5G: Explained!

Marques Brownlee
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5G is getting a lot of hype right now... so I had to see for myself!
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19 сер 2019





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Marques Brownlee
Marques Brownlee 6 місяців тому
Had to see for myself is 5G is worth all the hype. What do you think? Shoutout to NordVPN for sponsoring this video! Get 75% off NordVPN! Only $2.99/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at: nordvpn.com/MKVPN (Promo code MKVPN)
XB0X PC TM Місяць тому
Hello everyone am senior enthusiast!! I appreciate your work to inform everyone! I inspired me to create a video!
Mr Wick
Mr Wick 2 місяці тому
5g is killing birds and bee's and people like you are like I need my 5g bruh!
Junshido 2 місяці тому
I'm looking forward for quantum computer networks in the future if it ever comes, effective 0 latency network across the whole world would be amazing. Also it would allow for instant transmission between future Mars crew's and Earth.
xj rope
xj rope 2 місяці тому
@Boss Baeta cut out a growth from being around 5g too long
xj rope
xj rope 2 місяці тому
Good luck with the brain tumor
joe the noob
joe the noob 18 годин тому
Bro 4G dont even work good.. why jump to 5G? Cancer maybe?
joe the noob
joe the noob 18 годин тому
What is 5g? Me: Cancer..
SEARCHHiTech День тому
Well done Marques, great practical application, very informative. THANKS!
Edward Bogusz
Edward Bogusz День тому
It is cable ready, put it on fiber optics. Blanketing a population with that much energy creates a fight or flight response. Tech should serve people, not get people ready to be served up.
FreedomForce100 День тому
"The future of 5G is bright". Did you do any research? Many health issues associated with 5G. Bill Gates, 5G promotion, are you selling your soul?
Trthhdn День тому
You think they're giving us 5G because they care about us and how fast we can download our text messages? This is a worldwide control grid being set in place. Everything will be tied to it and control by it. Humanity will be monitored and we will be watched through it. All of us everywhere. Absolutely no privacy anymore and all information and data about you and your family will be downloaded to this grid and stored. That's already been happening now through Yahoo, Google and other mediums. This grid is part of the Beast system tied to the New World Order to enslave Humanity. This along with AI will be used to control all of us. The microwave radiation that these towers will be putting out will be extreme. Of course all of the media will tell you it's safe. Media is controlled by the ones who control us. The ones who lie to us daily and pretend to be our friends. American population are bunch of sheep who are completely asleep and oblivious to what's really going on around them. If you live in a big city you will literally be saturated and radiation 24/7. The cancer rate we'll climb exponentially in the next 20 years. You people better open your eyes and start doing some research about what's really going on in this world and what's coming. Start with researching Agenda 21. And that doesn't mean reading the first three pages of your Google search that is all controlled by lies and propaganda. To find the truth you have to search and dig deep.
Russell Anderson
Russell Anderson День тому
Good video
Matthew James Walker
Matthew James Walker День тому
Video made it very simple to understand basic concepts and provided a reference framework. Looks like a hybrid technology of frequency modulation will be needed to make 5G practical. No big deal. Who needs those crazy speeds anyway - 5 seconds to download 90 minutes of content doesn't mean you can watch it any faster.
Sacto1654 2 дні тому
I think sub-6 GHZ 3GPP NR 5G will be more popular not because of more speed, but because it will allow a lot more connections to cellphones per tower. mmWave 5G may end up being limited to fixed base use, say for example as a replacement for the "last mile" connection for home Internet connection.
pezzi edo
pezzi edo 2 дні тому
I do NOT consent to 5G technology!
KIZILELMA 1453 2 дні тому
Stop 5G !!!
Manuel Müller
Manuel Müller 2 дні тому
I really don’t understand why you need more then 10 Mbit (mobile). What’s the kill app for 5G?
Guido D.G.
Guido D.G. День тому
Augmented reality would be a real killer app and that would require the quick response time of 5G. Also, bursting very fast a packet of data is more handy than sending it over a longer time period. That makes the mobile network more efficient with multiple users. It's not just about increased throughput per user.
belal noor
belal noor 2 дні тому
Cancer: I'm gonna be big now.
tjb25587 2 дні тому
This video makes no effort to comment on the health effects of 5G. Dead birds aren't the only problem, dead people are also potentially a problem.
