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Cybercrime and Cyberscams
7 років тому
inkcap 100
inkcap 100 2 години тому
Chaos is a ladder...lol
Brenato Brenato
Brenato Brenato 2 години тому
Non of the storian kean not explean if they dont speak albanien langue with 2 dialect geg and tosk only if all of you lern albenian langue you kean speak aut of the book
Brenato Brenato
Brenato Brenato 2 години тому
On the time of shardana grek not egzist Pelasgus pellazget iliret ar the holdest poeole at balkan
Joe O'Callaghan
Joe O'Callaghan 3 години тому
According to the Democratic Party and ANTIFA, the very group of people at this fascinating lecture that are there to expand their knowledge of civilization, are the very ones that are the scourge of the modern world! #oldwhitepeople ......TRUMP'2020!!!
Mr.E 93tilinfinity
Mr.E 93tilinfinity 8 годин тому
LOL at all the Christians who disliked this video because he suggested that the Exodus might not have happened
RebelAVMC 9 годин тому
Is there any connection between what happened surrounding the Mediterranean during that time period and the battle of tollense in Germany?
Agustinus Dawarja
Agustinus Dawarja 11 годин тому
Sea People could be means "Tsunami"?
Sean McKinnon
Sean McKinnon 14 годин тому
The loss of feed water at tmi 2 was not caused by a pump failure it was caused by the crew using an unapproved procedure to clear a clog from a condensate polisher (water purifier) using compressed air which caused the valve on the condensate polisher to close which sends a signal to the integrated control system to trip the feed water pumps because of low suction.
Sean McKinnon
Sean McKinnon 14 годин тому
TMI-2 suffered a hydrogen burn not a hydrogen detonation
Jazzman 16 годин тому
I enjoyed the video, but... There is no proof. Earthquakes? Yes, then and now. Droughts? Same as earthquakes. Climate changes? Always. And... This channel's symbol is a single eye within a triangle... Furthermore, the date appearing on the title, which has been widely discussed in the video, 1177, is also quite a cabalistic figure. Sorry, nice talk but I cannot trust it. I have learned a few things though...
Solveg Rasmus
Solveg Rasmus 18 годин тому
funny ,kaftor in Hebrew , means button
Johnny Hot Rod
Johnny Hot Rod День тому
The Egyptologists keep changing history, that means they are always wrong and still wrong. This also means they don;t know history.
Joe Nicotera
Joe Nicotera День тому
In Fukushima's case, Dr Sheron, I wouldn't be too quick to chastise them for leaving the doors open. In retrospect, one may believe that leaving the doors open to the generator rooms was pretty stupid. Not necessarily. Although one may think closing the doors would help, it would very likely make the situation worst. One may not believe it possible, but most constructions on the face of this Earth are designed in such a manner where they are held in place by gravity. Even a big heavy concrete building will, at some immersion depth, displace more than it's own weight in water. Once the building moved off its foundation, it would be completely impossible to operate it. However, a building that was flooded is possible to pump out and repair. It's also worthy of not that the tecs at Fukushima, who were first evacuated and then accused by their government of inferior performance, could not have done anything. If the rods were exposed for ten seconds or two weeks the same problem would have occurred. Once a "gas pocket" forms in the core, the situation is out the range of all normal control scenarios.
independenve4565 День тому
gtdcov День тому
Let's all get together and laugh at people's ideas we don't like because we're secretly angry about them making money.
mike mars
mike mars День тому
May be wrong but can't see any reference the the volcanic explosion of Thera which may have been a major factor.
B B 2 дні тому
Although Dr. Cline does not go into this subject, he does say he doubts it happened but that is because the timeline is wrong for the Exodus. The Patterns of Evidence movie and related videos on youtube have the real timeline for the Exodus explaining why the timeline is off. Fascinating video.
