10 Things The Vlog Squad Can't Live Without | GQ Parody (w/ Jeff, Joe, Carly, Erin and Jonah)

Jason Nash
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We sat down with a few members of the Vlog Squad (Jeff Wittek, Joe Vulpis, Carly Incontro, Erin Gilfoy, and Nick Antonyan) to talk about things they can't live without!!
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21 тра 2019





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Jason Nash
Jason Nash Рік тому
Yo Guys thanks for watching. We will have a part 2 with Heath, Mariah, Corrina, Todd and Brandon coming up later in the week. Thanks!
Rita Sylliboy
Rita Sylliboy 18 днів тому
Hi Jason, fr this video to the 2020 of u now? Omg I can see how much u lost u look great.
Rita Sylliboy
Rita Sylliboy 5 місяців тому
Omg pls Jason tell jeff to trim nerfs nails they r long.
John Lawrence
John Lawrence 11 місяців тому
You guys forgot To bring David
Mikhael Burt
Mikhael Burt Рік тому
Part 3 please
Rodk Vic
Rodk Vic Рік тому
Natalie too!
Mystic tony
Mystic tony День тому
Jason laugh around minute 3:00 sounds like someone is drinking water🤣🤣🤣(Not trying time be rude tho but nice video)
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed День тому
Those laughs from Jason at the start where extremely fake
Blanco 3 дні тому
Lol i’m an 18 year old and I use that Axe Messy Look paste😂
daisydaisy 12 днів тому
what is the song/instrumental around 7.45?
Sigrid Slagstad
Sigrid Slagstad 16 днів тому
Hooka shoes are amazing
Mad M
Mad M 16 днів тому
Anyone else watching in the year 3000
Jack Robinson
Jack Robinson 17 днів тому
I love how Jonah and Jason are having a proper conversation, he doesn't usually get this much screen time in videos
Rita Sylliboy
Rita Sylliboy 18 днів тому
Jason in this video to the 2020 today he lost allot of weight u can tell. I wonder how mu h jason lost? U look great keep it up
TooGoodRichard 18 днів тому
This video needed David in it with the vlog squad as his thing he cant live without...
Ludvik Gyth Lyeng
Ludvik Gyth Lyeng 18 днів тому
Jason’s shoes is one of the best shoes in norway, if you use hoka people know your atletic
Krypted Clan
Krypted Clan 20 днів тому
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelo jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaason naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash
Jordan Brantley
Jordan Brantley 20 днів тому
khadija 20 днів тому
Carly and Erin are so beautiful omg
So What?
So What? 20 днів тому
Jeff for got to say “plastic surgery”
a guy answering some comments
a guy answering some comments 21 день тому
yall realize that the link to this video has Gay in it? lol
Owen Fisher
Owen Fisher 21 день тому
Jeff’s shoes are sick does anyone know what they are?
b r u h
b r u h 21 день тому
They forgot to say David
Emily Passe
Emily Passe 23 дні тому
Do you walk around with a pocket full of change😂
Angie Madrigal
Angie Madrigal 25 днів тому
I found the squad like a week ago and seeing them here, my fav. So calm and honest. Love you all.
Samuel Flores
Samuel Flores 26 днів тому
15:15 and he says he wants to be an actor
abernathykaleb 27 днів тому
He really did rock thos glasses!!😂
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed 28 днів тому
Joe with glasses looks like if mia khalifa had a kid with jony sins 6:36
Rilyn Sawyer
Rilyn Sawyer 28 днів тому
notice how he didnt say his kids
Byron Kratz
Byron Kratz 28 днів тому
Yo what r the shoes that Jeff is wearing 5:12
Deevanshi Sharma
Deevanshi Sharma Місяць тому
Fact that jeff is so concerned about nerf showing his butthole😂😂. He so protective for nerf.
iLoveTheseDays Місяць тому
jeffs head looks really long with that hat.
It is 3:39 am
It is 3:39 am Місяць тому
I thought Jeff would have like body bags and knives and guns
a827alex Місяць тому
Where is zane ?😯🙂
dmichelle best
dmichelle best Місяць тому
I love how jeff just disappeared👌🏾😂
Megan Parker
Megan Parker Місяць тому
This is what makes a great man. My father is stone cold but dependable. He melts with our dog and we recently had to put the family dog down. It was awful and I tell you I am 32 and the dog was 16. the first time my father cried. I am an RN and grateful at my job but this emotional jot me. that is why I like Jeff
Jayden ibarra
Jayden ibarra Місяць тому
Is nerf a french bulldog
Farah Mehdi
Farah Mehdi Місяць тому
Jeff and Jason has a nice vibe 😊
Thomas Deng
Thomas Deng Місяць тому
where can I get that weight vest?
Jose De Dios
Jose De Dios Місяць тому
Nerf is like Jeff's support dog
Madison Lefebvre
Madison Lefebvre Місяць тому
This doesn't count if David isn't in it.
Anther site
Anther site Місяць тому
That’s not a weight vest, it’s a plate carrier.
