A Wood Stove for Camping Part 2 - Starting the Build

Slim Potatohead
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In part II of my Wood Stove Series, I discuss the basic tools needed, as well as the top, baffle and door construction.
DISCLAIMER: This project involves machinery and materials can cause injury. DO NOT ATTEMPT to make this stove if you lack the proper skills, knowledge and safety equipment. Improper use or design of wood stoves can be fatal. I am not responsible for any loss or injury as the result of anyone attempting to copy what I have done in this video. BE SAFE!

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Major Components (Amazon Affiliated Product Links):
Fat 50 Ammo Box: amzn.to/2JO60ac
Stove Rope Kit: amzn.to/2LtaibB
Propane cylinder: amzn.to/2mwaKYu
Fiberglass Cloth: amzn.to/2O8ZQED
Mica Sheet: amzn.to/2v1d1lX
Additional Parts:
- 22 gauge steel sheet (divider uses 9"x7" and 9"x15" pieces)
- 4mm steel plate (7"x7" for cooking)
- Steel rivets
- BBQ skewer
- 4 copper pennies
- 2 small compression springs
- 4" to 3" duct reducer (Can't find on Amazon. Here's the Lowe's Link: www.lowes.com/pd/IMPERIAL-4-in-dia-x-3-in-dia-Duct-Reducer/1000228317)
List above only applies to this video. A complete parts list to follow in a future video. Please watch the entire series before deciding if this project is for you.
My Video Equipment (Amazon Affiliate Links):
Main Camera: Sony A7Sii: amzn.to/2J9voXk
Camcorder: Sony FRD-AX33: amzn.to/2khCRMT
Sports Camera: HD 1080P: amzn.to/2xhPzws
Shotgun Mic: amzn.to/2kOJqqY
Editing: Powerdirector 16: amzn.to/2InANdX





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Ed Proctor
Ed Proctor 20 днів тому
How does the hopper feed pellets to the stove?
Ed Proctor
Ed Proctor 19 днів тому
I should have watched the 3rd video.
Ed Proctor
Ed Proctor 19 днів тому
@Slim Potatohead Does the pellets fall through a screen to the bottom of the stove?
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead 20 днів тому
dougMs 26 днів тому
The oven is genius, NOBODY that sells these has an oven!! I won't buy one without it. Hmmm guess I may have to make my own?
Michael Frawley
Michael Frawley Місяць тому
Skill...patience...how much
Michael Frawley
Michael Frawley Місяць тому
Slim Potatohead I better buy from the store...thanks
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead Місяць тому
Skill, a little. Patience, a lot. SP
Melinda Herod
Melinda Herod 2 місяці тому
Love it! Great instructions!
Matt Mitchell
Matt Mitchell 2 місяці тому
Buy yourself angle grinder.
MORTIMER SCHNERD 2 місяці тому
"Success is a journey rather than a destination, Grasshopper!"
Daniel Gervais
Daniel Gervais 3 місяці тому
hi, inirationnal vids!!! What type of glass you used...I can't find in your list!! thanks a million!!!
Gregory Dalton
Gregory Dalton 3 місяці тому
I like your style and metalworking by hand. It was painful watching you drill/saw/grind the thicker steel sheet and brought back memories of gouged knuckles. You can cut thicker mild steel sheet with a jig saw if you have a variable speed jigsaw with a good blade and the correct technique. 1. test the steel sheet for hardness with a file. The file should dig in readily. 2. choose the best quality blade you can afford and get the correct number of teeth per inch (tpi). Rule of thumb is 3 teeth engaged. so a 1/4 sheet (plate) would take a 12 tpi blade. .. too few teeth and you will grab; too many teeth and you will not remove enough material (see#3). 3. steel work-hardens so you want a slower blade speed with an aggressive feed rate. Don't push too hard just make sure you are not burnishing the steel or it will become hardened and your blade will dull quickly. This is particularly important for cutting stainless steel. Hopefully this helps reduce the effort for those with a variable speed jigsaw (or access to a variac - variable ac voltage). You can also use an cordless jigsaw or reciprocating saw. A narrow blade is good for curves while a broad blade is good for straight cuts. I am building one of these for a winter camping trip so I will watch your third video for more tips! Thanks a bunch!
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 3 місяці тому
You must have been an engineer in your other life.
Ted Stublat
Ted Stublat 3 місяці тому
Best design on UKvid, hands down.
