AG Pisses Off Sheila Jackson Lee

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Sheila Jackson Lee gets frustrated at attorney general during hearing

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8 лют 2019

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Robert Wunderlich
Robert Wunderlich 12 хвилин тому
Jackson Lee is drunk with power. She's acting like a witch
HomeHealth CNA
HomeHealth CNA 14 хвилин тому
lmfao at Ms.Jackson :)
alleng1 22 хвилини тому
Republican or Democrat they are all 🐑 which sheep do you follow ?
Leroy Thomas
Leroy Thomas 24 хвилини тому
What a damn idiot!
Cqc Cqc
Cqc Cqc 27 хвилин тому
✋WAIT A MINUTE❗ So, the bottom line is... Because she has 5min's. to ask her questions, SHE WILL ONLY ALLOW 'YES/NO' ANSWERS??? 🙉Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! These ADULT BULLIES have balls & they're not afraid to use them. Hell, they do everything but slap you in tha face w/them, it's down right criminal how they treat the other side. I think if we're all being truthful, we can agree that not all quest. can be answered YES/NO. Especially questions as SERIOUS & IMPORTANT as these are. It proves that they really dont care what your answer is, just as long as it's...NOT THE RIGHT ONE😡 🙏🇺🇸GOD HELP US🙏🇺🇸
John Tatum
John Tatum 48 хвилин тому
blahblahblahblahablah....yes or no....blahblahblah....even ruder....yes or no???? Sad people are dems.
T 51 хвилина тому
Love the fake glasses Whit
doobiescoo1 58 хвилин тому
Fuck that cunt
Ken Potter
Ken Potter Годину тому
She asked to drive the MARS Lander to the FLAG that Neil Armstrong planted.... on MARS! Not a Joke!
Dave Ryan
Dave Ryan Годину тому
A white student on U.C. Berkely property was attacked for having a MAGA sign. The MS media has said nothing.
John Gwin
John Gwin Годину тому
I hate the heifer
Shelly Brown
Shelly Brown Годину тому
She's not stupid. If a judge asked for a yes or no question you give him one. Not a story about have you never step inside. Why did he make it so hard to answer. From the very beginning she said this is a Yes or No question. Not an explanation
Ezkeyfe 21
Ezkeyfe 21 2 години тому
FlK that door....
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight 2 години тому
I'd shave my head too if my head was that round.
Fluffy Kitten
Fluffy Kitten 2 години тому
give this man a raise
Adrian K
Adrian K 2 години тому
First up, I am not a citizen of the USA, and I dislike Trump. However, having the lady emphatically asking "Yes or No" answers only to a question is a bit like someone asking him "Has he stopped beating his wife, *Yes or No! Impossible.* For those who think it's a simple question to answer Y/N, read the question carefully and understand the concept of trying to say just Y/N only.
Gary Elliott
Gary Elliott 2 години тому
she hates him because he is a white republican.
MITUCLA is a dirty word in Urundi Burundi
Most of you are douchebags. Can't blame her.
Greg Inman
Greg Inman 3 години тому
Angry Black Woman Syndrome...She has no power here.. Be gone now!!
Common Sense
Common Sense 3 години тому
She said "doody".
Ryan P
Ryan P 3 години тому
The guy behind jackson lee cant sit still, maybe an ass itch
Betty Woods
Betty Woods 3 години тому
He just been ass
Juan Carlos Lopez Padilla
Juan Carlos Lopez Padilla 3 години тому
So in other words.., what we have here is child syndrome.,, I. I I thank you!!!!!’ 🤦🏻‍♂️
Skylar Van Der Pough
Skylar Van Der Pough 4 години тому
You all can say what you want but that's how the old school did it. By the books to the point with out chaser.
Chris Warrick
Chris Warrick 4 години тому
Would you repeat the question ?
Girltown 5 годин тому
again.. congressman.. did i hear that?
releek mulu
releek mulu 5 годин тому
Is this the waste of taxpayer dollars who schlepped the envelope in to hand to the lawyers for blasey ford on the down low? Shut up you disgusting low iq'd bully! Vote this trash out!
A. Citizen
A. Citizen 5 годин тому
He does not know how to answer a Yes and No question.
MITUCLA is a dirty word in Urundi Burundi
He's stalling on purpose
JC #1
JC #1 5 годин тому
She's a moron, get these corrupt , biased , racist , baby killing bastards out of office. Trump 2020 maga
Kyle Allred
Kyle Allred 5 годин тому
Damn she's a racist bigot.
Arthur Smith
Arthur Smith 5 годин тому
I love this guy. Your hired.
Martell Lacey
Martell Lacey 5 годин тому
He can't even follow simple direction. Yes or No 🤷🏽‍♂️
Banking-Cartel Media-cartel
Banking-Cartel Media-cartel 6 годин тому
She is a product of the banking cartel!!!
