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6IX9INE - STOOPID FT. BOBBY SHMURDA (Official Music Video)

Tekashi 6ix9ine
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Directed by Trifedrew, William Asher & TheDonCanon of Figure Eight Creative Group
Mixed and Mastered by Wizard Lee.
@Trifedrew @William_asher @Thedoncanon @Feet1stmusic
10 FOR 10 6ix9ine.lnk.to/STOOPID
"STOOPID" OUT NOW: 6ix9ine.lnk.to/STOOPID
Stoopid Lyrics:
Y'all already know, big boy Yung Gordon
You rockin' with Take Money promotion
Ay Take Money Promotion
Give 'em that new sh-t, no fool sh-t
Oh Yeah, let's go
DJ Lethal, Lethal
(Rough Rider)
Tay Keith
954, we live
Take Money Promotion
Tay Keith, f-ck these ni**as up
B-tch, I'm silly
Up them choppers, sh00t your sh-t up, let's get busy
Drinkin' Henny, goin' brazy, poppin' pillies
S3x Money Murda, shoutout all my blazing Billies (all my Billy)
We in yo' city! (we in yo'!)
[Verse: 6ix9ine]
Shoutout my apes in the f-ckin' roof (for real), for mayo they gon' sh00t
Spin a hoop, who the f-ck is you?
Who the f-ck you know, ni**a? No, ni**a
Ni**as killed your cousin, you want smoke, ni**a? (stoopid!)
Dumb ni**a, rollin' up your cousin in a blunt, ni**a
Bozo, b-tch, are you dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb? (stoopid!)
B-tch, I'm Nick Cannon with this drum-drum-drum-drum (brra-pom-pom)
Pull out the semis, no lil' pump-pump-pump-pumps (no esskeetit!)
We goin' dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb
B-tch I'm stoopid, b-tch I'm out, I be tweakin', I be wildin', I be booted! (b-tch I'm dru nk)
I'll be stealin', I be robbin', I be lootin'!
Your boyfriend dumb, he get no money, b-tch, he stoopid!
Oh, b-tch, he, oh, b-tch, he stoopid!
D4mn, homie, in high school you was the man, homie
What the f-ck happened to you? I'm just sayin', homie
Now you smokin' Black & Milds, smokin' reg, homie
Bobby Shmurda:
Ah, Ah, Ah, Shmurda on the muthaf-ckin set
Ni**a 6ix9ine is tight cuz
Tell ‘em shut up, suc a d-ck
Tell ‘em f-ck ‘em, I’m the sh-t
B-tch I’m drun k recording this
I’m getting money im the sh-t
Shout out my Bloods, shout out my Crips
That ni**a Ebro he a b-tch
Just another old ni**a on a young ni**a d-ck
B-tch I’m lit on the gram, a million likes you see my sh-t
A b-tch DM for the d-ck, but I’m probably with a hit
VVS Cuban hit, shoutout Jimmy for the drip
Your baby daddy mixtape was sh-t he a b-tch
Free Bobby, free Raddy, free Quino, free the nine
Shoutout Jady, shoutout Kooda, Dsav those my guys
FOA they gone ride, GS9 they gone slide
When I whoop who back ah, ah, ah, those my guys
[Verse: Bobby Shmurda]
She give me neck until I pass out
She use the teeth, she get cursed out
And all these suckas with they f-cking feelings always got they b-tches with they purse out
We on the blast ni**a b0w down
I count bricks put the work out
You know you like a ni**a shmoney dance, you gone love a ni**a when I swerve out
B-tch, I'm silly
Up them choppers, sh00t your sh-t up, let's get busy
Drinkin' Henny, goin' brazy, poppin' pillies
S3x Money Murda, shoutout all my blazing Billies (all my Billy)
We in yo' city! (we in yo'!)




5 жов 2018

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Tucker Leanza
Tucker Leanza 42 хвилини тому
The best part is 2:39
Gio Playz
Gio Playz 42 хвилини тому
Finally no botty in the video 🎥📹!!
Mahmoud Aqrabawi
Mahmoud Aqrabawi 45 хвилин тому
Free Bobby
Alex Connolly
Alex Connolly 46 хвилин тому
That Lamborghini looks like a pack of Fruit stripe gum.
