Gabriel Iglesias
Gabriel Iglesias
Gabriel Iglesias
Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias' style of comedy is a mixture of story telling with characters and sound effects that bring all his personal issues to life. His amazing ability to cross over with a clean animated style of comedy has put him in big demand throughout the stand-up comedy circuit. Ask anyone who has seen him in concert and you will probably hear the same thing, "He was so funny!"
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Maritech17 12 хвилин тому
This is hilarious !!! 😂😂
Rock Fish
Rock Fish 16 хвилин тому
Molly Poppins
Molly Poppins 18 хвилин тому
You are my FAVORITE
danny nordes
danny nordes 20 хвилин тому
Hey Gabriel, even the cultural aspects of India match with those of Mexico. Like Dei de Muertos of Mexico, we celebrate Shraddh to remember ancestors in India
J R Clark
J R Clark 24 хвилини тому
Hilarious story, but not a big fan of an American identifying himself and his friends as a bunch of Mexicans and calling another Hispanic American CBP officer a traitor. Also not a lot of love for someone who says CBP harassed him by doing their jobs when someone in his party was carrying something that triggered a search. Yeah, it's comedy, but he owes those people an apology for the way he portrayed them.
Jaymison Calhoon
Jaymison Calhoon 25 хвилин тому
The first part of the show was the funniest "omg ha ha I didn't sign up for this"😂🤣
Pixel 28 хвилин тому
Someone is gonna get pissed off at me but I can't lie. I thought his facial hair was made outta sharpie when he first walked on stage.
Kabeer Sidhu
Kabeer Sidhu 33 хвилини тому
This the fakest script I’ve seen performed
Sans killscyth
Sans killscyth 36 хвилин тому
I love you fluff you my bro
Vaisakh Rajesh
Vaisakh Rajesh 43 хвилини тому
That was very funny but racist too
Xavier Vasquez
Xavier Vasquez 47 хвилин тому
this guy is so bitter LMAO, it must suck to be so negative all the time
Lara Smith
Lara Smith 50 хвилин тому
🦋Can’t fix stupid!
copsagejones 53 хвилини тому
I LOVE THE SHOW!!! When will there be more episodes or another season? I watched every episode twice!
Goretor 56 хвилин тому
It was good until the Fox News part. What a load of shit
AB Spirit
AB Spirit Годину тому
As a 12 year old I find this so ******* funny 😆
Singh Robin
Singh Robin Годину тому
WTF Is he comedian or Coca-Cola company brand ambassador ? 🤔 With his cow & Fanta story I can give all guarantee, he never been to India.
David Spadaro
David Spadaro Годину тому
Gabriel iglesias = Andy Ruiz
Stefan Kuśnież
Stefan Kuśnież Годину тому
Make some jokes on Jews if you have Mexican balls. We have a TONE of jokes on Jews in Poland :) Lets see if eny one fits :D
Diestroy2r Годину тому
der war gut ^^
Bobbydoesfedora Bobbylovesanimation
is this for old people? its the type of humor that anyone would make nowadays tbh..
Omer H.M
Omer H.M Годину тому
"Dude you wanted to be black" such a slap on the face of US of AmeriKKKa!
edo0girl Годину тому
Oh God! When he said Martin was like, "Tell her." I was like NNOOOOOOO!! 😂
Love Pierre
Love Pierre Годину тому
The end is pure gold I laugh too hard😂😂😂😂
Adrian Soriano
Adrian Soriano Годину тому
Netflix took out this special
Nothing Годину тому
Buffy? Are you gonna slay vampires?
rex nightingale
rex nightingale Годину тому
Fluffy doing Puffy foreshadowing to the Snoopdog interview
Mr. Karloz
Mr. Karloz Годину тому
7 different vatos.. wow..
Gohibniu Goh
Gohibniu Goh Годину тому
710 candyass wasps disliked this video...;-)
Mr. Karloz
Mr. Karloz Годину тому
Just call her Susia...
ajstorm3 Годину тому
can someone tell me what dave said/Mr.Iglesias said about scooby doo
Mr. Karloz
Mr. Karloz Годину тому
Fluffy, Baldwin Park says what's up...