Scottie Copasetic
Scottie Copasetic 2 дні тому
I appreciate u attempting to explain the 5th generation military grade Darpa tech and you're clearly a smart kid. That doesn't mean you're knowledgeable. We don't need 5G electromagnetic, microwaves bombarding our bodies & brains (unless you're cool with being concussed, sterile, having tumors & cancer. And probably mind controlled or made completely docile. The FCC is a joke. Do your research & then do video on the risks of 5G! If u want speed use an ethernet cable. (put a living plant between a 5G tower & a 5G receiver... Watch what happens). It's sad that people actually want to implement their own destruction.
John C.
John C. 2 дні тому
No privacy....no security.... Voter fraud is rampant... GET OUT AND VOTE 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Trent 2 дні тому
Isn't it that microwaves don't cook what's outside of them because they have screens that block the microwaves?
Guido D.G.
Guido D.G. День тому
@Trent The signal gets rapidly weaker the further you go away from the node. It quickly becomes weaker than the signal from the phone in your hand. I don't know the exact distances and if it is dangerous. But I know people have been afraid of all kind of electricity and radio wave related things, since the very beginning and until now, none of their fears came true. And on the other hand, we never seemed to care too much about doing hazardous things, polluting the environment and poisoning our own food etc. I try to put things in the right perspective and I don't worry too much about electromagnetic waves around me. I am sure it's safer than smoking and drinking alcohol and stuff.
Trent День тому
@Guido D.G. Oh, I gotcha. That's what I was kinda trying to say. They were saying that the millimeter wave wavelengths were the reason we don't get cooked by our microwaves. I thought it was due to the 'metal shielding' as you put it. So if this is the case, wouldn't 5G be obviously dangerous the closer you are to the 'nodes'?
Guido D.G.
Guido D.G. День тому
It's the other way around, the metal shielding makes the waves reflect against the walls until they are all absorbed by the food. Take away the metal housing and your food won't get cooked well anymore because most of the waves just go somewhere else instead of in the food. It simply wouldn't work without a metal housing that 'blocks' (reflects) the microwaves.
Fred Howland
Fred Howland 2 дні тому
This all reminds me of when 4g came out. Same story. Phone would usually be on 4G and it would be a special occasion under ideal circumstances when you would see the 4G icon light up, and it would murder the battery.
Android Galaxy
Android Galaxy 2 дні тому
And NOT ONE SINGLE bleep about health and/or safety ??!  Sheezus You a good boy for da Military Industrial Complex!! .... WTF does ANYONE need portable 1Gbps and BLANKET SURVEILLANCE etc
Pathum1 Sanjeewa1
Pathum1 Sanjeewa1 3 дні тому
Joro 303
Joro 303 3 дні тому
What does 5G speed matter when you data network limits your data?
Toxic Zzz
Toxic Zzz 3 дні тому
I am happy with 90
teammm 3 дні тому
0:40 what is he saying? He’s who?
Jp Rober
Jp Rober 3 дні тому
Now let do the eggs test!! I want to see those head fire up like half life 2 .
Lon 3 дні тому
7:26 look at his elbow
Vuk Micunovic
Vuk Micunovic 4 дні тому
Sell that shit dont be stupid !
Matt Leeds
Matt Leeds 4 дні тому
Look at trumps attitude towards china's 5 g something he wants control of very suspicious to me would not be getting any 5 g tech and when it's in my area that's when I move to the woods
Temple Building
Temple Building 4 дні тому
"The phone was getting warm" 5G presents the capabilities for microwave radiation warfare.
Temple Building
Temple Building День тому
@Commando Jessica Check out the findings of Dr. Devra Davis...
Temple Building
Temple Building День тому
@Commando Jessica I'm aware, yes. This is not just about heat though. We're talking capabilities beyond warming the side of your head.
Commando Jessica
Commando Jessica День тому
Do you realize the phone cpu itself produces heat? I have a 4g S10 and it gets warm easily
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh 4 дні тому
free trans surgery for everybody when 5g cooks your balls.
Jackal Prince
Jackal Prince 4 дні тому
5g is a load of shit
Justin Overholtzer
Justin Overholtzer 4 дні тому
Who else is remembering their first computer that had a50 mb hard drive and saved your homework on a 3 1/2" floppy a
Guido D.G.
