4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an omelet. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which omelet was the best?
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4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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21 тра 2019

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Mr. Jordan
Mr. Jordan 18 хвилин тому
level 3 isnt looking delicious
CaYlYa 32 хвилини тому
That’s a young scientist, she must be very smart
Caden Young
Caden Young 42 хвилини тому
I’ve lost all faith in Emily after the ketchup incident
Natasha Zinzan
Natasha Zinzan Годину тому
nobody: *lorenzo: so im going to start with bacon*
pseudop Годину тому
raw vegetables make omelets soggy but not high moisture goat cheese?
Western Pinoy Style of Cooking
Western Pinoy Style of Cooking Годину тому
Hi pls do subscribe also to my channel. western pinoy style of cooking. this will help you understand more about Filipino Cuisine combined with western culture. thank you
starbucksprincess Годину тому
LORENZO NEEDS HIS OWN SHOW! I’ve said it in every video he’s been in in hopes SOMEONE from food network will notice
J M 2 години тому
Just thought I know how to cook omlet then saw chefs cooking... panic mode 50% .... saw this science stuff we need to remember panic mode 100%..😅 well I concluded I don't know how to cook omlet
Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas 2 години тому
Where tf is the 4th level of omelet?
Pyrus McDougz
Pyrus McDougz 2 години тому
idk why but that food scientist pisses me off !
smart one
smart one 2 години тому
I’m sure level 3 tastes fine but it looks horrible compared to the other two.
Somali Pirate
Somali Pirate 2 години тому
Nobody: Frank: I birth and butcher my cows
Zubair 93
Zubair 93 3 години тому
Don't forget the BACON folks.
xX_Savitar_Xx -
xX_Savitar_Xx - 4 години тому
This Is the least generic level 3 chef ever
Arnav Rawat
Arnav Rawat 4 години тому
Lorenzo is a beast for level 2
Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed 4 години тому
Amazing BTW I can make all three omelettes🌟🌟
666 Noel
666 Noel 4 години тому
I Litterly Just Watched This Then Right After That We Had Omelet For Dinner
blue Flames
blue Flames 5 годин тому
Nobody: Lorenzo: omg WOOOOOOOW!
Leonaidas Yexel Gabral
Leonaidas Yexel Gabral 5 годин тому
food expert: Eggs are composed of two different parts me: testicles and pen*s? food expert: the egg white and the yolk
Dancho Danchov
Dancho Danchov 6 годин тому
where is Rose??
selena gomez tapi fake
selena gomez tapi fake 7 годин тому
5:26 if you think that laugh is creepy, you should hear mine
Planet Art
Planet Art 8 годин тому
Level 2 looks best, level 1 was OK too, but I really hated the level 3 one 😂
David Chestnut
David Chestnut 9 годин тому
I HATE Lorenzo, get that guy outta here. His energy is annoying.
Kei 9 годин тому
I hope lorenzo never runs out of recipes so we can see him forever
sharita sarmah
sharita sarmah 9 годин тому
I loved Lorenzo's omelette 👌👌
Jayden Domenech
Jayden Domenech 10 годин тому
Level 2 chief had the best looking one
Taneleer Tivan
Taneleer Tivan 11 годин тому
Wheres the food expert?!!!
kira berg friis
kira berg friis 11 годин тому
Leve 3
Amresh Kumar
Amresh Kumar 12 годин тому
What is this, omletto de universtei ...... ??
Android3k 12 годин тому
Everytime I make an omelet it ends up as franken scrambled eggs.
Mark C
Mark C 13 годин тому
Hi, I'm Marq and I'm a level 99 chef.
Ernesto Vladimir Aguilar Paravicino
i prefer the chinese guy one
DRK_V1RO 13 годин тому
dad:son who do you want to be when you will be older me:i want to be lorenzo dad:why me:because il be happy
Daniel Lugo
Daniel Lugo 13 годин тому
Wow I've been doing this for 30 years I gotta say the first 2 "chefs" really suck!
FinallyAFreeUsername 14 годин тому
That's... not a Spanish onion.
