1977 Toyota Celica GT: Regular Car Reviews

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The 1977 Celica GT is everything right about 70's car culture.
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11 лют 2019

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Mark Davis
Mark Davis 44 хвилини тому
I couldn't help noticing all that salt on the road, watching that car drive on salt infested roads made me a little uncomfortable
seker7 5 годин тому
Back in 1988 I worked as body man at a small used car dealership in Denver - and a trade in was a celica (smaller than this one- but similar) and was tempted to buy it (not sure probably been $700 to $800 range) never even test drove it ...I was maybe 20 yrs old
D Gunny
D Gunny 14 годин тому
Just another reason I love toyota's . Especially 2nd generation 4x4s. I'll bet he gets offers to sell it all the time
A Ql
A Ql 16 годин тому
Banana taillights, yota celica, original, nice.
Vincent Laberge
Vincent Laberge 17 годин тому
Are we going to talk like this about the 2000's Hyundais in 30 years?
nyterose1968 17 годин тому
loved mine i had back in the 80s
Roy McDre
Roy McDre День тому
"Damned to hatest on celica's" Like you do with camaro? Jesus....
Spike's Pa
Spike's Pa День тому
Praise be! A 5 spd MANUAL! And Toyota made 'em sweet.
Jerzey Boy1995
Jerzey Boy1995 День тому
The international "Mustang" before Ford.
Benoit Bricet
Benoit Bricet День тому
Wow ! This car is gorgeous !
SirDoodles День тому
I would definitely daily drive this.
Tony Chavez
Tony Chavez День тому
That is when I really “liked” Toyota’s 77-85
Eli S.
Eli S. День тому
Last Gen Gamers
Last Gen Gamers 2 дні тому
Rev up your Celicas!................. wait this isnt the Scotty Kilmer channel
Pac Pacheco
Pac Pacheco 2 дні тому
Love Celicas! Got my '76 for 800$
Daniel Herrin
Daniel Herrin 2 дні тому
what should I expect to pay for one of those
fernand gauthier
fernand gauthier 2 дні тому
kinda look like a muscle car with a small engine .
Russ Thompson
Russ Thompson 2 дні тому
My team races a 1977 Celica ST in LeMons. It's amazing. 20R through a supertrapp is life changing
OP pro
OP pro 2 дні тому
What was up with the bouncy shaky driving? You guys were bouncing on the inside and you could see it from the outside
Jas B
Jas B 2 дні тому
I so miss my 75' ST Celica. What a great car! My 95 Tacoma had the nex gen version of this motor and it still had the exact same Rev drop. Drive a 2.4 manual * Tacoma and you will nice the drop.
Timothy Hays
Timothy Hays 2 дні тому
I wouldn't turn one down for free. Love the 70's Toys. Yes I'm old at 52 according to the goof narrating.
Davi Edmond
Davi Edmond 2 дні тому
We had one of these as well in the mid 80's , metallic dark green, blk interior which i recall the smell of a stupid hot inferno of hot vinyl in the summer and i still remember the solid and sporty drive and an engine you wouldnt think wasnt american it had a distinct vibration to it.
Frosto186 2 дні тому
I have a 77 celica and would love to know which coilovers intake and carbs. Justin please reach out!! I love your car btw. Mine is beige
KDingo81 2 дні тому
This guy deserves some props for not committing a heresy by slapping something like 20" chrome wheels on it.
Josefsson90 2 дні тому
ooooo i want one
Lucas Fernandez
Lucas Fernandez 2 дні тому
Isn't it called the rust belt because all the industry was left to rust? I don't think it's because of causes rust because otherwise New York and Maine and all those states would be rust belt too right?
DK Dempcey Knight DK
DK Dempcey Knight DK 2 дні тому
Yep, very fond memories of the vintage Celica as well as the 80 Mazda RX7. Fun cars to drive and more power than expected (no muscle car, but still).
Cirrus Tate
Cirrus Tate 3 дні тому
Do want. Well, other than the color. Ugh.
IronForgedSteel 3 дні тому
Was that intro song Post Malone sun flower inspired ?
brian butterfield
brian butterfield 3 дні тому
love it. I learned to drive on a '68 GT. Mine was red which was nice because you couldn't see the rust as bad. 20R + 5 Sp.
Aspie Otaku
Aspie Otaku 3 дні тому
A j2z swap would be nice.
Aspie Otaku
Aspie Otaku 3 дні тому
Looks like a muscle car but isnt.
PatrolmanDark 3 дні тому
Why the heck have suspension? If that's all the movement you want, just weld it all solid. All that movement on the head camera almost made me barf.
brickforceyoung 3 дні тому
Would anyone recommend this as a first car as a young adult? It seems oddly practical
slm2gamer slm2gamer
slm2gamer slm2gamer 3 дні тому
Indiana Boyz
589nm 3 дні тому
Roman just keeps getting better and better
J Pin
J Pin 3 дні тому
Loved these cars had MANY Celica's with Over 200 Thousand on the clock. Then sold them for more than I paid (used). All Steel, stylish and a BLAST to drive with the hydraulic clutch. Could 'Feather' that clutch and launch Right PAST Mustangs and Camaros... FUN!! And the Ladies loved it too ;) PS. Thanks SO Much for the Go Pro driver's point of view ... Ah.. Memories!!!
