Voltron, it was good until season 7 and 8, and then it got super sloppy and random relationships came out of the blue or uh... *melted Lotor*
Sarah C.
Sarah C. 12 годин тому
Okay, they're honestly the cutest couple. Like, their interactions are great, and they both look so good in this video, and yes. So cute.
Funtime Ballora
Funtime Ballora 12 годин тому
This is for people who are single.
Dylan Reyes
Dylan Reyes 12 годин тому
I liked this with my elbow
DevakFN 12 годин тому
"The Drake and Josh cast" *proceeds to show a picture of the iCarly cast*
Alex. Hamm
Alex. Hamm 12 годин тому
I’ve watched this video at least 4 times now
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey 12 годин тому
You look like your wife with those glasses. Like a Rom-Com backwards, you put on glasses and cover your hair and you look like a hot girl.
¡ the queen_ of _ triccs !
¡ the queen_ of _ triccs ! 12 годин тому
i'm venting .
Eskapist 12 годин тому
Relationship Status: "Hot Dog" :D
Proto_Dodo 13 годин тому
My name still isnt guy drew cmon get it right
Stylish.mp4 13 годин тому
one time somebody screen recorded my video and posted it to their channel and then i told them to delete it and she said it wasn't my content because she added different background music.. my friend and i told her that you can't just change the music in the background and call it your own content so she said she would give me credit and in the description she wrote "video credit: stylish mp.4" so she didn't link my channel and also spelled my name wrong..
jacknife 13 годин тому
H a h a my uncle just died from liver and kidney failure from drinking mouthwash and perfume
Jamen Dailey
Jamen Dailey 13 годин тому
Drew is funnier than Danny. Change my mind.
that's-too-salty 13 годин тому
Wait a second- How is it that Matt has the same last name as Emily if Emily is his sister's daughter? Emily would have her father's last name.
FootedToast 13 годин тому
I don't understand how this guy is a scam. Yes, his videos are just mind tricks, that's literally what magicians do. Were you expecting real magic or something? lol
Trash Animations
Trash Animations 13 годин тому
Hey, this is a situation that is getting out of hand. Do you think that you can look into this and talk about it? ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-07aliklZ1Ao.html
Ø Parkrr
Ø Parkrr 13 годин тому
I’m confused why these sites exist
Kait Dunn
Kait Dunn 13 годин тому
Jake Montes
Jake Montes 13 годин тому
He used Danny's name😂
José Miguel
José Miguel 13 годин тому
Look 👀 for the gummy🍥 bear 🐻 album 🎛️in stores 🏪 November ♏ 13th ❗ with lots of music 🎶, videos📱, and extras 😉
Julie Bacon
Julie Bacon 13 годин тому
as someone who is named julie, who also has brown hair and just so happens to have boobs, it makes me very uncomfortable that it was a name chosen for jake's book..
Mikayla Williamson
Mikayla Williamson 13 годин тому
where did amanda get her sweater i need 2 know
John Doe
John Doe 13 годин тому
I don't understand why people hate on these kids movies, they're made for kids have you never seen a kids movie? They're all awful
Number 1 Villain
Number 1 Villain 13 годин тому
UKvid reccomended this video to me like 2 years ago and here we are again. Yeah fuck it, enjoy the view.
Ellie Henley
Ellie Henley 13 годин тому
dog that kid is ethan from my babysitters a vampire
sunflower cafe
sunflower cafe 13 годин тому
Hooked made a tv series PLEASE MAKE VIDEOS!!!!!!!
doctor zeek
doctor zeek 13 годин тому
"Scrolling through the book" man, the internet changed us lol
Ana Belén Rivero
Ana Belén Rivero 13 годин тому
Loved all the Avatar merch you guys were wearing
Felix Moffat
Felix Moffat 13 годин тому
Susan Foster
Susan Foster 13 годин тому
You’re both black af. ❤️❤️
S Gs
S Gs 13 годин тому
I love your Contortionist T-shirt!
Avery Lowe
Avery Lowe 13 годин тому
this movie was filmed at my elementary school, in my home town. am I ashamed....maybe
EVANGELINE ASKEW 13 годин тому
I’m actually sad. I literally forced my mom to order pizza.
Kennedy Evans
Kennedy Evans 13 годин тому
I got a Trump ad celebrating his birthday just now
Robert Downey Syndrome
Robert Downey Syndrome 13 годин тому
Can I steal ur content
Maddie 13 годин тому
this is a specific reference but gooby looks and feels exactly the same as the crack fox from the mighty boosh
katelyn 13 годин тому
hey that's my name DREW!
deepSea 13 годин тому
Peak comedy is talking about getting a mid roll, while getting a mid roll.