Jenna Charles
Jenna Charles 47 хвилин тому
why am i attracted to him
Keziar’h Lucas
Keziar’h Lucas 50 хвилин тому
Gabriel Oswalt
Gabriel Oswalt 55 хвилин тому
3:54 when you sister irritates you like learty
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Read More 57 хвилин тому
Where the waterpark and Bobby
LAURA LOZANO LOPEZ 57 хвилин тому
ITZ SUPREME 58 хвилин тому
The cringe is real, and I like how people think this is actually good😕😬
Ben Cooper
Ben Cooper 59 хвилин тому
Holdup at 0:16 does that nigga say "not five-oh// we lie??" If he did does that mean 6ix9ine a op type shit dam nigga
Jesus Guevara
Jesus Guevara Годину тому
I'm kladed
I'm kladed Годину тому
Julio Meza
Julio Meza Годину тому
Does anyone know xxxtentacion Jahseh
Kid9 vlog junior
Kid9 vlog junior Годину тому
That car isn't his
J:CR.7 Годину тому
2:16 ojala salga ese baile en fornite :v
Ka Leah
Ka Leah Годину тому
The start sound like that kid after he got that cast on his arm BUSAYYYYYY SILLAYYYYY
Tyesha Wolverton
Tyesha Wolverton Годину тому
Rosendo Ocaña
Rosendo Ocaña Годину тому
He is not black even.
The Illustrious One
The Illustrious One Годину тому
Natalie rivera
Natalie rivera Годину тому
Tupapigean Годину тому
Siempre rompiendo 🔥🔥
John Cena
John Cena Годину тому
Really a 800 with no sand tires?
Rober HD Espinal
Rober HD Espinal Годину тому
Like si ERE Dominicano
T9 Годину тому
That rainbow car is not 6ix 9nine's car
zortex dagod
zortex dagod Годину тому
my nigga even the grill on the wheel of his car is rambow
Jeremiah Nunex
Jeremiah Nunex Годину тому
This not his dance but good song
TL Kong
TL Kong Годину тому
Keep it up bro..
ash h
ash h Годину тому
Bozo, b***h are you dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb? (stupid) B***h, I'm Nick Cannon with this drum-dr-drum-drum-drum (brra-pum-pum)
zortex dagod
zortex dagod Годину тому
somebody is gona shoot 69 one day watch.
Movitzki Allan
Movitzki Allan Годину тому
i just luv it
checkfoldcallraise Годину тому
1:37 when tekashi ordering in a drive thru🤣🤣🤣🤣
damon gardner
damon gardner Годину тому
Mo vlogs nice Ferrari
Cole Romanow
Cole Romanow Годину тому
All 100K dislikes are christian mothers
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Shan Prather Годину тому
69 for life
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Yo Broo Годину тому
People be sayin you gay behind your back
Music Plug
Music Plug Годину тому
How does this have less views then fefe
jrv117 Годину тому
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FaZe-pickle # Годину тому
*Subscribe To Me Because I'm Going To Do a Giveaway For My Mega Million Scratch Ticket That Won 50,000$!!!!*
carmeisha hart
carmeisha hart Годину тому
Jhene aiko reference somebody was sapping
Cheyanna Musgrove
Cheyanna Musgrove Годину тому
T --- I never met my grandkids I AM SO FUCKING RICH BUT OH MY FUCKING SHIT
Cheyanna Musgrove
Cheyanna Musgrove Годину тому
Cheyanna Musgrove
Cheyanna Musgrove Годину тому
6 in my family then I died and got raped and adopted one -- 9 FUCK MY LIFE Rhett jay & rafro 12 christmas.
MM Годину тому
How is he white and using the n-word?
Sports mania
Sports mania 56 хвилин тому
he mexican/latino ugly ahh
NANHU JUSTIN Годину тому
Fortnite should add his dance to the item shop They do that= more clout than they already got lmao
thepawnagerz Годину тому
0:48 beast moment
oh hello
oh hello Годину тому
0:48 when that default in your squad drops a golden scar and picks up a gray AR
Brandon Winders
Brandon Winders Годину тому
Your music is STOOPID! No seriously stop. Your not good and your a fake blood
Third Eye
Third Eye Годину тому
True about Ebro
Oliver Romero
Oliver Romero Годину тому
Ese es no blogs y el carro es de la hermana
THE REVERSE 646 Годину тому
Killer Dudes
Killer Dudes Годину тому
The car is mo vloes.
Killer Dudes
Killer Dudes Годину тому
it is true
Savage4538 Годину тому
Anyone realize how some of the clips changed or only me?
Gabby_ Love
Gabby_ Love Годину тому
0:48 that the part why everybody is here
Hentai is just too good0608
Hentai is just too good0608 Годину тому
00:47 when your at dinner with a girl and she makes it clear she dosnet plan to have sex and When the checks comes she says "oh hes paying".
