5 Things No One Ever Does with Ferrofluid

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In this video we're taking Ferrofluid and doing 5 different experiments we don't think have ever been done before.
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21 тра 2019





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EmptySkybox 12 годин тому
6:28 that must have hurt... its a skin agative
Leowhitelion 2 дні тому
Put it in a vacuum
jayden daye
jayden daye 2 дні тому
Yo doggy this is sick
Sub2Pew Kill T-Series
Sub2Pew Kill T-Series 3 дні тому
Freeze dry it
Lucy's Life
Lucy's Life 4 дні тому
~Oh no!~ * I Love It!*
Landon Armbruster
Landon Armbruster 4 дні тому
If you take a pressure washer to a magnet with ferrofluid on it will it come off?
btd5 ninja
btd5 ninja 4 дні тому
Acid Reaper
Acid Reaper 4 дні тому
I’m getting it 😂
DT Times
DT Times 4 дні тому
Condolences to his family
Mark Anthony Degamo
Mark Anthony Degamo 5 днів тому
How does a live rat react inside the vacuum chamber?
yush cho
yush cho 5 днів тому
Cali:oh no oh no i love it srly Cali
aggressiveclingysatsuma 16
aggressiveclingysatsuma 16 5 днів тому
So i thought of something that might have been askked about before but im curious to see you guys build a miniature electric magnet ( like the massive ones used in scrap yards) with a bowl under it. Power the magnet drip the ferrofluid on the electrified magnet and when you cut the power to the magnet dose the ferrofluid fall into the bowl? I must know.
aggressiveclingysatsuma 16
aggressiveclingysatsuma 16 5 днів тому
I really want to see this
Lime Playz
Lime Playz 5 днів тому
Do you think a syringe can be used in taking Ferrofluid?
Cerzex Gremory
Cerzex Gremory 6 днів тому
Would an electromagnet with a more powerful field than the rare earth magnet pull the fluid off? I am not super familiar with the science behind this, so just a thought.
Shawn Distefano
Shawn Distefano 6 днів тому
What would happen if you have a magnet under the magnet you are pouring the phero fluid on would it change anything
Animebryan2 6 днів тому
He told her to 'Bend the knee'. LOL!
global district Roleplay
global district Roleplay 7 днів тому
Try demagnitizing a magnet with that on it
wanfang yan
wanfang yan 10 днів тому
its like the things form splatoon
Thomas Cloutier-Guay
Thomas Cloutier-Guay 11 днів тому
the way to wash oiled base things is with some vegetable oil before you use dish soap. this also works with the oils from bike's chain.
Jaden Cawley
Jaden Cawley 11 днів тому
Why don't you pull it off with an electro-magnet
Jayden Lethabo Msipha
Jayden Lethabo Msipha 12 днів тому
It look like venom
PythonGaminProd. 12 днів тому
2:21 venom from spider man was actually born by this experiment
Ligma boy 69
Ligma boy 69 13 днів тому
Ligma boy 69
Ligma boy 69 13 днів тому
David Chlopecki
David Chlopecki 13 днів тому
put the magnet in a balloon?
Ian Lundquist
Ian Lundquist 14 днів тому
So he is a germaphobe. I bet he wears those gloves to bed.
The Game Overlord
The Game Overlord 14 днів тому
wHaT!!??!?! I thought Nate would want to drink it not Cali
xd iPhone7player
xd iPhone7player 16 днів тому
What happens when you freeze ferro fluid the put it in a in boiling water???
ionpack 16 днів тому
Will ferrofluid and magnet putty fuse beyond redemption?
Zak Hall
Zak Hall 17 днів тому
I hope that chick didnt get poisoned...
me me
me me 12 днів тому
Her name is calli!!!
Classical Kenny
Classical Kenny 17 днів тому
It looks like venom taking over something
Richard Fleming
Richard Fleming 20 днів тому
You should put it on a speaker magnet and play music through it see if it will change shape as the sound travels through it
Jhenkar M. S.
Jhenkar M. S. 21 день тому
Any one else think that ferrofluid looks like the marvel character Venom
Garrett Bruecks
Garrett Bruecks 22 дні тому
Could you try ferro fluid in a vacuum chamber
IGRojikku 23 дні тому
Could FerroFluid be the answer to ACTUAL hover boards...??
Cyrus Weixelman
Cyrus Weixelman 23 дні тому
Someone else can rule with you :/
Cyrus Weixelman
Cyrus Weixelman 23 дні тому
Not gonna rule a kingdom you cam
AUSSIE RED 23 дні тому
If you heat the magnet up with a laser it will lose its magnetic properties
Elijah McKenna
Elijah McKenna 24 дні тому
Spiders bewair
Sage Myro Onyx Bloom
Sage Myro Onyx Bloom 24 дні тому
6:06 the background magnet dances too
Steve Yattone
Steve Yattone 24 дні тому
Are you two a couple?