Brian 2 місяці тому
what breed is nerf? 😂😂😂
Conor Місяць тому
Bradley Harris
Bradley Harris 2 місяці тому
Surprised none siad David
Nick A Birch
Nick A Birch 2 місяці тому
Why doesn’t he have a tail
Biang Geraldez
Biang Geraldez 2 місяці тому
i love you Nerf. Pls live till 40 years old hehe
Rohith Tummalapalli
Rohith Tummalapalli 2 місяці тому
He can’t live without the a phone charger but can live with out the phone
Ike Gilbert
Ike Gilbert 2 місяці тому
what camera is that i want to try and buy it
Jane Billard
Jane Billard 2 місяці тому
Hoka shoes are big thing for runners, they’re especially good for injury prevention.
Ducki 2 місяці тому
Jonah I want to walk in a room and want people to think I’m a funny guy me when he walks in a room who’s this man child
Sloth InPocket
Sloth InPocket 2 місяці тому
Y'all be sleeping on the best vlog squad member, ***NERF***
kopytek36 2 місяці тому
Now where the hell did he find a bottle of Rooster sauce with a blue cap?? Also, Jason if you think Texas Pete's is better than Sriracha, you need to re-evaluate your dietary choices.
Vaseline isn’t the greatest thing for lips.
Olivia Garner
Olivia Garner 2 місяці тому
Joe is underrated, he is so cute 😍
Nathan Halward
Nathan Halward 2 місяці тому
17:34 when jason touches the bottom of jonahs shoes and then touches his mouth 🤢
Tlani Amy R
Tlani Amy R 21 день тому
He touch jeff shoes also in the beginning
Lucy T
Lucy T 2 місяці тому
Jeff is so tasty
Elian Luviano
Elian Luviano 2 місяці тому
Jeff: I only need water and food to eat. oxygen: try NOT living without me
Jack Riley
Jack Riley 2 місяці тому
He’s humor is dry but so good
Jack Riley
Jack Riley 2 місяці тому
Jeff is the best vlog squad member
Nick Bellotti
Nick Bellotti 2 місяці тому
Jeff’s element 87’s 🔥
Archie Everett
Archie Everett 2 місяці тому
how tf do you pronounce “one” oh-nay
xluxellex 3 місяці тому
am I the only one who thought when jeff shows their first thing they can't live without he's just casually is carrying nathalie and places her on the table
D 3 місяці тому
4:05 The right arm is getting a bit big there bud.
Holly Ireton
Holly Ireton 3 місяці тому
try to tell me jeff doesn't look 10x hotter with that weight vest on. i dare you
Vivd Porkie
Vivd Porkie 3 місяці тому
😂 the dog just slipping around on the table
Savannah Bucio
Savannah Bucio 3 місяці тому
Love Jeff’s accent “Woter”
SG RAZOR 3 місяці тому
thought Jeff was going to pull out a gun
Stritt 1
Stritt 1 3 місяці тому
Yo Carly is literally the color white
Jordan Vuong
Jordan Vuong 3 місяці тому
nobody: Jeff: WATAr
RoboRuby Robotics
RoboRuby Robotics 3 місяці тому
1:29 no homo but nice peen bro
Skylar Antoniades
Skylar Antoniades 3 місяці тому
Jason did not say his kids 😳
Richard Martinez
Richard Martinez 3 місяці тому
Joe looks like Paul walker
noobmaster_69 3 місяці тому
Jeff forgot Natalie
Jake Cooper
Jake Cooper 3 місяці тому
if the dogs name is nerf and he cant live without him then you could say its nerf or nothing
Alison Matuzewich
Alison Matuzewich 3 місяці тому
Bought my dad the fart bank and will never regret it
John Peen
John Peen 3 місяці тому
Why everyone do lie about Jonah. He’s the funniest in the squad. Everyone is great Jonah just adds so much comedy to the video.
Benjamin BC
Benjamin BC 3 місяці тому
Jonah (nick) is so nice and handsome :)
Max Fierro
Max Fierro 3 місяці тому
I feel like Jason is getting bullied by the vlog squad and should branch out and make his own channel bc he is a great person and is 100% the funniest one out of the vlog squad and if you feel the same please like this so Jason sees it
Thatlovyboy me Ropp rapp
Thatlovyboy me Ropp rapp 3 місяці тому
Jeff looks and acts like keanu reeves
gobrosk8 3 місяці тому
11:20 Carly talking about saying meeting all the time, guess what. Even her name means "meeting" in Italian
SuchFinessse 3 місяці тому
This man said Louisiana Pete😂😂😂 What next? The Texas purchase?
Divyansh Mehta
Divyansh Mehta 3 місяці тому
Love how happy Jason is. Keeps the squad going
#Abdullah Forhad
#Abdullah Forhad 3 місяці тому
jeff is the best
Mario 11
Mario 11 3 місяці тому
Jeff: “He doesn’t know any tricks or anything really but you know neither do I” Very humble
Anna Őri
Anna Őri 3 місяці тому
12:34 She is like an ice princess Beauful and white
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