Guido D.G. День тому
I remember me saving that on 5 1/4" floppy disks.
Justin Overholtzer
Justin Overholtzer 4 дні тому
1600$ for a spontaneous exploding phone?!?!?
Bawdale 4 дні тому
It seems the phone matters.. On another tube in China where 5 phones were tested side by side on camera Huawei Mate 20x 5g 737down 67up Xiaomi Pro 5g 697down 75up ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5g 511down 101up Vivo Nex 3 5g 504down 107up Samsung Note10+ 5g 264down 70up
boc cnawan
boc cnawan 5 днів тому
Marques, why do you not talk about the negative health effects? Cancer rates are going through the roof worldwide and all people talk about is the wonder of technology and how "good" it will be.
Alan Barnes
Alan Barnes 5 днів тому
Microwave ovens operate on the band 2.4ghz just at a higher energy output.
AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER
AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER 5 днів тому
5G is dangerous. It is Microwave technology, not radio waves like the previous generations. There is even a guy on UKvid who has put up the towers himself and verifies that it will literally slowly cook you from the inside out. And they are knocking down trees inorder for the networks to go line of sight and unblocked. A lot of you might notice them taking trees down by the thousands now. Think OXYGEN !! Anyway, the trees block this technology and they need them away from houses, apartments, trailers, businesses etc. Inorder to work efficiently. This technology comes out of Wuhan China. Guess what else comes from Wuhan China ?? This is making people sick, and they are using this "virus" as the scapegoat to what 5G is doing to people...This is evil technology that the superpowers have used on the battlefield. It is not meant for you and me to be using, but yet here it is. Say no to this.
AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER
AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER 4 дні тому
@Qwerty123 ... The dude at the beginning cusses a lot, but the video is another dude who installs 5G basically apologizing to everyone and telling what it does to people. So you might want to fast forward a couple of minutes if you want to skip the first guy.
Qwerty123 4 дні тому
Pls share the link.
thad schwepker
thad schwepker 5 днів тому
I heard only leaves on trees can stop 5G waves. But when the new quantum financial system (one world economy) takes over, you'll need a 5g phone to access any money. N ur phone will be part of the mark of the beast. Not to mention those 5G waves will cook ur insides.
Guido D.G.
Guido D.G. День тому
Anything with water in it absorbs 5G waves. And metal reflects the waves, even if the metal is full of little holes, as long as the holes are smaller than the wavelength, 5G can't get through the holes. Just look at the window of your microwave, it will have a think metal pattern that keeps the waves bouncing inside, they can't get through the holes of the pattern.
Mark Gauvreau
Mark Gauvreau 5 днів тому
Rich Gleason
Rich Gleason 5 днів тому
Funny how you didnt mention T-mobile. The ONLY company that has true 5g. 1st to do it and currently only one to do it Nation wide. By the Tmobile owners Sprint. As of 02/11/20 the company's mentioned by you only have 5g as a pre roll out. Sprint offers None. The solution is to use T-mobile. All cell technology uses the hand off process weather it's a pico or a tower.
Arterexius 6 днів тому
So to the people thinking that radiowaves are dangerous, here's a heads up: They're not. Visible light has an absolutely ridiculously higher frequency than radiowaves and they aren't damaging us. "but why are there warning signs near radiotowers then?!" Voltage, that's why. Voltage and Ampere. Radiowaves won't harm you, but too many Volts and Amps will fry you in an instant. There's one hell of a difference between the two.
Matt Leeds
Matt Leeds 2 дні тому
@Arterexius thanks for your very informative reply! What about the other video discribed how 5 g will be used against us aswell
Arterexius 3 дні тому
@Matt Leeds I have never seen a guide line saying that a phone should be used hands free. There would be zero purpose in making phones then. What I have seen though, are instructions on how to use it hands free when driving a car. In that instance it is for pure safety that they make it so it can be used hands free, since cars aren't driven by messaging or talking on mobile phones. 5G cannot destroy anything. Visible light is of a much denser wavelength than the radio waves that make up our wireless communications (WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G, 5G, TV & Radio broadcasts, etc). If radio waves were that dangerous, we would never have come to this level, since the light from the sun would have incinerated us instantly. There are though a wavelength that the sun also sends towards Earth, that can and will kill us. That wavelength is known as UV radiation and although our Ozone layer picks up most of it, there's still enough that gets through to be harmful if exposed long enough. Sunburns are caused by the skins top layer being killed by UV radiation. Too many sunburns can lead to skin cancer. UV Radiation is though in a whole other end of the spectrum than radio waves. Radio waves are the weakest wavelength there is, so simply said, if it was that harmful, then there would be no life on Earth. Cause the radio waves we produce aren't the only ones on Earth. We are constantly getting bombarded with radio waves from the entire universe that surrounds us. If radio waves could kill, then neither of us would have this comment conversation, cause we wouldn't exist. Yet we do.
