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Everything you need to know about the Adopt Me! Scoob! update! 🐶 🕵️ Solve the quest of the Mystery of the Missing Collar with temporary pet Scoob, and gain permanent in-game rewards! Update will be live tomorrow, Monday at 11AM CT / 9AMPT / 5PM BST!
To celebrate the release of Scoob! in Canada and the U.S., we've partnered up with the Scoob! team to bring Scooby Doo to the world of Adopt Me! Exclusive early access with home premiere available to own May 15: www.scoob.movie. Coming soon to other countries.
Play now and get Scoob!: go.playadopt.me/
For more news, memes, and info about the updates, follow us on:
Twitter: twitter.com/PlayAdoptMe
Instagram: instagram.com/playadoptme/
Discord: discord.gg/adoptme
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@playadoptme

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Toy Power Girl
Toy Power Girl День тому
You said if you grow it you could keep it and I grew it fully after the update stood left NOT FAIR
Sára Hudková
Sára Hudková 2 дні тому
Pls next scoob plssss
Cheetah girl WildCraft player Lammas
Rodney Rogers
Rodney Rogers 4 дні тому
RIP adopt me scooby doo
Amanda Anguiano
Amanda Anguiano 5 днів тому
adopt me person wach magan plays video thats called what if pets had feelings pls i think it would be a great up date and i and a og player i litterly still the masion thats was on the top of the hill thing adopt me has chaged alot but i love the game more now and love the updates
Misk toys show
Misk toys show 4 дні тому
What if the pet was made and ran away and never came back
Rita McMahon
Rita McMahon 5 днів тому
I’d love if there would be an update where there is an egg with only legendaries and your are able to get a bat dragon 👇🏻like if u agree
Lethabo Shogole
Lethabo Shogole 5 днів тому
Can you bring it back please😔
Jason Vorhees
Jason Vorhees 6 днів тому
I love adopt me I got scooped too well the new update but now it’s not here so send me
Olivia 8 днів тому
Scoob was my first fly ride
Misk toys show
Misk toys show 4 дні тому
Me too it was my first fly and my first ride i was sad when it gone because I can’t glitch on top my house
NarutoGamingYT 8 днів тому
Stay chill : )
addi6340 addi6340
addi6340 addi6340 10 днів тому
My channel adopt me is basically exposing scammers! So yeah... I hope you don’t mind it this is pretty good because I’m basically exposing scammers and making people more aware!.
MEGAN SOTO 10 днів тому
Cómo puedo conseguir a Scoob? Gracias por tu respuesta 💝
Romina Abrahan
Romina Abrahan 12 днів тому
Debuelvanme a escobito porfavor😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭
José Parra Zuñiga
José Parra Zuñiga 14 днів тому
mehwish kanwal
mehwish kanwal 16 днів тому
Simply møchi
Simply møchi 17 днів тому
I'm so sad I missed the update cause at that time I didnt play adopt me but I'm still happy that I didn't miss out on the monkey fairground at least but overall adopt me is a great game its so cool
RainbowSnake 11 днів тому
Do you want to offer for the SCOOB pet wear? I will accept any old toys,pets or vehicles.
THEiamdramaqueen 17 днів тому
i miss scoob!!
Veronika Rodriguez
Veronika Rodriguez 19 днів тому
Hi can you please stop being mean jermany
Emm ie
Emm ie 19 днів тому
You guys should make a marine egg! The legendary can be a whale and a octopus and common can be a fish. Ultra rare can be a shark and so on!
SuperShineYT 20 днів тому
Scooby dooby doo
doodle 21 день тому
Scoob looks like a sausage on the side ngl
Lareen Anfenan
Lareen Anfenan 21 день тому
Hello adopt me is it ok if I build in the house/the glitch house thingy bc I wanna build one but I'm scared to get banned
Creepystone Animations
Creepystone Animations 21 день тому
why do you people trust trade, its literally the most efficient way to get scammed then you get sad afterwards
K3yin Estrada
K3yin Estrada 21 день тому
I hate you
toxicwastes- chan
toxicwastes- chan 20 днів тому
Shut Up
Joshua Van Meter
Joshua Van Meter 21 день тому
Adame is the new video show
AnnaCatAt Roblox Anna
AnnaCatAt Roblox Anna 21 день тому
Bring back SLAKU FLY RID !!!!!!