superbrownbrown Годину тому
"Oh my God that makes me Kung Fu Panda!" LOL
Who would like to see fluffy in a friend's episode😊. And which one guess... 🤔
Katsitsaionne Diabo
Katsitsaionne Diabo Годину тому
i love ur netflix show mr iglesiecs i know i spelled it wrong i’m only 11 but i watched it 2m times 😆😆😆😆
Danette Kennedy
Danette Kennedy Годину тому
I love the Fluffy man!😊❤❤❤
Parbati Tudu
Parbati Tudu 2 години тому
Fluffy you are too cute yaar(it means friend in hindi) ! I am from India and I am really enjoying your video right now. I will be blessed if someday i get to see you 😇
Cole Pappadakis
Cole Pappadakis 2 години тому
Germans drink lager
Michael Contreras
Michael Contreras 2 години тому
Dude, time to cut back on the masa Hermano. We need you around for a long time
Mr. POPO 2 години тому
Idk about you guys but I'm reading every comment in an Indian accent.
loki 2 години тому
Fanta is overrated , we don't drink it that much
lisa 2 години тому
head doing that also means fk u
rick dees
rick dees 2 години тому
Time is short.
Guru Chuckle
Guru Chuckle 2 години тому
Great storyteller (with all the cool sound effects) and funny as hell! One of my favorites...
Multi tiered Investor
Multi tiered Investor 2 години тому
Its hard to give respect to men in short pants!
Adrian Yang
Adrian Yang 2 години тому
I....I...I....I.... LOL XD XP
ARTHUR GIANT VLOGS 2 години тому
Fluffy you have to come to Malaysia man
Blake Maxon
Blake Maxon 2 години тому
He nails every accent 😂
Keith King
Keith King 2 години тому
Lol hahahahshahahaha
Rexifiez 2 години тому
bahamut404 2 години тому
Can someone make the bit about Mexican road rage into a ringtone? It would be AMAZING lol
Mr.Tractor 2 години тому
Kinda scary how people don't know history... yikes.
robo tube
robo tube 2 години тому
I felt like Poland dang bro
Red T
Red T 2 години тому
That's like my house. Marine veteran, never got around to quitting swearing. My teenage son and young daughter are NOT allowed to swear, even though I cuss a blue streak. Life ain't fair, kid. Get used to it. When you're out on your own, then you can cuss as much as you like. Just not in my house.
Mike Andersen
Mike Andersen 3 години тому
I have never heard of this guy before, but he is a good storyteller
Eli Smith
Eli Smith 3 години тому
I'm gonna start this by saying that fluffy shouldn't get him a new phone, I understand that, this isn't the argument. But I want to know what he did when it came to the school. If Frankie actually had his phone in his locker, he was keeping it as safe as he could, and he was behaving better than 98% of the student population (most kids carry their phone with them at all times, including into class). The fact that someone broke into his locker (which probably had a lock, because duh) then stole his personal property-expensive personal property-is an actual criminal offense. Would the school not address that? Like, a student is stealing an item worth over $100 (which would be a pretty cheap smart phone, the cheapest iPhone available right now is $450, so we can assume it cost more) after breaking into a locker (most schools have a lot of rules surrounding locker use, every one I've been to has been really strict about not sharing lockers/not giving out your lock combo). The fact that a kid stole personal property that was most likely valued over $500 is a felony in some states. Even if the school won't take action, someone really should, because a kid needs to have at least some consequences for commiting a felony, if only to protect them from utterly fucking up their future.
Marcelo Santana
Marcelo Santana 3 години тому
Love. Will buy a rocket if you come to Orlando-FL. Also tell your people to add a link in the description.
bethany smith
bethany smith 3 години тому
Some of the best parts 2:30 3:17 3:38
bethany smith
bethany smith 3 години тому
I can't help but laugh at the TRAITOR parts.
Owlshoot Forme
Owlshoot Forme 3 години тому
Ellanie Carrera
Ellanie Carrera 3 години тому
My mom has 7children 2boys and 5girls
Prakhar Thakur
Prakhar Thakur 3 години тому
Not every indian move their head while talking its your misunderstanding
Russell Mancillas
Russell Mancillas 3 години тому
Calvin5040 3 години тому
I would have turned around and walked back out the door.
Giri G
Giri G 3 години тому
Superb Fluffy .It was like looking into a Mirror .
hallerd 3 години тому
Hahahaha pieces of garbage Trump supporters responsible for this.
Harry Peterson
Harry Peterson 2 години тому
I live in Minnesota on the Canadian border... They're just as bad about harassing large vehicles like busses and moving vans here, they're not looking for Mexicans either...
