13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix

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The final season of 13 Reasons Why drops June 5th on Netflix. As Liberty High School’s class prepares for graduation, they are forced to make life-changing and heartbreaking choices about how their past will impact their future.
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13 Reasons Why: Final Season | Official Trailer | Netflix
As graduation approaches, Clay and his friends face agonizing choices when secrets from their past threaten their future. The final season.




20 тра 2020





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Justine Philip Alejandro
Justine Philip Alejandro 3 години тому
The last time i saw Clay sweet smile was on season 1 after that no more smile the rest of the season .. 😢😢
Monika Varun
Monika Varun 6 годин тому
People hating here saying that they really got away with murder, dude, people got away raping people and ruining lives. Like really, this show isn't a murder mystery that the case had to be solved, it revolves around more complex issues like the impact of severe trauma that the teens nowadays have to go through..if you don't understand that then maybe you didn't get the show's essence at all. And no, it wasn't supposed to be just about 'Hannah', else it would have ended up being another commercial series with no actual cause. After reading the book, I understand why they made major changes to the series narration, it had to be continued to address more complexities..
Alan Ponce
Alan Ponce 17 годин тому
Justin died
Vivek Nagpal
Vivek Nagpal 21 годину тому
From a great start to a disastrous end. Well now someone can at least make a video on ‘13 reasons why’ this show failed 😂
A G 22 години тому
The guys are incredibly hot on this show.
asad azizy
asad azizy День тому
How I can find Hana drama please help me
Ahilya SG
Ahilya SG День тому
This guy Justin ...is he brother or son of Chandler from friends....they look same
Alex Polacchi
Alex Polacchi День тому
I knew it was an improvement, I didn't expect it to be a major one but that it will improve its biggest mistakes from season 2 and 3, and it did!!!
VlexFN День тому
Anyone else back after watching season 4 ?
Niloy День тому
i hate this show so much
olaaa. День тому
it’s like they moved out of prison but the prison is like the human centipede movie
Feshiylife 2 дні тому
This trailer is awesome tbh
Arab Dude
Arab Dude 2 дні тому
Too bad the night we met didn’t play in the finale
Aether Slugstar
Aether Slugstar 2 дні тому
How did this even get second season?
Diksha B
Diksha B 2 дні тому
Idk but season 4 turned so scary all of a sudden! It felt like a ghost movie😂😂😱
Music Traveller
Music Traveller 2 дні тому
Alex and Charlie was the ship i never knew I wanted
hyper panda
hyper panda 2 дні тому
Please Netflix bring something like this with this all characters only PLEASE PLEASE 😭 PLEASE 😭
Sarxel IT
Sarxel IT 3 дні тому
the worst session
vyu_ chan__
vyu_ chan__ 3 дні тому
Let's just agree the first season with Clay and Hannah as main was the best
shinjū 3 дні тому
this season was so sad why did he have to die...to be honest I wouldn’t mind someone else dying other than Justin...
Doihavethesauce 3 дні тому
I can't believe this was the final season man breaks my heart
Luke Egan
Luke Egan 3 дні тому
This shows ass
John Mchanon
John Mchanon 3 дні тому
This season was so rushed and ass
Ranjith Dsouza
Ranjith Dsouza 3 дні тому
Monty's sister did all the studying for them all.
Augustus Higgins
Augustus Higgins 4 дні тому
does anyone else think this trailer is awesome?
Anakin1706 4 дні тому
What kind of mustang did tony drive
Selma Quintana
Selma Quintana 5 днів тому
Wait. Who's hannah Baker again? 😂
Raf Karis
Raf Karis 5 днів тому
Thank you Netflix... for this series🙏
Scoutpower1 6 днів тому
Creepy song
Bryan L.
Bryan L. 6 днів тому
I like it when there was credits
Hey , it's Hanna Baker !! From liberty high .. Remember
Affan Ahmad
Affan Ahmad 7 днів тому
I want season 5
Hama piano
Hama piano 7 днів тому
hannah alive ??? please sameone tell me
Icy_CoolDefaultGuy 6 днів тому
No problem
Hama piano
Hama piano 7 днів тому
@Icy_CoolDefaultGuy Thank you Bro ,
Icy_CoolDefaultGuy 7 днів тому
Primrose Mackenzie
Primrose Mackenzie 7 днів тому
I wish there was a season 5
Akash Zodiac
Akash Zodiac 7 днів тому
It's all start with Justin and it's all end with Justin
Cloud Gaming
Cloud Gaming 8 днів тому
Who wants a Season 5 ?