Anesa Kadrija
Anesa Kadrija 22 дні тому
Why will on the 19 June the pets are REMOVING 😭😭😭😭
Ева Зинченко
Ева Зинченко 22 дні тому
My dream pet crocodile ride and fly please crocodile ride and fly ZinchenkoEva
Gech Siv
Gech Siv 22 дні тому
Can you pls bring scoop back pls I I am so sad now
TheLeoBoi 24 дні тому
Hey..can i say to you something.... i got scammed and the scammers name is... marco_bono oof i hate scammers ... have a nice day... :C
Ronnie Duffy
Ronnie Duffy 24 дні тому
why was it it limted time
Mintedkitti 24 дні тому
Madeline Montgomery
Madeline Montgomery 24 дні тому
Hi!! Omg I am so exited!! Thanks for reading!!
Yanyan's Diary
Yanyan's Diary 25 днів тому
And I want him to stay
Yanyan's Diary
Yanyan's Diary 25 днів тому
I am sad I can’t find scoob scoob is my favorite pet😔😔
Logan Roman
Logan Roman 26 днів тому
but i dont like dogs tho.
yannah Y sus amigos
yannah Y sus amigos 27 днів тому
Play on roblox adopt me
Cristian Flores
Cristian Flores 27 днів тому
Pamroblox! !
Pamroblox! ! 28 днів тому
Plz bring Scooby back
Student Robert Throgmorton
Student Robert Throgmorton 29 днів тому
Bye baby scoob and shaggy Bye
Student Robert Throgmorton
Student Robert Throgmorton 29 днів тому
Hi baby scoob let’s have fun before you go home with shaggy Hi baby scoob I miss you baby scoob is the day you want to play adopt me with me
Thomas fan919 Jet
Thomas fan919 Jet Місяць тому
Can you bring it back one more time next week because I really really need it because mine went away for some reason🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😔😔😔😭
Spilling Tea Games
Spilling Tea Games Місяць тому
Can you please make another update make trading easier for people
Brain Fart Gaming
Brain Fart Gaming Місяць тому
My Idea: FOSSIL EGG CONCEPT (REMINDER THIS IS JUST A CONCEPT) Price: ??? Fossils Appearance: A fossil stuck in a rock. With a few cracks. The egg is not a bit jaggy and it is not smooth. But it still represents an egg. The fossil egg is white and a light brown. Uniqueness: Instead of hatching it like a normal egg. Once the egg hatch meter is full you go to the dig site and place your egg in a chamber of some sort. Wait for it to come to life. Then your dinosaur pet comes out. All of this would make it more realistic. It only takes 3 seconds for the chamber to work. In addition the egg is the first of it's kind to have a third legendary. Percentage: Common = 44% Uncommon = 26% Rare = 17% Ultra rare = 9% Legendary = 4% Can be changed. It's up to the devs. Iguanasaurus (Common) Deinonychus (Common) Triceratops (Uncommon) Ankylosaurus (Uncommon) Utah Raptor (rare) Allosaurus (rare) Brachiosaurus (Ultra rare) Stegosaurus (Ultra Rare) T-Rex (Legendary) Pterodactyl (Legendary) Spinosaurus (Legendary) You have to dig for fossils to get this egg. At a digging site where you can talk to a paleontologist named Terry. Exchange fossils for prizes and the fossil egg. You can also obtain Fossil from hatching eggs and finding some around the map. It would also be good time to add some prehistoric decorations and items. Even a new house like a cave house can be added. New pet emotes: Roar, Tantrum I know alot of people like dinosaurs :D Edit: like so Adopt Me can see ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✊ Edit 2: ICE AGE EGG CONCEPT (REMINDER THIS IS JUST A CONCEPT) Price: ??? Appearance: The egg looks like a huge piece of Ice with the shape of an egg. The ice age egg seems to have something in it. Percentage: Common = 44% Uncommon = 26% Rare = 17% Ultra rare = 9% Legendary = 4% Can be changed. It's up to the devs. Pets: Dodo (Common) Doedicurus (Uncommon) Saber tooth Tiger (Uncommon) Woolly Rhino (Rare) Argentavis (Rare) Paracerithium (Ultra Rare) Woolly Mammoth (Legendary) Megatherium (Legendary) Like so adopt me can see ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿✊
Crusty The Cat The Puppet Maker
Crusty The Cat The Puppet Maker Місяць тому
Press F To pay respect from scoob:( Like so Adopt me can see
Crusty The Cat The Puppet Maker
Crusty The Cat The Puppet Maker Місяць тому
ShadowNite Phantom
ShadowNite Phantom Місяць тому
Don't take Scooby ;-; He's SOO cute!!