Figmental 14 годин тому
Well... I guess I have been making omelettes (and yes that is the CORRECT spelling) wrong all this time: 1. Crack eggs into bowl 2. Remove shell from egg mixture because it is inevitable that some will get in (life hack: wet the tip of your fingers before trying to get the shell out, it makes it so much easier!!) 3. Add salt and lots of pepper, and a splash of milk (trust me) 4. Chop up fillings (usually all colours of capsicum) 5. Add in filling 6. Using small whisk, whisk everything together 7. Melt a small amount of butter in the pan 8. Pour in omelet mixture and let cook 9. When it is only slightly jiggly on the top, slide omelet out of the pan and onto plate making sure to fold it as you slide Eat!
ailatoivay 14 годин тому
im glad she didnt put ketchup in there
duolingo bird
duolingo bird 16 годин тому
Why dose level 3 look so disgusting
Bjørn Aslak Dallmann
Bjørn Aslak Dallmann 16 годин тому
Level 5: Nutritionist. Level 6: Holistic hipster gardener. Level 7: Food philosopher. Level 8: ... suggestions?
Bjørn Aslak Dallmann
Bjørn Aslak Dallmann 7 годин тому
Chicken Fight first thought that was an insult comment 😂
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 9 годин тому
Chicken Fight
Chicken Fight 9 годин тому
your mum
forgiveness denied
forgiveness denied 17 годин тому
$4 $8 $28
Praesepi× 18 годин тому
Oh god MOIST omlet
MACMETALFACE 18 годин тому
I am a level suck my nuts i live in Japan and always have real wagyu in my fridge chef!
Runjiazhang Gaming
Runjiazhang Gaming 18 годин тому
Gordon Ramsay has joined the chat
Natalie Muñoz
Natalie Muñoz 19 годин тому
I love Lorenzo!!
FLUX 20 годин тому
This video made me really want an omelette
Ricky Roma
Ricky Roma 20 годин тому
Level three omelet looks like dog sh#$
Ricky Roma
Ricky Roma 20 годин тому
Hi I'm a level three chef, and a hard core Lesbion.
John Currie
John Currie 20 годин тому
I just commented and my text was hijacked
Sagn C
Sagn C 21 годину тому
But ultimately it's 11g protein per omlete.
Hamburgerboi 18
Hamburgerboi 18 22 години тому
I’m probably the only person here, but I wanna try Barb’s omelette
Xpertality 22 години тому
Hey Epicurious, I watched your 50 people try to make a pancake and thought that you could do a 4 levels of pankakes.. Anyway it's just a suggestion. I love this series so keep up the good work
Ippiki Õkami
Ippiki Õkami 23 години тому
But it's only three levels of chef... To say the science is the fourth is a sham, science isn't cooking... Not that it can be considered science either, as it's just discussing what's good with each one and cooking isn't a science, it's an art style and not because of the colours, but everything from presentation to taste palettes to even how it makes you feel
I Don't Suck
I Don't Suck 23 години тому
Nobody Absolutely nobody Level 3 Chef: At 3AM I like to grow my table because it’s more fresh
Jayin gee
Jayin gee 12 годин тому
Then i make my own plates because Then i dont need to peel Then(?)
Abdullah Al Sefat
Abdullah Al Sefat 23 години тому
Lorenzo is the best
habibtanos 23 години тому
Level 3 is wrong on whisking, side to side is better .. its proven
D Jaquith
D Jaquith День тому
Personally don't like my omelettes to taste like a bowl of potpourri. Worse the first thing in the morning I don't need exotic concoctions messing up my stomach.
elias rolfsman
elias rolfsman День тому
is it only me that always think that the level 2 look the best?
Bibsquid 707
Bibsquid 707 День тому
I like that Barb’s omelet is vegetarian
DDoms99 День тому
Level 3 is pure unnecessary show off because nobody in their right mind would look for wild mushrooms and goat cheese for their breakfast omelette.