Procommenter Man
Procommenter Man 2 дні тому
🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫 *Science Breaking News: “Kansas is Actually Flatter Than A Pancake” by Erin Podolak ~ Tuesday, August 16th 2011. As the old saying goes Kansas, like many midwestern states, is as flat as a pancake. Somehow, pancakes became the golden standard for flatness, but do they really deserve such a title? A team of researchers from Texas State University and Arizona State University decided to find out. The researchers scientifically tested whether or not the state of Kansas was as flat as a pancake, and were surprised at what they found. Pancakes might be flat, but they are by no means the golden standard. The state of Kansas is actually flatter than a pancake. Who would have thought that was possible? The researchers figured this out by gathering data from the US Geological Survey about the topography of Kansas. They then obtained sample pancakes from none other than that breakfast staple, The International House of Pancakes. 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Procommenter Man
Procommenter Man 2 дні тому
*“The purpose of the war was to finally realize the Hamiltonian dream of a consolidated, monopolistic government that would pursue what Hamilton himself called 'national greatness' and 'imperial glory.' The purpose of the war, in other words, was a New Birth of Empire, one that would hopefully rival the Europeans in the exploitation of their own citizens in the name of the glory of the state." --Thomas DiLorenzo, from **_Malice Toward All, Charity Toward None: The Foundations of the American State_* *"It is a testament to the effectiveness of 140 years of government propaganda that a 308 page book filled with true facts about Lincoln could be entitled 'The Lincoln No One Knows.' It is not a matter of a poorly-performing government education system but quite the opposite: The government schools have performed superbly in indoctrinating generations of American school children with a pack of lies, myths, omissions, and falsehoods about Lincoln and his war of conquest. As Richard Bensel wrote in 'Yankee Leviathan,' any study of the American state should begin in 1865. The power of any state ultimately rests upon a series of government-sponsored myths, and there is none more prominent than the Lincoln Myth." --Thomas DiLorenzo, from **_The Unknown Lincoln_*
Procommenter Man
Procommenter Man 2 дні тому
Fraternal Order of Police [Lincoln's War (1861-5) was not a civil war, nor was it an insurrection, as the South had created a functioning, viable, democratic Republic that had no interest in pelf; nor in capturing the northern capital city of Washington; nor in conquering and enslaving the citizens of New England; nor in occupying the Atlantic Seaboard; nor in raping the women of Cincinnati.] Would Lincoln have nuked Montgomery, Richmond & Atlanta? Never in Earth's history have white men taken up arms to defend la causa humana de Negroes. Calling a pickaninny niglet is disrespectful. The brothers of the brotherhood, the Fraternal Order of Police, are of the erroneous belief that after clubbing & shaking down citizens all day they'll forevermore be permitted to return to mortgaged 3-bedroom houses for quiet, boozy evenings in the bosom of frumpy, common-law wives. This will soon change. The frat boys of the F.O.P. will be dragged by the greasy hair of their balding heads (off those Lazy Boy recliners) and beat to death in the streets by the neighbor-citizens whom they've brutalized.
Procommenter Man
Procommenter Man 2 дні тому
🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 "Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable, a most sacred right - a right which we hope and believe is to liberate the world. Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it. Any portion of such people, that can, may revolutionize, and make their own of so much of the territory as they inhabit." -- Abraham Lincoln, January 12, 1848
Keith Lee
Keith Lee 2 дні тому
Scientologists are a bunch of clowns!!!! They might as well dress up like fairies and unicorns!!! Freaks!!! Scientology- corrupt organization made up by a weirdo fiction tall tales lunatic writer!!
Ed 2 дні тому
If the nuclear numbskulls learned lessons, they would have stopped the pollution of vast areas of land, and genetic destruction of living things, a long long time ago. But they are morons with PHD's, that can't even add up that any pursuit of nuclear science, will be harming living things for longer than humans have been around.
Richard Lecomte
Richard Lecomte 3 дні тому
2020 is the year civilization collapses.
Average American
Average American День тому
It could be 2024. By the end of Trump's next term. We'll def be Trump'd 20/20
Aidan Magill
Aidan Magill 3 дні тому
Hazor probably wasn't destroyed by a fictional character.
Black Diamod
Black Diamod 3 дні тому
Today the historians use the distorted and edited texts from the XVII-XVIII mistakenly considering them as the 'authentic ancient primary sources'. The historians are immersed in a fantasy world, spending their entire professional life in it. They have no idea that this 'virtual reality' was concocted by their recent predecessors.
Abe Williams
Abe Williams 3 дні тому
Take a shot everytime he says" uh"
Take #19
Take #19 4 дні тому
If you are put off or distracted by the presenter’s constant umms and ahhhs, stick with watching, I was about to stop the video 10 minutes in but I’m glad I stayed with it. He really has presented every possible piece of information in this exceptional presentation.
