Addicted to DURITOS

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Frank has developed a strange addiction to the popular Mexican food snack, duritos (also called duros, chicharrones, or pinwheels). The wheat snack has become an obsession for Frank and he even spends his time sitting in a pool filled with them.
Behind the scenes:
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23 чер 2019

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TheCrazyGorilla 22 дні тому
Do you call them duritos or chicharrones? 👀
Fat boi Gamer
Fat boi Gamer 8 днів тому
Gatchastrawberry Kawaii
Gatchastrawberry Kawaii 13 днів тому
TheCrazyGorilla i call then duros
Mxmtoon alex
Mxmtoon alex 13 днів тому
Rofino albino
Rofino albino 13 днів тому
María Chavez
María Chavez 13 днів тому
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton 11 хвилин тому
I haven't those in a while..JEALOUSY
AlekPlayz S
AlekPlayz S 23 хвилини тому
Frank: there’s no duritos in imagination FBI: OPEN UP! SMUGGLER!
Mo1 Годину тому
My local elotero (By the way I’m not Latino) sells coloured Chicharones, sometimes they’re not even wheels, they can be dinosaurs or cars, he does that to get children to buy them as well
Luka Savu Larsen
Luka Savu Larsen 2 години тому
its the same guy that likes hot cheetos
Sub If u breath
Sub If u breath 3 години тому
they are not Doritos
ShadowX 9 годин тому
We have duritos in Romania too but we make them at home . We call them creveti , and we cook them
Tobias Alex 2008
Tobias Alex 2008 9 годин тому
Joseph Bonifacio
Joseph Bonifacio 15 годин тому
Bro stop it you need to be with your friends if you dont do that your gonne get diabetes
John Robertson
John Robertson 16 годин тому
Doritos are chips called spokes
Mr. Roblox
Mr. Roblox 16 годин тому
Duritos are life
Will O Mac
Will O Mac 17 годин тому
Duritos Are Life
lit pop
lit pop 18 годин тому
I don’t think he’s 67 years old but he has the same addiction that I have but got to far
Yui 19 годин тому
Kevin3D 19 годин тому
I wanna cry. He made a smoothie of chicharrones. With hot sauce, and with lemon juice, and obviously chicharrones..
The goat At Rainbow
The goat At Rainbow 20 годин тому
They trying to react el chapo guzman
Kid FURY 2121 tube
Kid FURY 2121 tube 20 годин тому
Yo I clicked on this but I tought it say doritos like cool ranch and nacho cheeese lol
Zjxuduusd Roblox
Zjxuduusd Roblox 20 годин тому
La Vaca De Duros = The Hard Cow Elotero Jose = The Other Jose
Nadine Guo Wu
Nadine Guo Wu 21 годину тому
did he actually just eat a moldy duritos!?
Imsomeonelse 21 годину тому
bape hilll
bape hilll 23 години тому
Sandra Luansing Viray
Sandra Luansing Viray 23 години тому
It’s called the hard cow
Vasha Svetahor
Vasha Svetahor День тому
This is not a serious video
Irma Diaz
Irma Diaz День тому
Have you guys every put to much lime and hot sauce on your Doritos and then the bottom of the bag is mushy do you eat or rip the corner off to suck it out. Cause I do that
Nate Que
Nate Que День тому
Hard cow hahahhha
MaD Dogg
MaD Dogg День тому
Silly dude Doritos are for kids
Dp.slayer День тому
They look like space invaders crisps but a hippie made the
Zjxuduusd Roblox
Zjxuduusd Roblox День тому
why is there like 6 names for this shit
Jumahnji День тому
La Vaca de duros hahaha The Hard cow
Mike Lastimosa
Mike Lastimosa День тому
chicharrones all the way
Mike Lastimosa
Mike Lastimosa День тому
I thought Frank liked Mexican Candy?
Tanya Castillo Pimentel
Tanya Castillo Pimentel День тому
Do an addicted to rasparos video
Lupe Dancel
Lupe Dancel День тому
1:41 you call that a little bit of hot sauce
charles paul
charles paul 2 дні тому
Frank:they call me the vaca of durritos i think they call me king of durritos Me:bruh they call you the cow of durritos
Jonathan PlayzRoblox
Jonathan PlayzRoblox 2 дні тому
Also at 5:30 he looks similar to that dude from freaky eaters that had syrup addiction
Jayden Miller
Jayden Miller День тому
I didn’t even notice
Jayden Miller
Jayden Miller День тому
Jonathan PlayzRoblox so true dude
Eduardo Godinez
Eduardo Godinez 2 дні тому
A little bit of hot sauce Pours like half the bottle
JrexxTV23 2 дні тому
I’m addicted to DORITOS not DÚRITOS
Zack 2.0
Zack 2.0 2 дні тому
Duritos Are Life
Jimmy_ Random_Gaming
Jimmy_ Random_Gaming 2 дні тому
I feel bad for the duritos lol
Gacha 15382
Gacha 15382 2 дні тому
Frank:a little bit of lime and hot sauce *pours the whole Lemmon juice* *pours 15 gallons of hot sauce* Frank:just a little Meh:bruh a little?!? Bruh that is like 10000 little gots per seconds!?!
LNT GeoDuck
LNT GeoDuck 16 годин тому
Gacha 15382 lmfao
nobuyuri yajima
nobuyuri yajima 2 дні тому
frank i think your not a 67 years old
pozZo Game
pozZo Game 2 дні тому
La vaca de duros means the hard cow lol
JovinTT 2 дні тому
Like: Duritos Comment: Doritos
Jana Alnukta
Jana Alnukta 2 дні тому
He is not 67
Draedon Bonham
Draedon Bonham 2 дні тому
La vaca de duros means the hard cow
Jeremy Nguyen
Jeremy Nguyen 2 дні тому
Xtreme Abe
Xtreme Abe 2 дні тому
we call dem durritos or durros
Domino Z
Domino Z 2 дні тому
What if Maria asked him how’s he doing or how’s his day going
XxmøønLight LünãxX
XxmøønLight LünãxX 2 дні тому
For all who doesn't know this is fake it's for comedy only
MR ELVIS 2 дні тому
Nooooooooooooo it's for eating not for shower
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