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26 жов 2020





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Jay Tom
Jay Tom 3 години тому
I just seen a new hack on Among us ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-1zMTSPHOMRo.html
Niveen Yasin
Niveen Yasin 4 години тому
Those hacks worked. The 2nd one work awesome thx so much!! I’m subscribing
Cool life with Saibaah
Cool life with Saibaah 5 годин тому
I m in 13number game name hacker
Luke Schindler
Luke Schindler 6 годин тому
i love dis
BTS방탄소년단 6 годин тому
Yall saw red velvet?
bon 9 годин тому
I have among us beta in mobile :)
Xx_ yeyensOK _xX
Xx_ yeyensOK _xX 7 годин тому
Mayur Gowda SJ
Mayur Gowda SJ 9 годин тому
I need my fuckin hidden map.....or I am reporting this video for false information
Bat Man
Bat Man 10 годин тому
*subbed my g*
princess chloe gierran
princess chloe gierran 10 годин тому
How do you do the betas
princess chloe gierran
princess chloe gierran 10 годин тому
The christmas hats doesn't really works because I tried it before lmao got caught
jade franchezka texon
jade franchezka texon 11 годин тому
Lanz Seler
Lanz Seler 11 годин тому
How can peopl download on pc without google play or let a server do changes on your computer?
Angela Chandekar
Angela Chandekar 12 годин тому
1:49 Reveluv spotted 💜💜😆😆
Kichii baby
Kichii baby 12 годин тому
i do that if i leave the game just send no writing cde
Liz Raya
Liz Raya 13 годин тому
Si no es a huevo güey SHO HAI no me di no soy Nati nada yo estoy por entrar en la Profeco vaina está Sara White Mountain High de bonitas Golden eso como se come
Liz Raya
Liz Raya 13 годин тому
Wyatt Sonic
Wyatt Sonic 13 годин тому
I’m in the video I was blue and my gamer tag is wyatt
Mhel Cyriel Lagata
Mhel Cyriel Lagata 13 годин тому
or its just a Halloween surpise
:P 13 годин тому
whoever made the thumbnail named the new map "barbecue skewers" lmao
Dhruv Singh Rawat 7D RN 24
Dhruv Singh Rawat 7D RN 24 14 годин тому
I got to black we'd Whit 5 times
Deren Hanski
Deren Hanski 14 годин тому
I already know number 13
Deren Hanski
Deren Hanski 14 годин тому
And 8
Deren Hanski
Deren Hanski 14 годин тому
And number 9
Isabella Rodriguez
Isabella Rodriguez 14 годин тому
*yellow in game fakes task in reactor* Me:yellow faked task in reactor that doesn’t exist The crew: idk man that’s kinda sus *gets voted out*
Diamantina Carrillo
Diamantina Carrillo 15 годин тому
14 Me: omg I'ma change my date! T5G: well keep trying Me: never works
Merari Soto
Merari Soto 16 годин тому
That Do not work
Tommy Watson
Tommy Watson 18 годин тому
sub to burt64
Ashlynn Cat
Ashlynn Cat 18 годин тому
True and friend
Ashlynn Cat
Ashlynn Cat 18 годин тому
That is what happens to me when I fix the O2 levle
fans the fan
fans the fan 18 годин тому
Rejoining don't work anymore
Creeper Kid OMG
Creeper Kid OMG 18 годин тому
I liked this video because I trolled my friends so bad they ragequit
KK - 05EL 870515 McBride PS
KK - 05EL 870515 McBride PS 18 годин тому
Lucas McLean
Lucas McLean 18 годин тому
Ana Cruz
Ana Cruz 19 годин тому
Ok I have tryed the crismist eve and I have not gone any crismist hats!!!
