Jake Paul
Jake Paul
Jake Paul
WHATS UP?! I'm Jake Paul.
24 y/o pro boxer / musical artist

Instagram: jakepaul
Twitter: jakepaul
Snapchat: jakepaul19

Oh... and you can text me: 310-870-3349

Business: brands@jakepaul.com
2 місяці тому
The most important day of my life
2 місяці тому
Jake Paul vs Logan Paul Sparring
2 місяці тому
2 місяці тому
My Message To Conor McGregor.
4 місяці тому
goodbye california. a new chapter.
5 місяців тому
my message to KSI. lmao.
6 місяців тому
Are we dating again?
7 місяців тому
She cheated.
7 місяців тому
Richard Ross
Richard Ross 20 годин тому
rough skr
rough skr 20 годин тому
Fun fact:he talking to the mirror
Pumpkin Jarl
Pumpkin Jarl 20 годин тому
This genuinely made me want to go deaf
ItzMya 21 годину тому
“And it’s selling like a God church” Bro…you have christians watching this- That’s just messed up the whole song-
Levi Cano
Levi Cano 21 годину тому
Anybody else wondering how his arm just magically doesn’t have that camera that he installed in there a couple years ago
imcentz 21 годину тому
man i miss 2016-2017 sm
Rebel876 _
Rebel876 _ 21 годину тому
He probably didn't write this but it's fire I'm gonna put this on my playlist
Shyanne Walter
Shyanne Walter 21 годину тому
Idc him and Erika seem like they had such a strong bond but social media broke it
maxy gaming
maxy gaming 21 годину тому
“Enough with the chit chat we got a fucking football game to win”🤨
Yummy Master
Yummy Master 21 годину тому
Lmao bruh your so fucked and so fucking annoying
TragicMo 21 годину тому
More dislikes then likes oh wow
jap jap
jap jap 21 годину тому
mobile gamer
mobile gamer 21 годину тому
I searched for this so I can dislike 👎 it.
Sniper Kennedy
Sniper Kennedy 21 годину тому
This is amazing
Chloe Drippy
Chloe Drippy 21 годину тому
It’s OK
Jeanica Tigue
Jeanica Tigue 21 годину тому
Mini Jerika
Jeanica Tigue
Jeanica Tigue 21 годину тому
Mini Jerika
Sumthin ToSuk
Sumthin ToSuk 21 годину тому
I think I wanna stick knives in my esrs after hearing this, thats how bad this is
Christiana O'neal
Christiana O'neal 21 годину тому
Mini Erica savage she caused
Massey Mcmullen
Massey Mcmullen 22 години тому
“65 million dollars generated” Flex’s 2k all in 1’s
Amy Downward
Amy Downward 22 години тому
H33333333333333333e4r4r4rr444r44555ttttt55tt55y6yyy6yuuuuu7uuui88ii888i8i899ooooo99999900ppp0p0000pp000pp1qqqqqq1z11111q2222s2www22233eeee333d3rrrrrrr4c4f4556y78899’8ddwwcfguy if uh ionic o
Ally Simpzzz
Ally Simpzzz 22 години тому
Dino el pro
Dino el pro 22 години тому
Why did you girlfriends get naked
Carter Justice
Carter Justice 22 години тому
I literally started crying
asaf virin
asaf virin 22 години тому
The reason it’s wrong is because you’re lying your arse off
Allie Petersen
Allie Petersen 22 години тому
This so sad
CNP Ziyad
CNP Ziyad 22 години тому
the yes
the yes 22 години тому
when we reincarnate on these planets are we close to people, r we right smack in the middle of a where people live
crit 22 години тому
So many haters get over the past already
t 22 години тому
this is a load of barnacles
Anarosa Montoya
Anarosa Montoya 22 години тому
me ;-; idiot I love make paul
-Lucy- 22 години тому
Jerk simulator
Jerk simulator 22 години тому
Jake Paul is still ant sized compared to pewds
ethan smith
ethan smith 23 години тому
so good bro
Anna Valdez
Anna Valdez 23 години тому
