5 Foods You're Eating Wrong | The 10s

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5 foods you're eating wrong.
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5 Foods You're Eating Wrong | The 10s




16 бер 2019





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Lora Elizabeth Jones
Lora Elizabeth Jones 5 днів тому
REACT #TheStruggleIsReal with the pineapple 🍍
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge 11 днів тому
+Suhaani Dhawan no
Derrek solomon
Derrek solomon 13 днів тому
REACT when you eat the pineapple that way the best way to do it is to get the most ripped one the more orange-ish the more easier it is to pull/peel the pineapple and the more juices come out just letting you know
Enoch Wagers
Enoch Wagers 14 днів тому
Austin was funny shut the front door
HyperXV7 2 години тому
5:00 who else licks the frosting then starts eating it? Just me, oh well sorry.
Camilla _gaming and more
Camilla _gaming and more 2 години тому
I love chicken wings so its a good advice
Angelica Villalv
Angelica Villalv 3 години тому
My dad always eats pineaple like that
Lacy LaTray
Lacy LaTray 3 години тому
Just eat it how you want lmao
Love_teddy_msp Msp
Love_teddy_msp Msp 3 години тому
Did he just say there’s not pit? It’s a strawberry not a peach 😂
F-zero91maru 3 години тому
Tori is funny her reactions are priceless
Aden Xiong
Aden Xiong 4 години тому
Most of the time the people are either purposely fully getting it wrong just to prove their right or their just really and and aren’t trying...
Vlogs with Mario
Vlogs with Mario 4 години тому
I did the same thing with the strawberry it din't work
JC Gunderson
JC Gunderson 4 години тому
“I am shooketh” -Austin 2019
unicorn life
unicorn life 5 годин тому
Wow! I can't believe I was doing it wromg!
syd cam
syd cam 6 годин тому
i've been eating cupcake sandwiches for YEARS lmao
Dalton Hamar
Dalton Hamar 6 годин тому
I wish there was an easy way to debone the kfc chicken legs 😂😂
WILD WOLF 6 годин тому
This is like try not to get Mad
Kawaii Gamer
Kawaii Gamer 8 годин тому
Brandon is smart Like if u agree
Calysta Wagy
Calysta Wagy 9 годин тому
My sister already does the cupcake sandwich
Baldina -
Baldina - 10 годин тому
Me:that’s cool Guy: 7:16
Nazreen Abu
Nazreen Abu 10 годин тому
U need a over ripe pineapple to do that
Razak Idris
Razak Idris 10 годин тому
try eat sushi with fork & snacks using chopstick
Eliana’s Arts and Animations :3
Eliana’s Arts and Animations :3 10 годин тому
Strawberries aren’t cherries. THERES NO SEED, NO PIT!
ArcticBreadstick _
ArcticBreadstick _ 11 годин тому
I lick the frosting off my cupcake then I eat the rest.
Alec Aguillard
Alec Aguillard 11 годин тому
10:18 Tori, you used a knife to cut the bottom of the cupcake
Crazy Racoon
Crazy Racoon 12 годин тому
5 Easy Ways to eat food
Experimental World69
Experimental World69 13 годин тому
The toblerone one does not work with the big bars
ALEXIS SANTANA 16 годин тому
BONELESS WATERMELON!!!!!!! Wait no boneless pineapple!
DigestiveCeremony 18 годин тому
I'm 34-years-old, and Emily is the first person I've ever heard of to break off a Toblerone with their mouth. I thought everyone just broke off the pieces individually with their hands. That was my mind blown experience from this video.
Roboticfalcon21 18 годин тому
5:01 "but who's gonna do that at a party?" Me: *Slowly raises hand and looks down in shame*
Shishtar Shandy
Shishtar Shandy 13 годин тому
Roboticfalcon21 sAmE :c
Leeann Villahermosa
Leeann Villahermosa 19 годин тому
I would rather eat it whatvere I want it's still food😑😑
Statiic_Toby 20 годин тому
My names toby and my mum and dad call me toblerone
GeekGamer 14 годин тому
Statiic_Toby Ok toblerone
Gilberto  Guzman
Gilberto Guzman 20 годин тому
Pineapples weren't ripe enough to peel easily
DynamixProductionzX 22 години тому
3:05 Maybe even a better solution *Buy Boneless Wings*
Gilberto  Guzman
Gilberto Guzman 20 годин тому
Bone gives it a different taste
Jimin's lost Jams
Jimin's lost Jams 23 години тому
React to 'Dogs protecting their owners'
sky_lover yt 13 kitty fun
sky_lover yt 13 kitty fun 23 години тому
ThatTrend 23 години тому
our toblerones in Australia is massive
jibril hasan
jibril hasan 23 години тому
The chicken wing basically turns it in to a chicken nugget
FuriousPigman XD
FuriousPigman XD 23 години тому
I’ve been doing the cupcake thing ever since I was 6
Internet Persona
Internet Persona День тому
“Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets”. Bro, that’s true... Dats true.. @ 6:49 I died🤣
Marcel Salz
Marcel Salz День тому
Just clicked on the video on hoping i can eat toblerone without hurting myself... Yea never.... What was i thinking?
