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23 дні тому
Mask Shaming | In a Nutshell
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Who is Julian Assange?
4 місяці тому
Gabriel 4 години тому
This 25min video depicts exactly what is wrong with humankind.
Cassandra Kite
Cassandra Kite 4 години тому
I know they lying🤣🤣🤣🤣
Zkmjs 5641
Zkmjs 5641 4 години тому
It is way much easier to become army and die in battle than live in cage, no family, alone and depressed for the whole life.
Angelito Tabucol
Angelito Tabucol 4 години тому
we make our own house beatiful, we do alot of fancy thing just to please other .. but i reality we dump our trash to other places .. shame on us
beamer 5 годин тому
Malicious gossiping is a sordid affair among the general population, but among the spiritually devout it is helaciously sinful. Agafia lives in continuous betrayal of scriptures and her brethren.
beamer 5 годин тому
I'll bet RT picked up on the disparaging nature of false religious piety.
Julien B
Julien B 5 годин тому
Lol showing off when everybody knows your broke and owe more debt than any of them😂
Geko Field
Geko Field 5 годин тому
Zandan Hurry Up!!
Sadewo 15
Sadewo 15 5 годин тому
the f?, i am here technician payed $5 a day, that minimum wage in my town
sarttee 5 годин тому
oh look, i think we need to build 3 more military bases around russia
Ultra lunala Bro
Ultra lunala Bro 5 годин тому
Ok. What
mary elkins
mary elkins 5 годин тому
That's not true they're not just turning down slavery statues they're ruining War monuments they're turning down all sorts of stuff because they're trying to take our country over has nothing to do with Russia has to do with the New World Order.
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson 5 годин тому
I want to meet him. It could've been me.
Golden 47
Golden 47 5 годин тому
Why do they have to look like weirdos while performing a simple task such as walking.
Moussa Camara
Moussa Camara 5 годин тому
Borned and grew up in Africa that's the stupidest thing I ever saw.
Michelle Gimbert
Michelle Gimbert 5 годин тому
Where are all the human activists, cause I know sure enough that they would not allow a Lion to be drugged with these tranquilizers every day but its ok for us?? I hate, repeat that, hate the Mental health system and all the ignorant people that go along with this with no regard to the suffering from the side effects , they are just pushed aside and not mentioned, nor do we learn about them.JUST take the meds and you wont end up in hospital, where they treat you like animals. The medication also causes delusions and hallucinations, but mention this to a doctor and you have Schizophrenia!! welcome to my world. I did say hate!!
Richard A. Valdes
Richard A. Valdes 5 годин тому
These ladies are beautiful and belong in a beauty pageant but at the end of the day, they can hit their target with a weapon
Golden 47
Golden 47 5 годин тому
There actually jokers to even the low class, but people show fake respect just so they might spend some money buying their goods
Lakeer the Baker
Lakeer the Baker 5 годин тому
Screw the Russian gov
Milo X
Milo X 5 годин тому
The most hilarious thing is that once the women have finally shaped the men in the way they like, they find they are not interesting and want rougher men. Sounds so much like human nature.
John Moore
John Moore 5 годин тому
gate keeper of the world lmfao... hahaha its right wing gone to far
Wildpigeon 91
Wildpigeon 91 5 годин тому
Most of the computer coolies texting here n disrespecting a passion and hobby of someone, who is content with what ever he is doing, without hurting anyone, literally makes me sick. Most of the people moaning here about the spending on lavish dresses and shoes are themselves probably spending a fortune on weed or booze and living on benefits. Remember a passion has no boundaries. These guys are walking way better and naturally than any top model of the world and better dressed for sure.
Ovewyn 5 годин тому
must've been a stand user
Greenman422 6 годин тому
for 250k US dollars he could choose to move out of there...
Slegacy CDN
Slegacy CDN 6 годин тому
I've watched this 4 times
Nitrogen Balance
Nitrogen Balance 6 годин тому
That cat looks awful
Tânia Ramos Ramos
Tânia Ramos Ramos 6 годин тому
Alguém falar brasileiro.ou não quero entende
simona sada
simona sada 6 годин тому
Russia is full of racists!!
Jameser88 6 годин тому
These all the pastors of churches on vacation flaunting there biggest robberies
Raul Gabriel
Raul Gabriel 6 годин тому
Oh man...
J ROTHCHILD 6 годин тому
My mother said, '' Being poor is not being dirty or careless"
Bagets _13
Bagets _13 6 годин тому
This days women are more protected by law than men.. I'm not saying all women are the same but some women abused that such kinds of law to do crazy things.
Just Some Guy Who Slays Goblins
Just Some Guy Who Slays Goblins 6 годин тому
that's why Wakanda tech is similar to Russia.
Read learn Teach
Read learn Teach 6 годин тому
Wow branding can be a real problem
Dan Clayberger
Dan Clayberger 6 годин тому
The attention to detail and the complexity of motion is incredible. The art work, the electrical work all contribute to masterful presentation. WELL DONE!!!!!!!