Aaliyah McNish
Aaliyah McNish 23 години тому
Jake could have paid to get her out of jail he got that big house some of his stuff cause more then 500,000
Sherri Kautz
Sherri Kautz 23 години тому
I love it
ethan smith
ethan smith 23 години тому
so good bro
ionix 23 години тому
Lmao I love how he shows his main channel videos where he's a verified artist but doesn't show his second channel vids where he post funny content like jake is a king at manipulating🤣
Chloe Hendry
Chloe Hendry 23 години тому
xxxtentacion car bich
X_GOAT 23 години тому
I miss these days
bobble reaction
bobble reaction 23 години тому
Sorry now you suck as a person and a UKvidr jack Paul but the music is worst but the ghost writer is a good ridder.
priscilla gurule
priscilla gurule 23 години тому
gracie li
gracie li 23 години тому
Lwazi Luthuli
Lwazi Luthuli 23 години тому
cierra Seideman
cierra Seideman 23 години тому
I broke my arm 2 times because my sister
Natalie Christy
Natalie Christy 23 години тому
The Mewtwo Channel
The Mewtwo Channel 23 години тому
Huh? Is that Jake Paul??? Singing his song that everyone likes!?!? Wow woah! The views I’m going get, *SIKE! THATS JUST GREEN SCREEN MAN!*
Muna Abdulle
Muna Abdulle 23 години тому
💰 I am giving you a lot of money into thousand money
Shan Caldwell
Shan Caldwell 23 години тому
belikeemi 23 години тому
yo is this real???
Kelsey Facaris
Kelsey Facaris 23 години тому
The intro tho
Kelsey Gillespie
Kelsey Gillespie 23 години тому
4 years later and pewdiepie is still better
parker green
parker green 23 години тому
You should pick a boxer to fight next time
Daeh. 23 години тому
Sumaiya Mushtaq Siraj
Sumaiya Mushtaq Siraj День тому
I am I am I am I am I want to be do you know ternal can you arm hello am I am you know slugger and I love
The Man
The Man День тому
" Its everyday bro with the Disney channel flow" Dude how tf is this guy a "boxer".
Lisa Coulombe
Lisa Coulombe День тому
Like bruh cows
Jakesia Thomas
Jakesia Thomas День тому
Jake paul
Big D Mr
Big D Mr День тому
Jake Paul is 5,11 and bradley is 5,8
Vahe Vanyan
Vahe Vanyan День тому
Why when i search jake paul, spongebob comes up, lmfao 😂
Yasir YacquubAhmed
Yasir YacquubAhmed День тому
this song actually has more dislikes than likes. I'M DEAD.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Miki Jones
Miki Jones День тому
Joshy Boy
Joshy Boy День тому
Plot twist the police are the clowns
Stephen.Nicholas Johnson-Ferrell
I challenge Jake to a fight.
Andrew Ellis
Andrew Ellis День тому
That dude standing in between them is Super coked out. Lmao
Drake День тому
This dude sux. Y do people like him?
Anna Valdez
Anna Valdez День тому
EDİT_ADAM День тому
you guys miss the old days???
Pedro Salgado
Pedro Salgado День тому
sonnyesparza1 День тому
Jake you might lose
Beast Boiz
Beast Boiz День тому
10:49 Noah from Bunkd
Olaolu Falase
Olaolu Falase День тому
gracie li
gracie li День тому
gracie li
gracie li День тому
When are you reading 20.6 M subscribers
Louis Vazquez
Louis Vazquez День тому
I’m cracked at fortnite a
I’m cracked at fortnite a День тому
Me to
Honoka Minsky
Honoka Minsky День тому
I came to dislike this video
Jerk simulator
Jerk simulator 22 години тому
young Frost
young Frost День тому
So u and the so called team 10 went there trashed the place ruined stock then left? Role model anyone🤣