24 Hour Challenge in New Car! (PZ9's Fault)

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Today I am still wandering around trying to find place to stay. I then go back to Carter's house to sneak in and grab the keys to the Lincoln Navigator. I plan on staying in the my brand new car for 24 hours. I can't believe I have to resort to sleeping in a car all because of PZ9. Keep watching to find out what happens!

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18 сер 2019





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Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards 6 годин тому
Next video say sup Colby
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards 6 годин тому
Lamar’s Life
Lamar’s Life 11 годин тому
Let stove back in the house he is inoccent Melvin is pz9
Jack Ward
Jack Ward 12 годин тому
Valerie Maxine Lague
Valerie Maxine Lague 17 годин тому
Stove are you pz9
Yash Hirani
Yash Hirani День тому
Poor you come to my house if you want
Yash Hirani
Yash Hirani День тому
I feel so bad for you if I was carter I would let you speak
R Paul
R Paul День тому
Hey stove are you going to watch Ron the Cookie Monster
The Soccer Ninja
The Soccer Ninja 2 дні тому
Stove is awesome
Josh Gaskin
Josh Gaskin 2 дні тому
I saw the RESULTS.Stoves PZ9 Believe me! Like this!
Natalie Milicevic
Natalie Milicevic 2 дні тому
Did you get your pizza last night
Eduardo Aguilar
Eduardo Aguilar 3 дні тому
I love you stove ur the best
Seth Crawford
Seth Crawford 3 дні тому
stove you rule!!!
Nigel Hill
Nigel Hill 3 дні тому
😱 Give me a thumbs up if you feel bad sister and you want him in the house
a 3 дні тому
i love Ryan he is so helpful and i joined the give away!
Nicola Given
Nicola Given 3 дні тому
stove is nias
Nicola Given
Nicola Given 3 дні тому
bade carter
Alylah Richardson
Alylah Richardson 4 дні тому
IM_Night_Fury 4 дні тому
People are now thinking pz9 is Ryan, but watch the vid when stove gets kicked out, Ryan came in when pz9 was on facetime. So that's my proof that Ryan is innocent
Shafiq Kim
Shafiq Kim 4 дні тому
Get the pink teddy out it for hearing what you tqlk the teddy ia from projeck zorgo
Pepsi Ataboneg
Pepsi Ataboneg 4 дні тому
stove dat is so sad
Leigh Shore
Leigh Shore 5 днів тому
Like if Ryan works for pz9
Adweal Rozariyo
Adweal Rozariyo 5 днів тому
Hello this is me pz9.hahaha
Jacey Kawamoto
Jacey Kawamoto 5 днів тому
if you don't want carter to know you where in the house but what if he whaches this video
cotton candy
cotton candy 6 днів тому
He is not on your side RYAN
Paulo Miguel Caronan
Paulo Miguel Caronan 6 днів тому
Guys stove is pz9 he is a bad guy
Alex Gariano
Alex Gariano 6 днів тому
I love you
James Raymond
James Raymond 6 днів тому
Alex Ballantyne
Alex Ballantyne 6 днів тому
Nice pun
Jaden Burris
Jaden Burris 6 днів тому
that is soo sad stove
Samantha Mairena
Samantha Mairena 7 днів тому
Courtney Sable
Courtney Sable 7 днів тому
Brooklyn Moses popata
Brooklyn Moses popata 7 днів тому
U the best
Master Sushi
Master Sushi 7 днів тому
Master Sushi
Master Sushi 7 днів тому
let stove back i will unsub you you carter sharer
Ehimen Edohen
Ehimen Edohen 7 днів тому
Stove is pz9
Val'leeya Bastien
Val'leeya Bastien 7 днів тому
Let's go back in the house
Leigh Shore
Leigh Shore 7 днів тому
I like Ryan But his laugh was suspicious
3DaGhost 8 днів тому
Your the best
Suslene Langidrik
Suslene Langidrik 9 днів тому
He was laughing after you went when you were finish talking to Ryan do not trust him he is the pz9
Ibrahim Khan
Ibrahim Khan 9 днів тому
Don’t forget your charger
Beka Dani
Beka Dani 10 днів тому
Hi stove i oready subcribe to your channel and like your video!😁
Alicia Stewart
Alicia Stewart 10 днів тому
The car is big it is so cool to
ItzYaGirl COOKIE!!!!
ItzYaGirl COOKIE!!!! 11 днів тому
shannon phillipp
shannon phillipp 11 днів тому
let stove in the house
Charlie Thrive
Charlie Thrive 11 днів тому
I can't believe you were kicked out of the house
Melchora Gaballo
Melchora Gaballo 11 днів тому
We love you,stove😊😊😊😊
samrat zone
samrat zone 12 днів тому
We dont want any ipad we want you to arrange a house bro love you bro
zaedixon2 dixon
zaedixon2 dixon 12 днів тому
i’m so sorry stove
does does
does does 12 днів тому
Why did carter kick you out
Maggie Aguayo
Maggie Aguayo 12 днів тому
You are cool 😎🎫 am a boy 👦🏼 ok my name is max
Maggie Aguayo
Maggie Aguayo 12 днів тому
Lyndsie Jonte
Lyndsie Jonte 12 днів тому
Vy is a haker now see domp the spy nigh for ever and see will get powerful at the haker work plays do not just vy needy more
Hyper AlexGames
Hyper AlexGames 12 днів тому
carter is is iss i dont like him anymore because he kick stove for no reason and they break up woth lizz soo he is soo yuck lazy yuck looser
Masibulele Vongo
Masibulele Vongo 12 днів тому
if i may ask who is PZ9
JJsquad 12 днів тому
DONT TRUST RYAN pls pls pls pls like if you agree
Amara Mattos
Amara Mattos 13 днів тому
yuo noy to play a game
11. Hi Hi
11. Hi Hi 13 днів тому
Jason Clay
Jason Clay 13 днів тому
go with steven shere hes cater brother
Mark Li
Mark Li 13 днів тому
So. Stove. Aka Stoven. Vy got kicked out the spy ninjas. She failed a lie detector test. Sorry Vy and Stove.
Milla Purchase
Milla Purchase 13 днів тому
Only trust Liz and she should trust you since you are brother and sister
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