A Tour Of My Plants

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Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie open.spotify.com/artist/5BYcwjrQth7em7maAt0yKE
These are the fun and helpful youtube channels (among many) that I like to watch
Planterina - ukvid.net/show-UCUIdHDKQIy-vr-D7M6KuRUQ
Kaylee Ellen - ukvid.net/show-UCWRyi0LgQqAs7_Zz09VZA-Q
Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - ukvid.net/u-results?search_query=hilton+carter
Betsy Begonia - ukvid.net/show-UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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14 бер 2019





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Anna Varga
Anna Varga Годину тому
I got a fiddle fig tree for 16$ from kroger
Nina Ann
Nina Ann Годину тому
Thank you Jenna! Can't wait to see more
Fuck up your Commas
Fuck up your Commas Годину тому
I'm the same, I became obsessed about a year ago and now have about 50 plants. Some huge and some not so huge. Brings me happiness 💕
Tyffanee Lavely
Tyffanee Lavely Годину тому
Rudi Barczewska
Rudi Barczewska Годину тому
How Dare you put up this video, I NEEED succulents now, I forgot how much I adoorre them!
Daniella Vidaurre
Daniella Vidaurre Годину тому
Jenna needs to be a mom... like... now
Jordan MIller
Jordan MIller Годину тому
this video is a form of meditation
Kylie Sullivan
Kylie Sullivan Годину тому
I got my first plant about 2 weeks ago, his name is lezlie 😁
pinkrobot001 Годину тому
As an almost 32 year old plant lover who is about to have a whole house to fill with plants, this is a delightful video
jennifer morton
jennifer morton Годину тому
Is your lipstick plant a specific one??? Cause I need
PSOLDE Годину тому
Amazing video !!!
Laura P
Laura P Годину тому
I looooooove Jenna’s big heart!! I love that she’s referring to her plants as “he” and “him” “she” and “her” AND naming them! You are just so loving and sweet and caring. I’m just in awe of how wonderful you are!
Tim Bennett
Tim Bennett Годину тому
The Latin names of these plants Jenna remembers is the whole quintessence of the video.
Amanda Shafer
Amanda Shafer Годину тому
In the middle of watching this video I bought four plants online. Thanks Jena. You have ended me. R.I.P
Hui Zhen Leong
Hui Zhen Leong Годину тому
This is EXACTLY the kind of content I want
drinalukacs 2 години тому
houseplant tour but also house tour. Loved it, will go out and buy more plants
Sir Yodasbongsalot
Sir Yodasbongsalot 2 години тому
Jenna's plant children.
Mr Marbles
Mr Marbles 2 години тому
midlife crisis
XO lemme hear you say XO
XO lemme hear you say XO 2 години тому
Jenna is so cute 😭 now I feel like getting a plant
joye 2 години тому
Why do I keep coming back to this video. It’s so wholesome.
Ochre Clay
Ochre Clay 2 години тому
I love that you are wearing a plastic stretchy necklace from the deep deep past. You make it work.
Hayley Baybe
Hayley Baybe 3 години тому
alright I want a diy for plant pots
Jill Sandwich
Jill Sandwich 3 години тому
How many people are just looking at kermit and laughing 😂
Missy H
Missy H 3 години тому
Holy crap the amount of plants she has...I kill any plant in my house😫 I love her knowledge and passion, shes so happy talking about her plants! Love it
Kim R.
Kim R. 3 години тому
I’ve never wanted a plant as much as I do now
Afsdsh 3 години тому
You should get yourself a green house and start growing edible plants such as tomatoes and peas. I think you'd have so much fun with that
Miracle-Gro 3 години тому
WHAT a tour, they're all beautiful! We loved meeting everyone and can't wait to see what other little guys join the family. Welcome to Plant Parenthood, Jenna!
Sami Jones
Sami Jones 3 години тому
Jenna is so knowledgeable about her plants. I’m terrible with names
hiddentears 3 години тому
looks like you beat grayson to it
Brianna Mottola
Brianna Mottola 3 години тому
Are you ever going to plant all those plants outside & have them last long like trees? Someone let me know because I’m not sure do they just have it for decoration for a little while and then that’s it or do they planted outside for like a long lasting life?
xMicoMemeex 3 години тому
You should get an arabica coffee plant 🌱 I LOVE mine, and in a couple of years it makes its own coffee beans and you can then make your own coffee ☕️ 😍
Kittie 3 години тому
i literally turned 32 the day of this view coming out. heeelll yeaah.
Kim R.
