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Genomic Medicine: Today and Tomorrow
8 місяців тому
Cybercrime and Cyberscams
7 років тому
Humans to Mars: How and Why
8 років тому
Jaw 709
Jaw 709 2 години тому
From 1250 BC to 1100 BC there was a severe drought, (and that was the shortest.) Imagine two full lifetimes and all you know is drought.
Canada AB
Canada AB 2 години тому
He may suggest that this is cyclical and that our civilization is collapsing now. But I believe that we are too advanced and our collapse would be catastrophic. It may bring to end the world as we know it. If humanity survves we would be in stone age. There is a greater need to save this civilization.
Cqwet Dbdfte
Cqwet Dbdfte 18 годин тому
The chronology for the exodus has been associated with earlier pharao than Ramses 2nd. A very compelling story is told in "Traces of evidence...." The exodus story had cataclysmic events, as did the story of Joseph in Egypt 400 years earlier, which may play into this narrative.
ETC Flyers
ETC Flyers День тому
I may be mistaken but i believe at chernobyl the idea was to pull power off the turbine generators as the wound down to power the water pumps until the diesel generators went online.
Misiulo День тому
Exclusion of women and patriarchy in the Antebellum South. Coming next, the recist phraselogy within the language used by the crewmen of the Atlantic Slave Trade ships. And also, gender opression and gender discrimination within the ranks of KKK.
Daniel Tuijnman
Daniel Tuijnman День тому
Since this talk, it's emerged that Wakefield's paper was even worse: Wakefield lied in the paper about the medical history of the patients, and in 5 out of the 8 cases where parents claimed their child's autism was due to the MMR vaccin, there were actually already signs of autism before the MMR shot.
me hee
me hee 4 дні тому
Did you know a medieval medical doctor had to undergo a lot more training than a modern doctor. A medieval university dictatorship of medicine would take around sixteen years to achieve. The fact that it was based on rubbish was neither here nor there.
Bobbie Bigg
Bobbie Bigg 5 днів тому
Lady their are examples of ancient Petroglyphs through out North America that depict taller than human upright figures covered in hair, that clearly do not represent bears, wolfs, sabertooth tigers, or Woolly mammoths, Caribou, Moose, Walrus or any other large mammals that existed at that time. Yet they also drew clear depictions of all the mammals previously named. So why would the extra tall, hairy, no neck figures, not be real? Every single native tribe in Canada and most of the USA speak of these upright large members of The Hairy Clans, through out their History, so are all the Natives Lying? I think all your PHD and University degrees add up to a bunch of guess work on your part as most of the Archaeological record changes yearly, and all you Scientists and Scholars all agree to disagree on a good day, because your ego's are bigger than the Bigfoot themselves.
H R Holden
H R Holden 5 днів тому
As a person with chronic pain from arthritis and in the face the 'opioid crisis', I have come to this conclusion. When the first primitive person chewed on a leaf, they were looking for relief from pain. From that time to this, not much has changed. There is simply no 'safe' and 'effective' relief for chronic pain. But maybe that is my NOcebo.
Precious Shabalala
Precious Shabalala 5 днів тому
Precious Shabalala
Precious Shabalala 5 днів тому
Wow Caucasians became Sea Peoples? Mama Africa will be restored. Real black history will Rise.
ЯAJ 4 дні тому
me hee
me hee 5 днів тому
Very clinical almost cruel logic based dismissal of woo woo. I liked it.
Jeff Boring
Jeff Boring 5 днів тому
Snooze..... Terrible speaker j
me hee
me hee 6 днів тому
But ghosts are true.
John Ries
John Ries 6 днів тому
I seem to recall that in 1860 there was a challenge to state laws prohibiting slavery working its way through the federal courts. Does anyone have any details on this?
John Ries
John Ries 6 днів тому
I seem to recall that in 1860 there was a challenge to state laws prohibiting slavery working its way through the federal courts. Does anyone have any details on this?
John Ries
John Ries 6 днів тому
Butler was a much better lawyer and politician than he was a general.
John Ries
John Ries 6 днів тому
Butler was a much better lawyer and politician than he was a general.
Mark von Steiner
Mark von Steiner 7 днів тому
Where were the Chinese?
