1977 Toyota Celica GT: Regular Car Reviews

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The 1977 Celica GT is everything right about 70's car culture.
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11 лют 2019





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me3333 19 годин тому
The Celica GT was the MX-5 of the 70's
The Hat
The Hat 2 дні тому
A 304 Gremlin would smash that those were total dogs but fun.
Austin Carlson
Austin Carlson 2 дні тому
I would totally buy one and put a turbo on it
Zach Reynolds
Zach Reynolds 2 дні тому
FUNKOTRON 4 дні тому
So many of these in high school parking lots in the 80's.
Pete Quinones
Pete Quinones 6 днів тому
It's Beutiful 👍👍
AGwolf2097 7 днів тому
dunno if he has the right springs, that thing's bobbing like an EK civic on ebay specials
Isaac Jordan
Isaac Jordan 9 днів тому
Got a stock 280z you should review
Hershel Nightsbane
Hershel Nightsbane 9 днів тому
this is what the second generation mustang should have looked like.
Like Clockwork64
Like Clockwork64 9 днів тому
This is my favorite car
Dana W
Dana W 11 днів тому
He drives it in the Winter the rust fairy is going to kill it fast.
WarMonger Airsoft
WarMonger Airsoft 11 днів тому
Lost my shit at that Ruger LCR quip lmao
MrCade211 12 днів тому
I had a 1977 St great little car awesome probably be worth a mint now
damian flores
damian flores 13 днів тому
I had a yellow one. with a lighten flywheel, 22r block with 20r head for 10:1 compression, dual valve springs in the head, 308 cam, Doug thorley header, dual 44 mikuni carbs, with a 85 corrola lsd rear end. I would spank mildly modded 80's fox body mustangs on a daily. wish I still had it
Don Novicki
Don Novicki 17 днів тому
Always wanted on of these.
Faded Jate
Faded Jate 17 днів тому
That Celica is probably the best looking 70s car. Next to the Detomasa Pantera.
MrSuperdog1997 17 днів тому
Thanks, This my first car when I was 19 years old. Brought second hand $2200 in 1981. Have a lot of good memory with the car.
William Perrigo
William Perrigo 18 днів тому
It’s a very cool car but the tires seem too wide.
Jake2 21 день тому
They're so pricy in Australia. I had an RA60 but I sold it, wish I didn't... Would have loved to get a Weber on it and an exhaust and chuck out all the california emissions garbage
peter papadimitriou
peter papadimitriou 22 дні тому
peter papadimitriou
peter papadimitriou 22 дні тому
Cool I was born in '72
1976ClassicCelica 22 дні тому
I've had my 76 liftback for almost 25 years. Just got the 302 working with a C5 Ford 5 speed. Crazy fast. About 350 hp from the weak 90 or so hp. Now for a rear end update and front suspension. Want to make it a show car. I got mine up to 137 mph with the original motor years ago and the front end was shaking so bad. Scary fast but so fun. I will be sad the day I sell her.
Nathan Mofield
Nathan Mofield 24 дні тому
I wanted one of these from 1986.
Doug Lingle
Doug Lingle 25 днів тому
I had a 1973 Dodge Colt GT.....4 cylinder hemi with a 4 gear....it was awesome!!
Nick 25 днів тому
The county code on the license plate is Marion County, Indianapolis. What part of town is this Celica from?
John 27 днів тому
Car's from the 70's and road salt don't mix.
Spinnetti Місяць тому
77' Coupe was my first car! I had 3 of them... 38 Carb is too big.. 32/36 is a lot more drivable.
Plight_of_Icarus Місяць тому
Jesus, the more of this I watch, the more goy comes through. How did I not notice this the first episode. I heard the PC jokes, but that can be anyone. Then you started tagging on everything American, and American culture, and... then I saw the face.
HmongGuitarPlayer Місяць тому
Use to have one my first wife.
SecondLifeDesigner Місяць тому
My dad had a 1973 Toyota Celica. Yellow with black interior. Man I wish he had kept that car.
