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How to Use PSG on FIFA 20
4 дні тому
MACC PAYNE 54 хвилини тому
Auba salah and mane 22 goals won the golden boot last season only because of Kane's two lengthy injuries. Shy of 5 goals but imagine if last season he got to play the full 38 games like salah etc. Finished with 30 the season before last. Argue all you like but it's the truth that without injuries, only a fluke season like salah wonder season can better him in term of goals.
Yellowtape Benny
Yellowtape Benny 56 хвилин тому
No the worst celebration is the Calm down it makes people rage 😂
John Suwyn
John Suwyn 58 хвилин тому
Also if you’re not convinced ea is garbage, look what they did to Mass Effect.
TheStrongmansteve Годину тому
AI defending has been overpowered for 2 years now. Also the passing is too slow and pace is irrelevant again. Also the pay to win aspect is there for all to see, every squad I play is the same.
Destroyer 78996
Destroyer 78996 Годину тому
Ill be honest, fifa 20 at the start was really good,it was far from perfect and had quite a few flaws but overall gameplay was really good and enjoyable and also was a huge upgrade from fifa 19 which honestly cannot even be considered a football game but now after all these patches the gameplay is a complete mess, so many more problems have been introduced and gameplay is still extremely frustrating and simply bad. Not to mention that the servers are consistently shit across all fifa.
John Suwyn
John Suwyn Годину тому
I am recent to FUT but i can already say that you don’t need actual skill to play it. If you go up against a front line with 90 plus pace you might as well leave the game. Matchmaking is garbage and you should be faced up with someone near your overall bench included. Every game I’ve played, my overall has been around 80-83 and i get matched with people with 86-90 and the only reason they are that is because their bench has mondo amount of icons.
paddy Lee
paddy Lee Годину тому
No one mentions how players move behind opponents when you are looking to pass to them. Like literally your own team help the opponent defend. Absolutely rubbish.
Andrew George
Andrew George Годину тому
God the fact that Sir Alex did what he did with the talent he had is simply remarkable!
barkes111 2 години тому
The only way to wake up EA is to stop playing the game. I’ve been playing FIFA since 1995, but 20 is the first i stopt playing. It’s boring, to many glitches, server issues, lack of good updates... if we’d all make a statement and stop playing and force EA to #bringFIFAback as a fun game to play!
Zachary Rapoport
Zachary Rapoport 2 години тому
1:09:35 start of second half youre welcome.
Jeanavos Pyram
Jeanavos Pyram 2 години тому
It's not even football. The way they coded this game is just sad. Player reflex is to run away from the ball, rather towards the ball. That's very unrealistic. Players running full speed are purposely slowed down just so the opposition get an advantage. The passing system is very corrupted. In short the game is just an animation trigger and nothing feels organic. You pressed button and game spits out animations,which often doesn't suit or coincide with the play or the moment. The fouling system is very unfair, there's no physics, players constantly falling over (designed to take control away from the user) or are completely unresponsive and non reactive, as if a switch was turned off for couple seconds before flipping back on. It's amazing how a company can lower the bar yearly and no one holds them accountable.
Ivan Mrkic
Ivan Mrkic 2 години тому
Kante fifa 17, Bailly fifa 17 & fifa 18 ,Eto'o fifa 14 and Onuoha fifa 15???
Phinnonymous 2 години тому
I don‘t think the problem is Frostbite. FIFA 18 at the start was absolutely fantastic in my opinion! Defending was difficult, a lot of goals were scored and it was exciting. And then they completely killed it by bringing AI-defending back in and making it worse than ever before. After that FIFA 18 was absolute shit, FIFA 19 was an absolute travesty and FIFA 20 is absolutely not an improvement to FIFA 19 (it hardly could get worse at that point)
Matt Snell
Matt Snell 2 години тому
Just happy Tottenham didn’t win it after this Lmaooooo
Shantanu Bhati
Shantanu Bhati 2 години тому
My favorite character
Zhandar Zholdas
Zhandar Zholdas 2 години тому
1:18:03 he didn't know 2 more coming
Mr. Mr.
