AG Pisses Off Sheila Jackson Lee

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Sheila Jackson Lee gets frustrated at attorney general during hearing

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8 лют 2019

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joyce henderson
joyce henderson 2 години тому
Congress woman, as a United States Citizen,I will NOT be limited to yes or no answers, I will speak my mind, or I will walk my ass out of this hearing!
roughnecknight51 6 годин тому
Sick of Democrats. They speak out of both sides of the Their rear.
Hebrew I Am
Hebrew I Am 9 годин тому
You people can’t handle a strong black woman.
Ashlyn Przymus
Ashlyn Przymus 12 годин тому
Cheryl Templin
Cheryl Templin 23 години тому
He is answering just like the liberals do. I love it.
Fred Hoffman
Fred Hoffman День тому
Sheila Jackass Lee and Al Green should work for Geico. It's so easy even a caveman can do it.
Joel Carrero
Joel Carrero День тому
She’s such a bitch fuck her!!
Mike Day
Mike Day День тому
Miss Jackson ought be sanctioned and fined for excessive sassy talk against the acting AG.
John McCoy
John McCoy День тому
Put his ass in a orange jumpsuit he will comply then.
John McCoy
John McCoy День тому
Bug ass head small ass glasses he look retarted
Barry Williamson
Barry Williamson День тому
These lady Isa traitor to her people
Jack Mason
Jack Mason 2 дні тому
Ok I’ll say it for the AG hey bitch go fuc& yourself
Amann 2 дні тому
Americans can all fuck off
kenneth boss
kenneth boss 3 дні тому
Jackson Lee is a piece of human feces racist!
Sunni Blacc
Sunni Blacc 3 дні тому
Wtf is that on her head fat broad all she does is go to luncheons with the other criminals in the Democratic 🐀 party
Patrick Palmer
Patrick Palmer 3 дні тому
Mszzz Tom
Ken Blevins
Ken Blevins 4 дні тому
Wouldnt you just love to slap the crap.out of this stupid racist bitch.
Brian Brigg
Brian Brigg 4 дні тому
"We're not joking" then the Democrats beclown themselves and give the lie to that statement. If they're not joking, they are plain, downright stupid.
Michael H
Michael H 5 днів тому
Sheila Jackson Lee is as crooked as Mad Maxine Waters and they are both friggin nuts!
Deux Poissons
Deux Poissons 5 днів тому
This Biyatch better off makin some pancackes !!
George Taylor
George Taylor 5 днів тому
Our government needs to dispose of this trash.
George Taylor
George Taylor 5 днів тому
But yet that dumb a-hole can ask obnoxious questions and act like a child. She’s complete TRASH!
les goss
les goss 5 днів тому
The quickest and best way to make Sheila Jackson-Lee melt down is to confront her with truth. Typical commie nitwit.
PIT BULL 5 днів тому
fuck jackson, stupid bitch
jeff Forker
jeff Forker 5 днів тому
She would never let anyone stipulate the manner in which she were to answer questioning.
Cynthia Sanfilippo
Cynthia Sanfilippo 5 днів тому
Well played sir! Don't answer yes or no! To these slugs in congress!
Cynthia Sanfilippo
Cynthia Sanfilippo 5 днів тому
She's something else!
Porfle Popnecker
Porfle Popnecker 5 днів тому
Jerry Nadler shouldn't be in charge of anything more important than putting a Playskool jigsaw puzzle together.
Shaun 5 днів тому
angry democrats so ANGRY SO MAD so Mean
Maurder 5 днів тому
This luciferian, look at her ring of devil practice, lies, cheats, steals, and is a racist bigot! We all know everyone of these DEMs would take anything they could legal or illegal to maintain or gain POWER & MONEY! DON’T THINK FOR A SECOND THEY CARE ABOUT YOU! THEY DON’T!
Mark Wilkins
Mark Wilkins 6 днів тому
As Acting Attorney General he is a Constitutional Officer of the Executive Branch, which is co-equal to the Legislative Branch, and NO he does not have to answer in a "yes" or "no," he will answer how he sees fit; and nobody in Congress has the right to command him to do jack shit.
lion fish
lion fish 6 днів тому
Ms, Jackson Lee name is a Slave owner's name and Jackson Lee was a General Democrat Fighting for the Rights in the South to Own African Slaves. Why doesn't She Change her Slave Name and Oppressors Last name to Something like Mz's, Mumbo Jumbo !!!.
tr701961 6 днів тому
All I hear from her is blah blah blah racist........glad I wasn’t being interrogated....... I would have told her to F$&k off.......I have no patience for entitled inbred A/“- holes like her......
Bradley 6 днів тому
Sheila Jackson Lee = RACIST
Bradley 6 днів тому
Democrats Biggest BULLIES of All Especially CONGRESS WOMEN
Bradley 6 днів тому
I LOVE Whitaker
Van Provost
Van Provost 6 днів тому
Shelia Jackson Lee is an idiot
Tim Dodd
Tim Dodd 6 днів тому
R Johnson
R Johnson 6 днів тому
"You judge people according to what's in your own heart (mind)." Plus a couple of old proverbs: "As a person thinks in their heart (mind), so are they." And: "Out of the abundance of the heart (mind) the mouth speaks." Listen to what people (including yourself) say and how they say it, then you'll learn what's in their heart (mind). We judge others according to our own thoughts and values.
Scott Gallant
Scott Gallant 6 днів тому
This is what the Dems Socialist Kangaroo trials would look like. Yes or No. You didn't say what we wanted you to say therefore GUILTY!!
Patriot Quest
Patriot Quest 6 днів тому
"Symbolism will be their downfall." Nice ring, sheila. That's the symbol for boy lover, right?