Chucho SinDuda
Chucho SinDuda 4 дні тому
chrisg307 4 дні тому
Why no mention of copper mined in North America 1700BC or such? Too early to impact this collapse?
Average American
Average American День тому
They never talk about N. America in BC. It was here tho!
Jackie Sanders
Jackie Sanders 5 днів тому
It is kind of funny...we are supposedly so much smarter today than those "knuckle draggers" were. But its ironic we are so smart but we dont know our own history and still can not till this day do most of the things those supposeded stupid ones done.
Truth Stalker
Truth Stalker 5 днів тому
For the record, all of this BS is based on nothing more than a bunch of Eurocentric conjecturing🤔😂🤣😂
Average American
Average American День тому
Does that make it different somehow?
zorroon milkavitch
zorroon milkavitch 5 днів тому
Wow, there is a perfect storm for you. Scientology and Islam talk about holy war. Oh my God. I think I'm going to look. For Jesus
zorroon milkavitch
zorroon milkavitch 5 днів тому
Wow, I just wrote a scathing. couple of paragraphs about this religion and thought it was pretty well written the whole business, but you know what I deleted the whole thing because I'm thinking that they probably have ways of finding out who you are and probably have you killed.
Brian O'Neill
Brian O'Neill 6 днів тому
Excellent overview of that collapse and the effort to relate that to today. Many thanks for the depth of knowledge. Yet, not only can we learn from the past, both archaeology, and especially Homer, but from today's events, especially since AD2016, how to see what went on back then. Homer's Iliad is in fact a dire warning - he used the then new Phoenician script after more than 400 years dark ages. He points to the dominating form of oligarchical policies then which led to complete collapse. Today, as you rightly point out ISIS is a "sea people" analog, created with the express funding of an oligarchy, for geopolitical objectives - Mackinders Geopolitics, Bernard Lewis and Huntington's Clash of Civilizations. We know very well today's oligarchy, and much of the Cuneiform records could be re-interpreted as oligarchical intelligence. That oligarchy, the mother of all oligarchies, known as Babylonian or Persian, is in fact the explicit stated model of the current problem. Venice, and its predecessor explicitly hail Babylon - power based on "divide and conquer", to the point of complete collapse. And that oligarchy, a small club of mega wealthy (note Davos), has a favorite cover story Mother Nature, their god Gaia back then, and some well known activists today. One difference we have today, is the modern nation state, infested with oligarchy, yes - note recent Democrat actions, and 4 of them, the USA, Russia, China, and India. These 4 could stave off a (thermonuclear) repeat of that collapse, but only together with concerted action to de-claw the oligarchy. I wonder what the Davos of 1177 would have pontificated about?
timothy webbwilliams
timothy webbwilliams 6 днів тому
What archeological evidence have you professor of the exodus? just by logic we know that it does not take 40 years to get to the promised land/Israel (which was already occupied by another ethnic group, for which there is archaeological evidence for.) you would literally have archaeological evidence of a group that size roaming the deserts like a human sized plague of locusts; further more there would be other accounts claiming to see a great host of men, women and children wandering the sandy plains. yet there are none. and btw following the coast line, it only takes 9 to 12 days approx. as a side note: if the exodus happened and it took 40 years traveling 25km per day for 365 gives a grand total of 365000 (obviously less if you take the sabbath into account) that's 9.107922645040549 trips around the circumference of the planet. with out weekends/sabbath you have 260 days x 25km x 40 years = 260000 km or 6.487835308796007 trips around the circumference of the planet. Anyway loved the vid just get annoyed when unproven statements are thrown about as if they were indeed fact. when there is NO evidence for them at all.
Average American
Average American День тому
The Human Tribes settled on the other side of the Jordon River for about 40 years before they went into the promised land. Bcuz only the new generation and two or three others were permitted to go.
Adolf Hitmaker
Adolf Hitmaker 6 днів тому
The Hooked nose on this guy.......
Nash1a 6 днів тому
Con-Edison goes nuclear and they rename is Con-Fission. Because Con-fusion was already taken.