Busy Mom's Bento Ideas
Busy Mom's Bento Ideas 6 годин тому
Only the president can exert executive privilege and he has NOT. A document is produced when he does, which explains and actually exerts the privilege over particular interactions. Anyone refusing to answer must be in possession of the form or be held in contempt until the questions are answered PERIOD. But on a lighter note I cannot hardly wait to see you criminals rotting in prison...so carry on.
Ja Cur
Ja Cur 6 годин тому
So, Lee is behaving as though the committee hearing is a court room with the yes or no questioning. She knows Mr Whitaker is temporary yet she bombarded him with stupid questions.
Mine Finder
Mine Finder 6 годин тому
Whoopie got triggered. LOL
Thomas Whiteowl
Thomas Whiteowl 6 годин тому
obviously stalling for time by repeating himself...
mark smith
mark smith 6 годин тому
What GHETTO does she Represent?
Zion Curaçao
Zion Curaçao 6 годин тому
I am a Democrat and this woman is a cunt .
TAMARA 7 годин тому
For goodness sakes answer the question at hand! YES or NO!
robtempe 7 годин тому
Why hasn't this moron AG been held in contempt of congress? The man is a partisan idiot and Trump shill.
action figure
action figure 7 годин тому
When has she jack ever answered yes or no?
Roswell Evans
Roswell Evans 7 годин тому
Her questions are like a prosecuting attorney and deserve more of an answer than a yes/no, because ,if I heard right, he was appointed to go to these hearing and answer questions on a particular subject. This women is off base and consequently he may not have been present when the subject was discussed. So he can't answer truthfully.
walter preston
walter preston 7 годин тому
Voting for a president is worthless nowadays. Shareholders votes are gold when you tell the CEO what to do and then he passes it on acting head of state. Activate your BroadBridge PIN numbers or appear at your shareholders meeting and voice your opinion in person
Richard McCaig
Richard McCaig 7 годин тому
What BS!!!!! They are power hungry, and control freaks..
King Not the average
King Not the average 7 годин тому
Don’t be scared white boy, Get that pussy ms Jackson
David Gouin
David Gouin 7 годин тому
He's fucking with her hard!!! LOVE IT!
jesse odin
jesse odin 7 годин тому
Another angry black woman who feels entitled. What a shock
lily 714
lily 714 8 годин тому
And what does her district look like? While she lavishes her self and struts around her self righteousness is as filthy minstration rags to GOD.
robdog15001 8 годин тому
Mathew Whitaker=Senator should of used pictures for Whitaker----- s l ow..duh..where did he go....
Tyler Keller
Tyler Keller 8 годин тому
OWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get fucked, generic Mr. clean and/or Kojak
Jessica Reyes Mcmahon
Jessica Reyes Mcmahon 8 годин тому
This creature is the definition of a Cuck.
Lueva Jackson
Lueva Jackson 8 годин тому
Another incompetent AG. Good Luck U.S.
Luis Adderson
Luis Adderson 8 годин тому
you cannot answer everything with a yes or no question. You got to have an explanation this is stupid s*** and the man is right. yes and no questions or not always right the way she said it's like do you agree with me or not and that's stupid
Bran Kind
Bran Kind 9 годин тому
White people allow monkeys and donkeys to take power. Crazy! Jefferson (slave owner) never considered Blacks and indigenous people when he said, "All men are created equal".
Babette Bates
Babette Bates 9 годин тому
Ha ha ha, you folks are definitely going out of style....its just a matter of time.tick tock. yeah the boy is the man, yeah right!!!!!ha ha ha!!! Hes sweating bullets ....
YestwentyFOUR Wins
YestwentyFOUR Wins 9 годин тому
"Stripedtigress" got caught in her own super savvy grammar trap.
David Lantz
David Lantz 9 годин тому
Dems thought they were going steamroll this guy and he shoved it up their ass.
Alasisha Crelinski
Alasisha Crelinski 9 годин тому
He's fucking awesome...I love him.
Scott Laylow
Scott Laylow 10 годин тому
This AG guy kicks ass! Didn't give the witch the time of day!
AmericanCameraMan AmericanBlitzkriegMedia
Bald man lies for Traitor Trump! Why do they crash & burn for a compulsive liar like Coward Bonespurs Democrats own you DumbDonald.The FBI is coming for you! I can't wait,ask Rodger Stone & company lmao @ you Traitor Lovers,your all going down with him LOLi
The_Spaniard 10 годин тому
HALARIOUS,, YES or NO !!!! YES or NO !!!!! I think the braid on Jackson Lees head is on too tight..
YestwentyFOUR Wins
YestwentyFOUR Wins 10 годин тому
Love Trump's 2 year 8,000+ lies, his racist condescending tweets, his dunno Stormy Daniels, his corrupt university, his corrupt charity, his superior knowledge relative to Generals, his faux crisis wall, his white house hamburgers for a winning team, his public obstruction, his blind lack of comments relative to Mr. King and his business degree polish which we observe in his speech. VERY well spoken he is.
Ivan Arroyo
Ivan Arroyo 11 годин тому
This is great!!