Godless Toyota
Godless Toyota 22 дні тому
My dad friend still have it and it's still functioning. His car is a 76 and I wish I can at least drive it
Timothy Irwin
Timothy Irwin Місяць тому
Is this not a second generation?
Steve Місяць тому
Which brown is best brown?
Matt Dock
Matt Dock Місяць тому
If you wanted a kick, you should do some research into the Datsun sedan and truck lines of the 70s as well. Not only were they posting similar (and in many cases better) power numbers, the community was able to "factory" hotrod most anything. The motors, transmissions, and suspension of the era was almost lego-like in interchangeability. Want more compression out of the 1.8 liter L series motor in your Datsun 510 or 610 or 710? Just grab the flat top pistons from an L28et. Want electronic ignition? Get a matchbox dizzy out of a later 70s Datsun 620. Need bigger brakes and little lower ride? Grab the front struts from a 280ZX. 5 speed swap? Pick a dogleg from a 200sx or a standard 5 speed from a later model S30 or S130 (or any of the 620 trucks of the later 70s). Pretty incredible how much Nissan was able to do with a single driveline platform from 1967-1982.
Amanda Joyce
Amanda Joyce Місяць тому
You were surprised that the engine seemed to lug at 50mph in 5th gear. Look at the stats. I had a ‘76 ST 5 speed. Gear ratio (and I’m only recalling what I think I remember from 1977 or 78) 4th gear was around .85:1 and 5th gear was around 1.17:1. You shouldn’t have shifted into 5th that soon. That car could easily hit over 115mph (stock, no fancy stuff). You forgot to mention the 1976 Pontiac Sunbird. I actually compared the two - as though there was any comparison. In my defence I had a relative working there. The Celica was easily my most fun car - far and away. I’m not a motorhead, I read the details on the transmission and those 2 bits of detail just sorta stuck. My Celica was Ice White with brown interior and I had the opportunity to park it beside a fastback Mustang it must have been designed after. The Mustang was pure white and beside real white you could see just the faintest blue tinge in the Celica’s colouring.
Thomas Lengner
Thomas Lengner Місяць тому
This is one video I can honestly say I do not agree with. My first car was a '79 Celica GT. It wasn't as responsive as this example, from all appearances. It was also not reliable.
Douglas Walker
Douglas Walker Місяць тому
The weird rev thing you talk about is from the synchronous 38mm Weber. The power is almost instantaneous in some applications, and you can even get a feedback loop going when starting out from a stop. Most people are happier with a non synchronous 32/36 Weber even though it is kind of pedestrian. The 38 is more of a race carb.
muchosa1 Місяць тому
I had a 1976 GT hardtop as my first car in 1986. I finally got rid of it in 1993 with 255k miles.
chez421 Місяць тому
Great car, had a red one, but stupidly sold it for Saab 99. Someone shoe-horned a Lexus SC430 engine into it, that went like a sled.
Robert Millsop
Robert Millsop Місяць тому
This reminds me of why I am so glad to have my 76 Civic.
Seamus322 Місяць тому
When I was a 21 y/o sailor in '77, the two cars I would have loved to have had was the "Slicka" GT or a BMW 2002- they're both on my post-powerball shopping list...
Shi Rou
Shi Rou Місяць тому
it runs forever! --- Scotty Kilmer
Steve Місяць тому
Poop brown on a sports car can only look good one one of late 70's vintage. As it does here.
Bad Axe
Bad Axe Місяць тому
My cousin bought one new. I think it was red. It was cool and all but it wasn’t close to my Firebird in performance or handing. Of course my Firebird was a 70 1/4 Formula 400. Not quite as lame as a 305. Wasn’t the fastest production vehicle of 76 or 77 the Lil Red Truck from Dodge? It was definitely not a season on powerful cars. Even the Corvettes were embarrassing.
fourhill Місяць тому
Had one identical, even brown, until it started rusting (lived in Colorado), sold it in 1983. Even though it handled like a boat it was run to drive.
person person
person person Місяць тому
My 77 el camino has a five digit odometer and it at either 90000 or 190000
Carl Spackler
Carl Spackler Місяць тому
I was looking for one of the mid 70s Celicas but they are very hard to come by. I think a Resto mod Celica with a hooked up 22R would be a neat little ride
Pilot On
Pilot On Місяць тому
I love that car. My father had one. As a matter of fact, that car sparked the ONLY fist fight my father and I ever had. long story but a funny one too. I’ll spare you all on it though.