Yo Broo
Yo Broo Годину тому
Make a official video - DREAME KILL official video and audio
Tera - Roblox and More!
Tera - Roblox and More! Годину тому
Catfisher: wanna meet up Friday? Me: 0:47
shannon lawrence
shannon lawrence Годину тому
YOU WENT HARD on this SHIT KEEP IT UP 69NINE you are the best
GAMINGwithJIMMY Годину тому
Did he delete the bobby seances
WAZO P4P Годину тому
Hilary Trump
Hilary Trump Годину тому
Why tf they removed Bobby part smh
skylovesmemes 77
skylovesmemes 77 Годину тому
Imagine driving on the highway and all you see a rainbow Ferrari and a guy with rainbow hair and 69 all over him and a guy looking like he stepped on a lego
hit the clip
hit the clip Годину тому
Tbh I used to hate 6ix9ine when he popped but then i was in the car with my friend and started playing 6ix9ine so I went home and started listening to 6ix9ine and found out hes not that bad I mean he might look like a skittle but I still like him(there was no reason I made this comment so why are you still reading it)
Russian Hippi
Russian Hippi 2 години тому
0:48 ur gay
B Gonzalez
B Gonzalez 2 години тому
So I can make millions of dollars if i just mumble and say the n word even though im mexican fuck it my name is LiL MumBs
Diamond Brown
Diamond Brown 2 години тому
Bobby killed this shit of the phone
Sean Hall
Sean Hall 2 години тому
Burning_ BonBon
Burning_ BonBon 2 години тому
i like da shii 0:47
Thunder Hawk
Thunder Hawk 2 години тому
Leave a like if u think lil pump is gonna flame him back
ιѕнcanadian U already know
ιѕнcanadian U already know 2 години тому
1:25 when a girl asked u out and u gay
Otoniel Victor
Otoniel Victor 2 години тому
0:11 Mito! Mito! 17
Zexinr RFC
Zexinr RFC 2 години тому
Wait, this video changed?
TG ELITE HYPE 2 години тому
Hi deveon
ιѕнcanadian U already know
ιѕнcanadian U already know 2 години тому
0:40 when it mom says do chores
Legume 2 години тому
fucking ugly person
Sub Scribe Tv
Sub Scribe Tv 2 години тому
they cut the scene when he dance....im dead with youtube 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
BlueCollarBushman 2 години тому
56 million people have lost a brain cell or a couple ,RIP brain cells
Lilly M
Lilly M 2 години тому
He is officially “stoopid”
Daniela Damian
Daniela Damian 2 години тому
I love
The Blazor Razor Gamer
The Blazor Razor Gamer 2 години тому
Yo why he changed the video
paola valero
paola valero 2 години тому
Samuel Rivas
Samuel Rivas Годину тому
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 2 години тому
First Of All Free GS9💯💪🏽Bobby Shmurda Will Take Over The Music Industry In 2020 🚀 #NewYorkCity🔝
Pol Edit Futbol y Mas
Pol Edit Futbol y Mas 2 години тому
Lil Pump is Best
Pol Edit Futbol y Mas
Pol Edit Futbol y Mas 2 години тому
Lil Pum Es Mejor
ιѕнcanadian U already know
ιѕнcanadian U already know 2 години тому
2:01 when u have math homework
kanolemaster 2 години тому
Officially anyone who listens to this is retarded.
the twins
the twins 2 години тому
U white u cantnday niggs u say like niga
Wolfito 2 години тому
no. just stop please
Cecelia Tisdale
Cecelia Tisdale 2 години тому
Killed this shit
DanieLP LP
DanieLP LP 2 години тому
STOOPID ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一😧
Avatar_Ow 2 години тому
This is a reupload I can't find the vid when he's at a water park
Loc Luke
Loc Luke 2 години тому
MercifulSky1888_Xbox 1
MercifulSky1888_Xbox 1 2 години тому
Worst music ever made
paul kavanagh
paul kavanagh 2 години тому
Just. Awful.
Candy For Sandy
Candy For Sandy 2 години тому
69 is stupid
Connor O'Rourke
Connor O'Rourke 2 години тому
this is just so amazing
Dj Liner Beats
Dj Liner Beats 2 години тому
Mo vlogs's lambo
safwan osman
safwan osman 2 години тому
came for Shmurda who else
jose andres
jose andres 2 години тому
Yo esperando un comentario en español :v
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