Scare Crow
Scare Crow 8 днів тому
Typical and deliberate jewish misdirection, starting at about 33:00.
Samir 8 днів тому
Scare Crow I didnt think it was. The essence of judaism is a falsehood. They claim to be promised a land by god as compensation for an oppression that they themselves fabricated. The exodus never occurred
Scare Crow
Scare Crow 8 днів тому
@Samir It wasn't meant to be a joke.
Samir 8 днів тому
Scare Crow lol
David Smith
David Smith 9 днів тому
Terrifically engaging presentation!
gordygrinder 9 днів тому
Animal planet is a fraudulent tv show, but your a fraud as well. Like you investigated all these subjects. I disagree with anything you say, and you physically never investigated any of these things. You highlight specific bogus stories or discredit people with your personal view. Your just a skeptic looking for any reason to push your agenda. Until you can prove none of these things exist, which you cant, than your as non credible as the bogus animal planet. Go play with a ouija board and ask for any spirit you like, I wouldnt recommend it but its a start. Put your money where your big mouth is.
Joao Santos
Joao Santos 12 днів тому
i think Thomas Holtz would seriously like this channel: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-v6yY9HKVmfA.html. the When Earth was Beta is pretty awesome too
Fin We
Fin We 13 днів тому
I was highly offended by the misogynistic way the description of MtDNA was delivered
Carmen G
Carmen G 11 днів тому
Aww you need a safe space hon?
J C 13 днів тому
My dead Waifu
My dead Waifu 13 днів тому
Planning a trip to Russia, Siberia where there are beautiful specimens of mammoth and rhino and wolf in the permafrost.
Who re
Who re 16 днів тому
This dude picks his nose 400-500 times in this presentation. Gross.
DC S 16 днів тому
Are there other volcanoes other than Thera. Could they be implicated?
Born Blazed
Born Blazed 16 днів тому
im only alive right now thanks to thai peppers.
Robert Sydes
Robert Sydes 17 днів тому
When he was talking about a treaty between the Hittites and Assyria, was he actually referring to the famous treaty between the Hittites and Egypt? From what I have learned in a class I am taking, and from Wikipedia, both the Hittites and the Egyptians were enemies of Assyria, and signed a treaty to guard each other against it.
Eric Cline
Eric Cline 15 днів тому
Robert Sydes No; different treaty. Cheers, EHC
Brad Hulton
Brad Hulton 18 днів тому
An explanation for the burnt grain is fairly simple. If you have been denying people something and they decide to come after you for it, to get rid of you, the tactic of setting it on fire to it to enable you to escape has been used many times throughout history. If the mob is too busy trying to save whatever you set fire to , they aren't chasing you. Rarely does it work but the theory is sound.
scott warwick
scott warwick 18 днів тому
All conjecture.These experts cannot even know exactly what went on 500 years ago.
Robert R
Robert R 17 днів тому
What's your point? He knows that; the audience knows that. Would you rather we have no theories at all if we can't be completely certain?
Wayne Bloschichak
Wayne Bloschichak 18 днів тому
2nd time I've watched this lecture and took away more than the first time. I wish my professors were as entertaining when I was in college...
James Madison
James Madison 19 днів тому
54:05: "Is there climate change? Well, we could argue all night about that". No, no, you couldn't. Climate change deniers are just wrong. Period. The "debate" is just a distraction. It's real. And man is causing it.
concice 17 днів тому
Your confused. The debate is IF man is accelerating the change. Man IS NOT CUASING IT TO CHANGE.
TryingHardNotToScream 19 днів тому
Um....." Troy"....established,but Exodus just happening ....? This upsets the idea that God gave all things to Solomon. The tribes remaining from result of Solomon's empire falling...must create sea- commerce language...migrate to Greece,build temples, get Helen up on a pedestal......in order for Trojan war to commence.
Robert R
Robert R 17 днів тому
... what?
Jayme Lang
Jayme Lang 20 днів тому
It's pretty awesome to be married to someone with whom you can engage in intellectual discussions.
Gary Guyton
Gary Guyton 21 день тому
The argument can be made that the Union attempt to resupply Ft. Sumpter by sea violated the Confederacy's territorial integrity. That makes your claim the South started the war entirely a matter of opinion, perhaps a flat out lie, hmm? The South fired the first shots, more than true enough. That does not conflate with "starting the war".