Miss Tiacht
Miss Tiacht 3 дні тому
My god, is there a single car from the 70's that doesn't sound sexy to me?
Shane Milton
Shane Milton 3 дні тому
I think these Celica's are the absolute best looking Japanese cars ever
Michael Lowe
Michael Lowe 3 дні тому
Ive seen hundreds of these in Mexico or maybe it was the same one and it just got around alot.
theoutbackbandit 3 дні тому
The first gen Celica is one of my favorite/dream cars
Kristiqn Kivulov
Kristiqn Kivulov 4 дні тому
Dudeeee this body is soooo cool, just "remaster" the car without doing anything on the body... this is gonna be beast
Julian Brelsford
Julian Brelsford 4 дні тому
I am shocked. Regularcars forgot to bring almost all his sarcasm and negativity with him when he went out to record this video.
W Sears
W Sears 4 дні тому
Cars in the 1970s had vast differences in build quality, performance, and personality. Some were fantastic, some were absolutely miserable to own. I think that's hard to understand for those who have grown up in the more modern era... pretty much any new car you get into now is roughly the same, they have been homogenized with great build quality, and pretty much the same performance, regardless of which builder you choose. Today you don't see the vast differences that you saw in those days between a Celica and a Gremlin... and if you did the poorer company would go belly up much sooner than they would have 40 years ago.
Cody Koala
Cody Koala 4 дні тому
i sniff panty crotch.. delicious
Sledanet 4 дні тому
Is the road that bad or is something up with the tires or suspension? Dat bounce! Those 5MPH bumpers wreak havoc on styling. Here in the rest of the world the front bumper was more of a wraparound design reminiscent of the ‘71 Plymouth Satellite. I got a secret crush on these things, good luck finding one though. Nobody sells theirs, they’re all in hands of enthusiasts.
AMSLPI 4 дні тому
Does it have bluetooth?
Jim H
Jim H 4 дні тому
I had a Brown 78 and then a 79 Supra. Loved them both!
Durahan82 4 дні тому
That 70s Celica should have a v8 from a Tacoma :D
nickma71 4 дні тому
It is the W series trans.
Marcello Mori
Marcello Mori 4 дні тому
Really need a ninth gen Civic Si review
LockTest 5 днів тому
I've wanted one of these for a llong ass time, a really long ass. My cousin had one when I was younger and I have good mems of it
Peter Piper
Peter Piper 5 днів тому
Brown. Those 70s Japanese cars were not lookers. But... turn the key and they go. 40 years later and all the paint peeled off... turn the key and they go.
cj anon
cj anon 5 днів тому
Funny he compares it with a gremlin when it looks like a 2door Concorde
Peter P
Peter P 5 днів тому
so much brown
Rich Petro
Rich Petro 5 днів тому
Nice first gen! I have a sweet 5th gen if you are ever in NH!!!!!!!
LES 5 днів тому
Beautiful car. I used to own a green 77 ST. Always wanted a GT.
Spasticus Autisticus
Spasticus Autisticus 5 днів тому
My dad had an ‘82 Celica I think
cptramius 5 днів тому
Saw a lowered US flag, something tragic happened before the day the video was made?
Caleb Nation
Caleb Nation 5 днів тому
Those power numbers are real close to the 4cyl S10 numbers (98bhp and 120lb/ft for the iron duke s10)
Random808 6 днів тому
SHould buy europea/japan style bumper!
BWHW1977 6 днів тому
That car is just awesome! But you can’t get far in a Japanese car....
greg swartzendruber
greg swartzendruber 6 днів тому
I owned this car in the late 70's. Mine was silver with a black interior but the very same car. I loved it.
Salty 1972
Salty 1972 6 днів тому
Great car, terrible commentary... poor fool things he is witty.
Randy Pullman
Randy Pullman 6 днів тому
I have a 2nd gen Celica hatch. Runs great. bring a $1500 and a trailer. Harpers Ferry, Wv
Horatio Huffnagel
Horatio Huffnagel 6 днів тому
My 2000 skidoo formula z 700 has 130 hp. and its 500lbs. Snow crotch rocket!!!
Tracy J
Tracy J 6 днів тому
I had a 77 Celica ST that I loved, but that damned thing would blow a stupid O-ring gasket in the exhaust about every 2000 miles.
rustyATV 6 днів тому
It's funny to hear someone rave about a Toyota R motor's engine noise, after literal decades of driving my 22RE.
Harry Morris
Harry Morris 6 днів тому
Isn't the RA29 a second generation
falconater68 6 днів тому
It looks like a ford torino...not mustang. Other cars do exist.
