5G: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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5G is getting a lot of hype right now... so I had to see for myself!
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19 сер 2019





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Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee Місяць тому
Had to see for myself is 5G is worth all the hype. What do you think? Shoutout to NordVPN for sponsoring this video! Get 75% off NordVPN! Only $2.99/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at: nordvpn.com/MKVPN (Promo code MKVPN)
Faysal A
Faysal A 2 дні тому
Hi Marques Has there been any talk regarding our health...I've not looked into it however having all these nodes around us with the exposure to the 5G waves, is it/will it be safe?
jett888 3 дні тому
@Daddymooch people are so ignorant to think all this increased radiation won't affect them. How are people so lacking in curiosity or intelligence! I'm glad you've don't the research- keep spreading the facts.
Daddymooch 3 дні тому
Definitely not go try to get access to scientific literature on the effects radio towers 3g and 4g and the effects it’s had on male fertility. 5g is 10x stronger and more damaging.
Diego Ramírez
Diego Ramírez 4 дні тому
Bro, what's up with your elbow
jett888 5 днів тому
I think you need to seriously look into the HEALTH DANGERS of 5G- believe me- you should be able to live without 5G- otherwise- you won't be living long. Are you aware that 5G is a military grade weapon USED FOR CROWD CONTROL!!! Wake UP BROTHER!!!
Marvin Zapata
Marvin Zapata 15 годин тому
Dont explain it to me just keep it away from us
KauTN Playz I Guess
KauTN Playz I Guess День тому
7:26 look at his arm! EW !
Saurabh Rane
Saurabh Rane День тому
Hey @MKBHD did you hurt yourself near your Elbow.. Just could not ignore that!
Rali272 День тому
I just imagine the life expectancy being 25 years old in the future due to a cancer outbreak
K Veeder
K Veeder 19 годин тому
Actually, 5G uses non-ionizing radiation, which means that it cannot knock electrons out of atoms. This means that it cannot cause cancer.
SamJigga День тому
I remember back in 2000 I used to have 14.4Kbit/s on my wired laptop.😉 Real life was so good back then...😞
Philson День тому
Time for cancer.
Martin Guerrero
Martin Guerrero День тому
Idk if you know this but 5g kills birds left and right so putting them in huge towers will never Happen I’m actually shocked there doing all these nodes and staying under the radar from people knowing what’s happening
Vida Mia
Vida Mia День тому
Yeah but how long is 5G going to even last before 6G comes out. Like you said it would take years lots of money to install this everywhere. Technology advances really fast. It seems like we're rushing into this.
iMatrix DK a.k.a CiCo
iMatrix DK a.k.a CiCo День тому
5;50 when he said just 300 mb down I cried inside cos Im paying 50 euros per motnh for 20 down and 2 up lol and thats max speed I can get in my place
mullagh День тому
Hey, fair play and thanks for the video, didn't really know much about 5G and thought it was just a relatively simple upgrade so cheers for the heads up that it's not really gonna be a mainstream thing till a couple of year so, cheers for that!
Shadow День тому
Just don't go into the replies.
13432 2dkti3
13432 2dkti3 День тому
alot of radiation in 5g and bad shit, go search on internet if you dont trust me🤷‍♂️
David Harnett
David Harnett День тому
How do you know it won’t fry your brains!? It’s not been fully tested!
Chris Casey
Chris Casey День тому
Thank you for this video. I'm about to invest a lot of cash into a 4g weboost for RV lifestyles and needed an idea how long it would remain relevant before 5g finally happens countrywide - seemingly a LONG time.
Matei Teodor
Matei Teodor День тому
i got cancer from the 5g on this video
Matthew Richards
Matthew Richards День тому
Has any one tested the 5G phones with case to see if they still get 5G speed or do you go down to 4G speed because the case blocks the 5G signal? I want to know if a case causes a problem?
Robert Abshear
Robert Abshear День тому
Why is no one talking about the safety of 5g? Or Ai using it to control the whole planet? They are paid shills at this point.
Sekaiology День тому
4G is completely fine with me and it's much more stable.
Fejiri Onowakpokpo
Fejiri Onowakpokpo День тому
You gotta love that intro. Awesome stuff!!!
MisterAndu 2 дні тому
Just because you didn't ask for a "subscribe, like and hit the notification" I will do all of that! Respect!
MOBremember 2 дні тому
i swear there's vfx in this video
Jay Carter
Jay Carter 2 дні тому
Bruh r u African?
James Smith
James Smith 2 дні тому
*Enjoy your future brain TUMOR*
meermuizen 2 дні тому
yes well we will see uw in the mortuarium!
Cantaloupeman 2 дні тому
What really annoys me is I how sprint only sells the oneplus 7 pro 5G, and not the 4G LTE version. It starts at 840$ and 5G isn't even available in my area. I wish I could just switch to T-Mobile but my whole family is on sprint and it's more convenient. It's lame that they expect me to pay 170$ more for an option that isn't even available near me.
Alexis Flores-Garcia
Alexis Flores-Garcia 2 дні тому
People don't seem to understand how dangerous 5G actually is. Some scientists are already trying to prevent the implementation of this technology. Research it yourself, don't just take it from me or anyone else. You have to look into it yourself.
Troy Martyr
Troy Martyr 2 дні тому
Wow went to where I live. So 5G in my area. Now I know.
Luthira 75
Luthira 75 2 дні тому
9003wan 2 дні тому
We don't really need 5G network on a phone, it's totally a waste. 5G should be used like what he said in the end of the video: remote surgery where the doctor movement from the other part of the world is almost same movement with the remote robot, self driving car where it need quick reaction, etc. 5G phone for video streaming is a waste.
