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Week with AirPods Pro!
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iPhone 11 Surprise!!
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iPhone 11 vs iPhone 1
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iPhone 11 Unboxing!
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iPhone 11 Recap
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iPhone 11 Pro Max HANDS-ON!
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iOS 13 review and Mac Pros
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Starwars Mystery Box 😱
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Week with iPad Mini!
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NEW Pink Sand iPhone Charging Case!
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iOS 12.2 Animoji's!!!!
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Samsung Galaxy S10+ / Day in the life
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8 місяців тому
Michael Kopitske
Michael Kopitske Хвилина тому
“He’s taking a little nap but guess what” “Gimme your body!!!”
AppleTricks 12 хвилин тому
Using Airpods Pro with enabling noise cancellation is a great way to avoid anyone whom you hate most, isn't it? But yeah still it's awesome to listen to music from anywhere as it's sealed strongly in ears.
Sarah’s Life
Sarah’s Life 12 хвилин тому
I think ro won
cyber tech
cyber tech 15 хвилин тому
Pease pramot my channle please please
robert barr
robert barr 16 хвилин тому
i tried them but i i didn't think the noise canceling was that great and i don't like the button pushing i prefer the tapping its faster and easier i don't think these are worth 250
Kylie Watson
Kylie Watson 17 хвилин тому
I’m kind of sad.....who else saw her in the beginning and she did baking videos. I miss those😢
Brian Betka
Brian Betka 22 хвилини тому
Had to say thanks, love your videos, weren’t many review on Amazon for this, but due to your video I went and bought one. I hope people send you stuff for more camera and new tech reviews.
AJ Boy
AJ Boy 38 хвилин тому
I’m getting my Nintendo switch lite for Christmas I’m so excited
BR 50 хвилин тому
Guess I wasn't rich enough for those because I don't even remember them existing. We had the desktop one at the back of our class.
Amp Годину тому
OMG how dumb is this chick?
GRACE HAYES Годину тому
I would like an IPad Pro. My name is Grace Hayes
Ducky Годину тому
I saw your imac 🖥 video linus
Yousef Fermin
Yousef Fermin Годину тому
1:22 click here!
MacKay Motorsport
MacKay Motorsport Годину тому
I was - 8 years in 2000
Mario Mooz14
Mario Mooz14 Годину тому
I’m shocked that the camera is better than my android from Walmart.
Mike Neirinck
Mike Neirinck Годину тому
114k viewers. This may been the most expensive iBook ever 😁
mario ochoa
mario ochoa Годину тому
I thought they were a meme at first
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Годину тому
Does it work if your phone is cracked?
Katrina .Y
Katrina .Y Годину тому
I need oneee
Don’t say old AirPod plz. I just dropped $200 on airpods😭😭😭
ricky gonzalez
ricky gonzalez Годину тому
I lost the whole thing too
MHADZ Channel
MHADZ Channel Годину тому
I saw that in one mall here in middles east and the amount is very expensive. I can't afford to buy it i hope someday someone will give me 😍😍Godbless sister!
Cookies and Cream
Cookies and Cream 2 години тому
What is that iPhone Justine! 0:57 You have a IPhone 11 pro now😂
Francisco Rivera Sierra
Francisco Rivera Sierra 2 години тому
Not bad AirPods Pro I have the old one AirPods Wireless Charging Case. But I like her because her face kind a cute and funny Lol 😂
Alex Siltmann
Alex Siltmann 2 години тому
Is this really the oh tho??? 😕
Jack Riggs
Jack Riggs 2 години тому
Why do the different phones have different back cameras?
_ _
_ _ 2 години тому
Her reaction to everything in this video is disgusting. It's a piece of electronic equipment. Consumerism at it's worst.
Quiero uno regalamelo
ILLUSION LFT/V2.0 2 години тому
Her torso screams anorexic
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 2 години тому
Love them but have an issue watching youtube. I pause ok but hitting the button again does not unpause the video.