: 3
: 3 8 днів тому
what is song name?
Ryccardo Costa
Ryccardo Costa 8 днів тому
Jens Kuross - Spiraling
Sumeet Behera
Sumeet Behera 8 днів тому
Is this even a school man !! I cant even imagine !! Only Indians can understand
X Æ A-12
X Æ A-12 8 днів тому
It's been a month and i never knew H O W ?
Areeba Shaikh
Areeba Shaikh 8 днів тому
9.9/10 0.1 point lost due to aani
Alara Falay
Alara Falay 9 днів тому
yes, justin deserved better but i will never forgive the writers for completely ruining zach's character AND his future.
Taas ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Taas ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 9 днів тому
i really hoped that the ending song of the last episode would be The Night We Met
Sandeep Talekar
Sandeep Talekar 10 днів тому
Still ani is big mess in this season, she ruins two seasons alone
pollysbuddy 10 днів тому
The cast is really compelling.
Kapil Bushan
Kapil Bushan 10 днів тому
Loved it
Terissea İe
Terissea İe 10 днів тому
Rohit Sawant
Rohit Sawant 10 днів тому
What is little signature underneath of that graffiti if anyone tell me😊😊😊
Mary Kingori
Mary Kingori 10 днів тому
Why did clay get cuter and why is toney (the cutes) gay😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 no disrespect though
badasgamer pro
badasgamer pro 10 днів тому
No wonder why liberty high school is called "liberty" jeez
Trilokdan Gadhavi
Trilokdan Gadhavi 11 днів тому
Yeh log padhte likhte nahi hai kya...??? What kind of questions were asked in College Interview?? There is no question regarding their study or their future aspects... They don't study at all and still their parents set meetings, for what ??? They are going to be promoted to college without any type of Study relevant achievements. Wow...👏👏👏
Trilokdan Gadhavi
Trilokdan Gadhavi 11 днів тому
I am not homophobic ....And I am sorry if it hurt you...But do you notice that everybody was gay or almost gay in this season...? 🤔🤔 This season was like kind of tribute to Pride Month...🏳️‍🌈👍
Why We Love Film
Why We Love Film 11 днів тому
Real shit, at this point I don't even care...
ben badiss
ben badiss 11 днів тому
The most important thing that I've learned from 13 rw is to never crush on the new girl of my highschool. Thanks Clay!
JamesJoyce12 11 днів тому
i watched all of season 3 and can't remember a single thing about it - meanwhile i can't forget season 1
AHS FX 11 днів тому
how tf did Justin get HIV, have it develop into AIDS and die within the space of like a year lmaooo - surely he would have gotten blood tests while in rehab
Ranesha Ranesha
Ranesha Ranesha 2 дні тому
They said he refused the test..
Niya Bellaqua
Niya Bellaqua 11 днів тому
Throughout the series, Bryce and Tyler’s stories tore me to pieces. I can imagine the pressure of being in Bryce’s position where the world isnt ready to accept you and is stifling you when you genuinely want to change.
Priyanshu Rawat
Priyanshu Rawat 11 днів тому
Netflix should cast Kathrine Langford for good rather than using season 1 scene
Infinite Warlock
Infinite Warlock 12 днів тому
Yeah thanks 13 Reasons Why. I can learn how to get away with murder now.
Aarush Sharda
Aarush Sharda 12 днів тому
whats the name of the song please telllllll meeeeeeeeee
Kajal Singh
Kajal Singh 12 днів тому
All scenes in trailer which I thought would be in dreams or imagination but in series, it all was f**king real..😅😅😅
JB Burgos
JB Burgos 12 днів тому
How did Clay end up in the hole? I don’t think they explained that or showed us who threw him in
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez 12 днів тому
Good series...but to many gays. No offense but I don't want parents to watch this and have to worry about there kid walking in and seeing Monty bone Winston.
doofdriver 12 днів тому
Hooray! Another IHE video to look forward to!
꧁Moon Lake꧂
꧁Moon Lake꧂ 12 днів тому
Can someone tell me please the song name?