Mr. Mr. 2 години тому
Coronavirus is the meteorite that hit the earth.
Ayavuya Godana
Ayavuya Godana 2 години тому
Fifa 20 is terrible, made stop playing for like 3 months, feel a naughty child with no discipline, just terrible
Sgt. Hügo Stïglitz
Sgt. Hügo Stïglitz 3 години тому
lol arsenal
Jack Moehrle
Jack Moehrle 3 години тому
The passing mechanics in this game are the worst part imo. The amount of times per game that my attacks are ruined or I’m put in a dangerous position because my players make a stupid pass instead of an often obvious one that I’m calling for makes me wanna uninstall
Rohan Kishibe
Rohan Kishibe 3 години тому
Juventus more like piemonte calcio
Baptou Quicheman
Baptou Quicheman 3 години тому
And SON!?
Cagefree Lama
Cagefree Lama 3 години тому
Ever played against Liverpool
David Atkinson
David Atkinson 3 години тому
Everyone complains about pace, but that's such a useful attribute to have irl. If you are faster or stronger than you're opponent that's a huge game changer, particularly in 1v1 scenarios. The problem lies more in how you defend in Fifa. It's not realistic at all. Defending is so much more than just running at people and pushing the tackle button. For some reason you can make sharper cuts with the ball than without, which makes absolutely no sense, and if you move into the path of the ball after someone tries to dribble you, you won't take it in your stride, but instead lunge towards the ball losing possession. On top of that even if you man mark your opponent they will somehow receive the ball to feet every time :/
Andrew Petschke
Andrew Petschke 3 години тому
amazing match of football but surprised you guys did not post second leg of tot v ajax. magic in amsterdam
Miguel Reyna
Miguel Reyna 3 години тому
Bro the only way fifa will hear us and fix this fkn problem is if we boycott fifa right now and not buy fifa 21. They dont care because they know all their loyal "fan base" is still playing the game and is out there buying it. Let's boycott fifa all together, fuck it I'm tired of EA robbing me of my hard earned money they dont give 2 shits!! FUCK EA! 🖕
Some Serious Gourmet Shit
Some Serious Gourmet Shit 4 години тому
morata ha ha ha
Sujay Singh Thakur
Sujay Singh Thakur 4 години тому
Guyss plzz make a video on the best of Sergio Ramos
SiruxMYT 4 години тому
Guess who's back!
Aziz Alharbi
Aziz Alharbi 4 години тому
6/10 is an overstatement 4/10 is more realistic
Rahel Argaw
Rahel Argaw 4 години тому
hazard biggest flop in real life beast in fifa 20
achmedbaas 4 години тому
Renato sanches fifa 17
KAN TAK YU VANESSA 5 годин тому
We actually needed the captions, thanks
Junior clos
Junior clos 5 годин тому
Pay to win. It’s just like irl where big money clubs have higher chances of winning. Big money clubs = fifa player with money
stayfocus 5 годин тому
Fifa20 kent? Lol what a joke.
MC 7
MC 7 5 годин тому
FIFA 17 = Butland - Hector Bellerin - Bailly - Smalling - Van Aanholt - Kantè - Bakayoko - Gabriel Jesus (Coc) - Martial - Vardy - Son
REDRUM 5 годин тому
After what happened include eric dier please.
Samuel Natividad
Samuel Natividad 5 годин тому
Jurgen predicted it 🤣1:13
Gokul Manohar
Gokul Manohar 5 годин тому
Then PES it is.
Luke Straub
Luke Straub 5 годин тому
FIFA 19 and 20 have been terrible
Simao LSK
Simao LSK 5 годин тому
Gabriel jesus is more fifa18
Pedro Juan Sergio Velásquez Santiago Fierro Escobar
FIFA 19 should be flashback Ibrahimović.
Leirs Deirs
Leirs Deirs 5 годин тому
If you don’t play deep the pace is going to kill you.