Kim R. 3 години тому
9:00 that little bark 11:48 me when I buy new makeup 24:10 “the fuck, dawg?” Jenna: 🧿👄🧿
Claire Johnson
Claire Johnson 3 години тому
Me, a plant addict: so freaking excited
Max Hinojosa
Max Hinojosa 4 години тому
This is probably one of my favorite videos of yours. Not trying to be funny, I just really like this one. Oh btw this is my 5th time watching this video
camille05joy 4 години тому
kermit in jenna's arms are killing me in this video 😂😂😂 i can't totally focus on jenna's plant knowledge....
Jas Crow
Jas Crow 4 години тому
You could press the leaves of your plants and make something for your wall!
bomberdils 4 години тому
I wasnt expecting this..
Geeta's Glorious Garden and Pets
Geeta's Glorious Garden and Pets 4 години тому
Amazing dog.So peaceful
CHILL WITH THE J's 4 години тому
Lilly unlogical
Lilly unlogical 4 години тому
Guys!!!!! She is wearing the shirt Julian bought for her for her birthday!!!!! Y’all remember that video?
Emma Butcher Art
Emma Butcher Art 4 години тому
ahhh little Kermit is just like no other dog, he is just fabulous!
Emma Butcher Art
Emma Butcher Art 4 години тому
wow!!! so much plant information. I didnt know... any! of that haha it was interesting and entertaining!, even though i hesitated on clicking on the video haha.
rockgirl22 5 годин тому
The only decent light I get is in my bathroom so not going to lie it's like a jungle in there. I love plants in the house just find it so relaxing. At the moment I'm trying to bring my banana plant back as its not having a good time not sure what I'm doing wrong haha I think it's just depressed as its in the UK and it's a bit shit here. Anyway thank you for showing your plants enjoyed seeing them all! One day I hope to get this many plants but we need to get a bigger house with more light first.
Chloe J C
Chloe J C 5 годин тому
This, by far, is my favourite result of your too-much-gene 🌿
tonari 5 годин тому
This is my favorite video on UKvid.. and it's legit goals
gretchastretch 5 годин тому
New subscriber! 🙋‍♀️ been watching your videos for a while and they always make me LOL but this video feels like it was made for me... a 33 yr old laaay-dayyy wanting to learn more about house plants!!! LOVE IT!!! THANK YOUUU 🙏
Fufner Keywheel
Fufner Keywheel 5 годин тому
The most useless youtuber in the world shows us fucking stupid shit plants. Way to go ya human waste of space.
Candice Ruleau
Candice Ruleau 6 годин тому
Is it me or does Jenna show a lot of maternal behavior?
Daniela Pemcova
Daniela Pemcova 6 годин тому
Xander Gamez
Xander Gamez 6 годин тому
When is the new video gonna get upload?
Tiffany Doublet
Tiffany Doublet 6 годин тому
is she trying to give us a hint that she's ENGAGED?!?!?!!?!?!?! for the past two vidoes with the thumbnail she has a ring on her ring finger :O they are a perfect match
kadykatariina 6 годин тому
Magnificent plant-knowledge lady. I have 6 plants in my living-room and they time to time are on the verge of a cliff to give up my care, but got some tips from you as I have some similar ones! Thanks for the tips, on the name of plants too.
squishy elizabeth
squishy elizabeth 6 годин тому
cαn í gєt α hσчα!
Arrggghhhh whatever.
Arrggghhhh whatever. 6 годин тому
No pressure...just waiting...it’s almost 2am Th & I have a BB game today. 🏀
jsdjsdssa 6 годин тому
LEX 7 годин тому
You inspired me to get 3 succulents ( Bertha, Ursula, Luna) and I love them very much! Thank you for halting me get my green thumb back. Y’all like this so that Jenna can see my love
Isabel Alexis
Isabel Alexis 7 годин тому
Tour de Plants 2019
Kistilan 7 годин тому
I came for a Tour of my Pants, stayed for a Tour of Her Plants.
Rachel Bernardo
Rachel Bernardo 7 годин тому
Girl, no. I LOVE YOU!!!! But they’re just plants. And take it from a girl who LITERALLY comes in third to her mom after her dogs and her plants (I’m literally not kidding... I accidentally knocked a leaf off a plant older than me and got screamed at).... they. Are. Just. Plants.
Destiny Craig
Destiny Craig 7 годин тому
Peach looks like courage the cowardly dog while cermet acts like him. Please make a video comparing the two!!!!!!
Cydnee Rose
Cydnee Rose 7 годин тому
After watching this video I went out and bought plants for my room and I’m loving it thanks for the inspiration Jenna love you
Harley Johnson
Harley Johnson 7 годин тому
This reminds me so much of my mom!! We had an indoor tree in her old place, and her new place she installed a raised soil feature in tiny cement back yard to have a bunch of plants including a tree LMAO. she had indoor/outdoor and used to garden with my late grandpa. this was so enjoyable to watch. just really soothing.