Rob Kas
Rob Kas 21 день тому
Ok,ok, and OK...
Phil Lord
Phil Lord 22 дні тому
This is like sending a capsule into space and hoping someone sees it. I lost your email so lost your address. I am not at that email any more. Use lordphi1941@gmail.com. And then I can grovel and crawl and beg ....
Sam Herrera
Sam Herrera 22 дні тому
what a bunch of idiots,all this loser does is try to discount truth a government made shill
Roy Gonzalez
Roy Gonzalez 23 дні тому
Very Interesting Topic and Well Done , DROUGHT is the Culprit , it would set- off the other senarios for the collapse , got to have that water , just thinking . . . .
Robert Brandywine
Robert Brandywine 23 дні тому
No mention of Thera?
Carol Taylor
Carol Taylor 23 дні тому
Did he say "getting hammered" or "getting amber"?
Dangelo Mateo
Dangelo Mateo 23 дні тому
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L C 24 дні тому
Love it, thank you for sharing!
Super Intelligent Ape From The Future
This might be my favorite video on UKvid.
YCKING !!! 25 днів тому
I am Hindu from India, Hinduism is known for vast memory apart from Mathematics, as our ancestors rely on "Shruti Smriti" which means "Once heard Remembered". We lost that all after the burning of Takshila University and further invasions.
Chuck Chuckles
Chuck Chuckles 28 днів тому
It’s absolutely essential to incorporate the Bible with this analysis. With the decline of these civilizations, the conditions were perfect for the Israelites to build their civilization and gain influence.
Peter 28 днів тому
It's said that learning musical instruments has global effects on the brain. Certainly learning to rely on one's memory to integrate large amounts of information about your environment must alter one's brain in ways that may alter cognition.
Commander Liquor
Commander Liquor 28 днів тому
Artur Schreiner
Artur Schreiner 29 днів тому
Look at any picture of a nuclear reactor under construction in Russia and you will see a containment vessel being constructed, same for their reactors in the 1980s. And I'm sure the US is capable of that just as well. That remark on the presumed "inability" or "lost ability" to produce containment vessels outside of Japan is plain and simple wrong.
veg An archist
veg An archist 29 днів тому
ISIS are the Seapeople??? 🙄
the impractical transhumanist
the impractical transhumanist Місяць тому
Robert Graves, in his "Greek Myths" mentions that iron came to Crete from Turkey, page 170, or section 53, the Dactyls(personfication of finger digits). He further mentions a religious fight between female Earth goddesse(think the Venus figurines) to male gods. The Troy war was over this transition. The Aegean apocalypse was a religious war, and the Greek dark ages were a Dark ages before the Dark ages after the Chrisitans destoyed the Roman empire.
Themistokles V
Themistokles V Місяць тому
Here in Greece we are being taught that the Minioan civilization ended when the Santorini (Thira) volcanoe erupted. It was one of the most violent eruptions in the history of the Earth. The eruption is well documented and could explain the draught and less sunshine and famine that would affect the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean. So this could explain why all civilization halted at that period. I think one explanation about sea people is that they where Mycenians and Minoan refugees that left the area ( that was covered in winter for years after the eruption ) and migrated to Egypt to find a new home .
Robert Brandywine
Robert Brandywine 23 дні тому
Well, we have been taught that for about 30-40 years in the U.S. too.
Richard E. Miranda Jr.
Richard E. Miranda Jr. Місяць тому
This guy said um at least 300 times.
NMranchhand Місяць тому
Collapse is the moment of the loss of capital. That’s the break point when the various pressures are applied.
johnmonk66 Місяць тому
scientology died thanks to south park, 99% of scientologists did not know about the crazy alien ghost crap until then, when they found out the crazy shit they were in, they left
Allan Chapman
Allan Chapman Місяць тому
Hi, from my understanding many in the south put their state before the Union and fought out of loyalty to their state. I give the example of R.E Lee who was offered command of the Northern Army but resigned and offered his services to Virginia his home state. Throughout the war the South had numerous problems of states placing states rights before those of the Confederacy. The issue of conscription is one that springs to mind which from my reading caused much debate. Obviously slavery was part of the reason for the war but loyalty to their state and the rights of that state must also form part. Giving just slavery as the cause is perhaps a very simplistic view.