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson 3 місяці тому
Mayb I'll try one is I ever get my fat box
Eric Wilson
Eric Wilson 3 місяці тому
Looks hard I was just go buy one....it's not as small tho
JOEL DIZON 3 місяці тому
If there was a Nobel prize for patience and perseverance Slim would get it hands down
Cindy Williams
Cindy Williams 4 місяці тому
Haha, like i said before, do you sell these?!
Sandy Nelson
Sandy Nelson 4 місяці тому
Could I just buy one from you??
Maxwell Harmon
Maxwell Harmon 4 місяці тому
thank you for making this video!!!
Doug van der Hoop
Doug van der Hoop 4 місяці тому
I really appreciate your effort and really like your little stove.
Ernie T
Ernie T 4 місяці тому
you do a really great job. [ could make one but in maine and no garage. Give you a $100.00 if you want to make me one. I know you can buy one,s on ebay for that price . But i like your design .
Rick Pollard
Rick Pollard 4 місяці тому
Steven School Alchemy
Steven School Alchemy 4 місяці тому
Good job. great video.
Bruce Walendy
Bruce Walendy 4 місяці тому
If you could manufacture those I would be your first customer. I could get with it and build it but have enough projects with my van build already. Please consider letting us place orders, a few at a time, with you reasonably well compensated. Great job. I enjoy your presentations as you must know based on your UKvid success. Keep up the good work.
Steve Ho
Steve Ho 5 місяців тому
Great vid and thank you for sharing Slim. Is there a video on the oven build?
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead 5 місяців тому
Yes, three of them. Please see the links in the description. Thanks! SP
Kevin Tynan
Kevin Tynan 5 місяців тому
Brilliant innovative craftsmanship! I love that butterfly valve, copper pennies! fantastic.
J. 5 місяців тому
Where did you get the mica for the window?
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead 5 місяців тому
Lapidary stores sell it. SP
Steff 6 місяців тому
Your videos are therapeutic , sir ! Thank you for making / sharing them
Tim Greet
Tim Greet 8 місяців тому
Nice work Slim, your clever as well articulate. Come to Australia, it's always warm here, most people like Canadians. Anyway keep up the great work. 👍
Freelancer 10 місяців тому
This guy is from Canada, so I would assume he bought Canadian military ammo boxes. But I live in the United States, so could I do the same thing with ammo boxes from the United States military?
Freelancer 10 місяців тому
@Slim Potatohead Okay, thanks Slim!
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead 10 місяців тому
Same Same. Fat 50. SP
ElRoy Zentner
ElRoy Zentner 11 місяців тому
Where can I find your plans/drawings?
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead 11 місяців тому
Sorry, I didn't make any. SP
Kevin McKay
Kevin McKay 11 місяців тому
4'' grinder will save you TIME
page white
page white 11 місяців тому
Do you remember in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when they kept stopping and saying, “who are those guys?” That’s what I keep thinking as I watch all your videos, “who is this guy?” because you have so many skills, so much knowledge.
John Potter
John Potter 11 місяців тому
Thanks for showing. Can you just make me one? lulu
Uncle Nic Nic
Uncle Nic Nic Рік тому
can I buy one?
Marylou Blackwell
Marylou Blackwell Рік тому
I wanna hear more about the frozen poo in an ammo can
Craig Jungers
Craig Jungers Рік тому
We must have missed the part where you show the design for the pellet delivery system. We've used pellet stoves for 35 years and it seems that if we just dumped pellets into that "hopper" they'd all fall down in a clump and the fire would follow the pellets up into that "hopper". You must have some sort of baffling system so that gravity feeds the pellets a few at a time into the flames. How did you do that?
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead Рік тому
please refer to my build videos: "A Wood Stove for Camping" Series. Thanks! SP
Wolf Man
Wolf Man Рік тому
Any chance I could convince you to make one for a camping dad? I work in a hospital and raise a family, I wish I could have time to build this masterpiece, I'd gladly pay you instead of seek outside or any other manufacturer. I know you probably been asked a million times though, but never hurts to ask right. thanks... for the great vid/idea.
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead Рік тому
Sorry, I travel. SP
TIMBEAU1962 Рік тому
Sir, fabulous! I wanted to make one for a hike with tent and use it as a tent heater. And you provided me with a great solution for a problem i had in my design! Thank you for sharing! Good show, and enjoy. A warm greeting from sweden.
