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Dan Banasik
Dan Banasik 14 хвилин тому
Xbox One X looks better than PS5.
Tomas Clarke
Tomas Clarke 14 хвилин тому
On Instagram PlayStation revealed something about June 1st what is it?
Breno Prata
Breno Prata 21 хвилина тому
Psn Brasil leaked gran turismo 7 on a tweet by accident a few days ago
RAI TO 34 хвилини тому
Leo Koach
Leo Koach 43 хвилини тому
This has been one of the videos I watch over again... Hope to see you attending an Apple event one day, just because you wanted this much... not for us ;)
Sir Chairi
Sir Chairi 45 хвилин тому
Apple can't without SAMSUNG.
Anno 52 хвилини тому
Your accent is fine, bro! Many people find it sexy, so don't about it :D
nekolukas 58 хвилин тому
I haven't even gotten a PS4 : '(
Aleksa Radošević
Aleksa Radošević Годину тому
Like what? The video u showed for graphics comparison between godfall and hellblade 2, that is by no means a gameplay trailer.... I'm very surprised you would make such a mistake.... That was a cinematic trailer compared to a gameplay trailer which is by no means a fair comparison... that level of graphics we likely wont see for years to come
Tucker McClintock
Tucker McClintock Годину тому
The Series X build wise is more practical. PS5 looks like a 5th grader designed it
TheJunkShot Годину тому
I think the DualShock 4 is the best controller on the market. I’m really hoping Sony doesn’t start making their controllers any more like the Xbox controller. It’s one of the main reasons I play all none exclusives on my PlayStation. If Sony ever switches the analog layout then I will be a very sad panda
Lars-Erik Robinson
Lars-Erik Robinson Годину тому
Yep. This is heart breaking, and I have been a Apple fan for a long time. Not responding back and being honest is bad business! I love your channel and hope you will now finally get a response back. I shared this on my Facebook
Brahim Benali
Brahim Benali Годину тому
PS 5 has Naughty dog on its side and that's a huge advantage
AK n e m. S SoS Yes.
AK n e m. S SoS Yes. Годину тому
Oh s*it
Zombies master
Zombies master 2 години тому
Can’t wait to be able to see demo of iPhone
huh 2 години тому
If gta 6 dont come out with the ps5 I'm not buying it
marek schawel
marek schawel 2 години тому
To be honest, im not that exited.... In the Unreal Engine Demo Trailer of the last one, it looked also muuuuuuuch more impressive than in turned out in the end.... They made it now possible to use higher resoluten scans instantly but you still need an enormes power to work with that. For the last unreal engine it failed on the effort, just now, where the next generation in knocking on the doors, film industry starts to yeah more or less use most of the possible performances this engine has to offer. But with an enormes amount of time and manpower, therefore also quite expensive. So yeah, lets wait and see what the real profit/use power this engine has :)
STEVE WESKER 2 години тому
Did anyone else get massive gaps in this vid 🤔 really annoying.
Klamique 2 години тому
Kevin 2 години тому
I will buy a pair but only if I can see the future wearing them!
JohnG 2 години тому
Its not a life story we want mate its a review of the product .
Parminder Jaura
Parminder Jaura 2 години тому
It was confirmed that the xbox series x won't use boost mode (yes Microsoft indirectly fired shots at sony on twitter), but will natively increase the performance of older games. The example Microsoft gave is that a 1080p game would run at native 4k and a 30fps game would run at 60fps, as 60fps games will run at 120fps. Boost mode on the ps4 pro and ps5 are similar. On the ps5, boost mode simply would run ps4 titles exactly as if they were being played off of a ps4 or ps4 pro. This means that you won't see any performance differences on lets say, horizon zero dawn 1, between the ps4 or ps5. This is all I've seen and i hope I'm wrong because Microsoft definitely has the edge rn.
Long-Yi 3 години тому
Checked again, not good.
Long-Yi 3 години тому
Not a good review, using lots of highly edited advertising pictures and videos instead of making actual ones. Good luck with your job.
Jesse 3 години тому
entire game line up?
Little King
Little King 3 години тому
Wait! The iPhone is $400 but $400 in euros is €360 but how the hell does Apple sell them for €500!
will brito
will brito 3 години тому
I do believe PS5 long awaited new will be a VR mirroring option but better Display resolution like the new HP Reverb G2 that's coming this Fall. It will be a legendary moment.
