Airwirl Review: $159 Heating and Cooling Gadget?

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Airwirl is a personal heating and cooling device heavily advertised on social media. Today I put it to the test!
Buy it on Amazon: amzn.to/2X65Zdf
Or at Airwirl.com
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23 чер 2019

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geoff kuiken
geoff kuiken День тому
Only thing I can think of is your definition of 7 inches makes me feel pretty good about myself... hahaha
Milos Murray
Milos Murray 2 дні тому
You should do a test where you use Dry Ice in place of regular ice.
dsscse 5 днів тому
Why did the company not use a peltier effect device instead of p,,,farting about with ice and heat packs???
300mag83 6 днів тому
This thing is a pile of garbage just by what I saw in this video. 159 bucks is outrageous it’s basically a cheap metal cup from Walmart with a built in fan. Then all in all it’s exceedingly crappy
jmcassonetto 8 днів тому
Vid not a total waste....at 15:15 like how his dog is glaring at us in the background.
Jackk Reacherr
Jackk Reacherr 10 днів тому
He wants a wide stream to hit his face. .. ...Sorry, it's waaay too late.
Pdubz21 10 днів тому
🤣. “That doesn’t seem suspicious” 😆
Stresa 10 днів тому
a seperate device that comes with it that can be inserted into the tank that heats up would of been the right thing to do with that
steve jones
steve jones 11 днів тому
try dry ice
Ian Moone
Ian Moone 12 днів тому
What about ice with salt. Salt drops the temperature of the ice. Would that make a difference.
Ian Moone
Ian Moone 12 днів тому
What if you were to put the cup with ice in the freezer? Would it make a difference if you were to use it then?
Brandon Stroud
Brandon Stroud 13 днів тому
Since you’re too nice to say it I will. For $150 this is complete garbage. You can buy a window unit for that much that will cool down a whole room. And as we all saw it sucks horribly as a car ac, or in extreme conditions. I would be embarrassed to say I invented this overpriced piece of crap. Great video by the way.
Rob Allen
Rob Allen 14 днів тому
Didn't know this existed outside of the youtube videos telling people a thousand ways to build their own for less than $10. Who's the target audience for this product? Are there actually people who would actually pay $160 for a metal "travel" cup with a fan on top? Yea, they'd better have great customer service! That cup should be gold-plated. Even still, I thank you, James, for the review of this over-priced ice bucket ;). I appreciate the work you do to expose the truth and lies behind as-seen-on-tv products.
A4 ILY 14 днів тому
Should have added salt to lower the temp!
TheWraithkrown 14 днів тому
You say the counterfeits are $50?! That is an insulated cup with a low power fan on top. I could probably make one for $30 with a 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery in it with recharging circuitry and a more powerful fan. Some people have way more money than sense.
Paul Phillips
Paul Phillips 15 днів тому
Seems like an extremely expensive big gulp cup. Take the top of, fill it with iced tea and drink it to cool down. A cheap styrofoam ice chest, with a 10lb bag of ice and a computer fan would put out a lot more cool than this, and at a fraction of the cost. I honestly don't see why someone would have gone through the effort to produce a knock off, I guess it's useful for some.
Pikachu Overload
Pikachu Overload 15 днів тому
It's just a fan blowing cold air from the ice
ScrappyGamingHQ 16 днів тому
Just buy a 10 dollar Honeywell desktop fan 😂
kunu98 17 днів тому
Shove a meat thermometer in the hose opening
Chris Peden
Chris Peden 17 днів тому
The best part of this video is the end where Bailey is staring you down and then casually walks inside
Roberto Abud
Roberto Abud 17 днів тому
Airwirl for 159? that is way too much for that thing
Roberto Abud
Roberto Abud 17 днів тому
Airwirl for 159? that is way too much for that thing
Dr Demento
Dr Demento 18 днів тому
Yikes! $159? Not worth it.
Caleb Able
Caleb Able 18 днів тому
How to counteract and accelerate global warming at the same time.