Jules Mcfarty
Jules Mcfarty 3 години тому
Gabriel, this will sound crazy. Go on amazon and buy yourself a 20kg power twister. Work out with it every day and it will make you crave better food. Just do it and if you want to talk my name is agentruby on steam. Dont want to lose you. peace man.
Mango T
Mango T 3 години тому
I’m not sure, but don’t they teach ESL in school there?🤔
surya portway
surya portway 3 години тому
I am officially dead
Living Bot
Living Bot 3 години тому
Part 2?
Britt Volkonskaya
Britt Volkonskaya 3 години тому
Love ya dude..but does all 50 States include Maine?
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson 3 години тому
Amazing analysis.
Stefan Kuśnież
Stefan Kuśnież 3 години тому
Spoiled usa. U want $3.50 per gallon of fuel? In Poland fuel is much more expensive and average full time job is less than $1000 a month. spoiled usa
Timothy Nutu
Timothy Nutu 4 години тому
Shoulda put a floati in there too
Shady Dylan
Shady Dylan 2 години тому
LuckyCharms Xx
LuckyCharms Xx 4 години тому
Not only he’s funny but also gives life lessons on
Marcos Vinícius Petri
Marcos Vinícius Petri 4 години тому
"gum and gonorrhea" hahaha
ZoMBi3 4 години тому
funny... because that checkpoint is a checkpoint for fruits. I have to pass through every day.
Copenhagen_Dipper 4 години тому
I'm jager drinker and it settles fine I never had these issues it's like water to me I can drink a full bottle with no problem jager for life
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson 4 години тому
not funny,they were only laughing cause you fat and cute.
Curley Pubes
Curley Pubes 4 години тому
Why does he say "marutine and I ". It's Martin boi. Learn English
Dakota Skye
Dakota Skye 4 години тому
“Our dog had just informed us that something inside this tour bus is not suppose to be there.” *FLASHBACK* “Are you the one with the weed, fool?” *Gab* “sh*t. Maybe we can get the cop to laugh and he won’t take away the bus” *Gets off the hook with no ticket* “So, does that mean I can keep my weed?” *Gab* “you f*ckin idio-“ *END OF FLASHBACK* *Gab* “You still kept the damn weed.” “And we still got off the hook” And Felipe is why we provide you with these stories.
Miriam Stephens
Miriam Stephens 4 години тому
I like I like you chop you are hilarious
roger komula
roger komula 4 години тому
He's going to have a heart attack soon and just letting you know someone expects it.
Sheri Timmons
Sheri Timmons 4 години тому
Naw dude, I'ma just sit on that chair over there. Have at that couch!
warbunny13203 4 години тому
try explaining "party lines" to Frankie🤔🤔🤣🤣🙃🙃🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸
Dakota Skye
Dakota Skye 4 години тому
Damn near BURNT-- that last part!!
Vaporeon PokéZ
Vaporeon PokéZ 4 години тому
as a german ^^, I can say that this was funny :)
Crystal G
Crystal G 4 години тому
WhAts GoInG oN WhOs At ThE dOoR MoVe OuT tHe WaY
Angel Franco
Angel Franco 4 години тому
Just saying I dont think anyone said that to him 1:00 prob just to go with his comedy routine
Ella Omh
Ella Omh 4 години тому
raccoon panda
raccoon panda 4 години тому
That's until I come to your funeral and you won't even look or talk to me and all I wanted was to talk
Aaron Olafson
Aaron Olafson 4 години тому
Greetings from China & Philippines. I travel between the states and other 2 countries. I'd love to see you in person. Bring some Mexican food over here also. Nothing even close to good here in China.
Joseph Koulouvaris
Joseph Koulouvaris 4 години тому
Scooter Grant
Scooter Grant 4 години тому
Ireland. T.F.? You were definitely drunk!
Scooter Grant
Scooter Grant 4 години тому
Ireland. T.F.? You were definitely drunk!
Ella Omh
Ella Omh 4 години тому
Ella Omh
Ella Omh 4 години тому
A R C H I E K U N 5 годин тому
The poor dog
Jaybruhh 5 годин тому
*_😂I remember watching this a few years ago_*
White Thread
White Thread 5 годин тому
I come home late and say. ASK NO QUESTIONS--HEAR NO LIES.
Brian Crowley
Brian Crowley 5 годин тому
My wife is Puerto Rican.... I don't put a lot of demands on her. But in this environment of get the undocumented.... I make her carry her American passport. I am glad fluffy can joke and make people laugh about this.... But this isn't funny