Melody Arenas
Melody Arenas День тому
The pineapple one is going to change my life.
KingEagle362 День тому
2:30 yeah it's called boneless wings
Royal Queen
Royal Queen День тому
boneless pizza
Penguin Gamer
Penguin Gamer День тому
Mariuggg 14 годин тому
penguingamerpro gamer2000
penguingamerpro gamer2000 День тому
aartzy День тому
The strange womans way *WAY BETTER*
Rainbowlite22 P
Rainbowlite22 P День тому
The pineapple should be in a try not to get mad challenge video And also eating a Toblerone shouldn’t it all depend if you are left or right handed? To decide which way is easier?
Lobster День тому
the pineapple was not ripe xD
Nathaniel Ortiz
Nathaniel Ortiz День тому
I eat my cupcakes whole
Yøshoki День тому
There isn’t a correct way to eat food. I eat my food however I want. I eat my food the way that makes me happy
mali_grande День тому
Yøshoki HAHA thats cute
Sam Hill
Sam Hill День тому
This video screams first world problems.
Happy Pineapple
Happy Pineapple День тому
I haven’t been eating cupcakes normally since I was in second grade! I always make Cupcake sandwiches. Now, it’s weird to eat it normally.
SuperSquirrelMan31 Hi
SuperSquirrelMan31 Hi День тому
So they are telling me that they never did the sandwich way. What?!?!
ooh lala
ooh lala День тому
no wonder they're called STRAW-berries!
Morocco Killer
Morocco Killer День тому
Your pineapples are broken
J День тому
That cupcake “trick/hack” is so old lol
Jay Jin
Jay Jin 12 годин тому
J The toblerone one is even older. I've been doing it for years with bigger toblerone sizes
Jam Sauce
Jam Sauce День тому
9:07 not gonna lie, that was pretty smoove.
Jam Sauce
Jam Sauce День тому
The strawberry thing is kinda stupid. It can be messy and it is a bit extra, what if you have nothing to pierce it with? All i do is remove the stem and eat it whole, simple.
Alex Gaming
Alex Gaming День тому
The pineapple wasn't ripe thats why it didnt work
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl День тому
With the cupcake one I always just rip the bottom off
Gamer girl Letz play
Gamer girl Letz play День тому
Um the last one or whatever it’s called I never eaten before so I don’t know :/
Army forever
Army forever День тому
It’s from Switzerland
Team N.D.L.
Team N.D.L. День тому
In UK they're pretty common.
Jibriil Mohamoud
Jibriil Mohamoud День тому
The netherlands
Gamer girl Letz play
Gamer girl Letz play День тому
Jibriil Mohamoud what country
Jibriil Mohamoud
Jibriil Mohamoud День тому
You can find them everywhere in the country i live
/ένα_1\ День тому
I eat the leaves off the strawberries
itz Dante
itz Dante 20 годин тому
You can it’s nothing wrong with that but ya
Sammy Plays
Sammy Plays День тому
You need to cut with the zig zags on the pineapple
Nathan’s random pic feds
Nathan’s random pic feds День тому
Tori says some of them need utensils or something extra, so she chooses the one you need a utensil to do.
Nicole Time
Nicole Time День тому
6:08 got me deadddddd 💀
Julian Marco
Julian Marco День тому
If anything this video kind or debunks some of them or prove them.
Alex World
Alex World День тому
I already e like half of these hacks they are really smart
itz Dante
itz Dante 20 годин тому
Alex World lol you think half of them are smart not a single one of them are helpful
SSR SHADOW День тому
Tori is such a mood and like the honest opinion lol. Kennedy couldn't do most of the stuff because she didn't want to get dirty at all..... you could tell she didn't want to get stuff in her nails and stuff, lol.
Daisy Cole
Daisy Cole День тому
The pineapple has to be ripe enough to do it. Like the pineapple has to be yellow on the outside no green.