I am Your Son
I am Your Son 7 годин тому
why do they look like stand users
ecopsych101 7 годин тому
For those from any other country....I will tell you, as a life long American who has split my years between California and "the south"...I have never seen a KKK person or symbol. I've never met anyone who claimed to have an affiliation with this group. I don't know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone. I think there may be 167 KKK guys in this entire country.
Jan Schmitt
Jan Schmitt 7 годин тому
I expected System of a down lol
Templar Warrior
Templar Warrior 7 годин тому
I wish our counties will become friends , 🇺🇸 and 🇷🇺
Colin Casey
Colin Casey 7 годин тому
Russian Propaganda to divide Americans
sar adugna
sar adugna 8 годин тому
they need to hear the gospel so bad!! omg they lost all hope, they really need Jesus so they can have some hope, peace and assurance that yes they are bad but Jesus is good for them.
Rusty Shields
Rusty Shields 8 годин тому
Meanwhile. . . .black Americans are rushing to go live in Ghana to live in huge mansions so that they can. . . .connect with their roots. . . .away from the . . . uh. . . oppression by white people.
PrinceCharming 8 годин тому
good,but they had to feed them some traditional Russian quisine and film it.Also instead of the weird new agy "traditional Fire ritual" bs they had to meet them with real traditional Russian women in costumes,with bread and salt as its really done.And for the music-they had to show them real traditional Russian dances and music-with kazachok,the floating girls,Babkinuy Vnuki(Ne dlia menia,Oi tui step ,etc.).If they could show them the real taiga with Baikal lake frozen,bears etc,they would be totally bananas...But Im aware it would be to expensive.Also as they were there in the winter,they could expirience or at least watch the okunanie in proruby(the submerging in iceholes).That would complete it for them.Or some traditional dances festival,where they can see ppl and costumes from more regions of Russia-like cossacks(with the swordwork,incl.done by women),Caucasus guys incl.Chechens and Georgians,Ukrainians,chukchi etc. That would be something ;) Also would be nice to watch their coming back home to Kenya and how they tell to their ppl of what they saw in Russia ;)
Regina135 8 годин тому
First...So done with so called old school ballet psychology. Putting the dancers down to get them to do what you want....In my world that is called harassment. How about trusting them? They are PRO's. Second, I worked at a pro dance school, high level and usually the issues between staff originated on the ballet side of the team. Seeing these docs I can totally see why. Third i'm not gonna judge Anna. Her position is tough and remember this is an edited show, you can make almost anyone look a certain way. FourthRe costumes, we had the rule that we don't move anything that is lying around without notification unless it is life threatening in the immediate. Costumes may be lying around for a quick change.... 5th....back to my modern class now....laters
Aobakwe Mhele
Aobakwe Mhele 8 годин тому
Taking out credit to please other people. Most stupidest thing I have ever heard of🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️..worse of all they are trying to show off infront of a poverty ridden community.
Aaron Mcguinea
Aaron Mcguinea 8 годин тому
The free housing for black people looks just like the piece of shit that the white women lives in while she’s talking
Trifonas Papalazarou
Trifonas Papalazarou 8 годин тому
When your high level character visits a low level area 😂
Aobakwe Mhele
Aobakwe Mhele 8 годин тому
I think they have a French accent 🤔
rodeo o
rodeo o 8 годин тому
nomadic O
nomadic O 9 годин тому
Halasho,I want go to Congo
maca canal Spain
maca canal Spain 9 годин тому
Maasai love you my people, lovely to see, giving me homesick lol
Judeo PAOLO 9 годин тому
Ohhhhhhh! My God! George Floyd is been killed. Guess? RUSSIA again and again. Oooooooo RUSSIA, stop discrimination, killing black peoples in USA!
Steven Henson
Steven Henson 9 годин тому
I don't understand there are so many philthy Rich black people millionaires and billionaires there's basketball stars that are making millions and millions of dollars why don't they help their people why are they neglecting their own people and their people have to go to another race for help I don't understand
Steven Henson
Steven Henson 9 годин тому
Or get out
Steven Henson
Steven Henson 9 годин тому
if I was living in and I have an issue or problem I would go to the city council bring it up and bring my brothers and sisters with me then might have the same problem a closed mouth never gets fed esqui keychain gets oiled
Duane Karn
Duane Karn 9 годин тому
Russian TV- Need I say more?
Steven Henson
Steven Henson 9 годин тому
The people that get killed by law enforcement police officers black people get killed more than any other race in USA
Duane Karn
Duane Karn 9 годин тому
Russian propaganda, typical BS
Rip me
Rip me 9 годин тому
Imagine starving your family to buy a new kenzo jacket Shame
Steven Henson
Steven Henson 9 годин тому
Why is there only 6 black racist people in that little Mickey mouse Church
Dora Williams
Dora Williams 9 годин тому
we have to fight for justice, or we will destroyed, we hate and fight against ourselves, until we love and help each other, and obey god laws, it will continue to suffer, we are the only race don't belong and don't know where we come, wake up, most of us is sleeping with the enemy, we can't stand one another but we now down, to our enemy.