PoppONaya Shelly
PoppONaya Shelly 2 дні тому
I wonder how well it works in a more developed nation like China.
Steve In
Steve In 2 дні тому
Korea is the phone capital of the world. There is 5g coverage 100 feet underground in the subway. There is coverage everywhere
Sarkozy Barzini
Sarkozy Barzini 2 дні тому
dude - any kind of signal through electromagnetic force that is run by tech will run and be carried by the "air" we breathe - so blame the nature for not working with the technology the way we want it to be.
Toys hanger
Toys hanger 2 дні тому
Next 6G so where does it ends?
Celebs Go Live
Celebs Go Live 2 дні тому
7:27 he got a huge cut close to his elbow
healthyhabits 2 дні тому
What about the extreme radiation, why did 5G never go thru normal testing as it relates to public health. IT'S NOT GOOD FOR US HOMEY
TpT16 2 дні тому
tl;dr 5g wont give living things cancer because the waves dont carry enough energy to actually cause cancer(thru a process called ionization, where electrons are essentially ripped from the atom) more explanation under
TpT16 2 дні тому
ultraviolet rays, x-rays and gamma rays cause ionization(ripping electrons from the atom) and that can cause cancer if exposed to human cells on the other hand radio waves, infrared waves and visible light doesn't harm us because they don't ionize the stuff that makes up our bodies because the waves arent energetic enough to ionize our cells when in direct exposure and about the rays hitting us directly, the rays longer than visible light would just be absorbed as heat(infrared being the most dangerous in this case)
TpT16 2 дні тому
the only wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation that causes *acute* cell mutation(tumour) are those that are shorter than visible light (ultraviolet rays, x-rays and gamma rays)
panthera 2 дні тому
They need to find a different way. Why should we need all that radiation in our environment. Is there any proof its safe?
Channel Yutub
Channel Yutub 2 дні тому
Gaming 44
Gaming 44 2 дні тому
Berapakah harga paket di jaringan 5G? Dan berapa banyak kah Kuota yg di dapat di jaringan 5G ketimbang 4G?
thelocalboy 4
thelocalboy 4 2 дні тому
Is it necessary to have 5g bro Aren't you satisfied with 4g Why so speed Don't you have patience at all With the help of 4g we almost eradicated some of the environmental system Now with the help of 5g we are going to introduce the Thanos snap of gauntlet radiation
thelocalboy 4
thelocalboy 4 2 дні тому
I still use 3g and I am fully satisfied with it
Kisiel2279 2 дні тому
Isn’t this unsafe for health? Doesn’t long exposure to such frequencies cause cancer?
Itai Bar
Itai Bar 2 дні тому
Your videos are great and to the point! Good job 👏🏻
Pingu 2 дні тому
Yeah I remember that good old 3G... EVERY time I sit in the public train in Germany xDDD 5G is so not ready for big parts of the world because not even 4G is great everywhere
Maxx House
Maxx House 3 дні тому
7:26 what happened to your arm bro??
Daemien21 3 дні тому
Fucking guy is awesome, always honest in all of his videos, comments straight from the heart.
Girish kumar
Girish kumar 3 дні тому
All birds going to die and that birds chirping sound under 5G tower is a fake
Daisy Balouch
Daisy Balouch 2 дні тому
Girish kumar don’t worry Rajni sir will be there to save them properly instead of Akshay trying to kill all 5g users or none users Who simply owns a device
Topu 3 дні тому
5G is sure taking their sweet time ;)
Ross Anderson
Ross Anderson 3 дні тому
No mention of potentially massive side effects to our health? What a tool! This guy's a shill or a complete ignoramus.
K Veeder
K Veeder 19 годин тому
What health effects? It uses non-ionizing radiation, so it cannot cause cancer.
Diaa Asha
Diaa Asha 3 дні тому
Video is loading while watching
Kame Prod
Kame Prod 3 дні тому
Can someone explain what LTE is, is it faster than 4g or is it the same?
Gottfried Pereira
Gottfried Pereira 2 дні тому
Kame Prod it’s same dude
Moriak Potato
Moriak Potato 3 дні тому
I feel like a new tech will come around before 5G infrastructure is common.
Son Rise Apiaries
Son Rise Apiaries 3 дні тому
5g will kill your children and animals. Please do everything you can to not let this be in your cities
???????? День тому
Come on, at least wait for the scientists to say if it’s bad or not until we start screaming that technology is bad.
Blackbird Gaming
Blackbird Gaming День тому
That's. That's not how it works...
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 3 дні тому
7:26 oof
David McCain
David McCain 3 дні тому
My soul cries out for all the future embryos and their DNA destruction! A pure Satanic agenda to usher in the coming technocracy..
Diamondking092 2 дні тому
Satanist here. I’m more than sure we’re not responsible for 5g. They’re not even dangerous, they’re non-ionizing. Eat shit, boomer.
computerbob06 3 дні тому
Did Marques say, "Brownlee University"?........ Maybe THAT'S the future?!
citizen1994 3 дні тому
I dont care if 5g is bad for my health fuck it i need the speed
Branman 3 дні тому
Nice work. Best explanation I’ve seen on this subject. I smashed the bell.
Carlos Frederico
Carlos Frederico 3 дні тому
Just awesome see how 5G is working. It one of the main reasons why I'm in Telecommunications Engineering School, I'm excited for what the future can provide to us, based on technology evolution.
Gabriel De Leon
Gabriel De Leon 3 дні тому
0:40 (open captions) “Hey what’s up guys I’m could be a she here” 😂
Helder Almeida
Helder Almeida 3 дні тому
It's the future 🔮 but I think that there is a long way to reach all of us in all country's.
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