It’s Mason
It’s Mason 2 години тому
This is so iconic
Pinkflamingo Swag
Pinkflamingo Swag 2 години тому
i love how fast she snagged the zelda game😂 then the switch
AfAs.M 2 години тому
Nice info !
Hello There
Hello There 2 години тому
I am just annoyed that we do not get a charging block...
Lauren Redlawsk
Lauren Redlawsk 2 години тому
Babalola kehinde
Babalola kehinde 3 години тому
They skipped the T4 because they use prime number alone
Jamil Kudla
Jamil Kudla 3 години тому
Netflix is still the best I give these other sites 2 years to catch up
Ethan Tanny
Ethan Tanny 3 години тому
You know you could split the screen on your iPad Pro ( no hate, love your vids 💕)
Beckyx Emily
Beckyx Emily 3 години тому
Holy hell im here 10 years later
qυєєñ 3 години тому
Hey I’m sorry to tell you this.... This phone suck you made the wrong choice but u didn’t know sorry but it’s true
Aarya Patnaik
Aarya Patnaik 3 години тому
I will go subscribe to you now because you didn't buy a Tesla.
Angie Maree Wohlman
Angie Maree Wohlman 3 години тому
Wohlman angiemareewohlman@gmail.com 41177 angiemareewohlman@gmail.com 5/765/@sign box
Elijah Wallace
Elijah Wallace 3 години тому
2019 anyone?
Caleb Larsen
Caleb Larsen 3 години тому
That guy at 13:45 is the thing of my nightmares
Akib Farhan
Akib Farhan 3 години тому
You sexy
Ian Harwood
Ian Harwood 3 години тому
OHHH Ive missed Ro!!!
van nguyen
van nguyen 3 години тому
eat the ipad.
The Justine’s reactions are so amazing! Lmao 😆
Jackson Stevens
Jackson Stevens 3 години тому
Please do one month with switch lite
MrGriff305 4 години тому
You didn't like those windows anyway.
DR2023 Zachary W
DR2023 Zachary W 4 години тому
Apple iPhone cameras =🚦🚥 o and the for the price they should have air pods LOL
FuriousPotato 4 години тому
6:51 *me when I’m trying to show off my new iPhone and AirPods*
Rowyn Covington
Rowyn Covington 4 години тому
Justine: Who would buy this!!! Me: You literally bought it yourself
DR2023 Zachary W
DR2023 Zachary W 4 години тому
Can you do another Airpod 1 review LOL
Kristy Sherrod
Kristy Sherrod 4 години тому
I’ve had mine about a week and I love them! I’ve not gotten to use them on a plane yet since they came a day too late, but they’ve worked great on road trips. And yes, the sound quality is much better than the original or AirPods 2. Also, those laughing at the Bluetooth dongle...that is the best thing ever if your flying! I use it to use my AirPods when watching a movie on the plane. It’s fantastic!
Adriana Sparkles
Adriana Sparkles 4 години тому
Omg. She needs kids. Kids would be amazing for her. She’d be such an amazing mom. & her kids are gonna be so lucky to have her as a mom.
Van Par
Van Par 4 години тому
I don’t know how much it that
roblox troller
roblox troller 4 години тому
I want apple to make a camera
Sam Banani
Sam Banani 4 години тому
Amanda Kazmark
Amanda Kazmark 4 години тому
Does this switch connect better to internet. I can’t get my current Nintendo switch to connect. I put my network name in but I can’t figure out the ssid.
Brenden Burris
Brenden Burris 4 години тому
I liked it
jayden rivera
jayden rivera 5 годин тому
4:48That picture looks georgues
expreston 5 годин тому
Did anyone notice the apple logo on the imac g3 is upside down?
Grace T.
Grace T. 5 годин тому
1:36 Expectation 1:50 ReAliTY
alisonwithoneL 5 годин тому
expreston 5 годин тому
The first concept looks like the iPad Pro
Chris Lincoln
Chris Lincoln 5 годин тому
Your beautiful
Samantha Garrett
Samantha Garrett 5 годин тому
3:52 ...Squidward on a chair!!!! 🦑 🪑
David Izoita
David Izoita 5 годин тому
Can we get a reaction video of Justine watching this years later
Adventures of Bonnie and Clyde
Adventures of Bonnie and Clyde 5 годин тому
Justine, hi!! Hey, what bluetooth dongle is that? My son really needs one for his Switch!
