7 Gifts That Aren't What They Seem

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Gifts that might as well be wearing a disguise...
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We're back with another white elephant gift exchange! Each crew member got a chance to pick and steal an item that looked like something else!
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14 бер 2019

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Vat19 13 днів тому
Ben just swooping in there at 1:52 with a casual #PUNCITY See even more puns here: bit.ly/2HFX7QO
Sunflower Sunday’s ツ
Sunflower Sunday’s ツ 16 годин тому
Lauren Fereday
Lauren Fereday 2 дні тому
Lauren Fereday
Lauren Fereday 2 дні тому
Lauren Fereday
Lauren Fereday 2 дні тому
Marley Pennefather
Marley Pennefather 4 дні тому
THEN IT'S A DOG!!🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐩🐩🐩🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕
Пирата БГ
Пирата БГ 4 години тому
Make this game with real weapons
CRAZY KOOL 101 15 годин тому
Glenda Angel
Glenda Angel 19 годин тому
Vat19:this is not a cat cat *My cat looks at me 🐈 🐱* Me:👀😂
Alex Leonard
Alex Leonard День тому
You’re banana phone is expensive
Samantha Espeseth
Samantha Espeseth День тому
i never knew you sell cockroach clips that is super weird
Catalina Sologonzo
Catalina Sologonzo День тому
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that when the guy got the bannanna phone the other guy said he has his eyes PEELED ON THE BANNANNA PHONE
imjusthereforcomments yall
imjusthereforcomments yall 2 дні тому
Charlie Marsek
Charlie Marsek 2 дні тому
No one got the pun eyy *Looks at banana phone* ‘’I’ve got my eyes pilled on that one’’
Sinister Spirit
Sinister Spirit 2 дні тому
It looks like a chair but!!!l It's a TREE!!!! Dun dun duuuun
Furiouzz 3 дні тому
Dude my mom literally got my dad that glass bag for Father´s Day!!
Wolfie Eii
Wolfie Eii 3 дні тому
*Its always Christmas for Kelsey*
Johnny Richard
Johnny Richard 4 дні тому
Ben is my favorite.
Christopher Galvan
Christopher Galvan 4 дні тому
Love the not-cat-cat
Daniella Alcocer
Daniella Alcocer 4 дні тому
Can you make bathtub full of floof??????????
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 4 дні тому
*i think we're all happy except for Kara*
ana brandon
ana brandon 5 днів тому
Did anybody else notice that at 1:52 he said he has his eyes “peeled” on that banana phone hahahahahaha😂
Tippy The Baby Dog
Tippy The Baby Dog 5 днів тому
I loooove the unzipped glass bag! Going to get myself one ASAP! It’s like the cutest dish I’ve ever seen,
Gacha_ Cactus
Gacha_ Cactus 5 днів тому
When I saw the thumb nail I was like "not a brush? Then it might be a back scratcher" 😂
Alexa Amaya
Alexa Amaya 5 днів тому
I would die if a Saw a cacaroch
sadboy fever
sadboy fever 5 днів тому
This is how many times they said “ohhhhh” 👇🏽
Ash Playz///
Ash Playz/// 4 дні тому
sadboy fever once
Adventure Girl -Kendyl's Toy vlog
Kelsey is so quiet I forgot she was in the video
Annie Beeezie
Annie Beeezie 6 днів тому
Is it weird that my entire recommended section is of theodd1sout?
Blananas2 6 днів тому
How dare you force me to comment with the terrible pun.
lgbtq _queen
lgbtq _queen 6 днів тому
Not nail polish Its poison to paint on an apple!!! How creative
TJ’s Aviation
TJ’s Aviation 6 днів тому
2:21 wait what he’s a dad?!
It’sLilyPop Land
It’sLilyPop Land 6 днів тому
Huh my mom really enjoys brushing her hair hmmm 🤨🤨
[GC] D4rk3R
[GC] D4rk3R 6 днів тому
"Ive got my eyes peeled onto this thing" AH! I get it!
