100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut

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100 People Tell Us How Much Money They Make | Keep it 100 | Cut
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6 січ 2019

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Ivy Carola
Ivy Carola 2 години тому
I’m appalled like all these people who have no reason to be employed. That lady who’s like I get my money from unemployment and child protection it’s like you bich that comes out of people’s taxes and you just get money for being a lazy bich. I hate all these people who are just getting money off unemployment.
Kparso01 3 години тому
"Money is an illusion " says the rich person
Arianna Williams
Arianna Williams 4 години тому
She in another video. I wonder if she found Reggie...🤔
Nike Adidas
Nike Adidas 5 годин тому
2:34 😂😂
cryrc 5 годин тому
I’m 12 and make 10,000 a year off of reselling lol
Ethan Iredale
Ethan Iredale 7 годин тому
My dad makes 150 k. I feel sorry for these guys. Genuinely. I hope there live sget better
vik tyan
vik tyan 8 годин тому
LM_vids 8 годин тому
I would just say it.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 8 годин тому
Dude i literally make their yearly salary in 2 weeks. I make very good money because i have educated. I really don't know how people make under 70k with a university degree. All my friends make shit money with a very good university degree but i have a alright university degree.
Kirk Pritchard
Kirk Pritchard 9 годин тому
This is pretty sad. Makes me feel a lot better about my mediocre salary though.
Galaxy Boi
Galaxy Boi 9 годин тому
3:14 He reminds me of Jeffree Star
Matt Garcya
Matt Garcya 9 годин тому
2:39 💀💀
Mullinix Media
Mullinix Media 10 годин тому
The guy with the hip hop streaming service is living the good life
Bryce Antony Franco da Silva
Bryce Antony Franco da Silva 10 годин тому
Interesting because in my culture, this is a common asked question 😂
Paol Zele
Paol Zele 10 годин тому
*not including the money from the daddies*
Jorge22 11 годин тому
I feel happy having more money at savings that their incomes.
Castellon Zamora
Castellon Zamora 11 годин тому
Why are people so private about their salary? Idgi...
Cringy Memes
Cringy Memes 11 годин тому
I make nearly 300000 a year but I invest 10%,give 10% to poor people, 10% to my family, 10% to my future costs when I will be an old person like hospital care.And I am using the other left.
Faith A
Faith A 12 годин тому
People tell me all the jobs of the people getting more that 75k I’ll happily have the same job 😂😉👍
Faith A
Faith A 12 годин тому
3:37 what is she ??
Elena A.
Elena A. 12 годин тому
I made 0€ in the last 13 years of my life 😂
abdirahim farah
abdirahim farah 12 годин тому
I have a feeling the last one makes the most a year
Rosin 13 годин тому
“How much you make” Person: $200 Text says $2400
Mia&Ani Cone-Wade
Mia&Ani Cone-Wade 13 годин тому
That last lady was rude. "That's non of your business" "That's for me to know"
ItMe Jay
ItMe Jay 13 годин тому
3:50 spoiled 45 year old woman acting as 17
samueljames 14 годин тому
Girl @ 0:50 makes less than 10K a year and on food stamps. And she’s wearing a North Face vest... priorities... she looks to be in her late 20s and only makes 10k a year? I worked at McDonald’s when I was 16 making $7hr and I made more than that. Holy shit
AndMostofallfuckyou! 14 годин тому
50k a year! Holy FUCK! I'm moving from UK to USA.
Hatched Berry
Hatched Berry 15 годин тому
2:52 wtf was that
PoopIsNotHoly 15 годин тому
I'm a painter.. an aircraft painter Oh, wow, that's awesome It's not that greAT Ungratefulness. saD
Danny BGD.
Danny BGD. 17 годин тому
When you don't have money, you want money and when you do have money, you want more.. That's how life works 😂👍🏻
Christina 21 годину тому
TheAudioMaster 21 годину тому
boi we live off 200 euros a month here (can you guess where i live)
Brandon Nash
Brandon Nash 22 години тому
2:36 nah idgaf 😂 idk why but I laughed way too hard at that
Philip Crow
Philip Crow 22 години тому
0:50 $400 a month, $300 in food stamps. North Face vest.
ryan harris
ryan harris 22 години тому
1:50 @H3H3
ryan harris
ryan harris 22 години тому
1:50 black H3H3
لیدونکی jimmy rubi
لیدونکی jimmy rubi 23 години тому
Electrician is the way to go
cheristar День тому
I'm at the bottom of the list. I'm just grateful that I have a small home and a nice car. 👍
Mr. Clyde
Mr. Clyde День тому
If you are single and make 36k a year. You can live a comfortable life.
John McFags
John McFags День тому
Uhm my mom makes 25 thousand a month... though 40% goes to taxes.
Nicolas Palacio
Nicolas Palacio День тому
Makes 400k a year "Wish you made more money" *ALWAYS*
Freakindennis День тому
Guy: "I make over $200,000 a year" My broke ass: Sugga Daddy !?
Speedy_nibble_ Squeak
Speedy_nibble_ Squeak День тому
I don’t know if anyone else noticed it but one of the people had a hairbrush in their hair still
Thicc Chez
Thicc Chez День тому
$400,000 a year???? Bruh u rich
Baltic_ Breeze
Baltic_ Breeze День тому
Arneb Mahmood
Arneb Mahmood День тому
Ayoooo sum1 give me the details of that last man !!! I’m tryna be his sugar baby
Maddie is lit_1 1
Maddie is lit_1 1 День тому
If making sandwiches was a job then I would be loaded right now.
Killer82498 День тому
0:19 Then why are you here?