Wolfe Tonic
Wolfe Tonic Місяць тому
Mom had a 1980 Corona wagon with the 20R and a 5 speed. It was 4.10 rear diff in a 7.5" ring gear like the 2wd pickups. That little car would bark third gear and you could peg it at 85 in third and have all of fourth and fifth to go. I wish I could find another. It was a fun, roomy, fast little car for a 4 banger.
Marks Liv
Marks Liv Місяць тому
Paul Bennell
Paul Bennell Місяць тому
I love those things! Such a good looking car, what a shape! Ok, the styling is blatantly stolen but who cares? Sure, it's a Mustang ripoff but it's a more manageable size.
JDM er
JDM er Місяць тому
2:52 did i just seen an R34
Gabriel Messam
Gabriel Messam Місяць тому
A doctor giving placebos to a diabetic may not be too dumb... Placebos are made out of glucose, i.e. sugar...
Petrol Key Planet
Petrol Key Planet Місяць тому
Non Car Guys: "Why this Mustang have a Toyota logo?"
PigEqualsBakon Місяць тому
a weber 38? damn that thing must be a fun gas guzzler.
Dann Marceau
Dann Marceau Місяць тому
I was seventeen in 1977, you didn't miss much.
Ender Місяць тому
My first car was an '81 Celica. Gutless, but a beautiful car inside and out, and built to last! I sold it with 239k miles, and it was still on the road 7 years later.
The Mozambest
The Mozambest Місяць тому
i bet that "LITTLE EGG BEATER" keeps 0 inertia unlike the displacement kings
Nicholas Merenda
Nicholas Merenda Місяць тому
It hurts watching that old girl being driven on salty indiana roads. At least It looks dry. Beautiful car
Richard Mcginnis
Richard Mcginnis Місяць тому
see this? all it needs is a little bit of muscle from today and a set of true spoke rims and it would be the looker it was the day it rolled off the showroom floor
brickforceyoung Місяць тому
Does anyone have thoughts on this as a first car to own as an adult?
spidey patil
spidey patil Місяць тому
Postyy ....just "Wow"
Harri Leivo
Harri Leivo Місяць тому
Those safety bumpers are such eye sore! Most beautiful toyota ever built.
Joseph Young
Joseph Young Місяць тому
nice its called: freefall melody, Roman
Adrian Місяць тому
I love 70s cars and I love my early 80s sedan :)
The modern mongoloid
The modern mongoloid Місяць тому
I had this same car but in blue back in 1999.. bought it in nice cond for $350, then sold it a couple yrs later for $300 after putting on 25k miles or so. It had the moonroof with a manual lever to operate.
Antonio Francisco Magaña Gómez
Antonio Francisco Magaña Gómez Місяць тому
I was born in 77... Now I know what's my spirit car!
L F 2nd
L F 2nd Місяць тому
My dad had one back in the day... hatchback! 👍 rest in peace dad
EvendimataE Місяць тому
its like a mini mustang and the 1st gen is like a mini camaro
helicopter weewee
helicopter weewee Місяць тому
I'd still take the Datsun Z over this, but the Celica GT is definitely gangsta. PS: Are you Jewish?
jack Macer
jack Macer Місяць тому
Once again....like the car, like the video!!! As long as it's on mute the whole time...
Roberto a
Roberto a Місяць тому
It's nice to see them drive a car they can pay tribute to, instead of mock..
junichi nomura
junichi nomura Місяць тому
Dodge neon in the background 1:58
Tracy Bieringer
Tracy Bieringer Місяць тому
I had 1978 it had 500000miles when I sold it was a great car.