Kayla Thacker
Kayla Thacker День тому
I would but I have plans with my kids that I wanna do myself.
atl4nz. День тому
Ive never even tried Toblerone, idk why but i think it has coconut in it :/
Experimental World69
Experimental World69 13 годин тому
There is no coconut in the original one but there is a variety of bars coconut being one of them
Jewel De los Reyes
Jewel De los Reyes День тому
Graeme Clayton
Graeme Clayton День тому
thats the way ive always eaten toblerone
MJS Vlogs
MJS Vlogs День тому
I New the cupcake on since nursery school lol
A Pignatello
A Pignatello День тому
This is one of the most informational videos on UKvid
Kloud Mode
Kloud Mode День тому
Brandon is the best💥💥💥
Maria Cotton candy
Maria Cotton candy День тому
6:57 ALWAYS complains like just deal with it
itzmeziyaaa День тому
9:08 is liiitttt
Justin Jonathan
Justin Jonathan День тому
The pineapple needs to be ripe. Most of theirs were green
Johann Cortes
Johann Cortes День тому
Honestly, every food hack made me HUNGRY!! 😋 I feel like eating pineapples 🍍 and cupcakes 🧁 and other food!
Player Unknown
Player Unknown День тому
The cupcake one is just a glorified semla.
Joris tammes
Joris tammes День тому
I like the guy with the hat and the beard. He already knows so much.
Joris tammes
Joris tammes 22 години тому
Yes its brandon, i saw that the video i watched after this one😂. Il check is channel.
Esthela Potato !
Esthela Potato ! День тому
Brandon? He has a UKvid channel with his friends TheCrazyGorilla
Ali Fadayee
Ali Fadayee День тому
I already knew the chicken wing one
Yo mom Ha
Yo mom Ha День тому
Vision OCE
Vision OCE День тому
Jahaziel Davila
Jahaziel Davila День тому
rosetae 75
rosetae 75 День тому
god i was always eating the cupcake in the sandwich way I’m smart y’all
Rosa Oro
Rosa Oro День тому
The strawberry one is kinda dumb, you can just pull it off🤷‍♀️
murdered by malice
murdered by malice День тому
They're not the right way if they're just ways of being extra when eating the food plus they can't be right if a very VERY small amount of the population doesn't do whatever they're doing just call them "food hacks (but not really)"
Kevin Jiang
Kevin Jiang День тому
Erm who tf sticks pointed chocolate bar that is designed to be broken into pieces straight unto their mouth and bite down and expect not for their gums to be pierced to pieces.
TSLSAVAGE1 День тому
Actually boneless wings are actually the wings with the bone out not chicken nuggets BTW
Patrick Trinidad
Patrick Trinidad День тому
you should not take the toblerone off the packaging that will hold it so you can pick it one by one.. and it was more useful if the toblerone came from the fridge.. its harder to pick it the other way..
Patrick Trinidad
Patrick Trinidad День тому
the cupcake part is for evenly eating with frosting..
Alexa Gacha
Alexa Gacha День тому
*I'm so unlucky I freakin' eat the chocolate and the chicken wings yesterday but the wrong way, I wish I could change back the time so I could do the right way to eat it*
Landon Loomis
Landon Loomis День тому
I did the cupcake one senses kindergarten and I am on fifth grade
Kittyart05 День тому
5:00 JUST PUT THE WHOLE ThING IN YO MOUTH BROTHER!! it Aint ganna bite you
EA PLAYS День тому
3:33 ''twist a little bit'' puts 9000 megatons of force into wing
Kayla Snethun
Kayla Snethun День тому
I feel like some of these people are lazy
Phương Hải Lê
Phương Hải Lê День тому
Yang Subin - Delicious Food Eating Compilation | Eating sushi train Subscribe for more videos ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-k50I95y0Vik.html yt3.piee.pw/G93GT
Mr Troll V2
Mr Troll V2 2 дні тому
Wow my man “I am shookith.” 6:39
Broken Brooklyn
Broken Brooklyn День тому
Mr Troll V2 😂
Real Shook
Real Shook День тому
littleeleven 11
littleeleven 11 2 дні тому
who eats a toblarone like straight away ? 😂
Mariana Garcia
Mariana Garcia 2 дні тому
If you are eating the cupcake that way... just get a piece of cake with filling... that's it
KBH PLAYS 2 дні тому
I just eat the whole strawberry green part and all
Ehh День тому
Carter Stepanick
Carter Stepanick День тому
You are a monster
Ethan Cedillo
Ethan Cedillo 2 дні тому
"5 foods you're eating wrong" FBE: "tHe 10'S"
•Maris Neko•
•Maris Neko• 2 дні тому
No 🅱oneless pizza??
The FBI 2 дні тому
that’s dead...
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