Leirs Deirs
Leirs Deirs 6 годин тому
Defending is naturally going to suck because you’re supposed to defend as a unit but you can only control one player at a time so one guy is defending while the other 3 are scratching their asses. But why tf whenever I block a shot does it just bounce off my defender like he’s made out of pillows. I know that shit happens sometimes in real life but most of the time when a defender makes a block the ball is goes pretty far away. It sucks to defend tirelessly for so long just to concede because Laporte’s legs just naturally absorb the impact of the ball and it gets laid off perfectly for a second shot that goes in.
Ivan Stancati
Ivan Stancati 6 годин тому
Christopher aungnaldo
Christopher aungnaldo 6 годин тому
FIFA 20 is really hard to defending but I like the way that they changed a corner kick it’s hard to score from a corner kick but I want them to fixed defensive problem but I bought fifa 20 I played online season but I never get to decision 1 and fifa 19 I got 35 of trophies division 1 for fifa 20 I really disappointed about defending please fix it
Kartikeya Kaushik
Kartikeya Kaushik 6 годин тому
this is what happens when you have no real competition
Jamie Lampitt
Jamie Lampitt 6 годин тому
Matthew Deering
Matthew Deering 6 годин тому
Leicester vs Sevilla pls🙏
Amr Aly
Amr Aly 6 годин тому
Esswein: oh i m a god so thats why I’m not among them
Brick Del Caribe
Brick Del Caribe 6 годин тому
2:46 easy peasy and he falls down
Alexander Luft
Alexander Luft 6 годин тому
Best of Sergio Ramos
Humberto Grande
Humberto Grande 6 годин тому
Pobre mexicano estupido hector herrera
Nah Nah Nah
Nah Nah Nah 6 годин тому
they are scum and money suckers. not football fans.
Jonn Stewart
Jonn Stewart 6 годин тому
Did he really say worse ronaldo lol sad thing is cr7 is actually the worse ronaldo
Most complete memelord in the World
Sneider robbed of balon d or 7 months later
davi6922 7 годин тому
According to fifa 20 defenders with 80 pace running backwards are as fast as forwards with 90+ pace running normally also according to FIFA obstruction isn’t a rule in soccer but they add 84739627 special cards every week so no one cares
First name Surname
First name Surname 7 годин тому
Any1 else prefer cavani over icardi? He's literally better in everything except pace...
joel zico
joel zico 7 годин тому
Fifa 18 bakayoko *
Venitra DeGraffenreid
Venitra DeGraffenreid 7 годин тому
😆😆😆! They wear Harry Kane out!
Yassin amr
Yassin amr 7 годин тому
مين عارف يايسن شخاوى من موكى🤔🤔
Kingsley Lucky
Kingsley Lucky 7 годин тому
Guarin still gives me nightmares
ramses moreno
ramses moreno 7 годин тому
They need to step it up
vKryptonite 8 годин тому
it's unfair, henry wasn't wearing gloves.
VatosLocos4ljfe 8 годин тому
I played fifa since 2000 and I can truly say that FUT have destroyed the gameplay of the game. They simply got greedy.
PacybitsPL 8 годин тому
He's awake!!!
Sir Switch Crookington
Sir Switch Crookington 8 годин тому
On what planet did FIFA 20 look promising? Since FIFA 12 they've made gameplay worse and worse to accommodate bad players and lessen the skill gap to keep people around to buy FIFA points. Buy the game 2nd hand and buy coins instead of FIFA Points and things will change.
Eric Ferreira
Eric Ferreira 8 годин тому
After going on a rant stating everything wrong with the game (which I totally agree on), giving it 6/10 is being very generous
Kyle W
Kyle W 8 годин тому
plz make a season 4
2000 Subscribers With No Video
2000 Subscribers With No Video 8 годин тому
"Corner taken quickly-- oh wonderful thinking by Origi!!" - Nightmare to all barcelona fans.
2000 Subscribers With No Video
2000 Subscribers With No Video 9 годин тому
2:05 Is no one seriously going to talk about the kid winking at the camera? He's the next Ronaldo.
