4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an omelet. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which omelet was the best?
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4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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21 тра 2019

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Cella Cello
Cella Cello 2 години тому
As a chef I was taught to do exactly level 3 but I'm personally, religiously, always be in level 2. Bacon, cheese, and egg will never fail your life 🖤🖤🖤
SuperDynamite666 3 години тому
Levels? No such thing, what U make & then like eating completely, is level 100!!
TF4D 150
TF4D 150 4 години тому
When you have to eye ball something when it comes to cooking, you know you are a level 1 chef. Lol!
Palak Maniar
Palak Maniar 6 годин тому
I just wanted to check where I stand...n I am a 2.5 level chef...😅
Daniel Pedroza
Daniel Pedroza 6 годин тому
Lorenzo’s is the best
anpdm1 6 годин тому
Lorenzo for the win.
Draggy654 6 годин тому
I cant believe u guys didn’t try to get Gordon Ramsay to be in the vid
Draggy654 6 годин тому
Then u have gordon at lvl 10
Tygz Dk
Tygz Dk 6 годин тому
U know she’s a level 1 chef, when she cut likes this 0:40
Srinath Chippa
Srinath Chippa 7 годин тому
She look like Layla London
MyLyfeThruTheLens 9 годин тому
The professional chef’s omelet looked really gross while the other two looked really good. Emily’s looked awesome. I just would’ve added a little cheese.
drek bryson
drek bryson 9 годин тому
I like the amateur and the regular cook
Lesmes Romero
Lesmes Romero 9 годин тому
Chef Ramsey said to never add salt till the eggs are cooked...... He said it makes them dark!
personface1 10 годин тому
Why is everything Lorenzo makes always the best!
Umar Butt
Umar Butt 10 годин тому
I would say I am on level 1.5
Esme Hamer
Esme Hamer 12 годин тому
We all know the level 2 chef is the best
Esme Hamer
Esme Hamer 12 годин тому
Not sure why Americans don’t pronounce the ‘h’ in herbs. What is an erb.
Trey Dill
Trey Dill 13 годин тому
That egg mixing part has to be the funniest and grossest thing I’ve ever heard.
Max Capala
Max Capala 14 годин тому
Max Capala
Max Capala 14 годин тому
Adding water into an omelet is like making hot chocolate with water, you just don’t do it
ramtham007 15 годин тому
is it just me or does this barb look like the barb from stranger things
Ben Magder
Ben Magder 17 годин тому
Lorenzo is actually secretly a level 99 chef
Erika Samuelson
Erika Samuelson 18 годин тому
Can we have an episode where level 5 is Gordon Ramsey?
María José Umaña
María José Umaña 19 годин тому
Lorenzo is the bessttttt cheffff 😍😍
GeloSlash 21
GeloSlash 21 21 годину тому
Im level 0
Hari Venkat
Hari Venkat 21 годину тому
Level 1 topping not boiled and not combined. Level 2 and 3 looks good
Dark Horse
Dark Horse 22 години тому
I was waiting for the dishes to be rated and a winner to be announced 🍳🍳
Advyth День тому
Lvl 1 chef: tastes like garbage but okay Lvl 2 Chef: Looks and tastes good Lvl 3 Chef: Looks like my horses vomit and tastes like..... dogshit
Daniel P
Daniel P День тому
Level 1: *makes ordinary food* Level 2 *same thing but a little bit fancy* Level 3 m a k e s w h o l e d I f f e r e n t m e a l
Justin Shivrattan
Justin Shivrattan День тому
Level1:big sister Level2:big brother Level3:transgendered mother
Jaden’s Shoes
Jaden’s Shoes День тому
Guess this is what barb is doing in the upsidedown becoming a level three chef
siddharth panchal
siddharth panchal День тому
I never knew that one could do a Thesis on an omelette.
Jessica Ooi
Jessica Ooi День тому
Tbh........ I really don't like Lorenzo..... He is too attention seeking to me
Cherry Angel
Cherry Angel День тому
Yolks have some fat in them, too. It's why you don't want any yolk in your egg white if you're making meringue.
min may Ngo
min may Ngo День тому
please do tacos next
Lizzy krueger
Lizzy krueger День тому
Lorenzo’s looks the tastiest tbh
EPMD Films
EPMD Films День тому
1 honestly goes hard with the hot sauce
James Smith
James Smith День тому
That food scientist is cute af. 😍😍😍💕
Erik Garcia Romio
Erik Garcia Romio День тому
Lorenzo's for sure
Blanca Rodriguez
Blanca Rodriguez День тому
Idk why but i don’t trust this food scientist
SimplySarah День тому
Level 3: I like to whisk my eggs with a home made wooden fork
Sumomo momomo
Sumomo momomo День тому
Level 2 always has the most appetizing looking
Chow ?