FNAF Person
FNAF Person 6 днів тому
Maya Moon TV
Maya Moon TV 7 днів тому
Like if you liked the video
Abbe Nichols
Abbe Nichols 7 днів тому
Its not a beach ball it is a 1 use fireball
Nikeel Idnani
Nikeel Idnani 7 днів тому
1:53.... PUN CITY!
Nikeel Idnani
Nikeel Idnani 7 днів тому
1:53.... PUN CITY!
dann dannyll
dann dannyll 8 днів тому
is not a cat cat live
Y Gaming
Y Gaming 8 днів тому
Eyes pealed on that
Rebel Jonson
Rebel Jonson 9 днів тому
I love Kelsey she's so cool
Danilo Protic
Danilo Protic 9 днів тому
7 gifts that arent what they seem,7 spicy gifts
Typical Lucas
Typical Lucas 10 днів тому
You guys forgot something special. I know a company that sells text markes that look and work just like lego.
1:53 * talks about banana* “I have my eyes PEELED on that one.”
Adriana_ 7
Adriana_ 7 3 дні тому
Eliana Prado
Eliana Prado 10 днів тому
Where do you buy the banana phone? I’d like one please
Kara Bear
Kara Bear 10 днів тому
My name is Kara!!!
M C 10 днів тому
On the banana phone can you call 911
Anjelique Jessup-Smyser
Anjelique Jessup-Smyser 11 днів тому
00:30 Yeah super easy to clean up.... until you have 2 toddlers 1 child and a dog that likes to chew the containers of that stuff
Dainius Mazutis
Dainius Mazutis 11 днів тому
canithrow my poop
canithrow my poop 12 днів тому
I wonder who got the iPod
canithrow my poop
canithrow my poop 12 днів тому
This is the best company ever
Edmund Poole
Edmund Poole 13 днів тому
Carrie is cute
Samuel Kaplan
Samuel Kaplan 13 днів тому
When you’re screaming at someone on the banana phone and your mom comes in. Mom: I’ve failed as a parent.
Roxana Cruz
Roxana Cruz 13 днів тому
Why does Kelsey always sit in same spot???
B Gaspardo
B Gaspardo 13 днів тому
"I've got my eyes peeled on that banana phone." *no one gets the joke*
Love sprite Hate snakeu
Love sprite Hate snakeu 10 днів тому
B Gaspardo *pun city*
Yukimi Sajo
Yukimi Sajo 13 днів тому
The bugs are good for pranks
Sanaa Khan
Sanaa Khan 14 днів тому
BlueMatchbox 10
BlueMatchbox 10 14 днів тому
(Sorry) Buuuuut, I STILL need that burrito blanket Please?😓😓😓😓😓😓
Valerie The smart
Valerie The smart 14 днів тому
I got the almonds. Chocolate ones! I got them today i’m eating them mmm!
100k Subscribers Without Any Videos
ThatOnePersonYouKnow Maybe
ThatOnePersonYouKnow Maybe 14 днів тому
Everyone's wearing jeans
Itzyourboi Marquis
Itzyourboi Marquis 15 днів тому
1:46 admit it when you were little you pretended bananas were a phone
Akisha Dimaano
Akisha Dimaano 15 днів тому
Banna phone thingy that confusses people
Akisha Dimaano
Akisha Dimaano 15 днів тому
Guava juice has that
Ashley Ervin
Ashley Ervin 15 днів тому
Hand over the roaches
Frank Wess
Frank Wess 15 днів тому
Roach clip? 🤔 I thought, nevermind.
Shyfoox Roblox
Shyfoox Roblox 15 днів тому
Hi kara my name is kara!
Tyfoxally Edits
Tyfoxally Edits 15 днів тому
I love Kara Cuz I never see that name And its mine 😏😂
purpule wolf talia
purpule wolf talia 15 днів тому
Me:saw the roelaches *runs away* Me:AHHHHHHH
Ann Foley
Ann Foley 16 днів тому
Content has been deleted
Syed Hassan
Syed Hassan 16 днів тому
I hate ot
IHML .Candy
IHML .Candy 16 днів тому
OMG‼️ I want that banana phone, so much!!!! 🍌 📱
jennifer Nelson
jennifer Nelson 16 днів тому
My favorite is banana phone
Carey Connor
Carey Connor 16 днів тому
John: so everybody’s happy with their gifts.... except Kara Kara: 😞😞
LongChin !