Brian Ross
Brian Ross Місяць тому
I will never understand guys who get wet in the pants over rickety japanese tin cans and how they compare them to their American counterparts....its like "my piece of shit is better than your piece of shit"....its like the champion midget 50 meter dash winner bragging about how he is a champion 50 meter dasher......when he is in the handicapped league.
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson Місяць тому
This is wen toyota was awesome
ElyWrlds Місяць тому
i’m actually getting this lil shitbox as my first car holy fuck
Edward Tupper
Edward Tupper Місяць тому
One of my all time favourite cars. There was a 2.6 4 speed with electric overdrive. Also loved the mini Mustang, Mitsubishi's Colt GTO
Pure Stress
Pure Stress Місяць тому
I wonder how closely this applies to the 81 corona U.S.
Rich The Pontiac Guy S
Rich The Pontiac Guy S Місяць тому
I have 75 celica gt red with 29.000 miles check it out on my car story on you tube I am original owner
Marshall Shanklin
Marshall Shanklin Місяць тому
Ricer Douche:My mustang can beat your car Me:Dude that’s a celica
RCPro Driver
RCPro Driver Місяць тому
revs really nice, induction noise sounds good...complete opposite of my 2016 toyota corolla with CVT trans. Engine always sounds like it's lugging. Why modern cars about build to mute the induction sound is beyond me.
David Taylor
David Taylor Місяць тому
I used to have one in the early 80s. traded in my Mazda cosmo. Wish i had them both now.
Retromemories Місяць тому
Or the car you thought was in Grand Theft Auto.
Kev Doe
Kev Doe Місяць тому
This is my favorite end song Roman has ever done. Also your vocals have gotten AMAZING! :)
Kev Doe
Kev Doe Місяць тому
Michael Willever
Michael Willever Місяць тому
Love it.
Scott Foster
Scott Foster Місяць тому
I"ve got an 85 Celica GT-S Convertable and i love it. My dad has said it goes through corners better than his 06 Lexas is350. 320,000 ish miles on it if your wondering.
Bob Outélama
Bob Outélama Місяць тому
When I look at this car. I'm understanding where Toyota comes from and why they are where they are today. In the same time, I can only aknowledge that Kia and Hyundai are making the new Toyota's of our era.
durtydan 2 місяці тому
That is a cool car.
chuck fults
chuck fults 2 місяці тому
I remember back in 1975 (in SoCal) my next door neighbor debbie blevins(A good looker she was 2yrs older than me) bought a new 1974 celica gt for 4 grand with a 4 speed AND it had a FM radio! 25mpg WAS unheard of!
Chuck Lucas
Chuck Lucas 2 місяці тому
Does anyone see a smaller version of a 1970's Ford Torino ?
Jason Gibbs
Jason Gibbs 2 місяці тому
Love this car.. my step dad had like 4 of these and they were great. Did many of road trips laying down in the back and loved every minute of it. I wish I could find one to buy as nice as this. The GT was the ballz
RUHappyATM 2 місяці тому
Ouch, the gear shifts are harsh.
Landdrin MC
Landdrin MC 2 місяці тому
I have a 75 celica ST myself its also brown on brown
Mitchel 2 місяці тому
I would name it Elf
BIG JOE OUTDOORS 2 місяці тому
One of my all time favorite, love this shit brown box. So sleek looking, they don't make them like they used to.
Simple Man From Indiana
Simple Man From Indiana 2 місяці тому
I would still rather a classic american muscle but that car looks pretty good I do have to say.
Kenny C
Kenny C 2 місяці тому
I had a multitude of '78 and '79 Liftbacks. The first one was a blue automatic. The next three were 5-speed liftbacks. Then a '79 Celica Supra. Then years later I had an '84 Celica Supra. Durable, simple, and sporty. I miss those days.
Popeye The Sailor
Popeye The Sailor 2 місяці тому
I had one like this 30 years ago same color love it
Chad Ernst
Chad Ernst 2 місяці тому
Was not shocked when this guy said he drives a Subaru Forester
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