Fracking Saves
Fracking Saves Місяць тому
Very interesting, but Abiogenesis is quite literally impossible.
otteyful Місяць тому
Many of you big-guys frown upon the Bible account of history, but the Bible is the most authentic and reliable source of history and human events that exist in the world. In Genesis 41:54, it tells of drought which resulted in seven years of famine that came upon the whole world, and through the intervention of God who used Joseph to save the Egypt and world many human lives were saved. Genesis 43 tells us that people from all over the known world, including Joseph brothers, came to Egypt to buy grain. This explains why all the other civilization collapsed and only Egypt was saved. But I guess this is too simple or foolish for you smart-guys.
henrikoldcorn Місяць тому
Very engaging and interesting talk on what is easily made dull.
Alex Cassell
Alex Cassell Місяць тому
In Plato's story Athens destroys Athens, it is clearly political satire.
Kelly Arthur
Kelly Arthur Місяць тому
"Solomon" Chase? It was _Salmon_ , wasn't it? (Or is it not pronounced as spelled...?)
Allan Chapman
Allan Chapman Місяць тому
That the belief of ancient pre civilisation comes at the top of the belief list comes no surprise. Due to the books by Hancock, West etc there is a growing media attention to the subject. Plus a huge amount of scientific evidence that sudden massive floods did occur. It would not surprise me that in this case this belief may soon become science fact.
Modular Interactive
Modular Interactive Місяць тому
Why the heck is there overwhelming evidence of what relatively minor/petty officials did in terms of administrative duties like how many hoes were used to plough the pharaohs field, endless lists and scrolls of jibber jabber written by a multitude of Egyptian scribes but pretty much ZERO evidence of the Exodus or a missing civilisation such as 'Sea People'? Anyway, to comment on this video - the collapse was in my opinion most likely caused by natural phenomena: drought (and resultant famine), volcano (lava spewing fire for thousands of miles causing devastating 'super fires', massive earthquakes with flooding, a meteor shower strike (my theory) causing multiple impacts. There were no 'sea people' as there would be overwhelming evidence to prove this. But there is no evidence other than Ramses II's drawing, just speculation. The reason I say it was NOT sea people is because in order to mount invasions across multiple civilisations wiping out huge territories you would need hundreds of years of campaign action, particularly against naval superpowers like the Minoan civilisation, and a huge army which of course would be well documented. Plus shed loads of weapons and evidence of battles would have been found. But there isn't. But weirdly, if this happened during the time of the Exodus..might give substance to 'drought', 'plagues', 'flooding' and all the rest happening around the same time. It could have been a cocktail of events, an extensive drought lasting years, causing plagues and pestilence, followed up by a firestorm (meteors or volcano), followed by darkness (this would have been clouds of dust thrown up by a volcano).
Lawton Strickland
Lawton Strickland Місяць тому
Enjoyed the video. However: - Believes in a war that happened over 3000 years ago because of a dramatic, epic poem and the existence of a city. - doesn’t believe a mass migration of slaves left an empire that is known to use Hebrew slave labor. -uses the Bible to help support his view of the origin of the philistines..
Lus V
Lus V Місяць тому
The thing about history is that we can never be sure :/
Darren Hulbert
Darren Hulbert Місяць тому
And the kingdom that breeds wisdom in the midst of "global turbulence" is the Kingdom of Israel. But her conquests were on purpose of Ham's destructive behavior against Noah. And we somehow misinterpret Israel's conquest as the mode of operation. Marx highlights it. Today in 2019, we can adjust personally per Dr. Jordan Peterson.
Meko Ward
Meko Ward Місяць тому
i thought this was a very interesting and educationalvideo
sadsongsishere Місяць тому
I have been letting this ramble on in the background. Omg. What does he mean by "The Year Civilization Collapsed"? What is that phrase supposed to mean, what was it referring to?
WowAround Місяць тому
54:35 If refugees are a threat for a government then the government already had a bad economy and structural investment to generate a well intern economical ecosystems. This guy knows about history but he is in diapers about modern economic.