Talha Ahmad Khan
Talha Ahmad Khan 3 години тому
Brother, you got to summarise your stories. love your content but for the Love of God........ :(
JOHN JET 4 години тому
Any knows his t-shirt name plz?
TikTokHay 4 години тому
I mean I agree with the homepod thing. if it supported Spotify I would have had one.
Pancake Nerd
Pancake Nerd 4 години тому
Am I the only person concerned about the fan noise?
rvdlaar 4 години тому
any mention of gta 6 as a launch game, as a exclusive for either platform or at all even?
CrazyCadet 13
CrazyCadet 13 4 години тому
He said it could support insanely high resolution textures with basically no loading times, imagine the games once they start requiring decently sized loading times
Arthur 5 годин тому
The privacy violations will be next level. I don’t think people care about innovation as much as privacy right now.
Colby Baker
Colby Baker 5 годин тому
I shall be hated by many!
Colby Baker
Colby Baker 5 годин тому
And Microsoft made a much smaller desktop
Colby Baker
Colby Baker 5 годин тому
Its about time, they finally did it, Sony made an Xbox off brand console
Deven Nehete
Deven Nehete 5 годин тому
Video starts at 2:08 Thank me by Giving likes😀☺😘
Cole 5 годин тому
Finally someone made a modern 2 year old potty
Monish Ch
Monish Ch 5 годин тому
When you know you are rich, why would you waste time to choose?
Ahnaf tahmid
Ahnaf tahmid 5 годин тому
venom would be awesome
Chris Bellows
Chris Bellows 6 годин тому
So the Cyberpunk 2077 I already preordered for PS4 will net me the PS5 version for free? A la Xbox’s smart delivery...?
Nick Barnett
Nick Barnett 6 годин тому
You live in Uk.
Correction - تصحيح
Correction - تصحيح 6 годин тому
Title: PS5 (2020) - Graphics.... me (watching the video with quality 144 3gp): graphics suck
Kanye Baden
Kanye Baden 6 годин тому
Sony:Games will not load or lag Fortnite(lag and high ping):I' m about to end this mans whole career.Hold my beer
@TallAhhTJ24 6 годин тому
Still Xbox duh .. Forza is the best exclusive for Xbox btw..
Nathaniel Chavez
Nathaniel Chavez 6 годин тому
Why does the ps5 look different in the thumbnail than what its displayed as in the video
Kaneki 910
Kaneki 910 6 годин тому
This guy is the american Andrew Garfield
Tech look up
Tech look up 7 годин тому
Get updated guys Sony confirmed reveal event on june 4 th 1:00 pm PDT
Gamin Since Reagan
Gamin Since Reagan 50 хвилин тому
@Daniel Just games.
Daniel 3 години тому
Of the PS5 itself or just games
Chris McCauley
Chris McCauley 7 годин тому
Are u gonna talk about the switch pro or just talk about the Nintendo switch and ps4
Nenad Ilic
Nenad Ilic 7 годин тому
No one should love someone who do not deserve or do not want your love. Apple and Apple fans are not most known for being humble rather better than everyone else. I wish in this point that Apple never existed...ever 👎
Ricardo Valdés
Ricardo Valdés 7 годин тому
PS5 is not native 4k, they said it. Weird to me you get this error.
SZAMAN TV 7 годин тому
Can’t wait hehe 👊👊👊
Truman Vogel
Truman Vogel 7 годин тому
Wait can you plug in a keyboard and mouse into a Xbox series x just Into a usb
Tsunami Guay
Tsunami Guay Годину тому
Truman Vogel yes
Truman Vogel
Truman Vogel 7 годин тому
So Xbox series x has better cpu gpu and more choice of games from more past consoles ps5 here better storage and looks, honestly ps just feels better if anything I'm gonna buy the ps5.
Sean Rankins
Sean Rankins 7 годин тому
I see what they mean by eyephone
Staniel Scarpat
Staniel Scarpat 7 годин тому
Great channel. Tks man!
miss_mia 8 годин тому
I call bs any time someone enters a number to call :)
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 8 годин тому
Sony please let ZONEofTECH do the PS5 teardown...
Adeline Lie
Adeline Lie 8 годин тому
How about the cooling or overheating ?
