AC/DC - Realize (Official Audio)

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11 лис 2020





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Stefan Poslushni
Stefan Poslushni День тому
Best group ever!😎🤘
anna anderson
anna anderson 2 дні тому
BEEMAN 420 3 дні тому
Florian Lebreton
Florian Lebreton 4 дні тому
La pêche toute la journée
William Lower III
William Lower III 4 дні тому
When news dropped that ACDC had released this new song, I was just like 'oh, whatever.' But it wasn't until today where I actually listened to it. And I gotta say: I am genuinely impressed. They've kept their old style intact and maintained their old sound. It doesn't sound new when it is! 10/10
eitor lirio
eitor lirio 4 дні тому
Brasileiros por aq?
Denise Fields
Denise Fields 5 днів тому
Ac dc realize
Denise Fields
Denise Fields 5 днів тому
hi I just wanted to take a moment just to say hi to my UKvid family and friends I'm going to have to take a moment out and but I will be back with you but I'm going to leave you with this song okay thank you
Антон Шарафутдинов
Это классная песня
KC Rock
KC Rock 7 днів тому
AC/DC didn't write songs. They wrote anthems 😎 Highway to Hell anyone 😈 🎸
Denise Fields
Denise Fields 8 днів тому
ACDC realize
Denise Fields
Denise Fields 8 днів тому
ACDC realize
Dave Etherton
Dave Etherton 8 днів тому
Least they got rid of axle rose who can't carry a tune
علاء الدين
علاء الدين 8 днів тому
this shit never gets old plz while you breath don't ever change your style i fucking love it 🤘😬🤘
Isah Garcia
Isah Garcia 9 днів тому
Bom demais
DARIN JAMES 9 днів тому
I realize these guys are flipping rock stars!
Laurent D'EMMEREZ 10 днів тому
I love this song❤️❤️❤️
Gianluca Macchi
Gianluca Macchi 10 днів тому
Mostri sacri del rock
Mhm Mhm
Mhm Mhm 10 днів тому
You are never too old to realize! 😉🥰
Amadeo's Music
Amadeo's Music 10 днів тому
No me gustó el video de Realize por eso vengo aca. Para ser el mejor tema deberian haber hecho un videaso como en otros temas. Muy decepcionado.
Mateo73 10 днів тому
Favorite song on this album. Chills.
Aiden 10 днів тому
Angus is standing still? Impossible.
Prodescu Ștefan
Prodescu Ștefan 10 днів тому
Brian still stading ,impossible! Never to old to rock , he has 75 years and still rocking soooo goood!
Grayson 40
Grayson 40 11 днів тому
Greatest 10 seconds of 2020
Rob Rice
Rob Rice 12 днів тому
For those about to rock we salute ACDC
Tina van Deventer
Tina van Deventer 12 днів тому
Absolutely love this💯
Willie Grandison
Willie Grandison 12 днів тому
This is some gangster shit it's ill these guys are made men rocking n rolling power age you better realize!!!!!!
Алексей Семенов
Алексей Семенов 12 днів тому
Tom van Rooijen
Tom van Rooijen 12 днів тому
If you have school lessons online and you don't have the POWER to pay attention. I really recommend buying the AC/DC POWER UP cup. I REALIZED it really works!!!
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 12 днів тому
A bad year but a great album 🤘
Rehan Noorudeen
Rehan Noorudeen 12 днів тому
ROCK is not DEAD🤘❤️
nat hussey
nat hussey 12 днів тому
Dang! Brian's voice is back! Angus never slows down.
Wayne Henare
Wayne Henare 12 днів тому
Goddam true AC/DC music that’s gonna conquer the world 🌎 ♥️♥️
Ekkino 12 днів тому
son una masa
ItsJustMe123 12 днів тому
What I love about AC/DC is the fact that they stay consistent on how they sound and I love it
Brian Harper
Brian Harper 12 днів тому
Yes, a band that still sounds original, screw the critics, this is just what the doctor ordered, 🤘 AC/DC !!!!
Arbuscula33 12 днів тому
Old people can really rock!
DidYouReadEULA 12 днів тому
Listen at Phil and those Paiste cymbals...amazing, legendary, timeless combo!!!!!!!
marcos salazar
marcos salazar 12 днів тому
Lo mismo de siempre
ch4345 12 днів тому
video out tomorrow 10am
Youtube sucks
Youtube sucks 12 днів тому
Awesome, especially at their age :) Kudos and thx ! I'm still stuck in the past though, Thunderstruck, Highway to Hell, Hell's Bells, all night long...