LongChin ! 5 днів тому
Danny said that not john
JixxyPlayz 16 днів тому
Any one get “peeled” hahahaha… it’s a banana joke ok no one gets it
ILIIKEOOFERS O00fer SIKE 16 днів тому
Not-a-cat-cat and not-a-brush-brush xD
Sophia Martinez
Sophia Martinez 16 днів тому
At 3:16 it looks like the last to bags have my school color blue and white
x leonaphyco x
x leonaphyco x 16 днів тому
When you see a bus and it says Nota buss
Blu Games
Blu Games 16 днів тому
Id steal dat play dirt like yAs bRUH! And the banana phone
Semira and Aydin Nikocevic
Semira and Aydin Nikocevic 16 днів тому
I knew that there would be a not a cat cat
Christina Ayres
Christina Ayres 16 днів тому
If I was there, I would so of taken those fake roaches. Why? Because I want to give myself nightmares...😂
Michelle McIntosh
Michelle McIntosh 17 днів тому
Joyous Feather45
Joyous Feather45 17 днів тому
Says *until everyone is satisfied* What about kara
Ckinsman 17 днів тому
that isn't ice cream, it just looks like it. It's actually glass!
Sofia Dominique Rojas
Sofia Dominique Rojas 17 днів тому
I really like the coachroaches cuz my brother steals my food/candy
sans lover
sans lover 17 днів тому
Rolley Nienhueser
Rolley Nienhueser 17 днів тому
1:52 pun
Rose Uh
Rose Uh 17 днів тому
Not a brush brush? :O
lovin gacha L0L
lovin gacha L0L 17 днів тому
Everyone was stealing from Ben if I were Ben I would be like ;-;
ilovejimrogers 17 днів тому
I just realised that I was watching a long ad...
Matthew Arifin
Matthew Arifin 17 днів тому
i like kara
Lia Tetro
Lia Tetro 17 днів тому
I have a brush that is also a microphone
gacha studio lover
gacha studio lover 18 днів тому
Adam: if a fire happens here just keep going I got it! Me: are ya sure there man? Also me: aren't ya gonna be even the littlest bit concerned about the faulty light?
The Emma Channel
The Emma Channel 18 днів тому
I want the banana phone
Austin Bullock
Austin Bullock 18 днів тому
Mr.Stark I don’t feel so good Spoilers for Endgame Iron Man: Mr Parker I don’t feel so good
Cann Wade
Cann Wade 18 днів тому
Oh have u watched it
єllιє ʝєllу
єllιє ʝєllу 18 днів тому
I love how Ben always thinks about his kids ❤️❤️❤️
Baze Shadow
Baze Shadow 18 днів тому
ink plays
ink plays 18 днів тому
I dont blame anybody if they love skittles cause their my fav
fun with Mushfi
fun with Mushfi 19 днів тому
What Kelsey is an ARMY????? She loves BTS. Jin's her bias maybe. I saw it in the doughnut eating challenge. Seriously she has a BTS new album poster on her room. That makes me happy. I am an Army tho😂😂😂😂😂 BTS ARMY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie Mancini-Tuffier
Charlie Mancini-Tuffier 19 днів тому
Can we just take a second to notice how cute Kara is.
Slimeyguy 1M
Slimeyguy 1M 19 днів тому
5:52 omg i was like hey why does'nt she like the c##ks they are not real and i realized what i just said
porky perks
porky perks 20 днів тому
insid the bag i have that food like mr smthing i dont know whats the end of the name sorry
#PUG CLUB 20 днів тому
No noticed the pun my eyes are peeled on the banana phone😂😂😂😂
AwesomeBrick139 20 днів тому
0:21 dat face
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