Grey 19 годин тому
I just got C L I C K B A I T E D
Livia.k 19 годин тому
If you play on mobile u get instant beta mode lol
Spongbob and Garry Me
Spongbob and Garry Me 21 годину тому
This SHIT don’t work
Spongbob and Garry Me
Spongbob and Garry Me 21 годину тому
Talon Seymour
Talon Seymour 22 години тому
But then on IOS you have to buy the Christmas hats
Talon Lape
Talon Lape 22 години тому
Emilia Laubender
Emilia Laubender 23 години тому
Number 6 happened to me as I killed someone It was hilarious
McKenzie Fontana
McKenzie Fontana 23 години тому
Hey the Christmas hats didn't work
Elijah Thompson
Elijah Thompson 23 години тому
Pov: looking through comments to see if this is true. (the april 1st thing works tho) the rest is clickbait
i am beluga
i am beluga 23 години тому
i always knew the drake in polus ever since i played among us because that was the first map i played in.
Jack R
Jack R День тому
I did it but I can't do it on a Chromebook how do I do that?
biriani khabo
biriani khabo День тому
Me: Gets impostor Also Me: Pulls up this video for impostor tips Me Later: Finishes the vid and goes back to among us Among us: VICTORY
Saracen День тому
BoudicaGames YT
BoudicaGames YT День тому
I’m the biggest fan of among us I paused the video I know the original name is........ hmmmmmmmmm.. HMMMMMMMM.. ._. SPACE MAFIA
Zebra 2015
Zebra 2015 День тому
in the video 50k likes and 9 dislikes 0:17 Real life 285k likes and 10 k dislikes Disclaimer: i know this is useless
Not Charky
Not Charky День тому
« Secret that only the developer knows » Sooo... T5G is an Among Us developer?!
Jabir BM - Golf Blitz
Jabir BM - Golf Blitz 4 години тому
Jackson Giles
Jackson Giles День тому
Why’d you put you subtitles in Flipping KOREAN
Jackson Giles
Jackson Giles День тому
Like 👍 so he see 👆
KingRylie Gaming
KingRylie Gaming День тому
The christmas hat thing work on me but there is a problem.You need to pay it. Correction:Its "Holiday '18 bundle" it actually work but its not free for me.U need to pay it.
Ferdinand Kurniawan
Ferdinand Kurniawan День тому
They should add a featire that allows you to sabotage the cameras or the admin table for one round or a few minutes by going up to them and pressing the SABOTAGE button. Crewmates will be alerted to the disturbance so the Impostor must get out the room as quickly as possible before a crewmate finds you in admin or security right after the sabotage. It gives the impostors a chance to not get noticed on future kills, but also gives the crewmates a chance to know who the impostor is if: Example: You're waiting inside reactor room in Skeld. You notice security has been sabotaged. You immedietly run to security to find _______ caught in the act of trying to leave the room FYI: The notice will be like when an emergency happens and there are red writings on the top left. It will probably say something like "Cameras/Admin table sabotaged" Though the notification shouldn't pop up immedietly. It should pop out like two or three seconds after the impostor sabotaged so the impostor has a chance to vent. Like if you agree
Elijah Guevara
Elijah Guevara День тому
Wow now I realize that I’m might be the first person to get the drake card in among us.
Alfie Zulqarnain
Alfie Zulqarnain День тому
Remember that white create at polus... I think it actually came out of its hiding spot... I think I say it move before its gone I say I think it means not sure ok?
flxsh ϟ
flxsh ϟ День тому
I subbed directly
shandy show
shandy show День тому
how do you change the date
Frances mini crewmate
Frances mini crewmate День тому
Frances mini crewmate
Frances mini crewmate День тому
I know
Maryah Elchhabi
Maryah Elchhabi День тому
Bro i knew the part where you have to press the arrow to join back the game
Jedidiah Bayani
Jedidiah Bayani День тому
I think i have beta already
TRT L.O.L День тому
april 1 is my birthday
DrCaugust День тому
Its not works
Nigel Han
Nigel Han День тому
i already knew 9
Lexie Watts
Lexie Watts День тому
Number 3 you know where yellow was called air that was me omg I'm in a video
Sarah Thornhill
Sarah Thornhill День тому
This was a poo vid
Cillycill gaming
Cillycill gaming День тому
ur soo click bate i wanted to see a new map!!!
