$1 Street Food Around The World

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From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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13 вер 2018





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Linh Nguyễn
Linh Nguyễn 9 хвилин тому
Come to Vietnam, you can buy a lot of delicious street food, even breakfast or simple meal by $1!!!
Cooper the Maltese/CockerSpaniel Dog breed
Do some Inodonesia streetfood please! The food is delicious in my opinion.
Britneyspere 2250
Britneyspere 2250 22 хвилини тому
Vancouver vs vietnam
Fabio Espíndola
Fabio Espíndola 38 хвилин тому
Na Espanha eles vendem Porra kkkkkk
Iori Nishihama
Iori Nishihama Годину тому
Anh My Sasha
Anh My Sasha Годину тому
In Viet Nam 1$ is approximately 25.000 VND and you can buy a very delicious banh mi or maybe two rice covered banana...etc..
Erine Mercado
Erine Mercado Годину тому
Philippine street food
Ethan 0180
Ethan 0180 2 години тому
Why do I feel like Marzia is doing the video in the start Also atleast you didn't name yourself FOOD INSIDER©®™ whatever, ) you missed a couple countries that has street food it's middle name and its lot so it's understandable
Corina Ghita
Corina Ghita 2 години тому
Rуспех 7 годин тому
In Russia, for 1$ you can get Shawarma
Blackpink Army
Blackpink Army 7 годин тому
In Karnataka we pay only Rs45 -50 for pav bhaji and it is Rs100 in Mumbai , (Maharashtra )
Olaf van Toor
Olaf van Toor 7 годин тому
That's the best thing of traveling food all over the world yum yum yum no one will take that experience off you
Frank Andrew Salazar
Frank Andrew Salazar 7 годин тому
3:42 oh no! It's T-Series >:0
Nessie il mostro di Loch Ness
Nessie il mostro di Loch Ness 7 годин тому
they all look so good im hungry
ario rachmat wibowo
ario rachmat wibowo 7 годин тому
One dollar in Indonesia you get sabana disanguan
Dancerly 8 годин тому
You forgot Australia
Noodlez Music
Noodlez Music 9 годин тому
In indonesia, with $1.00 you can get Javanese Salad with Peanut Sauce, Fried Rice, 'Martabak Telur' and many more
Franz Imperial
Franz Imperial 10 годин тому
Why not go to philippines??? We Filipinos have so many streetfood like proben,kwek kwek,kikiam, And Our very favorite streetfood, Balut
You are beautiful
You are beautiful 10 годин тому
In Romania with 1 dollar u can buy a Kurtos Kalacs Kürtőskalács is made from sweet, yeast dough (raised dough), of which a strip is spun and then wrapped around a truncated cone-shaped baking spit, and rolled in granulated sugar. It is roasted over charcoal while basted with melted butter, until its surface cooks to a golden-brown color. During the baking process the sugar stuck on the kürtőskalácscaramelises and forms a shiny, crispy crus
Dubzyy Snipezz
Dubzyy Snipezz 11 годин тому
With $1 in New-Zealand, you can eat air.
Jade W
Jade W 3 години тому
Same for Australia
Lizette Desperate
Lizette Desperate 11 годин тому
I want all that food in the video especially the Mexican one
Hayden Withers
Hayden Withers 12 годин тому
Hayden Withers
Hayden Withers 12 годин тому
I dont even know if we have street food here, though I'm from a small province (NB). so if anyone from Toronto, or Ottawa, or any other big city could tell me what you have for street food, that would be great
Ohraider 13 годин тому
No Russia?
wig snatched
wig snatched 14 годин тому
I might've learned more about stuff than I do at school.