Jacie Buchanan
Jacie Buchanan 24 дні тому
am i the only one who misses the original king of random?
purplemonkey dishwasher
purplemonkey dishwasher 26 днів тому
When you said it feels like jelly. I immediately thought. MAGNETIC JELLO!!!
Quentin Marsala
Quentin Marsala 27 днів тому
This is how air hockey should be played
Bassterra 27 днів тому
Peps pig
BagZ Cubed
BagZ Cubed 27 днів тому
Callie's top word of the day, Weeeeeeeee
Random Fishing
Random Fishing 29 днів тому
At 2:10 Venom was born
the curiousty Crew
the curiousty Crew Місяць тому
Use a electro magnet
Michelle McDilda
Michelle McDilda Місяць тому
Ferry fluid in a Vacuum chamber what happens
Mark Jaikaran
Mark Jaikaran Місяць тому
It's brainiac
I'm a beast
I'm a beast Місяць тому
It's venom
SirKys Місяць тому
What if you vape it
obey alexia
obey alexia Місяць тому
bruh boiling ferrofluid or making it hotter than boiling
nuyen vu dang khoa
nuyen vu dang khoa Місяць тому
Wait what if you make a suit of magnet and pour the ferrofluid on the suit will you become venom.
Serenity Ellis
Serenity Ellis Місяць тому
When Calli couldn't wash her hands I was thinking why didn't you put a magnet next to your hands? 😂😂
J12 pearl
J12 pearl Місяць тому
Big hero 6 vibes
Paul Zent
Paul Zent Місяць тому
What would happen if you set fire to the magnet covered in ferro fluid? Would it burn the oil away and leave the iron particles or destroy the magnet?
Planet Mouse
Planet Mouse Місяць тому
What of you put a strong magnet on the outside of a cup and put the magnet with the ferrofluid in the cup. Then the ferrofluid will stick to the side of the cup until you remove the magnet on the outside causing the fluid to not be magnetically attached to anything
Playzgaming Місяць тому
I’ve seen this on videos
BTS IS LIFE Y'ALL i feel like a proud mom of them
Me: *has a new crush* Also me: OH NO. OH NO I LOVE IT (quote from the video)
BTS IS LIFE Y'ALL i feel like a proud mom of them
Wtf is ferrofluid?
Kayden Mauldin
Kayden Mauldin Місяць тому
Science ferro fluid has iron in it could you separate the iron from the fluid by putting it in the smelter
``aisha Місяць тому
No one: Callie:nO i LoVe It!1!1
crazy _burst
crazy _burst Місяць тому
Thats VENOM yeeeeeessssssssss
Lillie Nguyen
Lillie Nguyen Місяць тому
Yo, this is so trippy
Sanket Adhikari
Sanket Adhikari Місяць тому
Are they a couple?
Ashlan Fulk
Ashlan Fulk Місяць тому
You should use an electromagnet and see how turning it on and off affects the ferrofluid
artistic drawer
artistic drawer Місяць тому
Starting to get random i love it 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Voracious Weasel
Voracious Weasel Місяць тому
Are you guys together?
RhinoKincaid Місяць тому
10:07 Anyone else worry about that spherical magnet joining in and causing the screw to stab his hand?
P Jay Stoll
P Jay Stoll Місяць тому
What happens if you put it in a vacuum chamber
Leo Corral
Leo Corral Місяць тому
Yaya semi-original content
Steve Ferrari
Steve Ferrari Місяць тому
Wat happened with og king of random
LinKz sR
LinKz sR Місяць тому
Should try two magnetics with the liquid in the middle. Would it float
Mostafa Abdelaal
Mostafa Abdelaal Місяць тому
wash it off with kerosene if you got any on your skin it uses oleic acid as the surfacant. so it should wash off easily.
Jeffrey Awesome
Jeffrey Awesome Місяць тому
Vacuum chamber this stuff
trrvnlt Місяць тому
You need one of those 500lb magnets and also I would like to see an induction cook top
ShadowWeilder92 Місяць тому
What if you made a magnet hydrophobic and used the ferrofluid on it, would it have a different reaction?
Devin Bohannan
Devin Bohannan Місяць тому
Dear King of Random, would quantum levitation affect ferrofluid??? Sincerely, Devin bohannan.
Sanket Adhikari
Sanket Adhikari Місяць тому
The force is too weak for it
Nobody. You Can Go Away Now
Nobody. You Can Go Away Now Місяць тому
Put food coloring in it Seriously please do. I wanna know what happens
Nobody. You Can Go Away Now
Nobody. You Can Go Away Now Місяць тому
Kendall Chaos Wait wat
KendallChaos Місяць тому
Nobody. You Can Go Away Now well it’s black so it would take a lot to be noticeable if it would even be possible
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