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26 вер 2018

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ali khan
ali khan 16 днів тому
“Not everyone is trained to find that” ✊🙏
dreakheart 17 днів тому
lovely video
Tricia Mamaril
Tricia Mamaril 21 день тому
ack i need this hip adjustment too :(
virusmaker506 6 місяців тому
I watch at least 2 of Dr. Rahim’s videos a day because they make me feel better mentally lol I’m 23 and have had scoliosis all my life, already had the x-rays to confirm everything and I think it just gets worse as I get older. Between work, where I sit in a chair or stand for the majority of the day, and my terrible posture my back is literally out of whack. I’ve been to regular doctors and a physical therapist, still no fix. Hopefully I can get to you someday, like tomorrow 😂
Jaysin5506 6 місяців тому
at 13:00 she already looks Better, amazing
Apollo Loco
Apollo Loco 6 місяців тому
I wish we have this in the Philippines
Rose Ym
Rose Ym 6 місяців тому
Wow. Amazing.
LJT Sugarkiss
LJT Sugarkiss 6 місяців тому
Alonso's Passion
Alonso's Passion 7 місяців тому
Poor girl she seems so nice
BABA YAGA 7 місяців тому
Amazing! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Ericka Robinson
Ericka Robinson 7 місяців тому
That’s crazy. She has like no balance. Poor girl.
Roz Christopherson
Roz Christopherson 7 місяців тому
That’s amazing! I noticed the difference in the knees right away!!!👍
Hanna B
Hanna B 7 місяців тому
She has the exact same problems as I had... the difference is, I had the surgery... It really didn't help and another orthopedist said it was totally unecesery to even do the surgery... So... Wow! I still have occasional extreme pain in my upper legs, knees and ankles. As well as my shoulders and elbows... Pretty interesting to hear what you said and found and did!
karen kaur
karen kaur 7 місяців тому
So gred god bless you
Barbara Rivera
Barbara Rivera 8 місяців тому
omg I could watch this guy all day
hummer ravi
hummer ravi 8 місяців тому
Whats her name
Delia Simms
Delia Simms 10 місяців тому
If only u were in the u.k, my mum needs you dr!
Ansir Rajput
Ansir Rajput 10 місяців тому
Do u know hindi/urdu
ElectronSpark 10 місяців тому
My 10 month old son was diagnosed with scoliosis. The doctor predicted future surgeries would be needed. Against the doctor's strong recommendations I took him to a chiropractor and after an adjustment per week for two months his spine was so much better. Took him back to the doctor and he flat out refused to give the chiropractor any credit nor could he give me any explanation for how the curvature miraculously went away. I got a new pediatrician after that and my son is now 16 and has had no back problems.
Supersman2000FightChair 10 місяців тому
Llewellyn Anthony
Llewellyn Anthony 10 місяців тому
Ricardo J Malbran
Ricardo J Malbran 10 місяців тому
Selena Marie
Selena Marie 10 місяців тому
This channel makes me feel like I’m not crazy. Years of pain. Talked to doctors they always said growing pains, etc. constant tension headaches every other day, constant shoulder pain and pain down my spine and hips, etc. I feel like a 19 year old elderly person. I’m a hot mess.
Germaine Prien
Germaine Prien 10 місяців тому
You can tell she is walking without wobbling her knees are straighter
Video TT
Video TT 10 місяців тому
R W 10 місяців тому
Bro i’m in love with him. Dr. Rahim will you marry me?
Samrina Khadgi
Samrina Khadgi 10 місяців тому
I wanna meet this doctor too...i also have back pain since i was 7. I m from nepal
Killer_X_Treme 10 місяців тому
She looks like the young version of Sarah Silverman
Hot_Air_Balloon Ridingabike
Hot_Air_Balloon Ridingabike 10 місяців тому
Omg I love how silly she is ❤️
Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified
Moze was hot in Ned's Declassified 10 місяців тому
she got dem cheeks tho
Sarin C
Sarin C 10 місяців тому
Any chance of doing a UK visit?
badingding 10 місяців тому
I have hip dysplasia and I feel like I’d benefit loads from seeing you!
Amy Elyard
Amy Elyard 10 місяців тому
I wish this man was closer to me. I need his magic hands!
Maximum Swag Engaged
Maximum Swag Engaged 10 місяців тому
Im just slightly older. It seems terrible to already be 5 years in pain
DwwwD 10 місяців тому
Poor girl... :( Can't wait for part2!
mysticsimi 10 місяців тому
Dr. Does ur treatment work for cervical n lumar disc herination too.... i m in so much of pain from last many years..... plz reply.
Noble Victory
Noble Victory 10 місяців тому
Watching the good doctor work his brilliance on his patients brings tears to my eyes. Almost every time. It's awesome! 💕
paul milan
paul milan 10 місяців тому
Amazing job doc..
Kori Lono
Kori Lono 10 місяців тому
My soul leaps when I get a notification of new videos
Adrienne Dennison
Adrienne Dennison 10 місяців тому
What a sweet young lady. So wonderful to see her feel better and better as the appointment went on. Her mama is pretty awesome too!
Manjinder Rahal
Manjinder Rahal 10 місяців тому
This doctor is like a blessing for all of us 🙏
celicalover1 10 місяців тому
Dr Rahim, I know you take film. What did her hips look like? For such a tall thin girl her knees shouldn't be rubbing when she walks and her lower legs bowing outward. Your adjustments made a marked improvement, but what is happening? Maybe a show if her xrays next time, to get a better understanding of whats going on in her hips and legs? Interesting case.