R4L69Gaming 19 днів тому
You also forgot one thing to mention it's a cup so you can drink out of it
judustic7 19 днів тому
160 bucks for a yeti repainted and a small blower fan screwed on it?????????????? pass.................
honorablejay 19 днів тому
Functionally this gadget is heavily flawed. The air pulled in doesn't come into contact long enough with the ice/water/heating pads long enough to really make a difference in temperature. If the inside had an air channel, surrounded by the ice/water/pads, it would make the air take longer to exit and drastically change the temperature. With the way it is now, even if you filled the inside with salted water and ice cubes (to lower the water temp below freezing) it still would perform terribly. Aesthetically, it looks like pointing the exhaust of a shop-vac right at your face (which would probably work better).
Rob Ricci
Rob Ricci 19 днів тому
Freakin' Reviews, I caught a mistake.m At 7:28, you called that port a "charging port". Yet, earlier in the video, you said that was to run it off of AC.
Sam r
Sam r 20 днів тому
No freaking way, I better put a bag of ice behind my walmart fan, lol
Chad Pugh
Chad Pugh 20 днів тому
Way overpriced. Love your videos.
crazy observations
crazy observations 21 день тому
$159 for a cup and a fan.
Jexorz86 21 день тому
So we have a 5-10$ fan in part of a 5-10$ metal cup being sold for 160$, I would say its time to get torches and pickforks and chase those people out of town.
That Sodding Gamer
That Sodding Gamer 21 день тому
Have you considered trying hot (not boiling, since that might result in steam related issues, I dunno) water for the heating? I mean, it's fine to have ice and ice water in the reservoir, so why not warm/hot water? It's capable of holding water, and it's capable of withstanding some heat (in the form of air activated warmers), so it's something to consider trying, even if it's not officially supported. Similarly, gel packs that you can heat in the microwave are an option.
Mark 21 день тому
$159 No freaking way
JustAMessenger 21 день тому
I’m so confused... why on earth do people make such pointless inventions. They really are just trying to suck every penny they can out of the idiots of life.
Michelle Wittler
Michelle Wittler 22 дні тому
Ya the $159 price tag is bad BUT HOW DO YOU LIVE IN 77° with it being 102° outside It’s a must for my AC to be at or under 70° when it’s that hot outside
BerZ3rker 360
BerZ3rker 360 22 дні тому
Imma put that hose in my shorts
Daniel Peixoto Martins
Daniel Peixoto Martins 22 дні тому
Anyone who spends $159 on this crap has obviously too much money to spend.
Adam Davis
Adam Davis 23 дні тому
Can you add salt to the ice to make it colder? Or is that bad for it
Tammy W
Tammy W 23 дні тому
Love it when Vivian tries and Freakin reviews test the same products!
Empathy21 18 днів тому
Me too! But I think Vivian bought a fake one from Wish. It's good to know the "real" model is just as crappy as the "fake".
mattikaki 23 дні тому
Please STOP pushing everything towards the viewer’s eyes. That’s awful.
Sailorjeffro 23 дні тому
This thing is what happens when a tech company tries to over engineer a plate with an ice cube with a fan blowing over it.
ThE bEsT
ThE bEsT 23 дні тому
i got mine online and happy with the purchase. it cost me about $40 shipping included. don't care if its counterfeit or not, but its working just as shown on the review. here is the link in case somebody want it www.thisistheshop.com/cooler
Lewis Johnson
Lewis Johnson 23 дні тому
If you paid $40 or $50, you didn’t get screwed as bad
Lewis Johnson
Lewis Johnson 23 дні тому
Someone needs to make a YTP of this guy
Lewis Johnson
Lewis Johnson 23 дні тому
The air doesn’t travel through the ice - it comes in through the top, and leaves through the top
Smattless 23 дні тому
Inventors? lulz, James. This product is junk, not an invention. They just took other peoples inventions and smashed them together in a piece of useless junk.
opinionsux420 noonecares
opinionsux420 noonecares 24 дні тому
Airwhirl are crooks. They should be ashamed
Daniel da Boss
Daniel da Boss 24 дні тому
I guess you could use a battery pack to charge your phone to run it for longer
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