5 Foods You're Eating Wrong

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5 foods you're eating wrong.
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5 Foods You're Eating Wrong




16 бер 2019

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Exalted with the Floor
Exalted with the Floor 25 днів тому
REACT The pineapple isn’t ripe enough.
consistency 14
consistency 14 Місяць тому
First and last visit
ghezal fariq
ghezal fariq Місяць тому
roundish juggler “
flame gaming
flame gaming 9 хвилин тому
there is no wrong way to eat, JUST EAT YOUR FOOD!!!
j o s i e s h a e
j o s i e s h a e 33 хвилини тому
i actually can’t eat a cupcake normally i have to make a sandwich out of it
cozmo cat
cozmo cat 55 хвилин тому
Brandon: Bonless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets. Me: :O
Madison Vidal
Madison Vidal 3 години тому
I do this with my sister
I want them chicken nuggets b o n e l e s s
Pro Justice
Pro Justice 6 годин тому
Pineapple does work it just takes habit. Like learning a new cutting technique lol it's just a matter of learning
Nicole Kobela
Nicole Kobela 12 годин тому
I'm not a risk taker so I've never tried a toberlone
Barrel Link
Barrel Link 13 годин тому
We can Eat however we want!
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown 21 годину тому
Her: who would eat this at a party? 5:01 Me: ME!!!
Ali Pierre
Ali Pierre День тому
*sees metal straw* SAVE THE TURTLES
papernes День тому
If a boneless wing is just a glorified chicken nugget, THEN BONE IN WINGS ARE JUST CHICKEN NUGGETS ON A STICK.
Horror Anonymous
Horror Anonymous День тому
*5:00** “But Who’s Gonna Do That At A Party”* *FACTS* 😂
Funny Time
Funny Time День тому
*Eat it*
Funny Time
Funny Time День тому
Funny Time
Funny Time День тому
Cup cake NOT sandwich
Funny Time
Funny Time День тому
Nah I’m eating it right
Bernice Marie
Bernice Marie День тому
Am I the only one who knew about chicken wings via Crazy Russian Hacker? My English teacher randomly put a video of his in class and showed us how to do it, and I’ve been doing it ever since 😂😂
amiraaa _slayy
amiraaa _slayy День тому
3:08 - 3:30 😂😂
Grim Grilled
Grim Grilled День тому
Austin: (eating chicken wing) satisfying Me: slimy yet satisfying! ACUNA MATATA!
Fiona Ng'ang'a
Fiona Ng'ang'a День тому
Yesss Hakuna Matata
Just weeb Just wee
Just weeb Just wee День тому
Ofc it’s a black person showing u how to eat chicken 😂😂
amiraaa _slayy
amiraaa _slayy День тому
What's that supposed to mean?...
Destiny Plays
Destiny Plays День тому
Who in there right mind eats a toblerone like a snickers bar. Lowkey Kinda scary
Garfield День тому
Pineapple is not rype
Gabriel Colpitts
Gabriel Colpitts День тому
I've been doing the cupcake one ever since I was little. Ahahahha
Masen DoesYT
Masen DoesYT День тому
Gabriel Colpitts SAME
Grease That Emo
Grease That Emo День тому
Something was lingering in the back of mind during this video and it was *Don’t tell me what to do*
sadie shady
sadie shady День тому
I do the cupcake one all the time
Kiara Touzell
Kiara Touzell День тому
Old people just don't get it...... They just don't get it
roast man 3456
roast man 3456 2 дні тому
The chicken wing was smart but most of these are hella stupid
Wildfire5383628 2 дні тому
The 1st in the vid the pineapple is a snack pineapple soo try it!
Jazlyn P
Jazlyn P 2 дні тому
I’ve always done the cupcake one but i just tear the bottom off with my hand and then make it into a sandwich its easier and taste better
Jamie Rau
Jamie Rau 2 дні тому
I tried the strawberry part
Kiwi 2 дні тому
You're not supposed to cut the pineapple though no wonder they couldnt do it
Dank memesTv
Dank memesTv 2 дні тому
Her melanin is poppin 🤤😍😍
Erik Hamilton
Erik Hamilton 2 дні тому
They were holding the pineapple upside down. U have to cut THROUGH the tiny spikes so there is better grip
Ashie’s Gachas
Ashie’s Gachas 2 дні тому
Video: you have eaten chicken wrong Me: WeLl I’m eAtIng iT hOw I wAnt TO
Nahla Vega
Nahla Vega 3 дні тому
I always make my cupcakes into sandwiches
Nahla Vega
Nahla Vega 2 дні тому
@Carmen Boyer ya I did too
Carmen Boyer
Carmen Boyer 3 дні тому
I’ve been doing it since I was in fourth grade because my teacher did it when someone brought in cupcakes for their birthday!!!