Bamby Game
Bamby Game День тому
I ever had a scret Id card
måtchawølfie Liu
måtchawølfie Liu День тому
I always use it
•Milee . Lemon•
•Milee . Lemon• День тому
When your mom walks in when the video says ‘My,bed 3 How To Get Away With MURDER’
Jude Nanooch-Larson
Jude Nanooch-Larson День тому
Click bait wow
Strawberry Ashido2
Strawberry Ashido2 День тому
sumati gagrai
sumati gagrai День тому
I know the no.13 trick
DJS Gacha
DJS Gacha День тому
can you please explain what "Steam" is
Thiago Romero
Thiago Romero День тому
ally hart
ally hart День тому
I am SOOOO MAD I entered a game about a month ago so I didn’t know that you can renter games that logged you out, I have became best friends with white I covered for him even when he killed someone in front of me then I got DISCONNECTED, I was so sad😞
Ava DeBruyn
Ava DeBruyn День тому
6:29 my friends literally kill me first for camping admin and being very annoying and always catching imposters, idk what you mean by “no one knows about this”. Spend a few minutes on it and it becomes pretty obvious. (It’s the most op in Mira, and least op in Polus.)
Arjit Saroya
Arjit Saroya День тому
Drake Easter egg LOL
gamer bros
gamer bros День тому
Jian's world
Jian's world День тому
I never saw a task named "Electrical: divert power to reactor 0/2 Reactor: accept divert power 1/2
Vanessa Díaz
Vanessa Díaz День тому
I got 1 in the skeld when you do the asteroid task if you go to the window there is a animation that you can see when someone is actually doing the task, I think everybody knows that but in pulus in the same task there is also a animation that you can see and I don't think many people know about it, the animation is in the weird telescope thing that you mention in 4:22
Lord Phoenix
Lord Phoenix День тому
3:33 That made me subscribe
Gaming with Amelia!
Gaming with Amelia! День тому
How do you change time on your laptop
Cherry Cute
Cherry Cute День тому
In reactor in mira HQ there's deverded power
Mr. Fish Menchavez
Mr. Fish Menchavez День тому
it doesn't work in my phone
Sarona Kyle29
Sarona Kyle29 День тому
I know that crewmate in a bathroom
Sarona Kyle29
Sarona Kyle29 День тому
I know that task in a wall
Anita Szucs
Anita Szucs День тому
Most of these wotk but i cant change the date on my device 😭either have a pet 😭YET
Sarona Kyle29
Sarona Kyle29 День тому
And i know that hide the body im angry!!!!!
Sarona Kyle29
Sarona Kyle29 День тому
And i know that box
Sarona Kyle29
Sarona Kyle29 День тому
I know that rock and comms and weapons why u show me that!!
Sarona Kyle29
Sarona Kyle29 День тому
I know that epril fools i saw a youtuber do that too
ALI OMAR День тому
I know the rejoin already
•ExlipseMemes• День тому
umm. That’s awkward 4:51
Christopher Harris
Christopher Harris День тому
A world of you suck has opened up to me
finil0tx День тому
Or the wires in security are fake
Cool Adrien
Cool Adrien 2 дні тому
This is the oposet of among us😰
nick darbyshire
nick darbyshire 2 дні тому
-Milkii -
-Milkii - 2 дні тому
i cant download it on pc and idk why-
Pan DbL GokuSSJ3
Pan DbL GokuSSJ3 2 дні тому
tested and didn't work with the Christmas hats so is this clickbait or fake news
anjani bhadoria
anjani bhadoria 2 дні тому
I unsub cus I did not get imp
The Gamming Card Garage
The Gamming Card Garage 2 дні тому
Bruh I notice the drake cameo before this video was made
Oari I
Oari I 2 дні тому
Hey guys do you want to always be imposter I got you so when the game starts you will see the red bean guy saying shhhhhhh you press that then your imposter
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