COLE CURTIS 10 місяців тому
Keep us posted on this one. Her case is intriguing.
TheAlexanderMagnum 10 місяців тому
Ok this is insane.
MAkM 10 місяців тому
Her walking deffo improved.. Great Job
SwAmper 10 місяців тому
I need follow-ups, I love these kind of videos and the difference that it makes for the people you are taking care of, I remember I saw a video of a guy, hunched and was thinking of suicide, the doctor fixed him up and it was such a big difference in both his body and his personality, keep it up!
Andrey mix
Andrey mix 10 місяців тому
Inflammation of the sciatic nerve can not be corrected by this ?
Rahman Rax
Rahman Rax 10 місяців тому
For 19 years everything that this girl has had to endure, all of it accumulated and built up for this very moment where she gets adjusted by Dr. Rahim. The absolute perfect chiropractic patient.
NY Regen
NY Regen 10 місяців тому
Dr. Rahim Notif Squaaadddd! Gang gang! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
cosborne06 10 місяців тому
Dr Rahim, do you ever treat patients w a kyphosis? If so, do you go about adjusting the same way you normally have in your videos or a different technique?
M T 10 місяців тому
Thanks doc
Weedious 10 місяців тому
Fix her straight rahim! Make us proud!
M-T 10 місяців тому
Besides the professional difference of Dr. Rahim with other doctors, the other distinct feature that he has is that he has *EXCELLENT* people skills. I mean, sure you could be the greatest chiro in the world, but if a patient is uneasy with you, they are less likely to explain the exact problem that they have, and whether or not their situation got worse or better. That is for me why Dr. Rahim gets a lot of business, and return customers. He is cool and relaxed, and you can tell that he sincerely wants you to get better. No matter how old the patient is, whether young or old, Dr. Rahim has that charm that he can get along with anyone. You can also tell that he is very knowledgeable in the field, because he can explain the process as technical as possible, or simple enough to be understood by an 8 year old. Overall, Dr. Rahim is the best example of what a Doctor should be. Approachable, and knowledgeable.
Hugh Templeton
Hugh Templeton 10 місяців тому
What a great chiropractor you are sir .
Shaan Patel
Shaan Patel 10 місяців тому
Please do more follow up videos of your patients
M. anoniempje
M. anoniempje 10 місяців тому
O my god i want this too have so much pain
Ikrist0 10 місяців тому
she had stem cell therapy, wow
MyHobiisBangtan 10 місяців тому
Hip pain for nearly 3 years. Been told it’s muscular yet if it was wouldn’t it have faded by now? These videos actually helped me realise that this isn’t something to pass off
Marcia Tia marcia
Marcia Tia marcia 10 місяців тому
It was GREAT doc.🙄
Kekecom Morhax
Kekecom Morhax 10 місяців тому
I am the only one who dont want this videos to end?
haywood jablome
haywood jablome 10 місяців тому
Great video Dr. Rahim. You are the MAN!!!
Daan Welker
Daan Welker 10 місяців тому
She's a trooper for putting up with all these different kinds of treatments, great to see you could help! Also, she's very charming 😁
sepiG gaming
sepiG gaming 10 місяців тому
My feet could really use some Dr.Rahim right now T_T
DanDann 10 місяців тому
I’d love to see the follow ups.
Olivia 10 місяців тому
I’m 15 and I have constant back pain and at times it causes so much pain that it hurts to breathe but my mum doesn’t think there is anything wrong with me due to my age. Any advice ?
Karen Curtis
Karen Curtis 10 місяців тому
I can't believe the difference in her knees from almost rolling all the way inwards to looking normal, can't wait to see part 2 and 3 please. Take care everyone 😉
fackelnimshitstorm 10 місяців тому
omg her walk looks so much different
Alex Dzubiy
Alex Dzubiy 10 місяців тому
Nice job!
Holmer 10 місяців тому
I want your help as well but i live in sweden :(
Gunasilan Sukumaran
Gunasilan Sukumaran 10 місяців тому
Wonderful DR
Sharon Marks
Sharon Marks 10 місяців тому
The difference in her knees from the beginning to end of session was amazing. Her left knee originally pointed toward her right; however, at the end it pointed forward. Good job!
Jiří Slouka
Jiří Slouka 10 місяців тому
Good job again
Randy Clement
Randy Clement 10 місяців тому
Great video as always. I just wish we would have seen her do the march after all the adjustments. She was so unstable. I would have liked to have seen if there was any improvement.
Lazyboy Researcher
Lazyboy Researcher 10 місяців тому
too many folk are not aware of the other options compared to surgery. you can have it pushed it back into position, POP or get put to sleep, and cut you open. YOU HAVE CHOICES
Kevin de Schepper
Kevin de Schepper 10 місяців тому
Its really magical. I wish i could see the body the way you see it. Its something else!
Correct 10 місяців тому
cant wait for them to come back!
ZeitdiebX 10 місяців тому
Omg, that poor gal.. she IS a mess! But she’s come to the right place. The more I watch his videos, the many conditions patients walk into the office with.. and he‘s so darn thorough with everything he does. 2 hour drive to get there? He‘s worth 4 at least. He‘s THAT good.
Aleksandra Skoczypiec
Aleksandra Skoczypiec 10 місяців тому
The difference in her walking is real :o
Dominykas Dainys
Dominykas Dainys 10 місяців тому
But why does she walk the way she does ? Is it some kind of condition ? I have seen some people walk like that and I just don't know the reason.
Carl Wafi
Carl Wafi 10 місяців тому
Love it
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