Beena Plumber
Beena Plumber 6 днів тому
No mention of the greatest cultural impact - SNL with Richard Benjamin did a sketch that crossed the first & second segment of the show - Aykroyd's Jimmy Carter was awesome as usual, Garritt Morris as the cleaning lady-turned-giant... omg! Anybody else remember The Pepsi Syndrome? President Carter actually was a nuclear engineer in the Navy, and he insisted on touring the site himself. Secret Service went bonkers! There were some wonderful moments culturally that came from this accident. IMO, the release of 16 curies of iodine-131 isn't too terrible. I worked with microcurie amounts of that stuff in a confined volume in my lab, and in a million times that volume, I think it would be dispersed fairly quickly. Detectible, but safe. Any ground contamination would be undetectable shortly after the release, coz it's 1/2 life is 8 days.
WhiteGeared 6 днів тому
U haven't included fall of Egyptian armies in moses' time. That was a major event how could u miss it? See u still can miss a lot!
Average American
Average American 16 годин тому
@WhiteGeared No. Not from Humans to serpent seeds. We never had control of the world to this day. But we had decimated the giants and caused Egypt's demise which gave Japheth's descendants control. Our Tribes were in division.
WhiteGeared День тому
Average American Wait!? How did the power shift from israelis to rome?!
Average American
Average American День тому
Yeah, bcuz Joshua and the Human Tribes decimated the giants and brought the demise of Egypt and the rule of Ham's descendants. Then Japheth's descendants, the royal bloodlines, serpent seeds, founded Greece and our current, Rome. mhmm
Shift -Z
Shift -Z 6 днів тому
what if the time line is wrong and the Theran volcanic eruption precipitated this downfall?
dirty4op 7 днів тому
She's totally bias, she deletes people's comments to push her own side of the story.
Aziz Ahmadi
Aziz Ahmadi 7 днів тому
You are a historian of the nearest were of most of the religions come from or monotheistic one and I have a question is that why the profits of the major religions such as Jewdesim and Christianity and Islam have no blood father and all of them are born without a decent fathers, we also know their side if the story but really none of them had a father.
Average American
Average American День тому
Abraham is Father to Islam, and Judaism, who is father to Christendom. All Shem's descendants who are commoners, who are Hebrew, and who are Human.
Francisco Rivera
Francisco Rivera 7 днів тому
The theory about earthquake sequence may be correct but the number may be greater and mor common. Puerto Rico right now has had ove 2000 earthquakes since December 28, 2019. The number of earthquakes may have been huge in the Mediterranean area.
jason lack
jason lack 7 днів тому
Take car. Go to mum's. Kill Phil, grab Liz, go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over. How's that for a slice of fried gold?
Jose Perez
Jose Perez 7 днів тому
Very interesting. It's easy to see how this guy can be right. You get drought and earthquakes at the same time, that will lead to famine and people fleeing looking for a place to live. Those people will invade surrounding countries. Meanwhile there could be people rebelling, something like the French Revolution, because they are suffering hunger while the rich get fat. This is something like we have happening around the world right now. All we need is a little widespread famine to get things going.
Maria A. Wis
Maria A. Wis 7 днів тому
I liked it, until his stupid comments on climate change, "I'm an archeologist, so lemme tell ya we could argue all day about whether climate change is taking place". No we couldn't and by 2016 there was a well established consensus by the world climate scientists that YES it is definitely happening. So sad to see academics undermining one another like that. He also clearly cannot distinguish between local and global climate changes, also well understood in 2016.
Eric Cline
Eric Cline 7 днів тому
Maria A. Wis You misinterpret my remarks. I was acknowledging the fact that there were undoubtedly deniers in the audience. Read the book and see my NY Times op-ed: www.nytimes.com/2014/05/28/opinion/climate-change-doomed-the-ancients.html?referringSource=articleShare
Slick Wadey
Slick Wadey 7 днів тому
Sea peoples/Europeans/Caucasians
Average American
Average American День тому
um . . . no.
Slick Wadey
Slick Wadey 7 днів тому
Bronze Age ?and the most sophisticated bronze sculptures were in west Africa. Smfh. History without africa kkk propaganda
Average American
Average American День тому
You weren't even in Africa yet! Not until most the Human Tribes were taken (given, excuse me) into captivity a thousand years later...For sacrificing babies to Moloch! Repent Lost Hebrew!