Chow ? День тому
i love emily she’s the best
Jonathan Betz
Jonathan Betz День тому
Put Ketchup and Cheescake in there.
Emagns День тому
She might be an expert but I would not eat that 🤢🤮
SuperNovaJinckUFO День тому
Why do the level 2s always look the best. Like, the level 3 is always trying to show off and make something "alternative"
Dylan Reed
Dylan Reed День тому
Level 3 over here over handling it
Molly Demetria
Molly Demetria День тому
I feel like the Level 1 prolly taste the best
Unknown День тому
Why is a 12 year old explaining everyone's dish to me
Avenexful День тому
they reduced the moisture from food to make it less moist... every 60 seconds a minute passes in africa...
Sebastian Vargas
Sebastian Vargas День тому
Minus the veggies, Lorenzo’s looks the best, but level 2 always makes the best
Yeah Buddy
Yeah Buddy День тому
Salt desolves proteins? I need my proteins!!!
Shalini Rana
Shalini Rana День тому
Why are the level one chefs always so unconfident? Maybe level one means “I cook twice, maybe three times a week”
PurplewolfyXD gachagirl
PurplewolfyXD gachagirl День тому
level one:I bought the eggs from the grocery store level two:I got these eggs from uncles my farm level 3: *As a professional chef i raised my own chicken*
Benjamin Liang
Benjamin Liang День тому
Barb uses hen of the woods mushrooms (I think)
FelisTerras День тому
Hands down, Lorenzo wins. You can't go wrong with bacon.
Crisu20 2 дні тому
Lorenzo looks more pro than anyone over there
ej velono
ej velono 2 дні тому
Im weirded out out of lorenzo cause he laughs that it is not funny
غادة ثائر
غادة ثائر 2 дні тому
Lorenzo is something 😂 He is so energetic❤
Cameron Arredondo
Cameron Arredondo 2 дні тому
Lmao I love the level 1 chef’s personality Pro chef: I am going to use wild mushroom and goat cheese Level 1: I got precooked ham
I N S E C U R EE 2 дні тому
emily actually did ok for once
Bevis Wu
Bevis Wu 2 дні тому
Dang the new food scientist is kinda cute
Matheus Vidoti
Matheus Vidoti 2 дні тому
that piping bag was so useless
Dodger 2 дні тому
Lorenzo’s omlet looked fire 🤤
SangYoon Park
SangYoon Park 2 дні тому
i honestly don’t understand why people complex dishes like this, an omelet is just like supposed to be an easy thing to make for like breakfast. I mean no hate no shade🤠
Alex S
Alex S 2 дні тому
I’m like a 2.75 chef. Weird in between chef.
lisa.stan101 2 дні тому
Food scientist: hopefully you can incorporate some of these elements and techniques to your recipe Me: yeah, hopefully(but ended up boiling the eggs because im too lazy)
Recheyungel Obeketang
Recheyungel Obeketang 2 дні тому
I wish there was a japanese omlete oin this video
Kelsey S
Kelsey S 2 дні тому
Why is no one talking about the raw peppers?!? 🤮
Jay 2 дні тому
Say whatever but Emily's Level 1 omelet is the best
Sylvester Ogletree
Sylvester Ogletree 2 дні тому
I thought I was a level 2, but I'm clearly a 1
Cody Garcia
Cody Garcia 2 дні тому
NotFBI 2 дні тому
Level 3 looks the worst
Mithi 2 дні тому
She really needed that piping bag. Made things so easier
Dave H.
Dave H. 2 дні тому
2:05 But there's nothing else in your mixing bowl dude. You can just check for shells in there.
July Myers
July Myers 2 дні тому
They always use the level 2’s food for the intro picture like at 0:35 but then they act like level 3’s is better... lol okay
Bob Joe
Bob Joe 2 дні тому
I love watching Lorenzo cook
J_genesis 2 дні тому
The level 3 one looks soulless
Alla Reinfeldt
Alla Reinfeldt 2 дні тому
I loved how they all said butter at the same time at 3:43
Fresh Hetai
Fresh Hetai 2 дні тому
Level 1: hi im ______ and im a level 1 chef Level 2: hello im ______ and i am a level 2 chef Level 3: Hello my name is ____ and ive been cooking for 5.5 trillion years.
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