Diego Madrigal
Diego Madrigal 8 годин тому
Love all your videos but especially this gaming related content! keep on grinding, great work as usual🙌🏽
GadZip 8 годин тому
Can someone give me one lol
mřűțyunjay 8 годин тому
Don't even have any ps Watching ps 5 Thug life
yourgamehole 8 годин тому
Cant wait for this channel to fail
Invisible 8 годин тому
2020 with notch ?????, Lazy and Ugly Design By Apple California!!!
drsiiiiin 9 годин тому
This is so funny Love your channel
Ryu Hayabusa
Ryu Hayabusa 9 годин тому
Sansu was not gameply
Ryu Hayabusa
Ryu Hayabusa 9 годин тому
Why people keep making that mistake
Bloodlust Paradox
Bloodlust Paradox 9 годин тому
Theres no way that's how the ps5 looks
TheGamerO_o 9 годин тому
i dont believe that the ps5 design would get unveiled in july. after the june games showcase doesnt the ps5 go into mass production? and wouldn't that mean the design is gonna get leaked waaay before july?? id imagine sony wants to be a step ahead of this and would either show off what the ps5 looks like during the june showcase, or maybe a week after. july seems ridiculous.
S J 9 годин тому
Nothing just came here to say F**K EA games , they advertised something like this for anthem and totally fkd up. The also killed my all time fav. c&c universe
Ultra Lynch
Ultra Lynch 9 годин тому
Thank you so much for making this vid
SpringLeaf 9 годин тому
Great! A new flex machine almost 75% of us can not buy! :D
Sravan S
Sravan S 10 годин тому
Average is 476 you dummy
Sravan S
Sravan S 10 годин тому
FYI , at 4K differences are very minimal That’s why all hardware comparisons are done in 1080p to maximise difference
lostintimeline 10 годин тому
Try to cross the street wearing these Good luck lol
Amir Imran
Amir Imran 10 годин тому
Can you make a video on how to which one to but either the xbox series x or ps5 because im so comfused right now dont know which one to buy 🤣
rocer 10 годин тому
in my opinion, ive gotta go with the series x, its faster and more powerful as of now, i dont care about design or anything like that.
karenn joy calosa
karenn joy calosa 10 годин тому
yes pls!
Sketchy Bilal_YT
Sketchy Bilal_YT 10 годин тому
A crash just happened next to my house and a car flipped, while i was watching this, hopefully the guy is okay in that car
Dribblegod 518
Dribblegod 518 10 годин тому
Nobeel1010 10 годин тому
Bro you don't even haff the phone
ashtonjackfanny 10 годин тому
first of all that godfall gameplay was running on a pc and it was an early build according to them. plus that developer who made the game. it''s not a Sony first party studio developer it's a third party developer.
The Light
The Light 10 годин тому
El Viejo Vader
El Viejo Vader 11 годин тому
Am sorry Daniel, sometimes is good to change your vision towards a new goal. And perhaps is a sign for a new direction, a new beginning. There are more companies that will work with you, focus on who wants to work with you and grow with you. You will see differently your perspective and can change your heart to a better path.
Jonathan 11 годин тому
The video production on this channel is superb
dylpkl7573 11 годин тому
If apple does not do at least 90hz on the iPhone 12pro I will not stick with the apple ecosystem. I would be extremely disappointed
RastaKiller 11 годин тому
PS5 is not targeting 4k @ 120fps, its targeting at both things but separately :)
Santos Hernandez
Santos Hernandez 11 годин тому
So when he said 30% more did he ment he got 1 dollar?
Foxy951 11 годин тому
30% More than game stop? More like 💯% More than game stop
bin veto
bin veto 11 годин тому
So when it will be coming???
Domenico 11 годин тому
My favourite tech UKvidr!
valkia 11 годин тому
but can you upgrade it?
Lockhart 11 годин тому
Why do you talk like that
Delicious Poop
Delicious Poop 11 годин тому
It’s just his accent
Frank James
Frank James 11 годин тому
Apple iPhone made in China and that is a problem
YMPNow 11 годин тому
I bought one to replace my 8 Plus. It afforded me enough dosh to purchase a Series 5. But I plan on using it as my main film camera. Using Filmic Pro, Sandmarc lenses, proper lighting, audio and post-production, I’m convinced I can produce a quality 4K film at 24fps. Plus it will fit my DJ I Osmo 2 gimbal better than the 8 Plus. And I purchased it with only 64GB storage because I have a 128GB Xpand flash drive. I have a degree in filmmaking and I’m banking on being able to produce something of quality. Initial tests have been great. Cross my fingers …