SRIDHAR NALLA 13 днів тому
At some point I think enough is enough..
Howlers 13 днів тому
I feel like crying to this I DONT WANT IT TO END😭😭
Shit Show
Shit Show 13 днів тому
When this was good at one season
SuperJackster01 13 днів тому
I liked Season 4!! But I’ll admit that this trailer was better than the actual season
Murat Hayat
Murat Hayat 13 днів тому
Season 1 and 2 it made be think more and more on suspects.... Who is lying and who's not... So BRAIN was used more here But Season 4 .. First knowing its the last season and then Justin and Clay...i mean that last episode Worst but best episode... Can write a lenthy essay on justin and clay bromance Nd saddest departure... But would just say my HEART was most involved Best Series😭 P
Murat Hayat
Murat Hayat 13 днів тому
Vstyle And
Vstyle And 13 днів тому
Someone please explain why clay’s drug test is positive?
Spam Mail
Spam Mail 12 днів тому
'Granola' cookies
J hero
J hero 13 днів тому
I missed the story when its all about Clay and Hannah
Lifewatery 13 днів тому
what is the song
Deepak Nagpal
Deepak Nagpal 13 днів тому
Can anyone help please tell the series which is similiar like this awesome series
Murat Hayat
Murat Hayat 13 днів тому
@Deepak Nagpal no no.. thanks Ya u are right
Deepak Nagpal
Deepak Nagpal 13 днів тому
@Murat Hayat It was not kind of mental problem i te you why the real killer is alex and Jessica as we all know but if we see as per Moty side when monty was alive he said clay is killer but monty got jail and as we talk about why jessica see the bryce as alex thrown Bryce in water for jessica so main motive is her and the question about why bryce was coming in clay's thought so it was kind of mystery This is my point of view sorry if you get any wrong information
Murat Hayat
Murat Hayat 13 днів тому
@Deepak Nagpal tell me one thing please .. It was just a mental problem on clay that he could see people who died no? And if it was then why jess also saw bryce 🤔
Deepak Nagpal
Deepak Nagpal 13 днів тому
I remember the scene where they destroyed the tapes and the background song that was the best moment ever
Murat Hayat
Murat Hayat 13 днів тому
Yeah i also loved this 😭..
Not Cool Man
Not Cool Man 14 днів тому
Can't believe how one guy raping a girl lead to guns, drugs and etc
Teodora Spehar
Teodora Spehar 14 днів тому
Soraya 14 днів тому
best to worst Season 4 (because it made sense even tho it was the saddest on elk why why why. but it was the best one because it was made rlly well it was an good ending It started with his tape it ended with him) Season 1 (idk I just love this one there is a lot of secrets unfolded. and I just love it a lot but one thing JEFF ATKINS DESERVED BETTER) Season 2 (I mean it was rlly good I loved some of the turns u would have never expected and it was a great way to end Hannah like clay said if you love someone u have to let them go and thats what they seasons was about) Season 3 ( first omg I hate ani. I mean she's not the worst but not the best. it jumped from season to from clay letting go of Hannah to bye dead and the whole time I was thinking. clay killed him and it didn't. and I dint not expect Justin to stand up in the assemble. over all season 3 did nit make sense at all and I don't know why but yh) I defiantly recommend this series it rlly good I love it so much I watch it over and over again oi never get tired of it im sad season four was was the last season and it only had 10 episode but it was still good.
SuperJackster01 13 днів тому
Here’s my ranking! 1. Season 1 2. Season 3 4. Season 4 4. Season 2
Murat Hayat
Murat Hayat 13 днів тому
Yeah... i completing agree with you.. Season 1 and 2 it made be think more and more on suspects.... Who is lying and who's not... So BRAIN was used more here But Season 4 .. First knowing its the last season and then Justin and Clay...i mean that last episode Worst but best episode... Can write a lenthy essay on justin and clay bromance Nd saddest departure... But would just say my HEART was most involved Best Series😭
Deepti Rathore
Deepti Rathore 14 днів тому
Who is Watching this series in quarntine And Relating story to our lives 😅
Cineglimpse Trailer
Cineglimpse Trailer 14 днів тому
Yeah we can say this series is the one of the best work of netflix has made !!!!!!!!
Sharro 14 днів тому
La mejor serie caras de mierda 😈
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