1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD)

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From about 1500 BC to 1200 BC, the Mediterranean region played host to a complex cosmopolitan and globalized world-system. It may have been this very internationalism that contributed to the apocalyptic disaster that ended the Bronze Age. When the end came, the civilized and international world of the Mediterranean regions came to a dramatic halt in a vast area stretching from Greece and Italy in the west to Egypt, Canaan, and Mesopotamia in the east. Large empires and small kingdoms collapsed rapidly. With their end came the world’s first recorded Dark Ages. It was not until centuries later that a new cultural renaissance emerged in Greece and the other affected areas, setting the stage for the evolution of Western society as we know it today. Professor Eric H. Cline of The George Washington University will explore why the Bronze Age came to an end and whether the collapse of those ancient civilizations might hold some warnings for our current society.
Considered for a Pulitzer Prize for his recent book 1177 BC, Dr. Eric H. Cline is Professor of Classics and Anthropology and the current Director of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at The George Washington University. He is a National Geographic Explorer, a Fulbright scholar, an NEH Public Scholar, and an award-winning teacher and author. He has degrees in archaeology and ancient history from Dartmouth, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania; in May 2015, he was awarded an honorary doctoral degree (honoris causa) from Muhlenberg College. Dr. Cline is an active field archaeologist with 30 seasons of excavation and survey experience.
The views expressed in this video are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Capital Area Skeptics.

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11 жов 2016





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Chuck Chuckles
Chuck Chuckles День тому
It’s absolutely essential to incorporate the Bible with this analysis. With the decline of these civilizations, the conditions were perfect for the Israelites to build their civilization and gain influence.
Commander Liquor
Commander Liquor День тому
veg An archist
veg An archist 2 дні тому
ISIS are the Seapeople??? 🙄
the impractical transhumanist
Robert Graves, in his "Greek Myths" mentions that iron came to Crete from Turkey, page 170, or section 53, the Dactyls(personfication of finger digits). He further mentions a religious fight between female Earth goddesse(think the Venus figurines) to male gods. The Troy war was over this transition. The Aegean apocalypse was a religious war, and the Greek dark ages were a Dark ages before the Dark ages after the Chrisitans destoyed the Roman empire.
Themistokles V
Themistokles V 3 дні тому
Here in Greece we are being taught that the Minioan civilization ended when the Santorini (Thira) volcanoe erupted. It was one of the most violent eruptions in the history of the Earth. The eruption is well documented and could explain the draught and less sunshine and famine that would affect the whole of the Eastern Mediterranean. So this could explain why all civilization halted at that period. I think one explanation about sea people is that they where Mycenians and Minoan refugees that left the area ( that was covered in winter for years after the eruption ) and migrated to Egypt to find a new home .
NMranchhand 4 дні тому
Collapse is the moment of the loss of capital. That’s the break point when the various pressures are applied.
otteyful 6 днів тому
Many of you big-guys frown upon the Bible account of history, but the Bible is the most authentic and reliable source of history and human events that exist in the world. In Genesis 41:54, it tells of drought which resulted in seven years of famine that came upon the whole world, and through the intervention of God who used Joseph to save the Egypt and world many human lives were saved. Genesis 43 tells us that people from all over the known world, including Joseph brothers, came to Egypt to buy grain. This explains why all the other civilization collapsed and only Egypt was saved. But I guess this is too simple or foolish for you smart-guys.
henrikoldcorn 7 днів тому
Very engaging and interesting talk on what is easily made dull.