Twistfaria 3 дні тому
The ONLY strawberry tool you will EVER need: tinyurl.com/yyaxcr6y
Analiz Estremera
Analiz Estremera 3 дні тому
Lol, everyone is struggling with the pineapple but Tori and I just can't stop laughing
John Carlo Mananes
John Carlo Mananes 3 дні тому
For the cupcake one I really don't care because all I do is just eat the frosting
Bailey Elliott
Bailey Elliott 2 дні тому
John Carlo Mananes omg I do not like when people do this!
Bella barrientos
Bella barrientos 3 дні тому
4:55 that’s how my family eats cupcakes my great grandpa taught us that 😆
Andres Gutierrez
Andres Gutierrez 3 дні тому
Try doing kitchen gadgets to put to the test
ثقافة عامة
ثقافة عامة 3 дні тому
اشترك معي انا اشتركا
Kathleen Wiggins
Kathleen Wiggins 4 дні тому
everyone in virginia does the cupcake sandwich....
Hyperion 4 дні тому
I eat chicken wings because of the bone
Maria Belen Ramirez
Maria Belen Ramirez 4 дні тому
Asia Grill
Asia Grill 4 дні тому
Literally all of these are worse than eating them normally
Saba Saba
Saba Saba 4 дні тому
At the first i was smelling pineapple 😮😮
Baby Kittie
Baby Kittie 4 дні тому
I love Brandon making a commercial out of everything
DEV KHARE 5 днів тому
"IF TORI WORKED AT KFC OF OR DOMINOS" *random person: taking out bones from chicken wings... *Le TORI: JUST FUCKIN EAT IT
Zelder 5 днів тому
1:44 1:44
Raven leann parker
Raven leann parker 5 днів тому
Lmfao faster way to eat pineapples right go buy a can of chunk pineapples.
Galaxy Girl
Galaxy Girl 5 днів тому
😑Really 🍓🍓🍓
manhi manhi
manhi manhi 5 днів тому
So that's why it's called strawberry...
Kailey Podeszwa
Kailey Podeszwa 5 днів тому
Sea Jackalopes
Sea Jackalopes 5 днів тому
Try eating a plain baked potato bruh it's good
Isaiah Acedo
Isaiah Acedo 5 днів тому
Hasnt really changed anything its more time consuming and im really just gonna eat them sooo
Colombia Jr10
Colombia Jr10 5 днів тому
“ Boneless wings are just glorified chicken nuggets “ this is the quote of the year
Misty Fink
Misty Fink 5 днів тому
For the cupcake just use your hands
TMC Atlas
TMC Atlas 5 днів тому
you forget that if your chicken wings have sauce on them it’s gonna get all over ur fingers if u don’t have a bone
TMC Atlas
TMC Atlas 5 днів тому
i do the cupcake one all the time and it’s really good
Joseph Varghese
Joseph Varghese 5 днів тому
The strawberry in the middle is wrong because the middle is the most healthiest thing
Merel Koegler
Merel Koegler 5 днів тому
Joseph Varghese exactly because you can also just pull of the green part and get the whole thing and not waste anything😂😂
Cookie Create
Cookie Create 6 днів тому
I love Kennedy’s Hair!!!
Foreign Film Fanatic
Foreign Film Fanatic 6 днів тому
3:20 Sooo? Who doesn't like Chicken nuggets??
Salty Fries
Salty Fries 6 днів тому
F**k you Only the girl in the backround
Katrina Jordan
Katrina Jordan 6 днів тому
I did the cupcake and strawberry ones before it was a thing
TMC Atlas
TMC Atlas 5 днів тому
Katrina Jordan i did the cupcake one
melanie mccann
melanie mccann 6 днів тому
Tim tam slam - a must try! Better with a hot drink than cold tho. Caramel Tim tam and hot chocolate - my fav
Sondus Jabali
Sondus Jabali 6 днів тому
Think about your life *😂🤣😂🤣😂*
Thaily Martinez
Thaily Martinez 6 днів тому
Oh yeah for all the dumb*sses saying why don’t you just get boneless it doesn’t taste the same 🙄
Mr.Transformers Geek 45
Mr.Transformers Geek 45 6 днів тому
Can somebody tell me what a Toblerone bar is
Real Druid
Real Druid 6 днів тому
Low-mid quality chocolate
Erik Montes
Erik Montes 6 днів тому
You people?! 🤨
Chloe T
Chloe T 6 днів тому
I eat the chicken differently I first break the part where there is only one "chicken" and then I break the other two chickens and then i eat i like my way better cuz i can eat it with a fork and spoon
Chloe T
Chloe T 6 днів тому
Actually that's what I wanted to say but I don't know how to say it soooooo thanks
Bobby cafferty Politely
Bobby cafferty Politely 6 днів тому
I eat my chicken all most the same but I leave one bone and but the hole thing in my mouth then pull
Nicole Rogers
Nicole Rogers 6 днів тому
I use the cupcake one all the time but you don’t need a knife! Just grab the bottom off !