David Robert Gibson
David Robert Gibson 6 днів тому
Lovely car.
Rey Solis
Rey Solis 6 днів тому
What wheels are those?
D Woods
D Woods 6 днів тому
That car is sweeeet!
Daniel Orduna
Daniel Orduna 6 днів тому
toyota should bring back the celica fastback....with a V8!!!
Tim of Borg
Tim of Borg 6 днів тому
I love this guy always showing the world how stupid Americans all are
Severianos.workshop 6 днів тому
This is my favorite car you've ever driven. I used to have a 1980 Celica. It was also brown on brown. I got a set of celica supra rims fir it and painted the inset parts on the rims black. It was my favorite car I have ever owned. and I've owned 26 vehicles.
ogkillla 6 днів тому
The only reason it’s not a pile of rust is cause it spent most of its life in the west coast
Nick James
Nick James 6 днів тому
You're spot on with the first project. I just bought a 77 liftback from California and had it trailered to Illinois. My first project and I'm literally learning manual on this thing. Whether I bring it to a classic car show or a alley tuner meet, everyone loves it and I couldn't have asked for a better car. The jdm smile bumpers are a must.
xbladerunner 6 днів тому
My father had two 1977 1st one was totaled by my step sister. 2nd he drove the wheels off that thing. Both were the light tan with the shadow kit on the back window. He just loved that car and I thought it was the coolest car on the block as a kid.
cheese chisel
cheese chisel 7 днів тому
so intensely brown
Curtis Sherwood
Curtis Sherwood 7 днів тому
The 20R was maybe the best engine Toyota ever made. My sister put over 260,000 mile on one in a 1980 Celica GT Liftback. And she never maintained it properly either. It was still running fine when she sold it, though it had developed a small oil leak at the front main seal, probably caused by the super dirty oil that was always in it.
W M 7 днів тому
Nice illegal left turns directly into the outside lane.
W M 7 днів тому
Who the fuck threw their change in the trash? Punch that little fucker in the dick.
pezzonovante888 7 днів тому
Love the Ansa exhaust.
colin doyle
colin doyle 7 днів тому
we want roman tryinna to sing
colin doyle
colin doyle 7 днів тому
stand by for loads of errors in grammar and syntax from a so called english teacher but dont take offence it was only a internet joke
Julius Kingsley
Julius Kingsley 7 днів тому
When I was a kid my mother drove a Celica with *Pop Up Headlights* . She drove that thing so long the key wore out and fell out of the ignition once. She gave it to her sister who didn't have a car at the time and she ruined it on cheap gas. With some TLC I bet that thing would still be ruling the road today.
Chase Daniels
Chase Daniels 7 днів тому
100% the car I most regret selling. My 87k mile example was all of this, except black on black in better condition with no flaws. Why didn't I keep it?!😥
B chnts
B chnts 7 днів тому
It’s even prettier with the Japanese smiley bumpers
Southern Brew
Southern Brew 7 днів тому
I had this exact same car when I was in high school except mine was orange. I paid a modest price of $250 for the car back in 1989. Even though I had the car slammed to the ground, it never gave me any problems. Toyota's are simply undeniable!
William Phelps
William Phelps 7 днів тому
god I want one
phatphred 7 днів тому
My dad owned a 1971 model. The rear windows rolled down. As a kid, I loved that car. It rusted into oblivion eventually due to salt used during the winter in PA.
phatphred 7 днів тому
Worth mentioning that the '71 was a four speed.
dj red hare aus
dj red hare aus 7 днів тому
Love me a d series
Rudy Roman
Rudy Roman 7 днів тому
Beautiful cars
sirgallium 7 днів тому
brown town
Wayne Selby
Wayne Selby 7 днів тому
I had a 77/78 Canadian sr5 5 speed....same car but with a 1.8 litre. I also had a 1974 amc Hornet....so this was a sports car....even though I never got it over 95 miles an hour. I ran it though the Canadian Rockies like 10 times. Sometimes in record time.... yeah. Top Gear race worthy!
alex sklhros
alex sklhros 7 днів тому
AUDI 80 B1 GT 1.6 110 hp
szczupasia 7 днів тому
google, you're doin it right
Bogmire777 7 днів тому
The hotel parking lot vids are weakdick :`(
Colin W
Colin W 7 днів тому
As a late Baby Boomer (born 1959) this car brings back happy memories of my introduction to hot and tuneable Japanese sport compacts. You are right that these cars responds great to simple moderately priced bolt-ons. A set of Pacesetter long tube headers, a little hotter cam and if you had the coin a set of (40mm) Weber or Mikuni-Solex side draft carbs. Man you were flying!!! Easily pushing 175 to 200 HP at the crank . The real super hot engine swap for these cars was the JDM 2 liter 18R-G twin cam motor. Which a friend of mine did to his '77 Celica GT. After all the 20R was a slightly undersquare truck motor. A good motor for the US market b/c of lower end torque production but the 18R-G was a real revver.
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