Anthony Guzman
Anthony Guzman 13 днів тому
the moment u realized is to hit the like button
ntsms69 13 днів тому
ACDC = After Covid, Dominance Continues
Marco Fösel
Marco Fösel 13 днів тому
The grearest Band ever!👍
Michael Fataaikitama
Michael Fataaikitama 13 днів тому
ACDC. Magic in all they do.
Deroussiaux Didier
Deroussiaux Didier 13 днів тому
Incomparable acdc ‼️‼️‼️‼️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
moine michelle
moine michelle 13 днів тому
super album que j'ai acheter et j'adore je l'ecoute tous les jours
시바새퀴 13 днів тому
Ernest O'Neill
Ernest O'Neill 13 днів тому
critics sounds like your last 12-13albums !!!!! . Angus "Hey get it right !!!!! " sounds like the last 16albums !!!!!!
Herbert Zehnpfennig
Herbert Zehnpfennig 13 днів тому
Hi I am herby from Germany .I've been a fan since acdc was founded.You are great😃🖖
Fortitude Valance
Fortitude Valance 13 днів тому
Proper music. A 1 minute video has been shown now. Wish there was a live audience but a good vid nerveless.
Pizza Time
Pizza Time 13 днів тому
Thanks mom. Ive loved you music since I was 3. Im 15 now listening to the same stuff I did when I was 3. Once your hooked, theres no going back. I listened to Nickelback's Something in your mouth when I was 3 and Disturbed's Down With the Sickness when I was 7 so yeah I am one badass kid.
Leonardo Caprisi
Leonardo Caprisi 14 днів тому
This song is a masterpiece!
José Martins
José Martins 14 днів тому
Ney Ramos
Ney Ramos 14 днів тому
Ney Ramos
Ney Ramos 14 днів тому
Ney Ramos
Ney Ramos 14 днів тому
Ney Ramos
Ney Ramos 14 днів тому
Ney Ramos
Ney Ramos 14 днів тому
Douglas Rockeiro
Douglas Rockeiro 14 днів тому
MUD BOG 14 днів тому
So many great songs I can listen to them all day and I'm not ever tired of it ...
Michael Marek
Michael Marek 14 днів тому
jack mckenna
jack mckenna 15 днів тому
Phill Rudd is back.. that timing is what makes them the best rock and roll band ever.... and Brian singing his heart out, Angus playing like a God and Cliff making it all work.. and Stevie doing it right.. all for Mal.. i'm loving these tunes.. ACDC, best band ever
Onio Saiyan
Onio Saiyan 15 днів тому
The vinyl has ruined the streamable versions of the album for me.
MUD BOG 15 днів тому
Haters can hate that's easy . AC DC JUST KICKS ASS !!! ❤🎸❤🎸❤🎸❤🎸❤🎸
H King
H King 15 днів тому
Just REALIZED this song is great
Swastika Atharva
Swastika Atharva 15 днів тому
They love bts coz they don't know ac dc😒
Karin Matus
Karin Matus 16 днів тому
Wow tolle Stimme Brian
Сергей Важов
Сергей Важов 16 днів тому
Не стареют душой ветераны.
Daniel Sarina
Daniel Sarina 16 днів тому
This is my favorite Brian Johnson era ac dc album!
Dave Stackhouse
Dave Stackhouse 17 днів тому
So symbolic this song. Self empowerment I'd say. Love it, thanks
Anim Ishkode Blackhoof
Anim Ishkode Blackhoof 17 днів тому
Alternative Current / Direct Current is still... charged with ,and or producing electricity.
Mel Gantly
Mel Gantly 17 днів тому
Sure hope they do a video for this one!
joern priess
joern priess 18 днів тому
Keiner glaubt,wie ich dieses Album feier!
Leonardo Caprisi
Leonardo Caprisi 14 днів тому
@H.Bedlam Kenn ich, es gibt Tage da höre ich das Album 5x nacheinander an! Mega Album!
Leonardo Caprisi
Leonardo Caprisi 14 днів тому
Hammer Album! Ein Meisterwerk!
H.Bedlam 18 днів тому
Doch, ich. Hörs gerade zum x-ten Mal durch. Dieses Album hat mich schon mehrmals um den Schlaf gebracht. Da rutscht man später am Abend ins Durchhören rein und plötzlich ists um 4.