Esme 7 годин тому
Jenna ... I want babies .... I mean i want you to have babies!!!!! . please please please!!!!! I want you to rreeeeppprrrooodduuucceeee!!!!
Joshua Deakins
Joshua Deakins 7 годин тому
Just went out and bought like 3 plants. Why you do this to mee
Mariah Janelle
Mariah Janelle 7 годин тому
Ma’am it’s past Wednesday are u ok
Mariah Janelle
Mariah Janelle 7 годин тому
Just checking up on the kween, I hope we’re gettin more plant updates or maybe height updates 🤔🤔
Laura Tess
Laura Tess 8 годин тому
ok love you love your plants BUT also just love Kermits face in this video lmao why is he always the nasty star of the show?!
Sumpai 8 годин тому
Make sure to not water cerment or he’ll groaw an eat chikain an becum river monstair
Melissa Paabøl Christensen
Melissa Paabøl Christensen 8 годин тому
I watched this with my plant babies - they needed an extra dose of wholesomeness
SJ C 8 годин тому
jenna casually cradling kermit is such a BIG mood
Karin Maaka
Karin Maaka 8 годин тому
Julian, this is what happens when you don’t let Jenna get a cat.
Julianne Caccavale
Julianne Caccavale 8 годин тому
You should make another 5 minute crafts video except this time you set a timer for 5 minutes and really put to test whetheror not these crafts can actually be done in five minutes
Matt Stevens
Matt Stevens 8 годин тому
Jenna are you going to buy a pot from marzia?
rupauls queen
rupauls queen 8 годин тому
your air looks so crisp
Sticey Stacey
Sticey Stacey 8 годин тому
So that isn’t an engagement ring?
DΞΞDS 8 годин тому
17:40 "don't tell anyone" as Jenna proceeds to tell the whole wide internet xD
Mere Bear
Mere Bear 8 годин тому
brb ill be back in 12 years to watch this when im 32
versacediva1 9 годин тому
Emily Panko
Emily Panko 9 годин тому
Plz let me do your brows I just wanna make the tails a bit thicker
Hobii 9 годин тому
Alaska Carrillo
Alaska Carrillo 9 годин тому
Tell me why I took botany for a semester but I know more about plants than I ever did after this 30 min video
kay bee
kay bee 9 годин тому
Why am I really into this video? My kids will wake up for the day in 4 hours and here I am learnin from Jenna’s nursery 😂
Savannah  Whitaker
Savannah Whitaker 9 годин тому
I love this and if u ever get new plants you must introduce us!!!
Katherine Dickison
Katherine Dickison 9 годин тому
in the shirt julian bought her!!!! dawww!!
knjs_toofpasste 9 годин тому
I’ve never been more interested in plants
knjs_toofpasste 9 годин тому
That Humidifier looks like a whole damn radio 😂
Anaisel Ramos
Anaisel Ramos 9 годин тому
I thought SoCal was humid. I'm from Santa Barbara and we get humid we usually stay at 60-70 percent humidity at most times of the year, idk how it's like in LA im assuming?
Nahomi T
Nahomi T 9 годин тому
This made me want to get plants
Rachel J
Rachel J 9 годин тому
Holy fuck plant mom of all plant moms haha my goal is to be a good plant mom like you one day
Courtney Simmons
Courtney Simmons 9 годин тому
I bet the air in your house is so refreshing with all those plants.
Alexandria  Heston
Alexandria Heston 10 годин тому
I have the to much gene
StarrFOX Fiasco
StarrFOX Fiasco 10 годин тому
Fucking calming! 🧡
Rachel Buttz
Rachel Buttz 10 годин тому
I'm only a ☄27 year old lady☄ but I'm watching this video so I can be prepared.
Tabitha Staley
Tabitha Staley 10 годин тому
😍 what was the name of the little red "tree" in your room?! My house needs that cutie!
Brittney Williams
Brittney Williams 10 годин тому
I'm 20 and I support you I WILL WATCH!!! 😁😁😁😁😁😁💅
Danni Velasco
Danni Velasco 10 годин тому
plzzz give links for where you learned abt plants
Whitneyy_paigee 10 годин тому
Make a video on planting a bonsai tree!
Cheyenne Suekut
Cheyenne Suekut 10 годин тому
awe she’s wearing the shirt that julien got her 😢
sad& lovelygirlfriend
sad& lovelygirlfriend 10 годин тому
🌴💚I so love you 💚🌿💚🌱💚🌳
Chays Souza
Chays Souza 10 годин тому
Can you do spray paint art? Honestly would love to see what you make! ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-jZWkRxIfrZU.html
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