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Lady Bug
Lady Bug День тому
Maybe she has a poor life but she is one great mother
Joumana Khaled
Joumana Khaled День тому
Can't read the subtitle Behind the writing over it ,
Ava Celocia
Ava Celocia День тому
Amazing. Such a wonderful woman.💕
itsbk11 День тому
It's so weird to my ears how I can just understand some things even though they aren't apart of any languages I speak
Uncommon Valour
Uncommon Valour День тому
Imagine being a paratrooper dropped from an airplane then being shot by the pantsir guns mid-air.
ВИЛы День тому
Ду.мать что подобное говно нигде в мире не могут собрать ,,,хто надо быть дебилом , просто это нах никому не надо
Carien Jansen
Carien Jansen 2 дні тому
Can I send money? For her education?
Briza Granadeno
Briza Granadeno 2 дні тому
My question is y the girls be shirtless
Duckman TyceNice
Duckman TyceNice 2 дні тому
pur israar Raaz
pur israar Raaz 2 дні тому
Chechnya isn't a country ? So what basically it is.. is it a state of Russian federation?
ireri hubbard
ireri hubbard 2 дні тому
Why people live like this Germ 🦠 virus 🦠 the is all
Vixxxen Fox
Vixxxen Fox 2 дні тому
And they say in the US women are treated so unfairly &/or badly... 🤔
bikers 160
bikers 160 2 дні тому
Very Beautiful.
Love you all for being such great siblings. Elder sister's responsibility reminds me of mine in a different way. Just inspired n do everything for my younger brothers and sisters....
Дилек Диля
Дилек Диля 2 дні тому
Какое счастье когда рождается ребенок.😪
Дилек Диля
Дилек Диля 2 дні тому
Какое счастье когда рождается ребенок.😪
Дилек Диля
Дилек Диля 2 дні тому
JOHN TEX 2 дні тому
I russian women = 100 American women
Дилек Диля
Дилек Диля 2 дні тому
Мне так жалка у нее мамы нет.Но муж хороший повезло.
laced Up
laced Up 2 дні тому
But there's no propaganda like American propaganda. Our news it's fucked
laced Up
laced Up 2 дні тому
This is real Russian propaganda.
hrsnrnd10 2 дні тому
Socialized medicine at it’s best. The one gal was shaking! She needed a warm blanket. Do you think any one of those medical people could get her one? To all of those individuals that are wanting the government to “take care of you” .....move to a socialized country. Don’t embark on the US. All of these medical people were rude.
earsucking 2 дні тому
cmon guys stop scaring the boomers
Robles 2 дні тому
and now they are installing 5g in kids schools as I write tthis we are fucked, so many people are gonna get sick.
_Milchamah 2 дні тому
He’s rich in his past life but knows he was ,that’s why he’s like that in this life
Jacob C.
Jacob C. 2 дні тому
This is so fucking sad, Africa is a gorgeous country with amazing people and somehow the corporations from around the world have looted the shit out of it and Africa's corrupt government officials have allowed it to happen, they were equally complicit. COVID-19 needs to wipe out all humans, we're the worst of the animal kingdom.
Ldy Ydi
Ldy Ydi 2 дні тому
This man is ignorant...no life is worth losing over money. It is killing everyone. Not just the infirm. We shall see were Russia is in a few weeks.
True Side
True Side 2 дні тому
why american police do not leave him at age 50
Roscina Patterson
Roscina Patterson 2 дні тому
sc882tt 2 дні тому
Appreciate it what you have people
osman mudug
osman mudug 2 дні тому
He looks like and sounds like mafia scammer .
Gabby Richey
Gabby Richey 2 дні тому
You did very good
Gabby Richey
Gabby Richey 2 дні тому
Congratulations for your baby
Nicole Royalty
Nicole Royalty 2 дні тому
My hood doesn't look so bad after seeing this.
star Larose
star Larose 2 дні тому
13 an have a baby men r so wicket
Kaela Creighton
Kaela Creighton 2 дні тому
We Americans must be beautiful in their eyes. Honestly, I like to see females with muscles and a bit of chub, not to date, as I am female, but it's what I think is beautiful. I was force-fed as a small child in the name of love, and it caused me a lot of pain later on both ways. If a child doesn't want to eat, don't force them.
Panagiotis F
Panagiotis F 2 дні тому
Where did this shit come from countries that have this stuff clean up the planet with low emission and bla bla bla
jose paez
jose paez 2 дні тому
Excelente video!!!👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
azka an Europa
azka an Europa 2 дні тому
No one here is very concerned about the baby that is eating sand and bleeding from her face it took so dam long for any one to pay attention because they are more concerned about talking about the baby and not taking care of her . WTF it seams like this diet is causing brain damage or something is they need education , NOW!