Astharoshe6 13 годин тому
5 dollars in argentina where i live is like 450 argentinian pesos. That's a fucking lot in here, most people like my family, yes we can afford internet and a computer but 450 pesos it's a lot for paying monthly, it sums up quickly. I'm not talking for everyone and not everyone is from Argentina, but it's a reality for a lot of other people who live in other country, not in america. (Sorry for my bad english)
Jacob Erickson
Jacob Erickson 13 годин тому
yooo i spy that Contortionist album in the backround:)
Curtis 13 годин тому
Where are your prank videos you're famous for >:(
:mad.i.son: 13 годин тому
I read all 3 of Joey Graceffa’s Eden books. The concept is cool. The writing is about the same as most watpad authors. The ending was crap.
emmy 13 годин тому
okay but do people still like amanda cerny? she died along with vine. idk how people would even continue to watch her on a streaming platform. and she acts like her “fans” are making her stream and do this when i doubt they did. then she complains when no one subs. 💀💀
Joe mama
Joe mama 13 годин тому
*the office doesn’t need a laugh track because it’s actually funny*
Chiara B.
Chiara B. 13 годин тому
sick tshirt bro
Hunter McKenna
Hunter McKenna 13 годин тому
I like how Drew manages to make all of these terrible things funny things instead. Thanks Drew :)
Livia Cunha Paes
Livia Cunha Paes 13 годин тому
amanda pls leave drew and marry me
MaseUltra 13 годин тому
A list of bad movies for you to watch. Killer klowns from outer space Five children and it Howard the duck 1331: haunted frat Delgo
Mason T. Lockhart
Mason T. Lockhart 13 годин тому
Crap, I’ve been subscribed for years and I just realized that you’re not the right Drew Gooden.
19 Gemima Ngubeni
19 Gemima Ngubeni 13 годин тому
sooooiii how did u plug ur phone into u nose and make it work 0-0
Cristiano Faustino
Cristiano Faustino 13 годин тому
I think you nitpick a bit on the videos, some situations (like booing the band on the concert) are actually normal. But that's true for all 3 of your personalities
Subject To Change
Subject To Change 13 годин тому
He dropped shade on Walking Dead without even mentioning the name
marcela h
marcela h 14 годин тому
Does Drew Dead or Alive?
Eve 14 годин тому
Still laughing my ass off at these after like 2 years
Kima Jone
Kima Jone 14 годин тому
thanks for still making videos drew. i don't watch a lot of youtube anymore but your videos really cheer me up
Vince Catania
Vince Catania 14 годин тому
That sketch was sooooo good
Marcus Bricks
Marcus Bricks 14 годин тому
What the heck for a couple of minutes I thought you were a transgender umm...
PigeonBread 14 годин тому
But I laugh at the set-up of jokes... :'(
Ruby Bailey
Ruby Bailey 14 годин тому
i live for the boxlunch avatar shirts
Christian Chavez
Christian Chavez 14 годин тому
Twitch Viewer: I can's sub because I work 18 hours a day and all of my money goes to paying for food, my bills, and my sick mothers medical bills, but the stream makes me happy after a long day of work, but I just can't afford to sub. Twitch Beggar: You're irresponsible at spending money and the only way to show that you actually care is by giving me the $5 I don't deserve.
KidHowren 14 годин тому
You should do a We are two different people tour part 2 and call it "2 Live Drew"
evelyn 14 годин тому
I’m confused, who is this guy?? Amanda I think your channel is hacked 😰😰
Cassidy Williams
Cassidy Williams 14 годин тому
YOURE 5'3?!??!?!?
Cristiano Faustino
Cristiano Faustino 14 годин тому
The problem is that some of them are not even good for being called good lip syncs, imagine calling it acting, lol.
Pluck 14 годин тому
Drew is giving me Ben Wyatt vibes
MrTGgamer 14 годин тому
Hey Drew pin this.
ALEJANDRO CALVO 14 годин тому
nice censor bro
Milkyx Love
Milkyx Love 14 годин тому
in the movie Dolph looks like a younger version of Donald Trump LMFAO
J Ml
J Ml 14 годин тому
I've watched this so many times but i still laugh every time, your delivery is perfect :) !!!
Malaika Shakil
Malaika Shakil 14 годин тому
Is it just my phone or his video is actually has some glitches? Like hes moving really slowly but voice is fine
Sean Webley
Sean Webley 14 годин тому
Holy fuck I remember the peanut butter song and remembered LOVING IT AND STILL DO!!! PEANUUUUUUUUT
Nicholas Bendall
Nicholas Bendall 14 годин тому
Is this Danny?
Olivia Gendreau
Olivia Gendreau 14 годин тому
Gravity Falls comes to mind. Only two seasons, but it had the most perfect ending. I didn’t even find myself needing or wanting more to watch, it just wrapped up so wonderfully
damien is the guy who likes musicals
9:34 foot-age
Nick-o- las
Nick-o- las 14 годин тому
Is that what the chicken is made out of? (Edit tbh I think is)