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10 січ 2017

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iJustine Рік тому
sorry, that first shot was from a few days ago.. meant to type 2017 not 2007 lol
EIssa music
EIssa music 9 днів тому
iJustine ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
Kylito 11 днів тому
Emily Knox
Emily Knox Місяць тому
Milestone x
Alissa roblox Alissa is the best
Alissa roblox Alissa is the best Місяць тому
iJustine U cool
Eduardo Rojel
Eduardo Rojel Місяць тому
iJustine oh for a second I thought that was the og iphone
T series sucks PewDiePie is awesome
Who remembers the home home button 😂😂😂lol😂😂😂
taeani kennedy
taeani kennedy 4 дні тому
Her eyebrows in 2008
FOREVER ag 5 днів тому
at 11:31 in the video I wasent even born yet
??? 8 днів тому
More like 10 years of sukin apples dick
Boosk Paterna
Boosk Paterna 9 днів тому
I realized older the vid more the makeup
EIssa music
EIssa music 9 днів тому
Ian Paul Saligumba
Ian Paul Saligumba 9 днів тому
I think you haven't aged a bit 😂 Still the same from 10 years ago 😂
mamali the freeman
mamali the freeman 10 днів тому
sad , what happened to iphone this year so sad this year was the year i switched
How do people make up Good memes?
10 years of me in debt :)
Luke Pruscino
Luke Pruscino 15 днів тому
I was your 198 subscriber
Sushant Kumar
Sushant Kumar 15 днів тому
iJustine +iPhone= iFan++++++
big head bungo
big head bungo 16 днів тому
lol 2008 justine looks like young fiona from ahs coven season 3
Harry Zhou
Harry Zhou 17 днів тому
Maya O’Neal
Maya O’Neal 17 днів тому
I have an iPhone 7
Noah Criticos
Noah Criticos 17 днів тому
When she said hey Siri m6 Siri activated
Dino Lia
Dino Lia 17 днів тому
I would have been there when the Iphone was made but in 2007 I was born so I literally couldn't
Melodee Luna
Melodee Luna 17 днів тому
7:50 look at that duude
SmhPenguin 18 днів тому
Meeting Cody
Isabelle Baldridge
Isabelle Baldridge 18 днів тому
Her eyebrows in the older iPhone videos! Just wow!
Slash Mortal kombat
Slash Mortal kombat 18 днів тому
Been here since 2012 funny vid Justine
PeytWid 20 днів тому
Ana Banana
Ana Banana 20 днів тому
I have the 5s slate gray...#rockingoldphones 😜
ShaneIsTheSkinnyKween 20 днів тому
I can’t wait for sound and breath id 😂 if it doesn’t happen I’ll be disappointed 🥺
don7a5k aka
don7a5k aka 21 день тому
Erin Bowles
Erin Bowles 21 день тому
10 years of phones omg they have changed
Arshan Brar
Arshan Brar 21 день тому
At 2007 she looks like svannah from cloe and sav
The life of Jazzy the unicorn
8:06 so true
hot.chicken.nugget 22 дні тому
Maddie was so tiny!!
Reem Alhammadi
Reem Alhammadi 22 дні тому
WAIT......... was Joey Graffecessa srry if i spelled wrong there?
Harivin 22 дні тому
Im so happy to be with you in this journey Justine!Here's for many more years of shattered iphones!
PUBGx Pro 22 дні тому
I have 6 yers thet l whach you
Katie Rose
Katie Rose 23 дні тому
Lol in the 2007 everyone was gathered around the "best thing ever" now there is a X like :D
Kashish Tripathi
Kashish Tripathi 23 дні тому
Love you
Bianca merrett
Bianca merrett 23 дні тому
We’ve come so far.. it’s amazing
Bianca merrett
Bianca merrett 23 дні тому
Ahh..... technology
Chloe Chappelle
Chloe Chappelle 24 дні тому
In one clip I can’t stop laughing your acting like a kid
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl 24 дні тому
I just got a Huawei ad. I hate Huawei.
Ahsan Faiz
Ahsan Faiz 28 днів тому
I’m just turning 11
m M
m M 28 днів тому
you are amazing 🤩🤩🤩
Chloe Nair
Chloe Nair 29 днів тому
2:56 🤣🤣
Chiara S
Chiara S 29 днів тому
You have made video's snise I was born
nc20509 Місяць тому
You make such good videos!!
TheDjCatLover Місяць тому
9:45 oh my gosh it’s zoey 101
Ion Diana
Ion Diana Місяць тому
The iPhone 5s is the same colour as mine!
Moonie Playz
Moonie Playz Місяць тому
Ijustinne whot is with ur lipgloss addiction during the 2007-2011
Maddie Lloyd
Maddie Lloyd Місяць тому
9:35 those eyebrows tho 😂
Bokhari 129
Bokhari 129 Місяць тому
Why did you sold your Red iPhone 7 Plus
Asmr Owen
Asmr Owen Місяць тому
nour n
nour n Місяць тому
Now it's 11 years
divine _ desiiire
divine _ desiiire Місяць тому
Sheyla Guevara
Sheyla Guevara Місяць тому
My dad's b day
kairos moí
kairos moí Місяць тому
You are the best..