Reghardt Möller
Reghardt Möller 2 дні тому
This showed me how far being a "firm believer" gets you. Takes help and sticks to her beliefs as it suits her...(unforgivenes and gossip is clearly normal for a believer right and wearing the boots made by the world is okay, but not the barcoded dough)...yea, what her family taught her and her hardship is all she was programmed with, but you can never isolate yourself from "evil". It's in us wherever we go. In a modern "sinful" world her life could be much easier if she just accepts basic things that could help her more than her religion could (such as medicine and basic technology). Anyway, each one to his/her own. I watched this video- attracted to the hermit kinda lifestyle, but learned a lot here that changed my mind.
Joa Klar
Joa Klar 2 дні тому
I just wont listen to any of them.
Mr. Haze
Mr. Haze 2 дні тому
Culture shocked. Badly..
mz ladi
mz ladi 2 дні тому
wow!!!! lord bless your soul...i pray that yah send you everything you need in jesus name amenn🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Curtis Brown
Curtis Brown 2 дні тому
Imagine a world where Africans were intelligent
HeyItzRosie 2 дні тому
What is sad is these girls won't live past 70 because of obesity...
Márcia Regina
Márcia Regina 2 дні тому
Um momento mágico para toda mulher. Brasil.
Omar 2 дні тому
Can you imagine if Russia has as much money as the US, we will be screwed :-)
ARTIFACTS 2 дні тому
The only thing made in china other than corona virus that has lasted this long
Tarik Jasim
Tarik Jasim 2 дні тому
now we are all hikikiomoris
carmen washingtn
carmen washingtn 2 дні тому
Throughout everything that she has endured her love for her children shows !! They are happy and sticks together May the good Lord continue to lead guide and protect over this family 👪 ( seems she is doing much better alone than her mom is with her husband ) I ❤ ❤ this woman !!!!
Reba Johnson
Reba Johnson 2 дні тому
Get with a Christian girl, it's more likely to be a sane option! 🙃
anorien1 2 дні тому
Why can't they shit in a bucket and go dump it in the river per there toilet preferences. Then use the same bucket to drink out of it. It's the same fucking thing.
Nikola Nikolov
Nikola Nikolov 2 дні тому
2:05 yes he was
John Doe
John Doe 2 дні тому
I get the "crisis actor" vibe from this guy. Can't quite put my finger on it......
Nenku Thao
Nenku Thao 2 дні тому
The government of that country needs to change the thinking of the mind, which is to enforce a new acceptable law. This is unacceptable to human. Greeting from USA.
This is so sad....
Russian Princess
Russian Princess 2 дні тому
These nurses are morons.
Reba Johnson
Reba Johnson 2 дні тому
I wonder if there's Voodoo rampant in these areas (or something like that)and all the other cultures that this "crazy sickness" has showed up in.
Boss Kyoshiro
Boss Kyoshiro 2 дні тому
Reba Johnson
Reba Johnson 2 дні тому
It smells like a curse to me. Jesus is the cure.
nadie nieman
nadie nieman 2 дні тому
To be Russian is to be *ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN* and *SPEAK RUSSIAN* These muslims are nothing but pretenders and are kept on life support by *_REAL_* Russians who cause the country to thrive.
Oscar Utrera
Oscar Utrera 2 дні тому
They replace the old parts with brand new Chinese parts you go Russia.
Julio Chavez
Julio Chavez 2 дні тому
He’s like me. Priorities all fucked up
Gail Rodriguez
Gail Rodriguez 2 дні тому
God bless you n ALL your babies, YOU'RE doing good for them.
Britt McIntosh
Britt McIntosh 2 дні тому
Looking good going nowhere..
9&half incher
9&half incher 2 дні тому
No respect for someone who doesn't respect their own surroundings
carrie birt
carrie birt 2 дні тому
Time to change the laws !!!!!!!
Nakiya Jackson
Nakiya Jackson 2 дні тому
If only I had the money and wasn’t a broke college student I would definitely help her out I believe that God got a plan for her tho they blessed to have her as a mom cause she’s trying she’s really a great inspiration
Lee Hansen
Lee Hansen 2 дні тому
The happy people are smiling because if you don't smile you will be branded a troublemaker & sent off to a prison camp & hard labor, & so will your family! A reporter took clandestine videos of people eating grass, malnurished solders doing construction work on a road, people selling items from a stand illegally to get money for food! Kim Jong Un's uncle was a high ranking military man & he disagreed with Kim & fell asleep in a meeting! Kim had him shot with an anti aircraft gun! (Vapotized) His wife, Kim's aunt, grieved ( crying) to long so he had her killed! Just ONE big happy family! 🥵🇺🇲
david snyder
david snyder 2 дні тому
Sooo sad Omg can they come to america the ones who want to go to school or somewhere to get help
Karl Munford
Karl Munford 2 дні тому
They flee to the West from nations decimated by the ideology of Islam, only to promote the very same over here... when will they understand that they are the carriers of their own destruction and ours if we keep letting them in? No one needs to ask them why they don't want to flee to Pakistan, Bangladesh or Indonesia etc... which tells us all we need to know.