Sara Harake
Sara Harake 15 годин тому
Lebanese pls
Spiral SM
Spiral SM 15 годин тому
The hotdog would have been my fav
Adan Force
Adan Force 15 годин тому
wow and they forgot the McDonald'$
Connor McGovern
Connor McGovern 16 годин тому
The one in India looked so good ( sorry I’m really hungry)
Timme Boy
Timme Boy 17 годин тому
Duuuuuuuutttcchh!!! Ducht streeft dood please
ImNotSpecial 18 годин тому
This wasn’t street food but I once had cow brain at a restaurant when I went to Mexico. It was yummy
Puffed JewelAngela
Puffed JewelAngela 19 годин тому
Those pork buns from China looks so good! 😭😭😍😍😍
Zahra Mohammad
Zahra Mohammad 19 годин тому
Korean street food and Japanese please
Zahra Mohammad
Zahra Mohammad 19 годин тому
Mexican looks good
S0UL Spirit
S0UL Spirit 19 годин тому
I think the last one looked good
Traditional Food Recipe
Traditional Food Recipe 22 години тому
My country even cheaper than those.
Meredith Sheperder
Meredith Sheperder 22 години тому
GD Dolera
GD Dolera 23 години тому
shailene Tabitha
shailene Tabitha День тому
I wouldnt trust that $1.00 hot dog I New York city lmfao u might be eating a rat dog
Vae Victis
Vae Victis День тому
Where is baguette ?
Karol Miranda
Karol Miranda День тому
K P День тому
In London, you can buy the napkin to wipe your mouth with after you finish eating for $1... -_-
elly belly
elly belly День тому
Besan Hassan
Besan Hassan День тому
Iraq sreet food
Andrea Leziel Pajarillo
Andrea Leziel Pajarillo День тому
Philippines street foods $1=52 pesos(or up/low) You can have fishball Squidball Kikiam Kwek kwek Barbeque Balon balonan Anything in street foods Some of them is only 2 or 4 pesos in one piece or 2 piece in 3 pesos
XDGamer Saud
XDGamer Saud День тому
No Arabian?, no Malaysian?, screw you
Larah Turnbull
Larah Turnbull День тому
In Australia we don’t even have street stalls and every hotdog I have ever bought has been $4(Australian dollars) or over
adna Cardib
adna Cardib День тому
India street food
MR.NotCum День тому
You can get 5 rakijas with 1 dolar in te balkans
Bibash Gurung
Bibash Gurung День тому
Nepal's food called momo in $1
Ryan Lugg
Ryan Lugg День тому
Can you do Australia?
Rebecca Yin
Rebecca Yin День тому
Hold up. I just realized something. For the US one, like the girl who bought the hot dog...if I'm not mistaken...then that should be Inga Lam
Bang Si-Hyuk
Bang Si-Hyuk День тому
Here in the philippines you can buy the most popular beer in the country which costs less than a dollar
Jemy Nguyen
Jemy Nguyen День тому
Pho bowl in Vietnam for $1
Nox Aeterna
Nox Aeterna День тому
The last one looks yummi
Aarav Regmi
Aarav Regmi День тому
From nepal we dont call indian rupees ,rupees we call it bharu 100 bharu
asimo3089 День тому
My parents told me in Guatemala gum cost 15 cents....
Savage Jose
Savage Jose День тому
Wasnt that a churro ? And they are from Mexico
Louie Poole
Louie Poole День тому
Every time they go to eat it I feel like their going to throw it
jediknight 0341
jediknight 0341 День тому
I was hoping to see some food from franch and/or Germany but this is good food
Bibay BC
Bibay BC День тому
Those Chinese pork buns got me drooling 🤤
Alessia Popescu
Alessia Popescu День тому
Plz plz plz plz plz do Romania
Crimson_Rose •
Crimson_Rose • День тому
2:35 you can tell it had alot of soup
Some people in India struggles daily to earn 1 dollar and 3 meals, while some pays it as a tip to waiter , to maintain high class image (fake rich compared to billionaire in USA, China , etc) among the poverty people.