Adopt me please bring Scooby Doo back we miss him so much
Ujii J
Ujii J Місяць тому
I missed out is there a way to still get scooby doo?????
Britney Calle
Britney Calle Місяць тому
Sadly I didn’t see the update !!! PLEAEE COME BACK
Zyah Estes
Zyah Estes Місяць тому
Can you make my adopt me stop glitching on my moto moto e5 go phone???
Sarah Mitchell
Sarah Mitchell Місяць тому
RIP scoop 😭😵
IamSafaa !
IamSafaa ! Місяць тому
PlayAdoptme PlayAdoptme PlayAdoptme PlayAdoptme
Rocketrylan Місяць тому
Noo pls I want it now I didn’t get it
Lunka uwu
Lunka uwu Місяць тому
Why scoob is just out of my backpack? XD
Ayden plays games And more
Ayden plays games And more Місяць тому
When will Scoob return
Silvana Saavedra Polo
Silvana Saavedra Polo Місяць тому
adot I can't put codes already subscribed to your channel and your tweet my username is hombreloboxxxd
paetyn Fortin
paetyn Fortin Місяць тому
Roblox isn't letting me go on what do I do
paetyn Fortin
paetyn Fortin Місяць тому
You acting detective Scooby-Doo but why didn't you a detective Pikachu
ging arnaiz
ging arnaiz Місяць тому
Please can you update adopt me with ocean eggs please
THE ADAM Місяць тому
I thought scoob is permanent when he is full grown so when he is gone I was sad
Zoe Roblox adopt me
Zoe Roblox adopt me Місяць тому
Hello I have been scammed/hacked recently and I lost my fly ride evil uni my blue dog and my albino monkey so I was afk and I didn’t put anything in the box when I got back it said trade was successful and I didn’t accept so I checked my inventory and my stuff wasn’t there and I don’t have any legendary pets anymore I’m sad but I still have other things but if u could get them back I would be so happy thank you USERNAME ~ Petlover_Zozo
Adriana Bertello
Adriana Bertello Місяць тому
its luna moon
its luna moon Місяць тому
it sucked when i lost my scoob :C
gigi Panda_Blox
gigi Panda_Blox Місяць тому
Queria o ovo dourado mas precusa de um monte de star
Sharad Pathak
Sharad Pathak Місяць тому
Scoop movie is here yay!
José Rafael 23
José Rafael 23 Місяць тому
hello adopt me they didn't give me an award and I fully grew up to scoby-doo
Chica and Alisha • 37 years ago
Chica and Alisha • 37 years ago Місяць тому
When are we getting fnaf pets and also golden Freddy would be legendary :D
Omituisia Ja kaiken laisia
Omituisia Ja kaiken laisia Місяць тому
im subrice chancel
Muhammad Umer
Muhammad Umer Місяць тому
Plz give me free fly potion plz
Josito Gamer Pro
Josito Gamer Pro Місяць тому
Mira E
Mira E Місяць тому
Umm can i have access to the codes please...
Noelle Balard
Noelle Balard Місяць тому
Plssssss give me Robux plsssssssssssss im lanl_coaur
Braden Rakowski
Braden Rakowski Місяць тому
I bought a golden goldfish and didn’t get it. I would like it
lea here
lea here Місяць тому
Can you add baby bottles and baby toys to the baby section or building? It would really help =)
Marta Vidal Puente
Marta Vidal Puente Місяць тому
activar ya las cajas registradoras plis
luacas agamez
luacas agamez Місяць тому
Henry H
Henry H Місяць тому
Ima miss him he was worth a lot of robux for free like fly and ride
Rajkumar Thyagarajan
Rajkumar Thyagarajan Місяць тому
Can you put back Scoob back in adopt me
Heaven Capper
Heaven Capper Місяць тому
I know I very late thanks for putting scooby in adopt me I really enjoyed it 🥰🥰🥰
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