$1000 if You Can Break This Ball in 1 Minute

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Could you break into a squishy golf ball in one minute with an ice scraper? To win money?? While an announcer is making snide comments??? Let's find out...
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00:00 - Intro
00:43 - Mirror Ball String Lights
02:10 - Floppy Golf Ball
04:58 - Watermelon Ball
06:43 - Waboba Ball
08:20 - Bonus Round!

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20 лют 2021





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Nikki Chuang
Nikki Chuang 2 години тому
Jack B
Jack B 10 годин тому
What Vat19 and Lucidchart have in common is that they make ads fun
Jack B
Jack B 10 годин тому
1:54 why was it negative?
Austin Campeau
Austin Campeau 13 годин тому
It is not broken into
S Nester
S Nester 13 годин тому
ok I will drink liter fluid
Molly Zamucen
Molly Zamucen 13 годин тому
“It Smells like it’s hard to break into” really Salone
Molly Zamucen
Molly Zamucen 13 годин тому
Sorry if I spelled your name wrong
Frogsarelife 13 годин тому
1:01 *foreshadowing*
Samuel Fotenos
Samuel Fotenos 14 годин тому
That was broken
Khole Brock
Khole Brock 21 годину тому
he is right
Dani Miller
Dani Miller День тому
Ms. Pebble
Ms. Pebble День тому
Idk why but I have a crush on Joey and Kyle Oop-
Bunny Kitten playz
Bunny Kitten playz День тому
Eric: "This boomerang isn't coming back-" Me: ya cause you totaly killed it with a watermelon ball- what do you expect?
Bunny Kitten playz
Bunny Kitten playz День тому
Ya no it did not break the golf ball- im sorry- but i like how people are like: "i dont care that these were FRESHLY BAUGHT! and we are breaking it, its so fun!"
Lew 8564
Lew 8564 2 дні тому
Sloane: “It smells like it’s going to be hard to break.” Also Sloane: *just burns it*
ftgshdgfevbdnschgfvbdnchyg 2 дні тому
it is
Coltin Lanley
Coltin Lanley 2 дні тому
3:35 pause look at her face
Deo S
Deo S 2 дні тому
Jamie broke it
FG99z 2 дні тому
BROKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz reply vat19
Elloise Hanes
Elloise Hanes 3 дні тому
it counts
Alien Gacha
Alien Gacha 3 дні тому
"Regardian Leviosaaa" Me not seeing the ball levitate: *wizard panic*
Old Scratch
Old Scratch 3 дні тому
7:00 good reference Kyle
Santana Maddox
Santana Maddox 4 дні тому
How did you do that to her that’s just rude
Santana Maddox
Santana Maddox 4 дні тому
I count it because it got destroyed he ripped it so it counts he said to destroy it and he ripped it
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 4 дні тому
Jake poul seeing this:okkkkkkkkk
ItzvoltsYT 4 дні тому
Does not count
Anthony Dreher
Anthony Dreher 4 дні тому
Muted Technology
Muted Technology 4 дні тому
The first time my mom knew Sloane, she thought her name was Snail.
xuxcoTV 4 дні тому
Conner’s Rare Dreams
Conner’s Rare Dreams 4 дні тому
That’s broken
Breann:-Pyygga Bosma
Breann:-Pyygga Bosma 5 днів тому
Not a funy joke and whos scraper
Sheri Boozer
Sheri Boozer 5 днів тому
Not broken
mad 5 днів тому
I would love to see Kyle and Jake Paul fight
Evelynn Christensen
Evelynn Christensen 5 днів тому
I agree w/ Panda
Ender Fox
Ender Fox 5 днів тому
Stella Mangieri
Stella Mangieri 5 днів тому
I have one of those watermelon for my pool
Partition Zion 2
Partition Zion 2 5 днів тому
Who else laughed when he broke the wooden shipping pallete?
Dustin johnson
Dustin johnson 6 днів тому
Did you have to do Harry Potter?
Emma Amajiki
Emma Amajiki 6 днів тому
Elena B
Elena B 6 днів тому
Jamie that is not broken you can still use that duh, your not very smart 🤓
Mia's life
Mia's life 7 днів тому
Why did Jamie get -25
Ellie Gnome
Ellie Gnome 7 днів тому
Sloane is just so entertaining to see
pr9jectiles 7 днів тому
1:56 DAMN.
Liliana Perez
Liliana Perez 7 днів тому
4:25 nope the ball i not done for ir yet One day u can make it with the tool u got ok my guy
Gacha _roses2009
Gacha _roses2009 7 днів тому
I always watch these I used to watch them when I was 7 and I’m 12 rn I’ve watched these videos for many many years !
Jullemusen38 7 днів тому