Modular Interactive
Modular Interactive 9 днів тому
Why the heck is there overwhelming evidence of what relatively minor/petty officials did in terms of administrative duties like how many hoes were used to plough the pharaohs field, endless lists and scrolls of jibber jabber written by a multitude of Egyptian scribes but pretty much ZERO evidence of the Exodus or a missing civilisation such as 'Sea People'? Anyway, to comment on this video - the collapse was in my opinion most likely caused by natural phenomena: drought (and resultant famine), volcano (lava spewing fire for thousands of miles causing devastating 'super fires', massive earthquakes with flooding, a meteor shower strike (my theory) causing multiple impacts. There were no 'sea people' as there would be overwhelming evidence to prove this. But there is no evidence other than Ramses II's drawing, just speculation. The reason I say it was NOT sea people is because in order to mount invasions across multiple civilisations wiping out huge territories you would need hundreds of years of campaign action, particularly against naval superpowers like the Minoan civilisation, and a huge army which of course would be well documented. Plus shed loads of weapons and evidence of battles would have been found. But there isn't. But weirdly, if this happened during the time of the Exodus..might give substance to 'drought', 'plagues', 'flooding' and all the rest happening around the same time. It could have been a cocktail of events, an extensive drought lasting years, causing plagues and pestilence, followed up by a firestorm (meteors or volcano), followed by darkness (this would have been clouds of dust thrown up by a volcano).
Lawton Strickland
Lawton Strickland 10 днів тому
Enjoyed the video. However: - Believes in a war that happened over 3000 years ago because of a dramatic, epic poem and the existence of a city. - doesn’t believe a mass migration of slaves left an empire that is known to use Hebrew slave labor. -uses the Bible to help support his view of the origin of the philistines..
Lus V
Lus V 10 днів тому
The thing about history is that we can never be sure :/
Darren Hulbert
Darren Hulbert 11 днів тому
And the kingdom that breeds wisdom in the midst of "global turbulence" is the Kingdom of Israel. But her conquests were on purpose of Ham's destructive behavior against Noah. And we somehow misinterpret Israel's conquest as the mode of operation. Marx highlights it. Today in 2019, we can adjust personally per Dr. Jordan Peterson.
sadsongsishere 11 днів тому
I have been letting this ramble on in the background. Omg. What does he mean by "The Year Civilization Collapsed"? What is that phrase supposed to mean, what was it referring to?
WowAround 11 днів тому
54:35 If refugees are a threat for a government then the government already had a bad economy and structural investment to generate a well intern economical ecosystems. This guy knows about history but he is in diapers about modern economic.
Enric Martinez
Enric Martinez 12 днів тому
What is this beautiful picture @5:45 ? It's beautiful, where does it comes from (Note, I am aware it's Egyptian)
Ellie Kesselman
Ellie Kesselman 10 днів тому
It might be a photo of the Medinet Habu wall relief in Egypt, showing a battle in the Nile Delta, between the Sea Peoples (the Philistines) and the Egyptians (Ramesses III). Or it could be an artist's depiction of it.
Ashley G
Ashley G 13 днів тому
History _always repeats itself._ It's us as human beings that never decide to learn from the past.
rozha abdullah
rozha abdullah 13 днів тому
One lesson from this lecture is that nations in the middle east are connected and the collapse of one leads to the collapse of another...
o_0 iii
o_0 iii 14 днів тому
The answer is about wealth. 1500 to1200ish BC there was wealth to support these civilizations. Why could they no longer afford to support these civilizations? Did they spend too much that it caught up to them? Were there middlemen on the trade routes? If drought, drought leads to famine and less overall wealth. Famine and poverty leads to political unrest and establishments that cannot afford expensive imports and rebuilding from earthquakes and war. The barbarians and "Sea Peoples" attack the established civilizations when they are weak and vulnerable. Stressed civilizations are more likely to enter wars. Since the civilizations are getting weaker and poorer, the globalized trade routes breakdown because of lack of wealth and the sea pirates and sand bandits make the routes unsafe. Globalization works when it is profitable, breaks down when it is not.
o_0 iii
o_0 iii 15 днів тому
His sequel will be about the end of the Plastic-Oil Age... 2039 AD:The Year Civilization Collapsed or 2048 AD: The Year Civilization Collapsed ( to be determined...)
Melvin Shelton
Melvin Shelton 15 днів тому
Why is the term, "globalized" used? The list of civilizations you mention omits some of the most important civilizations in human history. The above having been said, if I had seen you lecture, or known of this book, when I was an undergraduate, I quite possibly would have gone into a different line of work. One can only wish - wistfully. Please write some more, and if you will, please consider this a Commandment.
