15 NEW Biome Mobs that Should be in Minecraft

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Check out these new biome specific Mobs!! Minecraft could seriously benefit from adding these!

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Across all the different biomes in Minecraft is the possibility for these areas to get some love, in the form of NEW Mobs!! Now we do already biome specific mobs such as foxes in taiga, and hostile stray mobs in the snow. But today we show off 15 new biome specific mobs that you can try to find in game. Some are there to aid you in your journey and some are there to stop you.

15 NEW Biome Mobs that Should be in Minecraft


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25 кві 2020





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King_Gamer692 Рік тому
I'd love to see the ghosts added in game. Although they would need balancing with the rarity of dropping the potions
Webbed Talons
Webbed Talons Рік тому
I like the idea of crocodiles, however infinite water breathing when wearing a crocodile helmet is wayyyy too much of an overpower. I think lizards are the best idea in this game though, the Badlands are a bit barren apart from clay and mineshafts, so it's a cool mob to spice things up.
Paxton s
Paxton s Рік тому
These are actually really dope, they all seem really interesting. I actually kinda want some of these now
Senaa Hasan
Senaa Hasan Рік тому
Idea with bears:
Metroplier Рік тому
A new animal: tigers
random person
random person Рік тому
Idea for lizard and squirrel: they could climb on your shoulder.
MrChickinMan Рік тому
Katie Diehr
Katie Diehr Рік тому
They should make regular golems only found in the river biome since golems were originally made from clay. Maybe the protect something new that spawns in the rivers like a nymph village.
Mwowant Рік тому
Quarantine biome; it’s just a big dome with a village in it. I would imagine the villagers would have their own masks and gloves.
Taming snakes would be epic, since they are often kept as pets (I have seven). Tailless Whip Scorpions would also be great.
Joog Рік тому
Ahh yes, I am going to love having cows added to Minecraft!
Linley Goot
Linley Goot Рік тому
I think it'd be neat if snakes were a nuetral mob that you could tame with something like rabbit meat! That way you could have snake pets to protect you from hostile mobs =D
WASD Build Team
WASD Build Team Рік тому
Well, this was a fun one to work on! Thanks for the opportunity Tyler. Hope people liked my ideas. :)
Smiles Roblox
Smiles Roblox Рік тому
I have an idea for a new BIOME, its a rare forest type biome with fog whenever you enter it, and in this forest there is a mob that disguises as a tree and if you get too close it will attack you. It is strong but if you kill it you get tons of experience points and a new drop (idk what the drop would be though).
Tim Park
Tim Park Рік тому
I actually really love the concept of the Jaw trap mob. It remind me of real life ant lions, which I've always wanted in minecraft as a bigger more deadly creature
Beyon Shibu
Did anyone remember when Mojang said to select on of the four mobs and the most vote phantom
Cosmetic Neko
Cosmetic Neko Рік тому
I feel bad bad for the people that missed the mood changing mushroom in the beginning
Instead of them dropping potion, you should make some sort of item that you can brew.
edge lord
edge lord Рік тому
Should logdotzip get a job at mojang since he really comes up with great ideas
Grape the Protogen
Grape the Protogen Рік тому
Fix to the intangibility potion: Ghosts should drop ectoplasm rather than whole potions, so players can brew the potions themselves. Intangibility potions are made by combining Ectoplasm with a base level Invisibility potion, and can be mixed with Redstone for a maximum of 10 seconds in Spectator.
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