May Day
May Day День тому
Finally a level 3 chef that doesnt say "I have been a professional chef for 4 years". at the beginning.
utubesuxalotofazz День тому
These videos are crap. There is almost nothing separating the cooks but ingredients and the top chef is pretentious. Most of the choices they make are based on personal taste and have nothing to do with food quality. The herb omellete has far too much herb in it. There is no way you can even taste the egg. The second guy would be fired from any breakfast place because he likes runny eggs. you know who doesn't like runny eggs? especially omelletes? Almost everyone. Also I am 99% sure the top chefs omelette is actually scrambled eggs. None of these actually look good and I would be upset getting that in a restaurant. The first one is fine as its a home chef. The second one is a mess as most of the ingredients were thrown on top for whatever reason. The third is scrambled herbs with egg. I only have a decade of experience but I have seen better omelettes at denny's
New sub
New sub День тому
These are cool, but, I don't know how to *bold* letters in comments. Who knows?
Shark Arnivore
Shark Arnivore День тому
Second one sounds the best. The "best" one probably tastes the worst. ha.
angery dogger
angery dogger День тому
Emily's awesome, I bet it tasted great!
Dinosaur island 123 Sentry
Dinosaur island 123 Sentry День тому
Good thing Emily didn’t put ketchup
Radspakr День тому
I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow.
Zesty День тому
+1 If you skip the level 4 creepy lady
Smoky Joker Dragon
Smoky Joker Dragon День тому
Emily is a gift to the world.
KEVIN18 THE PRO День тому
Hi im a level 100 boss
GALAXYツ День тому
Level 1 college student Level 2 home dad Level 3 home mom
Avondale 828 Nevafold
Avondale 828 Nevafold День тому
Who leaves when the level 4 person comes on?
Marius Periwinkle
Marius Periwinkle День тому
What about a level 0 chef. Someone who doesn’t cook and have never tried the recipe before?
Bronze Bronze
Bronze Bronze День тому
A mong named Lorenzo. I think I've seen everything.
SamUWA День тому
Can you do a 4 levels on paella
Ne Ne
Ne Ne День тому
Hi im lorenzo and im gay 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Big Sipp
Big Sipp День тому
You should have gotten Wilson Fisk as the level 3 omelette chef
John Smith
John Smith День тому
I don't call that expert I call that "over white rice."
Swagimir Putin
Swagimir Putin День тому
Jordyn Bryan
Jordyn Bryan День тому
wtf, where’s my girl P?!
Tony Garcia
Tony Garcia День тому
Emily you’re disgusting
mo mo
mo mo День тому
That French prepared omelette was a lil overdone, consistency and texture looked off
Ali Coutinho
Ali Coutinho День тому
I love Lorenzo ok
Earth Ambience
Earth Ambience День тому
More like level 1:no idea, level 2: delusional, level 3: teacher, level 4:never actually cooked
jazzman День тому
Why delusional?
Lee G
Lee G День тому
I think Lorenzo is the best chef because he’s a pretty advanced chef but he’s not too serious and griddy about it and actually shows personality when he cooks. And honestly I think almost everyone could relate to him as that wacky uncle or something
TheTacticalBarrage День тому
Don't you mean two cooks and one chef.
G Samuel
G Samuel День тому
for dinner:)
Mr. Khan
Mr. Khan День тому
The home food is looking the best
Jonathan Nguyen
Jonathan Nguyen День тому
Idk why, but Lorenzo's food be looking like a snack compared to the others.
Wisdom Chicken
Wisdom Chicken День тому
But what if I’m a level 100 boss?
Mich _28
Mich _28 День тому
I always like Lorenzo’s dishes
Joseph Ornelas
Joseph Ornelas День тому
If you think Lorenzo's food looks the best, you're a peasant. Straight up.
Depression needs Concession
Depression needs Concession День тому
Level 3 chef looks like an ogre
cat addict
cat addict День тому
Me at 12:00pm with my phone on 3:10
gyrophysics ,
gyrophysics , День тому
Who else prefers Lorenzo’s omelet
NorghetXgmd День тому
Nobody: Level 3 chef: I like to grow my own chickens
Landon 14
Landon 14 День тому
Just saying why is the home cooks food look way more appetizing
ItzzRiyadh День тому
I thought the professional chef was gonna make an egg white omelet
Nilay Dutta Gupta
Nilay Dutta Gupta День тому
From 7:44 it sounds like a rap
ange8770 ange8770
ange8770 ange8770 День тому
i love lorenzo hes da bested xD
wubs23 День тому
If she was a real scientist she wouldn't use Fahrenheit..
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