J. F.
J. F. 15 днів тому
I commented the following in another video where Dr. Eric Cline gave a presentation on this subject (at the The Oriental Institute) and I must repeat it here: I am absolutely floored by the fact that Dr. Eric Cline not only omits that fact that the Canaanites known as "Phoenicians" (and their cities) were left untouched by the Sea Peoples but he actually claims that they too were destroyed among others. Nothing can be further from the truth. Speechless. The collapse of the Eastern Mediterranean civilizations (Mycenaeans, Hittites, Egypt, Ugarit et al.) not only benefited the Canaanites known as "Phoenicians" in getting rid of competitors/ennemies (the Mycenaeans thwarted the Phoenicians from expanding West, the Hittites had taken over Ugarit in the North of Phoenician and were also at the Western border of Phoenicia, Egypt didn't offer the promised protection to the Phoenicians against the Hittites). The Phoenicians played a major role, if not THE role, in the collapse. Their cities remained intact. The Phoenician city of Award (captured by the Hittites) was returned to the Phoenicians after the Sea People had recaptured it. Most importantly and above all, the Phoenicians were able to expand their maritime empire west and thrive for at least another millenium. Their expansion West was also responsible in the formation of the Western world (Greeks and Romans) where the Phoenicians, either their own knowledge/inventions and/or in relaying the ones of the others in the East (namely the Egyptians and Mesopotamians).
David Black
David Black 4 дні тому
It's too bad that there are so many people like yourself who have incredible knowledge about these subjects who never have the chance to educate the rest of us. No sarcasm intended.
jo bloggs
jo bloggs 16 днів тому
then they blamed the sea people. now its the terrorists same old tricks to deceive the population.
kostas arvanitis
kostas arvanitis 18 днів тому
consider the thyra earthquake, tsunami, ash from the earthquake, which cause the stopping of sun , drought, famine, and then some sea ppl
kostas arvanitis
kostas arvanitis 18 днів тому
maybe not sea ppl cause there are none to exist around maybe sea ppl from japan area or samoa or america
Ken Surrency
Ken Surrency 19 днів тому
gozzilla78 19 днів тому
Travis Mims
Travis Mims 20 днів тому
Our boy? Another example of a person is not as smart as they would like you to believe.
Travis Mims
Travis Mims 19 днів тому
@Ben Markus Just as you should be careful what you put in your body, so should you beware of what you put in your mind. If the taste is "off" then it's foolish to keep eating.
Ben Markus
Ben Markus 19 днів тому
That's literally less than 5 minutes into the video. Did you give up that fast?
Lou Varricchio
Lou Varricchio 20 днів тому
Ugh, not the most engaging narrator but beggars can't be choosy: unfortunately, I can't find any other audio version.
J Henni
J Henni 21 день тому
why is this professor, a historian / archaeologist, professing modern climate change denial? what are his credentials in current climate science?
J Henni
J Henni 21 день тому
@Danny J. Idk, his, audience is his students. Young people. Young people tend to believe current climate change is human caused.
Danny J.
Danny J. 21 день тому
Maybe trying to appeal to his audience? I doubt that he holds those beliefs.
Allen Turner
Allen Turner 22 дні тому
riccisamurai 22 дні тому
amazing. all that is new is old.
Allen Turner
Allen Turner 24 дні тому
1997 equals 8:20 i used to be at the library with mcdonald's biscuits at 8:20 walking with jackie's orders every morning hmmm
User Name
User Name 24 дні тому
Sounds like the Old Testament. God leading the Israelites with the Ark on genocidal conquest to take the promised land.
Abdulhadi W. Ayyad
Abdulhadi W. Ayyad 24 дні тому
A bit disappointed that he spoke of "the Philistines" and declined to give the country name "Palestine".
Danny J.
Danny J. 21 день тому
@Abdulhadi W. Ayyad Palestine wasn't a thing until the Roman's. Philistines is what we call the settlers in that region.
Abdulhadi W. Ayyad
Abdulhadi W. Ayyad 21 день тому
@Danny J. Except he chose to use contemporary names for countries EXCEPT for Palestine
Danny J.
Danny J. 21 день тому
Countries didn't exist back then. They are regions identified by different civilizations. People in those areas called themselves Ken'ani, which means merchant.