Chris c
Chris c 12 годин тому
Evil bald
Julie Smock
Julie Smock 13 годин тому
Yes or no matter?? Manner
Julian Trump
Julian Trump 13 годин тому
A G respond the way I tell you / why is yes no important
Julian Trump
Julian Trump 14 годин тому
Dems can control how you talk
Dez 14 годин тому
Dez 14 годин тому
Dez 14 годин тому
RMK 14 годин тому
Iz I or iz I knot blak?Yezzzzzz or hell no mofo!
Joella Escoe
Joella Escoe 14 годин тому
Yes or No!!! Answer
Ebony Perkins
Ebony Perkins 14 годин тому
Steve Alva
Steve Alva 14 годин тому
About time someone with a dick poked her in the eye! You can't answer a compound question with a yes or no answer, idiot Jackson!
Todd Howard
Todd Howard 15 годин тому
The questions are being ask by representatives of the people. I would like to know the answers to these questions without a bunch of side talk or beating around the bush.Republican or Democrat, I don’t give a shit .answer the damn question
centralparocker 888
centralparocker 888 15 годин тому
Lee has the mind of a marble....
Bill Thompson
Bill Thompson 15 годин тому
Sheila Jackson Lee is proof that if your corrupt it doesn't matter. She hands out the candy to her constituents and continues to be re-elected. You cannot beat the pied piper who serves up entitlement theology. Sheila may be a sack of hammers in the intelligence department but she knows how to grease the wheel. Sheila doesn't care about what anyone thinks of her she just wants all the attention she can get. She has to be stopped but we have not been able to figure out how until recently. Sheila gave us all hope when she actually said "Must I die must my children Die?" I don't want her children to die that would be terrible.
BeBop Aloola
BeBop Aloola 15 годин тому
TRUMPTARD Followers are hateful an suck at being Christians
Uchy 16 годин тому
If the answer is a no why stretch it? He is so disrespectful.
anuma nuva
anuma nuva 16 годин тому
We have a doody to perform....
Niko Tarkov
Niko Tarkov 16 годин тому
is Sheila Jackson Lee autistic?
SRV. 123
SRV. 123 16 годин тому
Ha ha ha. The Democrat party is in crisis. And they had worked so hard and long and criminally to earn this crisis. Their house of cards is collapsing before our very eyes and we have huge smiles of joy and glee to see them self destruct because of their lies and illegal tactics. Destroyed by their own greed and malicious hijinks.
cultureis abirthright
cultureis abirthright 16 годин тому
there is no such thing as reverse racism... never has been, never will be..
Kabi Rms
Kabi Rms 17 годин тому
Is it asking a question or bullying to get answer, sorry I am not a poltician but to me it is even difficult to hear or watch.
Möbius Strip
Möbius Strip 17 годин тому
Ha ha ha. This woman is so stupid.
hyku nero
hyku nero 17 годин тому
Texas!! Quite possibly the most racists state in the country. Joel Goza: The American Unholy... About Lee-- she made the AG look like the liar he is. Period.
Tyrone Shoes
Tyrone Shoes 18 годин тому
She's the one who thought we actually landed a man on mars. Real smart lady.
USA1 TRUMP 2020 18 годин тому
Jackson is a stooge
Christina Murchison
Christina Murchison 18 годин тому
Get on that @#$. Yes or No. Answer Ms. Jackson Lee
marsha2 18 годин тому
So this is the result of this much touted "diversity" the leftist kooks rant about.Our Republic is on shaky ground if this "diversity" keeps going in this sick, pathetic direction.
Drunk-Ass Desperado
Drunk-Ass Desperado 19 годин тому
I don't know much about how these things work. I do know each person gets a short amount of time. But can she or any one really ask questions and make the other person only respond with a yes or no ? Because the things she's asking take a lot more explanation then yes or no why was she acting like that ?
luis nieves
luis nieves 21 годину тому
she's on the rag from the get go.
Joe Famulari
Joe Famulari 22 години тому
She is an arrogant ignorant moron.
David Wong
David Wong 22 години тому
I get really embaressed when I see a Black person acting like a grumpy-grump in such an important situation. It's almost like anger is a requirement. Then, that angry image sticks and is applied to all Black people. Will someone tell them to smile a bit and get along with somebody?
David Wong
David Wong 22 години тому
He's telling you that he is not the Attorney General. He's only acting. Thus, no confirmation. When they get an Attorney General, the person that will actually be a permanant person in the position, that person will appear before Congress for confirmation.
Robert Scott
Robert Scott 22 години тому
I am so glad that the AG did EXACTLY what the Obama bastards did. There is no point in playing nice, it won't happen from the wretched and it is time to give them a load of their own.
Robert Scott
Robert Scott 22 години тому
Someone should spoof the Obama hotline number to her phone during the hearing, she will answer it.
Robert Scott
Robert Scott 22 години тому
"Muss I Die"
jeff sam
jeff sam 22 години тому
The moral of story: American Democracy is a Tango of BullS**t, in a revolving pattern until next election which the Bull gets restarted! It's basically one big game of Charades!
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