T Dogg
T Dogg Рік тому
An angle grinder with a cut-off wheel would speed up alot of the build and only about $50
Wayne Novotny
Wayne Novotny Рік тому
What happened to the fiberglas rope you installed around the 5:00 mark? By 6:40 it's gone, then 9:15 it's back?
David Zemke
David Zemke Рік тому
Love the video appreciate the humor at 1:00 A...B... 3 keep it up lmao.
현원순 Рік тому
대단 하십니다
Jim Sevilla
Jim Sevilla Рік тому
I just found this. You have done a wonderful job here. I have subscribed because your narrative is so soothing and informative. I do have a question as I am beginning to build your stove. The propane tank did you just need one tank and cut it in half? Or better yet how long did you cut the pieces for the flue and hopper
thizizliz Рік тому
Wow! Gotta love that it's so much recycling too. Very clever.
Bp323 Рік тому
i must have missed something - how did you cut the propane cylinders safely? I want to do this but I'm afraid of igniting any residual gas with a spark from my saw blade or grinder :p
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead Рік тому
After opening the valve pin to make sure all the gas is removed, drill a very small hole with a hand drill. SP
vortexrider1 Рік тому
Wow, this is very cool! Can you make them available to order? Please?
Tellie Hack
Tellie Hack Рік тому
Amazing! I’m “riveted”. 😀. Can’t wait for testing in camper part two. You are genius and so fun to watch. Dennis lol
David Taylor
David Taylor Рік тому
What about the mica glass, thankyou!
Rambling in Ramsey
Rambling in Ramsey Рік тому
OK, i'm impressed.
Jesse Kyle Lloyd
Jesse Kyle Lloyd Рік тому
Can't I just buy one?
LvyaRain Рік тому
Fascinating! I have some mechanically inclinations (DNA), yet haven't had a lifetime of opportunities to develop those talents much...I have most of the tools and with your instructions and a slight learning curve (bending the metal) I could do this! It is wonderful seeing how you designed and create the pieces for this camp stove. Thanks so much for sharing your labor of love.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore Рік тому
Really excellent work (project:). Plenty of techniques you're sharing in here. I, myself, learned a thing or two. Thank you, *A.
Old Gringo ランス
Old Gringo ランス Рік тому
The fat 50 ammo box had LST something written on it. I was in the US Navy and my ship was an LST (we were amphibious assault)
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead Рік тому
Cool! Neat little piece of history, and I can cook with it too! SP
s3xyScorp Рік тому
Sugestion for cutting metal,,use a grinder with thin cuting disk ! Thats a great litle stove btw
ManyHammers Рік тому
s3xyScorp Plasma cutter!
Rachel Cody
Rachel Cody Рік тому
just found your channel! subscribed! Awesome!
Alan Jones
Alan Jones Рік тому
Simply ingenious!
putheflamesou Рік тому
That preview was remarkable video. Ever think about being a directions art/writer? Don't know the demand but you would be perfect.
Peggy Boyd
Peggy Boyd Рік тому
Hi Slim, I enjoy your videos. However, I do have an interest in a small wood-burning stove for camping. Your video did inspire me to purchase one.
Imix Muan
Imix Muan Рік тому
You need to patent this, and start making them. Seriously, if you don't someone will. They won't call it the Slim Potatohead stove either, it will have some stupid hipster name like "the ammocanstovr".
SuperCyril2 Рік тому
A welder can save you alot of time with this build.
l t
l t Рік тому
wonderful, love your inventions!!
konstantinos ampatzidis
konstantinos ampatzidis Рік тому
Excellent construction with minimal tools but very good will. Congratulations dear !!!
Jesse Рік тому
Boy your one handyman Slim! Nice video!
Constance Haynes
Constance Haynes Рік тому
All I can say is WOW. I am not that mechanically inclined but I enjoyed watching how to do it.
bibu6666 Рік тому
Great design!
Dona Harrell
Dona Harrell Рік тому
Too bad something like this isn't available to purchase already built.
Blake Campbell Productions
I really like your statement about the path to getting there. That statement alone is part of the reason I am now a new subscriber. In my channel as I suppose most channels you take something from each channel you watch. You my friend have a channel and content I will watch. I hope you don't mind but I like your style and if you watch my channel in the future you may see bits and pieces of yourself in my videos. Thank you so much for your time and effort in producing your videos and projects.