Hanna Boville
Hanna Boville 7 днів тому
The pineapple one didn't work bc the pineapples need to be compelty ripe to be able to pull them apart. Also, who else already used the strawberry hack?🍓🍍
Angel :p
Angel :p 7 днів тому
just rip the cupcake! i use that all the time
The pineapples need to be really ripe to able to use that technique
Gifi 2514
Gifi 2514 7 днів тому
Is it just me or did they delete some of the comments🤔
Rohama Gishen
Rohama Gishen 2 дні тому
which ones?
Arinator 4ever
Arinator 4ever 7 днів тому
yesss, metal straws!!♥️ save the turtles🐢
The apple Clang
The apple Clang 7 днів тому
The lady with the glasses (Faith)is just so negative for all of them except the toblerone one I think she just likes toblerones
Please Leave
Please Leave 6 днів тому
And tori thinks everything is either extra or useless
Salsa Boi101
Salsa Boi101 7 днів тому
6:03 because your big boi
Ashley Turner
Ashley Turner 7 днів тому
That pineapple is rotten
Nicole Flores
Nicole Flores 7 днів тому
Love you guys for using metal straws😘🙊🤣
Elly Jelly
Elly Jelly 7 днів тому
My sister allways does the cup cake one
Hello It is me
Hello It is me 7 днів тому
Well the chicken one doesn’t make it a chicken nugget because chicken nuggets are a mix of meat from all over the chicken and a boneless wing is just wing meat with no bones
Comment Police
Comment Police 7 днів тому
U liked ur own comment
Jeffry Villalta
Jeffry Villalta 7 днів тому
Pineapple xkin was green thats why they couldn't do it .
Avynn Nelson
Avynn Nelson 7 днів тому
I have always eaten cupcakes by sandwiching them... anyone else?
Avynn Nelson
Avynn Nelson 6 днів тому
Nicole Rogers I know it’s so extra with the knife it doesn’t need to be perfect haha
Nicole Rogers
Nicole Rogers 6 днів тому
I do! Except you don’t need a knife. Just rip the bottom off!
Khadeejah Ryan
Khadeejah Ryan 7 днів тому
Yup bro we invented this years ago 😂
Monkey King
Monkey King 7 днів тому
Why does Austin thing everything he eats is satisfing 😑
Kybersaber 7 днів тому
Maybe because he finds em satisfying.
Kelly Ball
Kelly Ball 7 днів тому
The girl with that jacket is a buzzkill. Why is she so negative about things ?
The apple Clang
The apple Clang 7 днів тому
Kelly Ball are you talking about Faith the girl with the glasses
Avynn Nelson
Avynn Nelson 7 днів тому
Kelly Ball are you talking about tori? Bc I agree plus she’s a boneless wing Stan lmao
Monkey King
Monkey King 7 днів тому
Kelly Ball who? There is 3 girls chose one!
Jonathan Wren
Jonathan Wren 7 днів тому
Hey i just wanted to let everyone know. That the pineapple trick DOES work. But it has to be fully ripened. As you can see from the clip they watch the pineapple is fully yellow inside and out...and on the tester pineapples they are still green on the outside. This green color means they are not technically fully ripened. And will not pull apart. MUST BE FULLY RIPENED.... lol ty, just wanted that put out there
Gemma Nesgaard
Gemma Nesgaard 8 днів тому
am i the only one that has been doing the cupcake hack my entire life.
Baked Potato dog
Baked Potato dog 7 днів тому
Your not alone my friend
Mama B
Mama B 8 днів тому
Nope. I have been, too.
its Rose okieee
its Rose okieee 8 днів тому
Actually you can I eat the leaves because they are very healthy for you
Ite Hamming
Ite Hamming 8 днів тому
5:14 no! that’s not how you hand a knife over!
kkk ccc
kkk ccc 8 днів тому
I eat a whole stawberry just taking of the leaves
Just Another Weirdo
Just Another Weirdo 7 днів тому
Zirko Hrastic I eat the whole strawberry including the leaves.
Swirl AndTwirl
Swirl AndTwirl 8 днів тому
we have all have different techniques
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There's no such thing as eating something right... Those are just ways of eating!
Robodie - the Kung Fu Ninja Robot
What kind of mutant strawberry has a pit?
kkk ccc
kkk ccc 8 днів тому
From a pinakle to the pit
mummy the pro gamer
mummy the pro gamer 8 днів тому
Boneless Pizza
Miguel Ceja
Miguel Ceja 8 днів тому
i like the Last one And cupcake
FONZO 8 днів тому
The fact that I’ve been doing that chicken technique for years ...😂 especially for hot wings... You can do the drummy part too
J.A.L 9 днів тому
A chicken wing is defined as “wing meat of the chicken” So what makes a boneless wing a chicken wing and not a nugget is that it is wing meat. So my argument is bone in people r to stubborn to change ways boneless tastes better and is easier to eat
ISITPABLO ?! 9 днів тому
Toblerone = Kaz Kaan
I don't even know anymore
I don't even know anymore 9 днів тому
6:07 XD I died for some reason 💀😂 I was laughing at it for 2 minutes straight
I don't even know anymore
I don't even know anymore 8 днів тому
@L A U M A lol
L A U M A 8 днів тому
I just had that part when i read this
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