Ben Lamoreux
Ben Lamoreux 20 днів тому
But his entire central point of this lecture is that you CAN'T just blame the Sea Peoples. That they were just one symptom of a problem that had already been going on. He's in total agreement with you on int his point. I've read his book and research papers. He's not claiming refugees collapsed everything. Not even remotely close.
Enric Martinez
Enric Martinez Місяць тому
What is this beautiful picture @5:45 ? It's beautiful, where does it comes from (Note, I am aware it's Egyptian)
Ellie Kesselman
Ellie Kesselman Місяць тому
It might be a photo of the Medinet Habu wall relief in Egypt, showing a battle in the Nile Delta, between the Sea Peoples (the Philistines) and the Egyptians (Ramesses III). Or it could be an artist's depiction of it.
danrooc Місяць тому
Got it! I saw this video over a couple of years ago and tried to find it again since. Thanks!
Ashley Rene
Ashley Rene Місяць тому
History _always repeats itself._ It's us as human beings that never decide to learn from the past.
rozha abdullah
rozha abdullah Місяць тому
One lesson from this lecture is that nations in the middle east are connected and the collapse of one leads to the collapse of another...
o_0 iii
o_0 iii Місяць тому
The answer is about wealth. 1500 to1200ish BC there was wealth to support these civilizations. Why could they no longer afford to support these civilizations? Did they spend too much that it caught up to them? Were there middlemen on the trade routes? If drought, drought leads to famine and less overall wealth. Famine and poverty leads to political unrest and establishments that cannot afford expensive imports and rebuilding from earthquakes and war. The barbarians and "Sea Peoples" attack the established civilizations when they are weak and vulnerable. Stressed civilizations are more likely to enter wars. Since the civilizations are getting weaker and poorer, the globalized trade routes breakdown because of lack of wealth and the sea pirates and sand bandits make the routes unsafe. Globalization works when it is profitable, breaks down when it is not.
o_0 iii
o_0 iii Місяць тому
His sequel will be about the end of the Plastic-Oil Age... 2039 AD:The Year Civilization Collapsed or 2048 AD: The Year Civilization Collapsed ( to be determined...)
Melvin Shelton
Melvin Shelton Місяць тому
Why is the term, "globalized" used? The list of civilizations you mention omits some of the most important civilizations in human history. The above having been said, if I had seen you lecture, or known of this book, when I was an undergraduate, I quite possibly would have gone into a different line of work. One can only wish - wistfully. Please write some more, and if you will, please consider this a Commandment.
Karen M
Karen M Місяць тому
I love his tie.
J. F.
J. F. Місяць тому
I commented the following in another video where Dr. Eric Cline gave a presentation on this subject (at the The Oriental Institute) and I must repeat it here: I am absolutely floored by the fact that Dr. Eric Cline not only omits that fact that the Canaanites known as "Phoenicians" (and their cities) were left untouched by the Sea Peoples but he actually claims that they too were destroyed among others. Nothing can be further from the truth. Speechless. The collapse of the Eastern Mediterranean civilizations (Mycenaeans, Hittites, Egypt, Ugarit et al.) not only benefited the Canaanites known as "Phoenicians" in getting rid of competitors/ennemies (the Mycenaeans thwarted the Phoenicians from expanding West, the Hittites had taken over Ugarit in the North of Phoenician and were also at the Western border of Phoenicia, Egypt didn't offer the promised protection to the Phoenicians against the Hittites). The Phoenicians played a major role, if not THE role, in the collapse. Their cities remained intact. The Phoenician city of Award (captured by the Hittites) was returned to the Phoenicians after the Sea People had recaptured it. Most importantly and above all, the Phoenicians were able to expand their maritime empire west and thrive for at least another millenium. Their expansion West was also responsible in the formation of the Western world (Greeks and Romans) where the Phoenicians, either their own knowledge/inventions and/or in relaying the ones of the others in the East (namely the Egyptians and Mesopotamians).
David Black
David Black Місяць тому
It's too bad that there are so many people like yourself who have incredible knowledge about these subjects who never have the chance to educate the rest of us. No sarcasm intended.
jo bloggs
jo bloggs Місяць тому
then they blamed the sea people. now its the terrorists same old tricks to deceive the population.
Pogo1977 Місяць тому
The Southern States seceded because Lincoln imposed an economy crippling 48% tariff against them. And Lincoln was a white supremacist. This Zimmerman moron doesn't know what he's talking about.