Shreeya Singh
Shreeya Singh 9 годин тому
Ronaldo is still trying to hit the ball
Jamie-Minecraft! 9 годин тому
Tournament mode is still broken. Wanted to make a Champions league series for people to watch whilst football isn't on. Had the group stage draw recorded and made a test save and it keeps crashing. Looked online and this has been an issue since DAY 1. WTF EA, I didn't pay £50 for a broken game 😠😠
Black Cat Moto
Black Cat Moto 9 годин тому
Nobody: Kane: Obviously
Sonke løh
Sonke løh 9 годин тому
Why is Pop Smoke at the thumbnail tho😂
Sonke løh
Sonke løh 9 годин тому
The thumbnail look like Pop Smoke
Sports Matrix
Sports Matrix 9 годин тому
corto maltes
corto maltes 9 годин тому
Where is the away game?
Braynt Siguenza
Braynt Siguenza 9 годин тому
Dont even get started with fifa 20 Legacy edition on Switch
Giangod94 9 годин тому
Musa is the best
Delvin 9 годин тому
All of these BY YMJ WERE amazing
Robert Trujillo
Robert Trujillo 9 годин тому
Sounds like another VAR!!
IcyInferno11 10 годин тому
VARteor FC
Allan Serrano
Allan Serrano 10 годин тому
Barca came to Anfield 4 nothing
Jimmy Costa Mendes
Jimmy Costa Mendes 10 годин тому
Dont know what this guy is on but I enjoyed playing FIFA 20. Just the pay to win nonsense. Also the kickoff glitch but im the one scoring so yeah
Benjamin Afari
Benjamin Afari 10 годин тому
I actually agree with the fact that,the headers are dead
Kaaren Arancibia
Kaaren Arancibia 10 годин тому
This fifa Rashford and Ben Yedder are unstoppable!!!
Andres Garabito
Andres Garabito 10 годин тому
Ballin Basey
Ballin Basey 10 годин тому
Why they gotta use trash players for the gameplay?
Fernando Ballesteros
Fernando Ballesteros 10 годин тому
at least freekick are easier am I right guys, seriously tho it seems the only way to have fun is to play with someone at your house or theirs
Gabe 10 годин тому
6 is a very generous rating and I enjoy the game
pavi kirz
pavi kirz 10 годин тому
FIFA 20 is the least enjoyable in recent years
herman chavez
herman chavez 10 годин тому
Pes gameplay is better
Never Around
Never Around 10 годин тому
Horrible game I’m really thinking of switching to PES I been playing FIFA since 2007 I’m 25 now since 2010 I would go to fifa forms to ask for career mode changes they haven’t done a single change to career mode but cosmetic look’s for menu THATS ALL!! & ALL BECAUSE CAREER MODE DOESN’T MAKE THEM MONEY WITCH IS BULLSHIT CUZ ALL MY FRIENDS AND LITERARY HALF OF THE FIFA COMMUNITY BUYS THE GAME JUST FOR CAREER MODE so I’m done with FIFA. PES in the other hand actually care about there fans
Frostbite ruined the game
3-4-3 11 годин тому
not even trying to self promote but I too wanted KDB so I myself made a video of every line here: ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-6mRPiOf_Lfc.html
Taeseo Youn
Taeseo Youn 11 годин тому
He is just a footballer in Korea 😂 He is one of icon but he is just footballer maybe Ji Sung Park is not just footballer
Aaron Lopez Lopez
Aaron Lopez Lopez 11 годин тому
I peppered my opponents and dominated them the last three games and they win cause of one lucky chance on the brake it’s unrewarding and it doesn’t matter how good you are
John Suwyn
John Suwyn Годину тому
Aaron Lopez Lopez same thing happened to me but at the start of the game, my ai couldn’t even touch the ball or get close. This guy just laud through ball after through ball and the defenders watch.
Del Sniper
Del Sniper 11 годин тому
i hope ea see this
Sonny and the Hotspurs
Sonny and the Hotspurs 11 годин тому
I genuinely was up 2-0 vs Southampton until the last few seconds and then in stoppage time they scored 3 bruh