NGT Navi
NGT Navi 2 дні тому
pregnancy moments are going now 🔦⌛️📞🌽🥥🥖🥨
david snyder
david snyder 2 дні тому
Why do people do this Kill the earth
Reba Johnson
Reba Johnson 2 дні тому
A real man would put his family first.
Reba Johnson
Reba Johnson 2 дні тому
It seems extremely selfish to me. You could have bought a plot of land for you and your children and your woman that you decided to have children with, but instead you buy a pair of fancy shoes just so you can show off. You're no different than a peacock showing all your feathers. All that money just to strut around to make you feel better about yourself. when you could have done something to make your whole family feel better about themselves.
volvo 2 дні тому
Incredible !! That is why in Uganda we call people from Congo "party people". How can one put pleasure of dressing up smart while your stomach is emty with no food ? The big money they are spending on dressing smart can first help them get out of their individual poverty, then after when they are out from poverty, then they can start to think of thinking to dress smart, but in Congo is a reavers way of thinking in life. Typical of them, "party people" . Lol. I better have food in my stomach first than to dress smart and pretend to walk like a millionair on those dursty ways . In Uganda is call thinking with your anus but not with your head, becouse one simply dont know what to put priority here first in life. Ya Ya , good luck with your party life. Greeting from your neighbour Uganda.
R Lee
R Lee 2 дні тому
This human cow is a pathetic example of what not to do.
Phikounthong Scoggins
Phikounthong Scoggins 2 дні тому
It's sad
Cajun-Brat 2 дні тому
You can use all the metaphors you want buddy, but you still sound like an idiot.
Olivier Dols
Olivier Dols 2 дні тому
i mean we already had a russian living with a bear so this didnt really came as a suprise
Hopie Pickney
Hopie Pickney 2 дні тому
Where is the update on this lady
Jimmy Cook
Jimmy Cook 2 дні тому
Miki Minach
Miki Minach 2 дні тому
these people are depressed
mememan 2 дні тому
As currency got smart and real since crypto currency I presume these things are gonna takeover soon..... As a working example we can consider it as how Amazon took over Walmart defined just one word 'convenience'
James Gillespie
James Gillespie 2 дні тому
He should never be allowed to make a dollar from all this. He brags about killing people on camera, for financial gains. All the families of the people he murdered should get that money. Not this fucking piece of shit. Fucking disgusting!!!!!!!
0 1
0 1 2 дні тому
Queen Bulova
Queen Bulova 2 дні тому
10:22 the girl in the black shirt is so beautiful.
Leon 2 дні тому
certain black families have always been selfish... and assholes
Radu S
Radu S 2 дні тому
What a shitty country, with ill mentality and an ill society. They have a few sky towers and they are calling themselves a "developed country". Women are trapped and treated by men like slaves, they don't even have the right to eat at the same table with men, what a dumbass society. They live in poverty, they don't have the right to watch any TV Chanel, netflix is beyond their imagination. Nobody wants to visit their shithole country, that is why they don't have tourists, you have nothing to see there because it is an artificial state with no history. They aren't a free country, because they have promoted just violence and war. I bet if somebody will challenge in free elections their puppet president/shittyking or whatever he is, they will shot the challenger in the head. They are not far from Iran dictatorship, that is why Cecenya will never evolve. Their life style is 50 years behind any modern free state.
Pradeline Gray
Pradeline Gray 2 дні тому
Wow! This lady is strong emotionally. I don’t know what’s more bizarre, her having 38 kids or her mother telling her she never looked for her for a reason. Smh 🤦‍♀️ and I thought my past was rough. I’m bless and may God continue to protect and provide strength to those that are in struggles.
Pu Koh
Pu Koh 2 дні тому
MsLewis715 2 дні тому
The account information to donate to her is in her oldest son’s name. I don’t understand that. Why didn’t they set up the fund in her name? How can we be assured that the money would even go to her? That’s BS. Just another way to control these poor women.
Nifah A.
Nifah A. 2 дні тому
Why do they have the eat a horse 😡? That's alot of meat horses are huge!
snark 2 дні тому
Theoretically, If i walked in there with a minigun and lit up the town, nothing would happen to me. Right?
Jake Wheelie
Jake Wheelie 2 дні тому
This is what happens in the United States with bureaucracies and whistle blowers. Whistleblowers are punished. It could be a police officer, a teacher, CIA, FBI, military people or some other person like a community activist. What amazes me is these people finding refuge in Russia.
gentil77 2 дні тому
Nice boats..! It looks well made and perfect for special operations.