Daniel 5 годин тому
I have been subscribed to you for 7 years, I subscribed after watching your iPhone 5 unboxing video back in 2012. I have been watching your videos because they were fun and lighthearted, specially your vlogs. Im not trying to hate but you have lost that. Lately all your video have been just pure propaganda, and there is nothing wrong with advertisings but that's all you do lately. That "Matty Bday Video" was obviously a vacuum commercial. Don't lose yourself, you got this far because people liked who you were.
talitha brooke
talitha brooke 5 годин тому
a bin bag
Lauren Michelle
Lauren Michelle 6 годин тому
Samsung buds same thing I love them
Eliz Eliz
Eliz Eliz 6 годин тому
I’m getting the XR in white in 2 months! I’m so excited since I’m upgrading from my iPhone 6!
tibor kovacs
tibor kovacs 6 годин тому
These sound like theyd be good to listen to PODcasts & the band pod...haha
RickyRider35 6 годин тому
The Deep Fusion thing looks pretty subtle, not sure if it's worth the hassle unless you do professional photography or if you take dozens of photos a day (AND NIGHT).
Ketorah Irving
Ketorah Irving 6 годин тому
Ketorah Irving
Ketorah Irving 6 годин тому
At 0:0 Ro has a good voice
Jay C
Jay C 6 годин тому
Is this for Android too? I didn't get that update
Yave P
Yave P 6 годин тому
You should change the name to THE MORNING SHOW REVIEW! 👎
Sophia Ayala
Sophia Ayala 6 годин тому
Must be nice to be rich
Fraizifel 6 годин тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-iPgaTmsYTT8.html 10 years ago 🙂
Ketorah Irving
Ketorah Irving 6 годин тому
My mom whenever I ask where something is and she is tired 5:27
cha cha real smooth
cha cha real smooth 6 годин тому
Joseph Heath
Joseph Heath 7 годин тому
Why is this on my recommended 2 days after the Logan ksi fight 🤣🤣🤣
Kaylee Plays
Kaylee Plays 7 годин тому
Next time put a screen protector
Mindy K. Rivera
Mindy K. Rivera 7 годин тому
I’m getting Wall-E vibes.
Mimi Fernanda
Mimi Fernanda 7 годин тому
Smartyboy21 7 годин тому
Nobody Autotune:🤖🤖🤖🤖🤖
JuliCarryon 7 годин тому
I just got the iPhone 11 Pro Max and I can’t wait to use it it looks good heavy like it was really expensive
Omega- Bajram
Omega- Bajram 7 годин тому
We were just about to get the surface x and then say your video and bought it
Halle Monteiro
Halle Monteiro 7 годин тому
guys i tried them today and the noise cancelling IS INSANE ITS GENUINELY WORTH THE MONEY
AyalaDaSavage 8 годин тому
At least you can buy another one in a Mexican house it doesn’t work like that:)
Roger Mash
Roger Mash 8 годин тому
See for me,easily the best show so far from Apple.
Meghan Smith
Meghan Smith 8 годин тому
Ur stunning...Meow
Rinki 834
Rinki 834 8 годин тому
My friend tried to tell me she got her 1st gen AirPods the other day, I told her I already ordered my AirPods pro. Then her iPhone 6S crapped out cause the AirPods were sucking the life out of it. I was like RIP.
Silly sisters
Silly sisters 8 годин тому
I'm getting an iphone SE and now i'm kinda worried because every youtuber is saying about how small it is and I don't want my friends to make fun of me since some of them have bloodly iphone 8+ pluses like geez guys it's not talent show.
Lianne Hazlett
Lianne Hazlett 8 годин тому
Ro looks good in glasses
Paola Camarillo
Paola Camarillo 8 годин тому
I have the blue one
David Page
David Page 8 годин тому
They really took off didn’t they?