Bilbo Baggins
Bilbo Baggins Місяць тому
The North did not crush the South to end slavery but to retain control of the continent and, in doing so, were infinitely more brutal and oppressive to the Southern states than the British had ever been to their legitimate colonies 75 years before.Please don't try to portray the civil war as some kind of moral crusade. It was about control.
Terminalsanity Місяць тому
Umm the man flat out stated in in the first minute that that North fought the war to preserve the Union. And there's nothing the North did to the South that even compares to the horrors the South fought to perverse. The Civil war was a tragedy born out of Southern misplaced pride and stupidity stop pretending otherwise.
Jack Wehrung
Jack Wehrung Місяць тому
This Heb is only propagating the same old myths.
Jack Wehrung
Jack Wehrung Місяць тому
@Terminalsanity The NORTH didn't even fight about slavery.You are brainwashed stay away from my family.
Terminalsanity Місяць тому
Nope he's spot on in every regard. Read the letters of secession. Sorry Skip the South fought for Slavery and no other reason.
Jack Wehrung
Jack Wehrung Місяць тому
@Edmond Dantes Here's your tiny hat Edmond.What's your hurry?
Edmond Dantes
Edmond Dantes Місяць тому
Da Jooooooooz, da Jooooooooz, you should use your brain for something besides sitting on
O A Місяць тому
Phillip Lenard had proven the judische physik fraud that Einstein had created .
kostas arvanitis
kostas arvanitis Місяць тому
consider the thyra earthquake, tsunami, ash from the earthquake, which cause the stopping of sun , drought, famine, and then some sea ppl
kostas arvanitis
kostas arvanitis Місяць тому
maybe not sea ppl cause there are none to exist around maybe sea ppl from japan area or samoa or america
Robert Alpy
Robert Alpy Місяць тому
I hate the rebellion but I can be honest. It was always our intention in the north to suppress and end slavery the rebellion just made it happen sooner. Obama is nothing like Lincoln AT ALL.
G Kelly
G Kelly Місяць тому
Robert Alpy, contemporary documents do not support your assertion that "the North" always intended to abolish slavery.
Ken Surrency
Ken Surrency Місяць тому
gozzilla78 Місяць тому
Travis Mims
Travis Mims Місяць тому
Our boy? Another example of a person is not as smart as they would like you to believe.
Travis Mims
Travis Mims Місяць тому
@Ben Markus Just as you should be careful what you put in your body, so should you beware of what you put in your mind. If the taste is "off" then it's foolish to keep eating.
Ben Markus
Ben Markus Місяць тому
That's literally less than 5 minutes into the video. Did you give up that fast?
Lou Varricchio
Lou Varricchio Місяць тому
Ugh, not the most engaging narrator but beggars can't be choosy: unfortunately, I can't find any other audio version.
Saiah smeth
Saiah smeth Місяць тому
Coungrats 5 years later! Shame on however disliked this video
J Henni
J Henni Місяць тому
why is this professor, a historian / archaeologist, professing modern climate change denial? what are his credentials in current climate science?
J Henni
J Henni Місяць тому
@Danny J. Idk, his, audience is his students. Young people. Young people tend to believe current climate change is human caused.
Danny J.
Danny J. Місяць тому
Maybe trying to appeal to his audience? I doubt that he holds those beliefs.
Alex Kustov
Alex Kustov Місяць тому
In Russia we have a lot of types of reactors, fast neutron, pwr also we call it wwr(water water reactor), we have also fast neutrons with liquid metals in 1st loop, without pressure at all...
Crepitus s
Crepitus s Місяць тому
Sounds fine to me.
Batran Elwadie
Batran Elwadie Місяць тому
minute 54, "what does this mean?" it means that Africans DID come to the Americas way before Columbus, and even before the Nasrids
Allen Turner
Allen Turner Місяць тому
riccisamurai Місяць тому
amazing. all that is new is old.
Scoobz187 Місяць тому
Yeah a new THJ sesssion. Much love.
Allen Turner
Allen Turner Місяць тому
1997 equals 8:20 i used to be at the library with mcdonald's biscuits at 8:20 walking with jackie's orders every morning hmmm