Konstantin Tochinskiy
Konstantin Tochinskiy 25 днів тому
This lecture definitely proves the fact that Israelites was the main reason of the collapse of other civilizations. About 1100bc that’s the beginning of King Soul and then King David and King Solomon’s Rule which is the Golden age for Israel, in other words David Conquered everyone gained a lot of riches for his Son that’s why he was the Richest king at the time! Can’t believe that people are trying to find evidence else we’re and ignoring the main History book! It’s almost like digging for who started WW2 and ignoring what the winning nations wrote!
IETCHX69 25 днів тому
That rug is noticeable from driver -nine iron . Driver = 260 yds. (PLUS) Nine iron = 120 yds. ( = ) Total = 380 yds. This gentleman's toupee can *easily* be seen from a distance of 380 yards , depending on wind , weather and alcoholic application . ...I should go to sleep ...
Robin Parmar
Robin Parmar 26 днів тому
So, I come across this video completely randomly and end up captivated. Brilliant lecturer! And then I notice that there are 1.9k dislikes. Huh? Is there some sort of political thing going on here that I don't understand? Some people really bummed out by the Sea Peoples?
Colin Dunham
Colin Dunham 25 днів тому
Right? It's a relatively involved historical analysis of a civilizational collapse with opposing theories shared fairly with additional personal input. Why would there be that many downvotes ??
Ruffian Eo
Ruffian Eo 26 днів тому
As for the "burned crops" line of reasoning he forgot to mention one other possibility, we can learn from Sun Tsu's Art of war. Maybe, the inhabitants of the regions under attack burned their own crops to deprive the attackers from any merits of their attacks. Both as a means to slow down / stop the invasion by lack of resources to keep going and to discourage future attacks.
Gunnar Jensen
Gunnar Jensen 26 днів тому
Worship ?
easaav1 26 днів тому
Excellent lesson. Thank you!
granskare 26 днів тому
I was in Turkey in the late 1950's near Karamursel with the USAF. Prez Trump said climate change if a hoax. He took us from a reasonable treaty with Iran and now tries to fix it. I believe Trump is an idiot. :)
dkaloudis 26 днів тому
I am surprised the Santorini volcano eruption was not more central to his argument, I thought that was the main catastrophic event of that period that catalyzed the collapse of the flourishing bronze age civilizations. Anyone know why that is?
Linas Vepstas
Linas Vepstas 26 днів тому
he answers this question in the last 10 minutes. There's a 400 year time difference in radio-carbon dating. Wrong century.
zmeyagosho 26 днів тому
But aren't the Philistines speaking a Semitic language? Yes, they have been in semithic lands a long time, but still there should be a trace for their greek origin isn't it?
zmeyagosho 26 днів тому
It does not let me to edit my comment for some reason, so i'll write it here : "The Bible does not mention any language problems between the Israelites and the Philistines, as it does with other groups up to the Babylonian occupation."
Jack Jardine
Jack Jardine 26 днів тому
its not fucking climate change as we say it. Climate change is man made carbon based change from industrial waste in the atmosphere. stay in your own lane.
woof beast
woof beast 20 днів тому
@Jack Jardine Ironic, only the uninformed believe there is no debate.
Jack Jardine
Jack Jardine 20 днів тому
woof beast - correct, though not by human causation on a global scale. This is no longer debatable in rational educated society
woof beast
woof beast 26 днів тому
Extreme climate changed happened many times in the past
woof beast
woof beast 26 днів тому
Extreme climate changed happened many times in the past
pieniaurinko 27 днів тому
That was very interesting, thank you!
IETCHX69 25 днів тому
He would answer , " You're welcome ? ".
Pace De La Cruz
Pace De La Cruz 27 днів тому
Thank you for this very informative video
IETCHX69 25 днів тому
Him , " Thank you ? " .