Sting Weeber
Sting Weeber 5 днів тому
Thomas Van de Velde
Thomas Van de Velde 7 днів тому
What about VVER-series Pressure Water Reactors they build in the USSR? Those had big vessels, albeit not the same power output as the RBMK, which was massively cheaper too to build/run. Also it could be build ´on site´ like a huge Mecano box, which was a great thing for remote locations, but NOT a good idea for nuclear reactors apparently. Since you now have a couple of hundred pressure ´vessels´ to monitor/keep shut, instead of just one.
Dan Beaulieu
Dan Beaulieu 7 днів тому
15:01 Collapse is the third tile. Not the fifth. Drought, Famine, Collapse, Mass migration of "sea peoples",
1DaTJones 8 днів тому
Useless. Ummm ummm stop saying ummm
1DaTJones 8 днів тому
Stop saying Ummm all the time you freak.
C B 8 днів тому
I don't know why, but I laughed pretty hard at 3:30 AM when he, after this loooooong monotonous, powerpoint presentation delivery went Academic Comedian momentarily and said 51:45 about bigger problems and the video cuts to edit out chuckles or something.
Ioane Kirarahu
Ioane Kirarahu 8 днів тому
One of the two "dislikes" so far on this video is mine. If there is any "shame" in that, it is not mine, it is Klass' own shame, as he had utterly no "class." I personally met Phil Klass once, and had some conversation with him. I agree with one other comment here, in that Phil Klass is a slimy "dirtball." I am utterly astounded that anybody would have the ignorant balls to name any kind of award promoting "critical thinking" after Phil Klass! How utterly sickening. Ballsy, but sickening. He has been proven wrong time after time, but the truth was never his goal--emotional ploy, and agenda was his goal, and whoever he destroyed in the process was of no concern to him. It seems the louder Klass would talk, that the more credence the ignorant and "UNcritical thinking" would give to him. In all fairness to Klass, however, perhaps he was enlisted, eh . . . , or rather "encouraged" (or actually OBLIGED) to play the role of "skeptic" or rather "debunker" by those scary spooks hiding in the shadows trying to keep the public from knowing that which should be their just due. After all, the "spooks" held one over him from clear back in the 1960s. In a heavily redacted (but publicly released) FBI memo from November 9, 1964, Klass was accused of revealing classified information in material he wrote and which was published in "Aviation Week and Space Technology." No big time black world secrets, mind you, but merely classified "Secret." Yet this revealment if brought before a federal magistrate could still throw Klass' butt in the Fed's own slammer for a long time. So I'm sure such an intelligent, well mannered, and glib of a man like Klass would be more than happy to take on a new role in his career--especially if he might get paid for it. I did ask him in person when we met three decades ago how he got into his debunking "hobby." Well, then he just sat back in his seat, let out somewhat of a chuckle, and just said, "Oh, that's a long story!" Yea, Phil, I'm sure it is. And a very interesting one too. Good riddance. And the same goes for a few micro-brains that have picked up the same torch after you. So Phil, say "HI" to Donald M. for me there in hell with you (if there is such a place), who had passed on the torch to you.
D4ng3rB0yc3 8 днів тому
Ioane Kirarahu
Ioane Kirarahu 8 днів тому
Blue Book was a sham, and Condon's report even a bigger farce. The really good reports never made it to be examined by the Condon committee. Individuals who experienced first hand what they reported later went to the Bluebook files to see what the study had made of their report, but found no record whatsoever of their report or experience within Bluebook. These more succulent and specific reports were funneled to a more core and secret group for much more in depth study and actionable information. Project Bluebook was a PR ploy only, and served only to TRY to quell public opinion on the subject. That is ALL Bluebook was about. Even the scientist, J. Allen Hyneck, who the Air Force had hired onto the Bluebook to simply "explain away" (as he later put it) the sightings and experiences people had over the years, finally switched camps, disassociated himself from official Air Force debunking, and started his own UFO research Group, CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies). Dr. Robert Wood, who was a scientist for the newly merged McDonnel-Douglas Corporation at the time, had been doing research into various UFO topics as a part of his official duties. Thinking that the Bluebook Condon committee was actually an honest research/evaluation group, Dr. Wood (with the knowledge and consent of his superiors at Mc-D), wrote a letter to Condon (with copy to all his committee members) offering his services or that they collaborate on their research. Condon was incensed, and as a result personally attempted to get Dr. Wood fired from McDonnel-Douglas for this. Wood's superiors, however, refused this demand from Condon, and kept Dr. Wood in their employ, where Wood became involved or aware of many, many scientific research efforts involved in UFOs and UFO technology. Dr. Wood also has testified publicly of much of which he was involved with or which he had direct knowledge of regarding UFO craft, their propulsion, their occupants and so fort. Nor is Dr Wood the only one. Dozens and dozens of men and women have also come forward to testify as to their respective involvement in this phenomenon and technology within their various roles and missions in the U.S. Government--even of their participation in direct interaction with the occupants of these extraterrestrial devices. This retired Air Force Col David Shea is about as ignorant as they come, or is a heinous liar. So David Shea is a retired Air Force officer? So am I. And while I was not directly involved myself in this kind of work, I am not a liar, and a fellow Air Force officer, after teasing me about the subject for a considerable time, finally acceded to the truth of it to me personally, saying "There is a reason for the secrecy." This occurred at the Phillips Laboratory back in the early 1990s, at Kirtland AFB, NM. This information is available to anybody who has the desire and who makes the effort to research. You can't research only from one source, and it will take some time. Don't believe everything you hear or read, as there is a lot of disinformation out there. But after a while, you will learn what you can trust, and repeating patterns will begin to emerge, which makes further learning possible.