Thrawn Mon
Thrawn Mon День тому
Women find the last guy the most attractive
ewan wilson
ewan wilson День тому
104 ,000 $ a year for an electrician where for the same job in the UK you’d make around £ 28-50 000 a year , shows how fucked my country is 😂
Arlene Dilawari
Arlene Dilawari День тому
Dang the last one tho, that’s like 1000 dollars a day
jaelyn День тому
imagine making 400k a year... lmao can't imagine because i don't.
jaelyn День тому
I make $0.00
Dean WindStruck
Dean WindStruck День тому
I meaaaan, those incomes are high! Idk i feel like in my country (France), the incomes are way lower, like the average per month is about 2 500€
steffy laffy
steffy laffy День тому
I'm so uncomfortable
Vozone День тому
400k damn whats his adress?
Roblox Eats Kids
Roblox Eats Kids День тому
I make 2000000 a month so everyone is poor
SLaPP_GhosT День тому
i make 1Mil Dollars everyday Playing fortnite cough* cough* fake money!!
Ангел Андоновски
4:45 wtf
Giovanna Crescenzo
Giovanna Crescenzo День тому
where tf does a server make 60k please point me in the direction of that restaurant
Don't eat me
Don't eat me День тому
A lot people in our country make around 800€-1000€ for month ,also someone can make more..
Yoonmin Yoonmin
Yoonmin Yoonmin День тому
*"Not including money from the daddies"* 👀oh hunny please do tell me more
Robbie Haynes
Robbie Haynes День тому
So life sucks
Loek Lodewijck
Loek Lodewijck День тому
Jezus these people get paid well for a lot of shitty jobs
MugTheBoss День тому
400K? WHAT
Counting till i die ÆØÅ
Counting till i die ÆØÅ День тому
4:40 whaaaaaat thaaaaa
Harley Saunders
Harley Saunders День тому
I make almost 80k a year but the more you get the more expenses you have and the cost of living just keeps going up. I remember having maybe $20 a week for food after bills for myself it’s was hard. Cost of living affects everyone just on different scales.
Marky Green
Marky Green День тому
I’m from the Uk 🇬🇧 and to us 400k would be very comfortable anything past 100k is very good here. But I’ve seen comments of people saying 160k is nothing in America is that really true or just rich privileged kids quoting their daddies pay cheques!
Karan Kanwar
Karan Kanwar День тому
People are more comfortable talking about their sexual history than they are taking about their income...
ssa День тому
0:40 he is so pretty!!!
Maria Gu
Maria Gu День тому
I cant wait to become a social worker 💓 im so broke but i try to get into job a lot however rejected 3 times
NoobsAreAwesome !!
NoobsAreAwesome !! День тому
My sister makes 600 a week. If you're looking for good jobs come Melbourne, Australia
man up
man up День тому
Most of them were just lying srsly dude making 35k for selling sandwiches
Ha Du
Ha Du День тому
I don’t get this...why did people even come to do this video if they weren’t going to say their salary? Where they lured into the studio under a different guise of questions?
minseoki ki
minseoki ki День тому
'not including the money from the daddies' i'm wHEEZING
SALEEM MG День тому
If we make $1000 in South Asia, bruhh we considered *RICH*
SALEEM MG День тому
All and all boys Software makes you the most money!!
AgvegaPlayz G
AgvegaPlayz G День тому
If there not going to say how much money they make then GET THE FUCK OF THE SHOW like Jesus lol
N Pavanyoutube
N Pavanyoutube День тому
You guys can create some content from those who literally earn nothing , I mean why would a person who probably earns 300-400k and beyond would waste some time for you they fucking mind their own business right
PrideX День тому
I make $41 a year
Cole День тому
Potato guy
Potato guy День тому
At least i know im broke and not alone
John Schofield
John Schofield 2 дні тому
Top one percent makes too much
Trystan Wesley Stone
Trystan Wesley Stone 2 дні тому
Look its a old pete davidson 3:13
wired al
wired al 2 дні тому
You would be fired if you discussed it??!!! I'm fairly sure that's illegal. You can and are even encouraged to discuss it.
DerecMathew O
DerecMathew O 2 дні тому
They need better careers...
Alyssa H
Alyssa H 2 дні тому
“Not including the daddies” BRUH
ItsJuannn 2 дні тому
Lets participate I make $0 a year comment below how much you make
Athriella ROBLOX
Athriella ROBLOX 10 годин тому
ItsJuannn $0
June Boo
June Boo 2 дні тому
ItsJuannn 0$
Josh 2 дні тому
Has food stamps but wears north face jacket
fly away
fly away 2 дні тому
Don't tell your business! Someone could find you and rob your ass.
AwesomeKitCat 2 дні тому
"There's no amount of money that can make you happy" ok give away all your money then. I hate when people say money doesn't correlate to happiness. Yes, money ALONE can't make you happy. But it sure as hell helps when you can pay your bills and not be afraid.
RagePhsyc 2 дні тому
$9.50/hr at a movie theater. Thanks Cinemark. $9,850/yr
Maria Lmp
Maria Lmp 2 дні тому
They lying lmfao
Wehlon McCall
Wehlon McCall 2 дні тому
Cuh asked all the black people what they do lik he was surprised or something
Bundle ASMR
Bundle ASMR 2 дні тому
“To be very brutally honest there are some extenuating circumstances that make me feel uncomfortable answering this question?” This guy is 100% a millionaire
John Doe
John Doe 2 дні тому
Who cares what you make? If someone asked me I’d tell them because I don’t give a shit.
KkitKkat 2 дні тому
Can you replace some of these people??
Proton 2 дні тому
"not including money from the daddies" You know how to do it boy!
Amber Aughey
Amber Aughey 2 дні тому
Living for the last woman
I mainly just make sandwiches though
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