sUcK mY ToEs
sUcK mY ToEs День тому
U can tell the person in the first clip is Inga
School tasher PUBG
School tasher PUBG День тому
In Ukraine you can buy shaurma for 1 dollar
твое мнение
твое мнение День тому
In Russia shaurma and Vodka
Renan Benitez
Renan Benitez День тому
Plis Go to Brazil im am Brazilian the food is so good
Mayra Vega
Mayra Vega День тому
That China round-pork food looks so good my god
camila resende
camila resende День тому
Kira der Dämon
Kira der Dämon 2 дні тому
💕Who's from germany?💕
Federico Senna__23
Federico Senna__23 2 дні тому
There isn’t italian food
Ass Blaster 9000
Ass Blaster 9000 2 дні тому
Now im hungry
aleexbg 13
aleexbg 13 2 дні тому
Porro jajaja q Kbrones, ni q estuvieramos fumados los españoles, y aparte que en mi pueblo un churro/porra cuesta 25 centimos, la porra esa la habrán comprado en el centro de Madrid porque si no yo no me explico ese precio
jesus perez
jesus perez 2 дні тому
In spain there isnt a porro is a churro jajaja a porro is a drug
Roberto Romano
Roberto Romano 2 дні тому
In Italy, with one euro, you can buy a "calzone" (a fried pizza with some things in there)
cjohn aguilos
cjohn aguilos 2 дні тому
Do it on the Philippines pls like
Уголок kuicka
Уголок kuicka 2 дні тому
Ждал Россию, какой нибудь там теремок.
HK. ID 2 дні тому
come to indonesian please
Mark Horrell
Mark Horrell 2 дні тому
Delicacy of Britain: Greg's sausage roll £1.85= $2.42
Mr.Bhadana rao
Mr.Bhadana rao 2 дні тому
Lexus Bergsten
Lexus Bergsten 2 дні тому
Here in sweden you can buy a gum for one crown (0.108305 U.S. dollars) in some places.
Rizqollah Junior
Rizqollah Junior 2 дні тому
Indonesia 🌏
pikku ukkeli
pikku ukkeli 2 дні тому
My name is Yen!!
Ayana Raven
Ayana Raven 2 дні тому
Ayana Raven
Ayana Raven 2 дні тому
Not rlly tho but yah
Ayana Raven
Ayana Raven 2 дні тому
But the money are the same
iRx_X_ 2 дні тому
100 rupees aren't a dollar though. 69 rupees are a dollar.
Booker The Wolf
Booker The Wolf 2 дні тому
In Africa you can buy Africa for 1$
EliteGamer Dan
EliteGamer Dan 2 дні тому
Pakistan next :D
Martie De Leon
Martie De Leon 2 дні тому
wow, this video made me wanna go travel around the world...
Mirai Kazuya
Mirai Kazuya 2 дні тому
Russian Street food?
Riho Kimmel
Riho Kimmel 2 дні тому
Bravecoast Bolaocho
Bravecoast Bolaocho 2 дні тому
"Porro" means "Joint" in spanish... That food is a "Porra" 😅
Jack Amos
Jack Amos 2 дні тому
Im craving a churro so bad, but i live in england
Wiktor G
Wiktor G 2 дні тому
Bagel from Krakow in Poland 🇵🇱
Wiktor G
Wiktor G 2 дні тому
For 2 PLN
TTV_sjilo7 - Fortnite
TTV_sjilo7 - Fortnite 2 дні тому
Part 2 now
OX Tavian
OX Tavian 2 дні тому
Where indonesia?
king kyrie
king kyrie 2 дні тому
100 indian money is equal ro 1 dollor really?
tyra khan
tyra khan 2 дні тому
"Around the world" excluding Africa of course
Leonardo Negrete
Leonardo Negrete 2 дні тому
Omg esa dorta se mira bien buena
Mario Mas
Mario Mas 2 дні тому
1$= 1 hotdog ? In America?
yKotz 2 дні тому
In Brazil you Can buy with $1,00: Nothing BRASILZAO
$1 Street Food In Shanghai
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