A.K. Wagner
A.K. Wagner 18 днів тому
the same shit of ever
Paris Georgiades
Paris Georgiades 17 днів тому
U aint making sense, u realize?
Steve McQ.
Steve McQ. 18 днів тому
This is a pure time machine, but timeless.
Ash Smash
Ash Smash 18 днів тому
Bon Scott would be proud of rock being alive still!
roman villarreal
roman villarreal 18 днів тому
No más preguntas sr juez... culpables de ser los más grandes rockeros de la Historia. Gracias ACCD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INOXIDABLES... cuéntenla como quieran...............
Donny Candelaver
Donny Candelaver 18 днів тому
AC/DC is back!!
Anita Heilbrecht
Anita Heilbrecht 19 днів тому
Next tour, when ???
MissAmazanda 19 днів тому
This is the best song off this album, sounds like something off the flick of the switch album
Jukka Tuhkanen
Jukka Tuhkanen 20 днів тому
Let's hope D Trump finally will realize that he have lost, lost big time indeed. It would be sad to see US in something like civil war. What surprises me the most is that many of the fine rebublican representatives lack of even thinnest backbone to to speak out what is right.
ScurvyDavesCrusade 20 днів тому
This song straight up kicks ass!
Alex Lex
Alex Lex 15 днів тому
Sho nuff, mate
GREGORY HOUSE 21 день тому
I LOVE IT 😎🤘🤘🤘👍👍👍
CardinalFan Since2007
CardinalFan Since2007 21 день тому
Please retire already. Don't get it twisted, I grew up on ACDC, love all their songs. Listen to them on road trips, before football games, etc. I love all their songs and it pains me to say this but this album is hard to listen to. It sucks. At least move on from Brian Johnson and find another singer, he is not the same, his days are over. Find someone like Myles Kennedy. He's really bring some life back in this band.
Paris Georgiades
Paris Georgiades 17 днів тому
You are not the minority? No you aint. Its JUST you, what a joke you are.
CardinalFan Since2007
CardinalFan Since2007 20 днів тому
@barrett2492 Auto tune is always used to a certain degree. There was a time when Brian could sing well in studio with and on stage with his own voice and we all loved it. Now he relies heavily on auto tune like you're hearing in this video. Put out him on stage with a mic and the songs sound like total crap.
barrett2492 20 днів тому
@CardinalFan Since2007 Did l say anything was wrong with him? Not the singer for AC/DC as you seem to think he’d put life back into the band. Lol. ... you have your opinion which is fine. I have mine & l believe Brian is better. 🍻 cheers
CardinalFan Since2007
CardinalFan Since2007 20 днів тому
@barrett2492 Wtf is wrong with Myles Kennedy? He's a hell of a lot better than screeching Brian.
CardinalFan Since2007
CardinalFan Since2007 20 днів тому
@barrett2492 No I'm not and if you think I'm in the minority, you're delusional. I say it's split 50/50. Listen to Brian without the auto tune on stage and he sounds like total shit.
John Leask
John Leask 21 день тому
God I love these guys
B 11
B 11 22 дні тому
Bloom Tik Bloom
Bloom Tik Bloom 21 день тому
Eruption... By Van Halen?
Matt Shadows
Matt Shadows 22 дні тому
This song is badass
B P 22 дні тому
This is how you say f off to 2020
Derek Chapman
Derek Chapman 23 дні тому
This is Angus's favourite track on the album. Who am I to argue. The thing for me is Brian's voice is incredible on this track. The song is even better!
Bayat Ekmek John
Bayat Ekmek John 23 дні тому
When I first heard this, I thought to myself "how did I miss this one?". It took me a while to realize that it was released recently. Man, they still got it.
massimo Lorenzon
massimo Lorenzon 23 дні тому
lobster whisperer
lobster whisperer 24 дні тому
This should've been the single..its excellent.
Pepe Molina
Pepe Molina 24 дні тому
tremendo tema
Tio Hideki
Tio Hideki 24 дні тому
sttinski 24 дні тому
Lance Owen
Lance Owen 24 дні тому
Iam an Australian AC/DC are GODDS..
Lori Taylor
Lori Taylor 24 дні тому
Damn right!!! AC/DC 4 ever‼️😎🎶
Niguet Bernard
Niguet Bernard 25 днів тому
Austin Castro
Austin Castro 25 днів тому
UKvid no me recomendó esto, yo lo busqué.
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