Jennifer Ho
Jennifer Ho 27 днів тому
lowered temperatures and decreased crops because of a gigantic eruption bigger than Krakatoa causing airborn dust which shaded huge areas for years (decreased tree growth or almost no tree rings found in Bronze age trees preserved in Irish bogs is another player suggested for climate catastrophe
woof beast
woof beast 26 днів тому
So it was the Wrath of God for Egyptian oppression of His chosen people and also other barbarians worshiping idols and false gods. Timing is right, makes sense, I knew it. Thanks
David Walmsley
David Walmsley 28 днів тому
The biggest pirate of them all in present time is the US of A and its pet, NATO, adamant as it is in the non-survival of socialism in other people's countries. When embargoes don't work quickly enough, invasion follows, mostly of planes loaded with bombs. When the US diverted itself from backing the dollar with gold at $35 an ounce, it switched to oil and with whatever depravity it took, made oil purchasable only in US dollars. A population friendly regime only had to surmise converting oil sales to a different currency, as Gaddafi did, and voila! Lybia became a wasteland. Many of the sea peoples amass there in order to chance their lives in crossing the Mediterranean. The Shash Muru treaty agreed upon by the Hittites and Assyrians which apparently helped to bring down the Mycenean kingdom sounds like the 1177 version of the US/Saudi security contract of the 1970s. Rulers are the most powerful pirates.
woof beast
woof beast 26 днів тому
America is the greatest nation ever. Everyone wants to come to America. QED
Disaster 28 днів тому
I think that if anybody thinks that pyramid were tombs for ancient kings and are 5thousand years old, shouldnt be talking about anything historical not hitting to this guy, just generally
woof beast
woof beast 26 днів тому
History is an academic discipline. When contradicted by some internet crackpot, parsimony favors the consensus of the educated.
Dominic Esteban
Dominic Esteban 29 днів тому
If we relate this to the Middle East today, as Professor Cline did, with the collapse of Iraq, Syria and Libya as well as the gross dysfunction in Egypt, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that today's 'Sea Peoples' is the US MIC, successive presidents & Congress! The chaos unleashed by US foreign policy in the region is unprecedented.
woof beast
woof beast 23 дні тому
@Dominic Esteban It seems you dont know what went on in Iraq and Afghanistan. You wont get a clear picture from media hacks and soundbites. If you were interested you would read some in depth reporting from genuine journalists, soldiers and the locals they worked with and maybe a book or three about US objectives and activities there. That would take an effort and investment of 30 or 40 hours of disciplined attention and I suspect you dont really care enough to do that. What is the phrase we use when someone claims to be morally superior and name call and attack those who think contrary to some ideologic narrative? What do we say of someone who pretends to care for important issues they know very little of? Its called, "virtue signaling" and it doesnt impress decent, mature people.
Dominic Esteban
Dominic Esteban 24 дні тому
You don't just drink the Kool Aid do you? You wallow in it. "Trying to help".....what kind of fairy story, la la land were you brought up in?You're right about one thing; they don't want our 'democracy'....so why the F do we keep trying to impose it on them? That was a rhetorical question of course....I know the answer....because that's how the MIC makes its money.Freedom and democracy my ass.....
woof beast
woof beast 26 днів тому
America is just trying to help. But the savages in those countries cant handle freedom and democracy.
Matthew Readdick
Matthew Readdick 29 днів тому
Brush your teeth mikey or the sea peoples will come end your civ tonight
Dan Olympiadis
Dan Olympiadis 29 днів тому
Ancient Aliens.
Lyle Wilson
Lyle Wilson Місяць тому
Shardana, sheklesh, Tjekker, Denye, Weshesh, lands united. The Wendish Empire?
Joe Burks
Joe Burks Місяць тому
Maybe we, the first world, are the latter day sea peoples...
woof beast
woof beast 26 днів тому
Bringing wealth and prosperity to the world
Noukz Місяць тому
It saddens me that so many archaeologists, historians and anthropologists don't study ecology and biology enough and vise versa as well.
evan King
evan King Місяць тому
I am guessing only the elite and merchant class would be literate? trying to visualise how a civilisation could otherwise lose the ability to read and write after a collapse
Marc Henry
Marc Henry Місяць тому
absolutely, middle and lower class citizens have always been illiterate in basically every human civilization... widespread literacy was basically impossible until the European adaptation of the printing press in the 15th century...