Mark Walter Evans
Mark Walter Evans 8 днів тому
Immanuel Velikovsky, who re-invented the school of "Catastrophism" with the publication of the best-seller, "Worlds in Collision" in 1950, posited an alternative Timeline to the "Cambridge school of Classical History" that this man follows. Velikovsky's alternate Schema sees the Exodus occurring in 1450 B.C., and the Trojan War occurring several centuries closer in Time to our own period. Velikovsky posits no period that could reasonably be called the "Dark Ages of Greece." His lectures and his books - the Ages in Chaos series - are definitely worth checking out. In the present, Velikovsky's alternate timeline has adherents, academic historians at Princeton University, Tel Aviv, and the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus. FYI & Food for Thought: duckduckgo.com/?q=ages+in+chaos+velikovsky&t=osx&iax=videos&ia=videos
Mark Walter Evans
Mark Walter Evans 8 днів тому
"Ages in Chaos" - web search: duckduckgo.com/?q=ages+in+chaos+velikovsky&t=osx&ia=web
sleepingtoss 8 днів тому
What he says about modern Middle East is just wrong. You should always be carefull about parallels to modern days. 1. There are no earthquakes now in the Middle East now. Go to any city you will not see fallen buildings lying in ruin because of an earthquake. In Syria and maybe some regions of Iraq you will see ruined buildings, but that's not because of earthquakes. 2. No famine. Even in during Siryan Civil war mass famine was not the case. Enough food is being brought into the region, food prices do not go up. 3. Drought happens in some areas and some people who used to live from farming cannot do it anymore. But as far as there is still enough food, we cannot consider it a possible reason for civilization collapse anytime soon. 4. Climate change. I am pretty sure that CO2 levels are indeed rising, but at the moment people do not feel it. Drought is the only effect that can be felt in some way at the moment, but anyway there is no need to mention it twice. 5. Rebellions yes, but no invaders en masse from outside the Middle East. So out of all the points we only have 1,5 present - rebellions and to some extend drought.
Istvan Berta
Istvan Berta 8 днів тому
Szinaranj Hungarian "pure Gold" 45:04
Luciano Leonetti
Luciano Leonetti 8 днів тому
It could be added that possibly (just possibly) we know what language one of these peoples was speaking, i.e. proto-Etruscan. The only two surviving documents in Etruscan out of Italy are found in Lemnos, just in front of Troy. Herodotus mentioned that Etruscans came from Lydia, i.e. Western Anatolia, pushed by hunger. Also, among the sea people are mentioned those who later were called "Thyrrenoi" by the Greeks, a broad term to include various pirates and "barbarians" from Italy West Coast, including both Etruscans and Ligurians. It is quite realistic to think that some of the "Sea Peoples" first went on riding anywhere around their original places and later migrated westwards, towards less developed Western Mediterranean. "Sherdana" (Sardinians, originally maybe coming from Sardis, also in Western Anatolia) are credited to have done so. In a different context, another broad movement of merchants/pirates/colonists moved westward from Phoenicia and Greece a few centuries later, in the VII century BC giving origin to Magna Graecia, Carthago and all Phoenician settlements in Western Mediterranean
mister roberts
mister roberts 9 днів тому
you combine this with John Glubbs historical look at the fall of empires and we could be or already are seriously in trouble.