Blake Campbell Productions
Boy isn't that important. I started my channel after I retired from the fire service with severe PTSD. My motivation for this was it helped me create momentum. The biggest part is having fun.
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead Рік тому
Thanks Blake! Still trying to figure out what my style is but I have fun trying. Good luck with your channel and hope you get many more subscribers in the next little while! SP
Bradley Shimels
Bradley Shimels Рік тому
It's great innovation is the name of the game. Which means you can use your own design ideas and improvements on the one you build for yourself. Take care.
Average Alice
Average Alice Рік тому
Amazing project! I suppose if you have a big-enough hopper for the pellets it might burn all night? Looking forward to seeing the final testing in the Aliner.
Bad Goy- Varg Vikernes Division
Subbed! You've given me so many ideas and now I want to custom fab my own in door stove. I love the baffle chamber, this is indeed a huge problem with our potbelly as the combustion chamber allows the heat to exhaust straightaway, even choking the exhaust does not prolong the burn all that much. Couple this with heat loss through the exhaust pipe and it's quite inefficient. What are your thoughts on a double barrelled system with minor baffling in each? Would too much baffling smother the flames with exhaust gasses? Much love, Tynan
Bad Goy- Varg Vikernes Division
Slim Potatohead I shall certainly keep an eye on this endeavour of yours, great information and the response is much appreciated. Thanks Slim, take care and all the best. Good luck with the winter testing!
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead Рік тому
Hi Tynan, being that this is my first stove, I expect I will have some tweaks as it gets worked in. The baffle seems effective so far, although I did end up adding more metal to the left side where the flame curves around as it was getting quite hot. I do get a lot of smoke the first few minutes, but the narrow chamber has not effected the intensity of the combustion. How narrow you can go is really hard for me to say without experimentation. Thanks! SP
Joel Hill
Joel Hill Рік тому
That is cool! You are right that it is therapeutic.Would be a lot easier with a plasma cutter, Oxy-acetylene torch, tig torch. Would take a lot of the thought and time out of it! Good job for what you have to work with!
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead Рік тому
Hi Joel, The goal was to make a stove that could be made with tools from the average garage or home workshop. Also, using bolts and rivets means it is reversible should the design change later on. Thanks!
Daryl Phipps
Daryl Phipps Рік тому
Copper pennies? Canadian or US?....lol...I understand it makes no matter, just trying to interject a wee bit of humor. Looks good tho. I will try my own when ready. Thank you Slim!
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead Рік тому
Hey, I just found out that Canadian pennies between 2000 and 2012 are made of steel. Much better!!!!
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead Рік тому
American, before 1982 (later are zinc and melt). I always end up with a pile of them when I travel. Now I have a use for 4 of them! SP
Lelia Katz
Lelia Katz Рік тому
Wow! I wished I could make 1for myself too. when I saw you the one you made last week , I was very impressed! You are truly a genius!😊
SpaceCarBoy Рік тому
I admire creative thinking. Like mentioned in part I, You could sell them all day long.
robert lombardo
robert lombardo Рік тому
Like your ideas one suggestion 4” angle grinder and cut off wheel.
BBMeyer100 Рік тому
Richard Рік тому
super awesome
J Wagner
J Wagner Рік тому
Thoughts on cutting the thicker steel - I understand why you would make many holes with the drill, it seems faster. I think you would be able to cut the thick metal better with the saber saw. First, use a saw that has adjustable speeds, a slow cut is better for metal. It keeps the blade cooler and lasting longer. Second, go for a quality metal cutting blade, the expensive ones are worth the extra money. They will last longer than multiple cheap ones.
Slim Potatohead
Slim Potatohead Рік тому
Hi J, good advice, thanks! I did first try the metal blades with my jigsaw, but wore out the blades instantly (at $7 a blade). Drills were cheaper and easier to lube. SP
karl alton
karl alton Рік тому
Fantastic stove but i feel a 4 inch angle grinder would be more use to you than a bench grinder because then you can use cutting discs to cut your metal instead of drilling loads of holes and hell of alot of filling ? Just saying thats all but brilliant build otherwise 👍👍👍👍
Maria Lopes
Maria Lopes Рік тому
I so wanna make one myself :-/ thanks for the demonstration video Mr. Slim !
kyl NJ
kyl NJ Рік тому
nice clip!
Maxima Рік тому
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