Thomas Maughan
Thomas Maughan Місяць тому
I am reminded of Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy (science fiction) about predicted social and economic collapse. He believed (in the story) that it was impossible to avoid the collapse but instead worked on ways to shorten the "interregnum" or dark ages by preserving knowledge.
Tse-Sung Wu
Tse-Sung Wu Місяць тому
Yes I believe he looked to Gibbons' Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire as inspiration.
Db D
Db D Місяць тому
"he" meaning hari seldon, the psychohistorian of the series
Toby Maltby
Toby Maltby Місяць тому
So, to summarize... -Without globalisation you are back in the Stone Age. -European free trade agreements pre-date the EEC by 3220 years -Climate Change is a natural phenomenon. -Civilisations are fragile. Dr Cline is the kind of historian who makes you realize how important history actually is...
Luis Padilla
Luis Padilla Місяць тому
@Toby Maltby I understand that you don't see a difference, but there is. and when I said offset, I meant it not being the basis of ones civilization because if something bad happends then your civilization will have serious drawbacks. Imagine if America or China suddenly fell, this would cause catastrophic results world wide due to the loss of such huge Economic centers dying, though in the near future America is the only one that will probably suffer this. Imagine a scale, and on one side there is isolation, and on the other there is globalization. What would happened if societies total collapsed while they were on the globalization side? Well we see this with the Bronze age, the collapse and faltering of the other civilizations. The Lecture is amazing though, that is something we can both agree on.
Toby Maltby
Toby Maltby Місяць тому
@Luis Padilla Well, I don't really see a difference between Globalisation (free commercial activity across boarders) and IsolationISM (deliberate restriction of this process by whatever means). It's just opposite ends of the same scale. Geographical Isolation can obviously limit this process but in reality most of civilised Europe was accessible even back then (think of ancient houses in Scottish Islands). And to make Bronze you need tin and sometimes that came from Cornwall. Soooo.... Globalisation helps reduce the effects of famine since if you had a bad harvest you could buy food from someone else who had (hopefully!) had a better harvest. As long as you have a dynamic economy that produces value-adding products, especially ones that are unique or better, then you can always buy way out of a famine. Of course, it takes participation in cross-boarder trade to get to figure out how to get good at this. Of course, become too specialised and then you become vulnerable to force majeure EG The Boat People's... Is that what you mean by civilization offset ?
Luis Padilla
Luis Padilla Місяць тому
You confuse Globalisation with Isolation, there is a difference between having your economy rely on Trade and having trade be an offset of your civilization. Don't forget that this globalisation screwed the Bronze age civilizations over as since they relied on stable trade routes, any hindrance would be economically devastating.
Toby Maltby
Toby Maltby Місяць тому
45:00: European Free Trade since 1260 BC. May I kindly borrow that Sinaranu Text tablet ? I'd like to use it to bash the heads of Hard Brexiteers..
woof beast
woof beast 26 днів тому
You have a slave mentality
Reason to Rule All
Reason to Rule All Місяць тому
So.... was it really the Sea Peoples that the later Emperor Caligula ordered his troops to attack?
woof beast
woof beast 26 днів тому
No, he was perfectly clear that he was making war on Neptune,
ard dermout
ard dermout Місяць тому
cypriot copper has been found in scandinavia. the nordics were a seafarring peoples even in the bronze age. could there be a correlation between the seapeoples? if 7 ships lay waste to Ugarit we're not talking about a full scale invasion. is it possible that they could have come down through central european rivers? afterall there was a confirmed trade route. oh and the horns ofcourse. nordic bronze age drawings shows us lots of horns and boats. I would love if anyone could proof me wrong. I'm not trying to spread misinformation. all I did was connecting some facts I've found on the internet to come up with an interesting idea
Billy K
Billy K Місяць тому
It not up to other people to prove you wrong. It's up to you to show that you are right...