Faronthefiddler 6 днів тому
You may not be joking Sheila. For sure though, you are the joke.
Miss Me With That 1 Yt
Miss Me With That 1 Yt 6 днів тому
He cant answer because he is guilty. He sounds retarded. He can't even defend himself fairly.
A G 6 днів тому
(ahem) "Congresswoman" Sheila Jackson Lee should resign, because she has one feminist slur and two racist last names..."Sheila" is the term given to a woman in Australia. Very sexist. Jackson and Lee were Confederate generals. Very racist. When will the idiot Sheila Jackson Lee do the right thing?
Harry Tuttle
Harry Tuttle 6 днів тому
Who ever voted for SJL is a moron .
michael simao
michael simao 6 днів тому
She sounds so fucking annoying and intitled to be fucking stupid
Terry McMinn
Terry McMinn 6 днів тому
How does such a dum wit like S I OWE EVER GET INTO OFFICE?
Terry Herrera
Terry Herrera 7 днів тому
She n “they” read (Pathetically) SCRIPTED questions that backstage people write !- Shelia n the rest of her thugs are “monkeys” that bully people ! Yes-No !!
Dee Matthews
Dee Matthews 7 днів тому
Congresswoman Jackson you are a joke
Brian Muniz
Brian Muniz 7 днів тому
Lmfao this is great!
jane belvestre
jane belvestre 7 днів тому
To sheila jackson lee , not all questions are answerable by Yes or No..take note of that
James Garcia
James Garcia 7 днів тому
People like Jackson Lee is the reason some people should NOT be given any kind of POWER. People like her will go power hungry and feel entitled to treat anyone however they want.
GolfPV1 7 днів тому
James Fournier
James Fournier 7 днів тому
Mr. Collins is right Demorat appointees claim the fifth or just don't show up to oversight hearings, just because they don't like the answers they get they act like spoiled fucking children.
James Fournier
James Fournier 7 днів тому
Love Cspan's Washington journal but when she was on had to mute the TV, that's how much I can't stand her.
Michael Pinto
Michael Pinto 7 днів тому
Is she related to AOC & Maxine Waters??? Clueless as F!
robert feeley
robert feeley 7 днів тому
He kicked ass
Behold the hand Behold the nail
Is that a wart on the back of her head?
mariancolts 7 днів тому
Shelia Jackson Lee is a complete moron and an embarassment to the state of Texas. Interesting enough is a Yankee from New York which explains the source of her stupidity.
Dan Strausbaugh
Dan Strausbaugh 7 днів тому
Yes or No answers only ... congress woman as I’ve previously said... LMAO ... but the best one was can I have my time restored ... Congress woman I don’t know if your time was restored ... thank GOD I wasn’t drinking something at that moment ... oh so flippin funny and he said it with a straight face... I was dying...!!!...
Chuck Bjork
Chuck Bjork 7 днів тому
Congressman/ women do not write the questions. Their staff do. That's why their questions are yes/no questions. And when it turns out more than a yes or no. They get pissed. To funny you rats!
Terra Moody
Terra Moody 7 днів тому
She's a satanic communist man in drag. Pure evil.
Dale Boxsell
Dale Boxsell 7 днів тому
She keeps saying he’s not answering the question but the fact is she is not intelligent enough to understand what he said.
RickJason 7 днів тому
He was really good. He wasted her time and she couldn’t get him to answer the way she wanted. Well done.
Chris Maines
Chris Maines 7 днів тому
Texas needs to cleanse the state of left wing representatives.
Chris Maines
Chris Maines 7 днів тому
Texas wake the fuck up and get these nasty democrats OUT of power. They do not represent Texas.
Buddy Adelsberger
Buddy Adelsberger 7 днів тому
Comrade Jackson Lee is stupid as her voters, that elected this person
joe upde
joe upde 7 днів тому
this women is a piece of SHIT
HighCard! 1
HighCard! 1 7 днів тому
Didn't she wear a "boy love" ring?
Dave richardson
Dave richardson 7 днів тому
This Jackson is an asshole,a complete asshole,she steals seats on airlines from people and gets away with it,she is a walking gargoyle,so ugly colored rat
Kenworth Spy
Kenworth Spy 7 днів тому
Shame on you Houston. Shithole city.
Geary Cloward
Geary Cloward 7 днів тому
Confidently idotic and most definitely of lower intelligence. Geez, so many clowns in Congress.
Josh Lanford
Josh Lanford 7 днів тому
She tries so hard to sound hard and in charge.... she fails. The AG is a genius with his answering.
Jeffro 56
Jeffro 56 8 днів тому
You can tell she's a racist piece of shit.
Lisa Fortney
Lisa Fortney 8 днів тому
She should have her stupid face slapoed right off !!!!
Victoria Bache
Victoria Bache 8 днів тому
Go and steal another 1st class airline seat and pull the race card you low IQ POS!
boedude 8 днів тому
rep lee ... yes or no have you stopped abusing children and selling them into slavery? just a yes or no please you are a pathetic, ignorant bitch, worse than an embarrassing disgrace
Thomas Carlier
Thomas Carlier 8 днів тому
Sheila Jackson Lee c-store a first-class seat from a school teacher going back to DC!
Debby Roberts Schabes
Debby Roberts Schabes 8 днів тому
Terry Scott
Terry Scott 8 днів тому
I would love to see this idiot actually do some work. Unfortunately shes on vacation like all the other losers.
Warren Hanson
Warren Hanson 8 днів тому
Who cares if gets pissed
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