Bug 7 днів тому
mister roberts why.
firecloud77 9 днів тому
27:11 *CLIMATE CHANGE* was to blame? What a shame that they didn't know about carbon taxes back then. They could have imposed carbon taxes and kept the climate from changing.
Blue Max
Blue Max 9 днів тому
This coincides with the plagues of the Bible upon Eygpt.
Blue Max
Blue Max 9 днів тому
Be careful, knowing this some may want to accelerate. Jealousy is motive.
John Hall
John Hall 9 днів тому
What corrodes our civilization today probably had alot to do back then. Feminism is ♋.
John Hall
John Hall 14 годин тому
@Average American I don't subscribe to that ideology. Darkness is simply the unknown. Just because the so called serpent seeds don't know how to make rapport with others doesn't means there damned for eternity, thats stupidity. What I meant by feminist are cancer was that they don't realize the total disregard towards the sufferings of man in this society's. Men don't have a voice today. It is bad and feminist poisons the minds of young people in there biased universities.
Average American
Average American День тому
Serpent seeds?
No Name
No Name 10 днів тому
7 years on and their stupid organization manages to trudge along. People are too gullible.
Chris Clark
Chris Clark 10 днів тому
Did they dig the guy up who announced the speaker ... wow dat guy looks fukd .
Made by Jimbob
Made by Jimbob 10 днів тому
Science can’t produce an ought, as in, you ought to remove that creepy pony tail.
Made by Jimbob
Made by Jimbob 10 днів тому
A pathetic attempt to do damage control on Einstein fraud
Ellen Woodrow
Ellen Woodrow 11 днів тому
You wave off the effects of the huge explosion of Santorini much to easily. When there is a volcanic explosion of that magnitude in the sea, the ramifications are much more extreme and lasting than if it were on land. The ash and debris fallout were found as far as the Americas and found in the ice core samples taken in the arctic. That would certainly have changed the weather patterns. I know this is an old lecture, and I hope you'll agree with more recent investigations into this.
Ant Thompson
Ant Thompson 11 днів тому
Its complete bullshit. Fleecing members for every penny they have whilst paying their housed staff next to nothing. The only people benefitting are those at the top who are absolutely rolling in money.
Nicholas 12 днів тому
I want to watch this but he's not giving much data, just conclusions of assessments. Some of this is probably based on almost zero data, so I have no idea what here is education and what is myth. I'd much rather see specimens than artistic interpretations.
Greg Espinoza
Greg Espinoza 12 днів тому
Maybe the title of the book should imply a "point of no return" that year when recovery was impossible.
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 12 днів тому
This guy is hilarious. He picks and chooses what to pick and and what not as being true from the Bible to prove his theory. So he says the Exodus in the Bible might not have happened, yet he quotes the Philistines in the Bible to verify Ramses inscription. 😂 decide yourself . Either the Bible is all true or all fake.
Average American
Average American День тому
It's all true people just don't know how to read it.
Blue Max
Blue Max 9 днів тому
Coincides with plagues upon Eygpt.
plainnsimplme 12 днів тому
been a while since i watched this video, it still is the most valuable on the subject found on web
Ameha K
Ameha K 13 днів тому
That guy looks like John Lennon
mike roszczewski
mike roszczewski 13 днів тому
I wanna know more about the sea peoples’ So rogue and mysterious
Average American
Average American День тому
They're Cain's lineage who descended thru Japheth. The Sea People are the elite oligarchy, the royal bloodlines, serpents and vipers from the pope to Hollyweird! Still, rogue and mysterious as vampires...
Ellen Woodrow
Ellen Woodrow 11 днів тому
You know their names - read about their histories.
sam phi
sam phi 13 днів тому
21 mins in and I seem to have no tits left! They appear to have been bored off!
Emmet Kopacz
Emmet Kopacz 13 днів тому
When in doubt the sea peoples
Emanresuadeen 13 днів тому
I don't disagree with Dr. Zimmerman entirely, but he lost me when he drew on some feminist writer who thinks that the south lost because it was "patriarchal". Holy Shit, that's dumb.
sonhuanson 13 днів тому
A blind spot is that, blind. What will be next in "eternal vigilance"? Don't worry, you can run. Hope never happens again.