David Sladek
David Sladek Місяць тому
Where are the Phoenicians in all this? And how do you explain that their high period coincides with the 'draught event' ?
somniumisdreaming Місяць тому
What a fantastic lecture.
eurydicejones Місяць тому
Eruption of Santorini
Daniel Nour
Daniel Nour Місяць тому
I would like to mention, in my opinion, this collapse is within the biblical narrative. The collapse is God punishing Egypt for rejecting his message. That's why Egypt still exists after these events to reflect on their error. And to Israelites already being in Canaan, well that's kind of aligning with biblical narrative as well. What we call the Israelites are the descendants of the 12 sons of Jacob (the grandson of Abraham) from 4 wives. They are from southern Iraq(Ur of the Chaldeans). They settled in Canaan and lived with the locals. Very quickly, according to the bible they became slaves in Egypt. This is because the older brothers of Joseph (Yusuf to be more accurate), one of the sons of Israel(Jacob or Yacoub) were jealous of their younger brother for being the one to inherit prophet hood and promised land of Canaan to abraham(ibrahim), so they sold him into slavery and lied about it to their father and he ended up in Egypt. Thus, they(the other sons of jacob) were cursed, there was a famine and they became slaves in Egypt for 400 years. Moses (musa) brought them out of Egypt, and they wandered the desert for 40 years lost. And by the way, Moses wasn't a jew! Jews are from Judah(or Yahud), he was a Levite(i don't know the accurate term for these people). And Pharoah(ramsees ii?) was cursed for rejecting Moses. Why the bible seems do be the only source of these events(other than the Qu'ran, there's a whole surah on Yusuf and Musa is mentioned more than any other prophet in the Islamic text) could be the Egyptians saw these events or people as insignificant or the records were erased(possibly by Greeks that conquered the Iranian Empire). Who knows?
woof beast
woof beast 26 днів тому
Yahweh was a minor and little known local god at the time. Their were lots of other gods much bigger and more powerful than him.
Daniel Nour
Daniel Nour Місяць тому
Is it possible that supply of tin from (or through, however you look at it) Iran was cut off which caused the collapse? The same way modern Iran can cause economic upheaval by closing the strait of hormuz?
John Robi
John Robi Місяць тому
Didn't King Tut have a condo made of stona?
Michelle Rose
Michelle Rose Місяць тому
Brilliant theory! Not ONE smoking gun but several. Droughts, famine, rebellions, earthquakes, all in a time frame of a couple of centuries. Multiple interdependent societies collapse in a domino effect and then there's a Dark Age with no centralized governments and legends and myths form to idealize the previous age. It makes sense and explains things in ways that ONE cause or single factor doesn't. We humans like simple explanations but there ain't no such animal in our combined histories. As the good doctor pointed out, the same is true of contemporary civilization. The world is sliding into chaos again because we face a HUGE list of problems that are like a bunch of little brush fires. Stamp one out and a dozen more spring up somewhere else. Solve one problem and it opens a Pandora's Box of other problems. We need better thinking. We need superfast computers that can model a big set of conditions and solve them simultaneously. Human brains can't do this. We think in linear terms: slay one dragon at a time but what if there are a LOT of dragons and they're coming at us from all directions? What do we do about the dragons that are created by slaying even one dragon? Our minds haven't evolved far enough to handle multiple problems and multiple solutions. This is what turns the hair on the heads of American presidents gray before their first terms are completed--Trump excepted, perhaps. We're faced with natural disasters, wars, economic disparities, social unrest, dwindling resources, increasing costs, belligerent Third World countries (and bad-tempered rivals like China and Russia), and the big cherry on that nasty sundae: global warming. Solve one and the rest get worse. Try to solve them all with makeshift applications and one by one, the solutions blow up in our faces. This is BAD news, people. It means that we've been struggling with the same problems for THOUSANDS of years and we STILL haven't figured out how to deal with them.
Paul Wevers
Paul Wevers Місяць тому
What i find interesting is the climate change. I am sure this was mentioned before somewhere but is it possible that global warming is for the bigger part a biological effect then where we seem to attribute it to human causes? What is the difference between climate changes in these times and now?
Pat Mullarkey
Pat Mullarkey Місяць тому
I took a class from Prof. Eric Cline awhile back. I believe one of his theories looked at earthquake storms that occurred during this time period. They might have contributed to the chaos. Just found this: www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0305440399904314
asops fables
asops fables Місяць тому
Kathy Williams
Kathy Williams Місяць тому
Is there a connection between the bonze age collapse and the discovery/invention of iron making? I would think the lack of demand for copper & tin could devastate international trade before it was rebuilt. An invention of cheap & easy solar power collection combined with an advance in electrical power storage could wreck our current oil economy, although the use of oil in making plastics and other good would continue.