Matt Leeds
Matt Leeds 4 дні тому
I though 5 g distroys your cells in your body the phones manufacturers guide lines says phones should be used hands free and not held for long periods of time
Nick S
Nick S 6 днів тому
ultra wide screen sucks
jmitsch44827 6 днів тому
Needs antennas every 50 to 100 feet. All around you, all the time it win't work in the long run.
SeaDub II
SeaDub II 6 днів тому
They recently installed a 5G antenna outside my office on a light pole. Several people use 5G in the office. We go out there a flip the breaker and turn it off and everybody loses service 😂
Jason Hollister
Jason Hollister 6 днів тому
Good comeparesion with MIcowave's & T.V. and EVENCHULY the, GOOL .....AND or SPEED !!
BEN 1891
BEN 1891 6 днів тому
The more i look at the future and how we are throwing our health and privacy down the drain make me wanna built a cabin deep in the wood and go live there . All this technology will blow in our face when we'll be spied in real time everywhere and future generation will wonder how we let that happen . And we'll answer : we were entertained and too busy to realized what was going on . Look how certain cities in CHina now have 0 privacy where your scanned in real time everywhere . And dont get me started with health problem that will occured in the near future because of the waves of the towers being too close to us .
AES 6 днів тому
Microwave ovens every 10feet ... noice
Nic Eracleous
Nic Eracleous 7 днів тому
It seems to me that high-frequency could be harmful to humans, can you give us a balanced opinion on this?
662chillin 7 днів тому
Video summary: Don't waste your money on a 5G phone for a couple of years lol Wait until the technology improves and becomes better on the 5G and cheaper on the phone side
C. A.
C. A. 7 днів тому
Hey Marques can you help me. I just cut the cord. Two questions 1. What is the best vpn that don’t slow down my internet like I get with Express VPN. 2. What is the best IPTV service. Thanks
popnsmoke100 7 днів тому
Not to mention high frequency radio signals (For instance Microwaves) will give everybody cancer. But brighter side you will be able to catch your children's graduation from the hospital as you die.
Antonio osho
Antonio osho 7 днів тому
5G 🤤🤢☻💀😈
Joe King
Joe King 7 днів тому
You explain nothing, just make excuses for the most dangerous military grade tech to ever be introduced in a civilian environment. WAKE THE FUCK UP while you still can.
just be truthful
just be truthful 7 днів тому
Death G according to specialists who are familiar with this as a weapon system. Research Mark Steele on 5 G.
Theodore Gibbons
Theodore Gibbons 7 днів тому
5G is a pipe dream for at least 5 to 10 years at my guess, with 80-90% coverage of current 4G coverage. Hundreds of millions of fence top nodes along interstate highways? Really? But won't penetrate your car exterior. Atop every light pole of your neighborhood, but won't penetrate the walls and roof of your house. 5G is a scam aimed at early adopters.
Harry Dost
Harry Dost 7 днів тому
Great video on the reality of what we may expect in the future. And yes it will take some time when you consider how many single nodes you will need to blanket a large city. It would be a little disconcerting to cook that expensive phone though!
Ookleburger 7 днів тому
imagine how many nodes we'll need for 6g...
Hugh Christie
Hugh Christie 7 днів тому
Great info 👌🏾
93 diesel
93 diesel 7 днів тому
This will ruin humanity...all phone companies will become one. When this happens it will be too late.
Guido D.G.
Guido D.G. День тому
I trust the phone company more than I trust humanity.
Majoy Osterlund
Majoy Osterlund 7 днів тому
5G killer technology for zapping out humans not obeying the AI agenda
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