Света Харитонова
Света Харитонова 9 годин тому
Эта блондинка какая то придурошная, вечно ржет, как будто шизофрения
atari7001 9 годин тому
You can’t install Marxism with a golden history behind us. It must be erased and demonized first...
Billz Dale
Billz Dale 9 годин тому
The children of Yah are suffering. He said we will never have the power to face the Western countries. If only he knew :)
BjHa channel
BjHa channel 9 годин тому
they don't need foods and batter house they only need dress up for show off that all, the most male does, this kinds weird peoples
Prince Bekeanya
Prince Bekeanya 9 годин тому
I use to visit my friend there and stay up late before going home when I was in Ghana. I am always grateful to God for my life and where I am now.
Ирина Егорова
Ирина Егорова 9 годин тому
Уже в роддоме из бутылки кормят... .
dag dag
dag dag 9 годин тому
BjHa channel
BjHa channel 9 годин тому
they're living fake life
Abdelmalik el amri
Abdelmalik el amri 10 годин тому
All this people speaking are Russian and Ukrainian why do they occupy other people country
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 10 годин тому
You need to check the nationality of the women in this video because she definitely not all white if at all.
Milf Lover
Milf Lover 10 годин тому
His people are really clowning him
Milf Lover
Milf Lover 10 годин тому
But you stay in the same village as me I know your poor
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 10 годин тому
respect your mother now kid. or go to gulag
KAS 10 годин тому
funny how most of this video is actually glorifying the KKK, but they mask it as a documentary.... FUCK YOU Russia.
Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4
Master Driver of Toyota Zupr4 10 годин тому
6:24 you have a Camera to record you speaking to the Camera?!??! Calm down there M. Night Salma Hayek
Stefan 10 годин тому
9:32 haha
Awahpahpow 10 годин тому
"This season on Hoarders"
KAS 10 годин тому
a program about racism in Amerikkka, paid for by Russia. EXCELLENT!
Marcus Minor
Marcus Minor 10 годин тому
Please dont criticize a culture you dont understand
Niki Scott
Niki Scott 11 годин тому
Mia 🦄🦄😭😭🦄😭😭😭🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦊🦊🦊
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 11 годин тому
Bro how do they have internet access and my house is a dead zone in Texas....
Lynette Jett
Lynette Jett 11 годин тому
All dressed up just to live in a dirt in the dust shaking my head
Alexander Friedrich
Alexander Friedrich 11 годин тому
He dont understand jesus. Your all blind like him.
Nhia V
Nhia V 11 годин тому
World is not interesting North Korea poorest country.
David Almanza
David Almanza 11 годин тому
It's a uncontrolled country. Some country needs to take it over.
Nhia V
Nhia V 11 годин тому
North Korean are in jail , there are fences around them .
Ela Elio
Ela Elio 11 годин тому
Вы ещё блин в Германии не рожали в государственной больнице.Во время родов я около 50 позиций менять должна была.Не то что бы крикнуть хоть разок дали.Вообще арать нельзя было а только слушак их команду и когда как дышать надо и всё.
TYAU Gurung
TYAU Gurung 11 годин тому
Girl covering her heaven with tissue paper.ASTALAVISTA
Nhia V
Nhia V 11 годин тому
North Korea government is punching N.korean , their faces smiling but their mind want to escape to South Korea and not happy .
cheerdiver 12 годин тому
3:22 TR was known for leading one of the last Calvary units, and was photoed riding a bull moose. Having advised three POTUS, Shirley Fredrick Douglas would have had WH access. 4:54 Yes, get ride of Transgender Apollo/Mythra
jahid chittagong
jahid chittagong 12 годин тому
Silviya Bozhilova
Silviya Bozhilova 12 годин тому
I initially gave this video a like but when I saw the ending I changed my mind because I felt that the ending was quite manipulative trying very hard to push the message that life has meaning only if you have a child and I felt that the people who created this video misused the people in the video. Why would you make a video about people’s choice to not have children and then end it with the contrary? You misused all these lovely people so that at the end you can push you believe system on others! 😡 Respect people’s choice to not have children!
Tânia Ramos Ramos
Tânia Ramos Ramos 12 годин тому
Agora sim
Tânia Ramos Ramos
Tânia Ramos Ramos 12 годин тому
Não entendi
Wolverine Bear
Wolverine Bear 12 годин тому
So the Christians are forced to live amongst the garbage, tell the truth
Nevience Mhlongo
Nevience Mhlongo 12 годин тому
The damn flies 😩
Regina135 13 годин тому
This rivalry and gossip business is just so old and dry! Fix up!
MothOfDoom 13 годин тому
"Don't fidget dammit"