Vladimir Los
Vladimir Los Місяць тому
what dark ages? a myth sitting on a myth and so on.
Vladimir Los
Vladimir Los 26 днів тому
​@woof beast Virtually all horoscopes displayed on Egyptian tombs show (through the positions of the heavenly bodies) 1100-1750 years of OUR ERA (from the Birth of Christ). Have you seen news agency cadres about the destruction of ANCIENT monuments in Palmyra and other ANCIENT places of Syria? Did it bother you that there are ribbed iron fittings sticking out of obviously concrete structures? Have you seen footage from the construction of Stonehenge in the late 1950s? Who forgot what? I would rather believe in the forgetfulness of NASA engineers and scientists after the Apollo program.
woof beast
woof beast 26 днів тому
They stopped building large buildings and their writing disappeared.
danny slammy
danny slammy Місяць тому
But what about the Chinese?
Rocco Cosmo Terranova
Rocco Cosmo Terranova Місяць тому
seems like 11.500 ys bc is when things went wrong-but thats a guess.just like your little lecture as we can't crossref earlier than 700 bc really. but history has always been storytelling right
mike collins
mike collins Місяць тому
The re-emergence into the light, came under the reign of Trumpus Antiquitus..... and his coined phrase,,, "Make Mesopotamia Great Again"... works every time!!
mike collins
mike collins День тому
@Bob Bowles I did,, did you?
Bob Bowles
Bob Bowles День тому
@mike collins Just watch the video and learn.
mike collins
mike collins День тому
@Bob Bowles The end???? For whom??? Elites???? Tranitional??? If a politician,, didnt make me,,, and they didnt,,, then a politician will not break me..... get on the Trump Train!!!
Bob Bowles
Bob Bowles День тому
No, that would be the destruction of the traditional elites. Sorry, it's just the beginning of the end, not the end of the beginning.
Ben Winter
Ben Winter Місяць тому
As fascinating as these 'recommended' clips by Goolag are . . you need to remember they are an attempted deflection away from politically 'controversial' topics that Goolag is in the process of trying to eradicate like #YellowVests
Ben Winter
Ben Winter Місяць тому
I wouldn't think an invader would follow a scorched earth policy in regards to much needed future food supplies for their army . . rather the destruction of food supplies was done by the retreating home armies who couldn't carry it with them & denied it to the enemy .
woof beast
woof beast 26 днів тому
No, its common. From the Vikings to the Hittites to the Mongols, the method was to kill rape and burn whatever you could not carry off in loot.
Ricardo Chucky
Ricardo Chucky Місяць тому
Solar Flare?? anyone?
davidc5191 Місяць тому
His argument reminds me of the fall of the Han Empire and the resulting chaos depicted in the famous novel The Three Kingdoms though of course Chinese civilization didn't actually end.
dreamervanroom Місяць тому
Hope you read this. (Please forgive my thumb typing and ability tp read only 3 or 4 lines of this at the same time.) I have read about genetic tracing of ancestral population, two examples of such tracing. The male lineage of Genghis Khan and some King of Northern Europe/Ireland?. This is done through the Y chromosome of his descendents chromosome which remains unchanged male to male. And the female lineage can be traced through the mitochondrial DNA in the cell that is passed down, each mother to her daughters and to her sons as well. There are tracings of Semitic ancestry that... Here I dont remember the specifics of which, bit that show the Jews have matriarchy lineage has ancestry in common with other group (Philistines or Phoenicians maybe) populations in the region. This information may add to your ability to make sense and conclusions out of our information gathering. And sir, your talk represents an overall lesson in how to think and in a scientist's openness to a change pending new information. WAKE UP KIDS AND ADULTS. ANYTHING WE KNOW COULD BE WRONG.
Anthony Brown-Hovelt
Anthony Brown-Hovelt Місяць тому
Like all great storytellers, he leaves one wanting more! Love the sandal story! Eat your heart out UPS!
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