Bulging Battery
Bulging Battery 14 днів тому
3.6 Roentgens
Daniel Balev
Daniel Balev 14 днів тому
1:45 The Iron Lady of Egypt
Augustson Seventy
Augustson Seventy 14 днів тому
@35:00 Or you intended to occupy, re-occupy or enslave the settlement or population, then you might not destroy the houses or stores of the common people.
Augustson Seventy
Augustson Seventy 14 днів тому
@32:00 If there was a drought and famine happening, then why would an attacker burn the food? Only reason I can guess would be a religious obligation (an oracle said to for example) or they were benefiting from the drought condition.
TheCanMan Can Since 1990
TheCanMan Can Since 1990 12 днів тому
Debt collection
danyael77 14 днів тому
Jesse Lucian
Jesse Lucian 14 днів тому
When I heard andrewsarchus I thought I heard Andy Serkus for a second, so I kind of just imagined a whole bunch of Andy Serkus’ just frolicking around like Gollum in the plains of Inner Mongolia during the middle Eocene just kinda... looking for unsuspecting hobbits to steal rings from, idk.
Cary West
Cary West 15 днів тому
At about 7:00 min. into this lecture the ''professor'' stated he hardly ever drives through W.Virginia. He sees Confederate flags flying in a few places. If Lincoln claimed that it was illegal for a state to secede,then how can a portion of a state break away and form a new state? Can anyone answer this question to me. Now on the question of tariffs,the South was more heavily taxed for exported goods.That is a fact,and one of the main reasons citizens of the South felt that they were not being treated fairly.
Emanresuadeen 13 днів тому
West Virginia stayed within the Union, obviously. That's not succession. Succession was leaving the Union entirely.
Kanwadyo Pinho
Kanwadyo Pinho 15 днів тому
People stopped laughing at his jokes after he showed the Minoans. And the confused silence in the Hatsheput depiction with the Puntites. The classic fake coughing too. The end is hilarious. This guys approach is correct can't be destroyed by famine has much more things involved.
Helmut Mey
Helmut Mey 15 днів тому
I'm not trying to be too harsh because I'm sure the person filming was a student,,, but really? That's just horrible ever hear of zooming in and out?!
Arcane Owls
Arcane Owls 16 днів тому
I’m just a simple layman, but guys like this keep me from being ignorant of the history of our planet. :)
Nathan Watson
Nathan Watson 17 днів тому
Bronze age tin even in the Levant came largely from Cornwall and Devon in Britain ... www.mining.com/scientists-uncover-the-origin-of-bronze-age-tin/
gnosticnihilist 17 днів тому
Please read the Kolbrin. It tells the Egyptian version of the Exodus and natural disasters that caused this world wide collapse.
TheCanMan Can Since 1990
TheCanMan Can Since 1990 12 днів тому
PlasmaBurns 17 днів тому
Climate change causes the end of the Bronze Age...heh....All those SUV's and Cow farts huh.
Kyberik 18 днів тому
Has the date of the tsunami that destroyed crete been exactly nailed down?
jj thor
jj thor 18 днів тому
The people who rant and rave against Scientology were the same saps who railed for it .
Electric Dreams
Electric Dreams 18 днів тому
Black sea deluge. Anyone thought of that? And this would also explain climate changes, increased vulcanism and tectonic activity in the region at the time.
TheCanMan Can Since 1990
TheCanMan Can Since 1990 12 днів тому
Yes combined with Usury Watch liking our current time destroys resilience and ability to rebuild repopulate Why rebuild your trailer park After hurricane if it's now only used to make a dividend payment to Blackstone? I'll leave the equivalence and bronze age and anology to you and your imagination Here is a hint controlling shipping and trade routes Original supranational monopoly
Amy Thomas
Amy Thomas 18 днів тому
Seriously the only one that you consistently say "if it actually happened" to the Exodus! What a shame!!! You are teaching with a bias! Shame on you.
Deorman Robey
Deorman Robey 18 днів тому
Enjoyed the presentation overall. While there are certainly charlatans and "paranormal" nonsense in the ancient civilization field, megalithic work in the southern hemisphere gives some credence to the belief that ancient civilizations were more technically adept than is generally currently accepted.