Kristine Herson Ofrecio
Kristine Herson Ofrecio Місяць тому
6:35 justines voice is so cute
Molly Wright
Molly Wright Місяць тому
You thought the IPhone 2 was cool and trendy, but in 2018 EVERYONE wants the IPhone XS!
send help please
send help please Місяць тому
Don't trust iJustine with your iPhone. (just sayin)
XRionnaX Місяць тому
iPad mini??
Muqadus Fawad
Muqadus Fawad Місяць тому
Listen I was 1 1/2 years old when iphone came out and now I am 13 and there is iPhone Xs max 🌋🌋
Franco GL
Franco GL Місяць тому
your first video was posted before I was born
Josh James
Josh James Місяць тому
Loving these 😂😂❤️❤️
Jang Won Yoon
Jang Won Yoon Місяць тому
More like 10 years of eyebrows.
Elizabeth Walker
Elizabeth Walker Місяць тому
I don't like iPhones but I like these videos
Coca Cola
Coca Cola Місяць тому
Britney Spears
kimberly guardado
kimberly guardado Місяць тому
You make your Chanel in the year that I born
Kitheka David
Kitheka David Місяць тому
Hannah DeNeale
Hannah DeNeale Місяць тому
The way you showed the transformation was a way different point of view
Mary Hendrix
Mary Hendrix Місяць тому
7:48 omg werk grandpa
BaileyRoden Місяць тому
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE iJustine but around 5:53 was super cringy 😂❤️
Sama Zyad
Sama Zyad Місяць тому
I have the same iPhone 6s Plus and the same colour too!
TheGirlyPlays Місяць тому
2:38 Thats an iPad The iPhone 6plus looks Like an iPad lol
Dr Brooklyn
Dr Brooklyn Місяць тому
8:37 who is she?
Carbonite Reviews
Carbonite Reviews Місяць тому
Galaxy S5 most savage guy in the world
Egi Heryana
Egi Heryana Місяць тому
I like, you wearing Pikachu shirt😉
黃惠雲 Місяць тому
It is a history!!
Solar Pancakes
Solar Pancakes Місяць тому
I've shattered and broken about 3 phones 2 TVs and 2 tablets and I feel your pain Justine it's sad to break electronics that are expensive
jack1372 jack1372
jack1372 jack1372 Місяць тому
You look so different at the beginning
Han Місяць тому
They all look the same pretty much, hah
Trixie Marguerette Faller
Trixie Marguerette Faller Місяць тому
MegaFaye0123 Місяць тому
Hlillypad lol life
Hlillypad lol life Місяць тому
I’m her now with the iPhone 5s and getting the 6 plus And seeing a 7 year old with a XS max
samira omer
samira omer Місяць тому
I remember when my mum was one of the first people to get the iPhone 5 whoooooooo she was excited!!!!!
GreenPlaz Місяць тому
9:03 is the emojis not on iPhones?
itz tashi fai
itz tashi fai 2 місяці тому
The iphone xs max came out on my brithday and i really want one so i am saving up for one but up to 900 dollars 😢😭 please respond and could you please @iJustine tell me what i should do😇😊
Miguel Ark777
Miguel Ark777 2 місяці тому
ijustine you no more epic, but now legendary.
CoolDerek_100 2 місяці тому
11:46 where it al began
its just luke Revive
its just luke Revive 2 місяці тому
Cookie Crumbs
Cookie Crumbs 2 місяці тому
I think in the future there will be like iphone 2X or Iphone X Plus
anamariacol nica
anamariacol nica 2 місяці тому
7:41 till to 7:45,is my favourite part. 😂😂
Kamiya Eman
Kamiya Eman 2 місяці тому
In 2007 I was 7 with a track phone. Tf? 🤔😂
Shawn Beak
Shawn Beak 2 місяці тому
You're a total tech babe, Justine. Keep doing you.
HeyyItzCookiee 2 місяці тому
those old days people be like "OMG THE IPHONE CAMEE OUT!!!!" today if they're parents said "guess what your getting the first iPhone!" its a punishment
CoolDerek_100 2 місяці тому
My first phone is the iPhone 4s I now have the iPhone SE
Julia 2 місяці тому
7:42 haha
Eshal’s House
Eshal’s House 2 місяці тому
Omg my friend has this teacher and she got a new phone and she lost it *turns out* Her *teacher left her phone in the WASHER* wow i mean like wth 😂 ANOTHHHERRRRRR ONE *She was doing her work and when we went out for lunch she accidentally threw her phone in the trash with other papers LOL*
Asm 2 місяці тому
Asm 2 місяці тому
12:33 is 😞
Craig Williams
Craig Williams 2 місяці тому
I think you should make a video showing exactly how many Apple products you actually have accumulated over the years 👊🏻👊🏻
FissionMetroid101 :V
FissionMetroid101 :V 2 місяці тому
This video was published the day after my birthday ☺
Marley Bingham
Marley Bingham 2 місяці тому
How does she buy so mannyyyyyyy
Nexity DM
Nexity DM 2 місяці тому
I Grow up With Apple Products then Samsung then apple then samsung, apple then today curre tly Apple and Huawei🤙
Itz Ase
Itz Ase 2 місяці тому
1:38 Justine it says January 2007
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