This is just so funny to watch 😂
Maryam Creates
Maryam Creates 7 днів тому
That’s not broken Jamie...that’s a tear...do you know how this game works or do you just boss people?!? Roasted! Sorry...
Salaar got talent
Salaar got talent 7 днів тому
Salaar got talent
Salaar got talent 7 днів тому
Corey Mermis
Corey Mermis 8 днів тому
I was broken
loofy neemo
loofy neemo 8 днів тому
yes its half broken
mike laverick
mike laverick 8 днів тому
I love this show ur practicaly watching people with anger issuse kill stuff XD
Alecia Burns
Alecia Burns 8 днів тому
Emmie Rose
Emmie Rose 8 днів тому
It counts
Emmie Rose
Emmie Rose 8 днів тому
I want to brake everthing upon my house
Shawn Salandanan
Shawn Salandanan 8 днів тому
Hey guys have you seen an ad has an ad? 😂💀
ChefxHyrule 8 днів тому
7:02 snl reference
Payton Hoffmann
Payton Hoffmann 8 днів тому
Cough cough cough cough cough cough Clickbait cough cough cough cough cough cough
B. Stratton
B. Stratton 8 днів тому
It’s broken
Zombizz Boop
Zombizz Boop 8 днів тому
4:29 it counts
Dead Rider
Dead Rider 8 днів тому
7:00 nice SNL reference Kyle, but I honestly love The Reaper
mia garcia
mia garcia 8 днів тому
3:37 i LOVE how she is so excited about the golf that is on fire BTW So funny!!! HAHAHA!
Gummy Gacha10
Gummy Gacha10 9 днів тому
I don’t think that’s okay. He did it tiny, and when my brother and I have stuff like that we easily make it look like that!
Paran Vivaan
Paran Vivaan 9 днів тому
that golf ball is broken
Hell Cat
Hell Cat 9 днів тому
2:15 How The F do you know
Blaze Dobson
Blaze Dobson 10 днів тому
Judith Pollock
Judith Pollock 10 днів тому
I’m Scottish amd the bagpipes are you making fun of me
Marley Flippen
Marley Flippen 10 днів тому
This should be called “Kyle Breaks Tables”
American Eagle
American Eagle 10 днів тому
2:58 I am the captain now
Joseph Nicastro
Joseph Nicastro 10 днів тому
It is broken
Savannah Dyer
Savannah Dyer 10 днів тому
That floppy golf ball looks really broken to me
Gaming 10 днів тому
Jana Abdelghffar
Jana Abdelghffar 10 днів тому
Vaigirdas Panavas
Vaigirdas Panavas 10 днів тому
Iris Nguyen
Iris Nguyen 11 днів тому
It’s broken Jamie
Audrey Jones
Audrey Jones 11 днів тому
it was broken
Jan Prinsloo
Jan Prinsloo 11 днів тому
Sophia Correa
Sophia Correa 11 днів тому
i think its broken
Insomni_Bay 11 днів тому
*trys to break wood thing* "oh [im not saying it] that just hurt" *proceeds to try to break it*
Evikapro 123
Evikapro 123 11 днів тому
KAUNS 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😑😑😑😴😴🥱🖤🖤🖤
Erin Lynch
Erin Lynch 11 днів тому
Ya it is
It’z Ashley Playz
It’z Ashley Playz 11 днів тому
Rebkah Toms
Rebkah Toms 11 днів тому
Kaijuuu ._
Kaijuuu ._ 11 днів тому
“Scraper I barely know her” wtf does that mean
Ananya Khan
Ananya Khan 11 днів тому
0:36 why is Jamie called the evil boss?
A DUH KIDFLASH 12 днів тому
I love Sloane’s hair
April figitis
April figitis 12 днів тому
April figitis
April figitis 12 днів тому
Why a wartamlin
April figitis
April figitis 12 днів тому
No he did not do it in time
minh tran
minh tran 12 днів тому
minh tran
minh tran 12 днів тому
Kyle looks buffet
minh tran
minh tran 12 днів тому
Sorry Jamie not sure
Zoe Funny Funn
Zoe Funny Funn 12 днів тому
Flappy golfball broken
Javkabobboi 12 днів тому
This series would be so much better without the commentator
Zoe Rizos
Zoe Rizos 12 днів тому
Jamie got in the ball
Justin Davis
Justin Davis 12 днів тому
Him:kids look at me don't drink lighter fluid.Me:sitng on the couch drinking ten bottles of lighter fluid
Katherine Driscoll
Katherine Driscoll 12 днів тому
Main person who idk his name 😅: kids look at me Me: 😶 Him: DO SWALLOW BHUHGUYGUKYG Me: oki! 😊
Katherine Driscoll
Katherine Driscoll 12 днів тому
I meant don’t know I do lol
DAREN ERIC 12 днів тому
It broke
Lucifer Severus Malfoy
Lucifer Severus Malfoy 13 днів тому
7:27 LMAOOo
alakh grover
alakh grover 13 днів тому
Everybody says they are providing entertainment with ads but according to me they are providing entertainment and adding some ads here and there into it.
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