ALL ACCESS: Davis vs. Santa Cruz | Ep. 1 | Full Episode (TV14) | SHOWTIME PPV

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Episode one of the the Emmy Award winning series takes viewers into the lives and training camps of two world champions as they prepare to square off in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz will meet in the main event of a Halloween thriller on Saturday, October 31 on SHOWTIME PPV.
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16 жов 2020





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joesoyuno1 2 години тому
Santa cruz don't nock him out kill him!!!!
Ct Bt
Ct Bt 2 години тому
The guy with Big Jahh look just like Floyd
Regis Sanders
Regis Sanders 3 години тому
6:53 reminds me of when you're parents introduce you to co-workers or other adults as a kid lol
Man Utd warrior
Man Utd warrior 3 години тому
looks like myweather is fighting,
Jay Tal
Jay Tal 3 години тому
Is Davis ever gonna talk himself
Queef Stroganoff
Queef Stroganoff 3 години тому
"You undermate Mayweather Promotions" - Floyd Mayweather. Still pumped for this fight ima root for Tank but Santa Cruz is an animal. Edit: Just got to the part about Leo's dad. My mom has multiple myeloma, stage 3 as well. I love Tank but I'm rooting 100% for Santa Cruz now.
Joey Montgomery
Joey Montgomery 3 години тому
He got that west Baltimore dialect
Hector sins but wins
Hector sins but wins 3 години тому
This is crazy
des velas
des velas 3 години тому
Msn ill pay you shit
Mayra De La Cruz
Mayra De La Cruz 3 години тому
Leo is going to Knock him out 😂 Keep it humble 😌 I know leo he will take it 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Creole Mcnamee
Creole Mcnamee 3 години тому
Yeah don’t forget to teach him arrogance and money is every thing yeah many men b4 billionaires come and gona and you will be gona too take all your money with see if it helps
King SavageE
King SavageE 3 години тому
Errol spence_ lane them up
Justin Vargas
Justin Vargas 3 години тому
The Goat May!
Yahya Hussein
Yahya Hussein 4 години тому
Floyd giving me Don King vibes
Malcolm Alvarez
Malcolm Alvarez 4 години тому
Bro been watching davis forever dont care what nobody says this guys goin far
Ben Sam
Ben Sam 4 години тому
It's gonna be like the rocky 5 movie when Rocky trains Tommy. But everyone knows Rocky's better and Tommy challenges Rocky to a fight. Like if you think davis will challenge fight floyd. Aha
kenny fung
kenny fung 4 години тому
Vamos Leo Santa Cruz!! 🥊
Kheanan T
Kheanan T 4 години тому
Can’t wait for this one! Salute to both of these young champions that came up from the bottom and defeated poverty.
Billys Corner
Billys Corner 4 години тому
stop ducking Loma ya bum. dodging like Flody dodge his whole career
Jaszy Montano
Jaszy Montano 4 години тому
Im going for cruz man my tata died from bone cancer just like his dad had bone cancer ,he is a true Mexican warrior
Malaki727 4 години тому
This is his first test . His first real fight. .the
jesus lozano
jesus lozano 5 годин тому
Leo Santacruz reminds me alot of Zack Attack Padilla former WBO Lightweight World Champion & Sugar Shane Mosley's former training partner at Azusa Boxing Club on Dalton ave in Azusa CA
Str8war713 5 годин тому
What's the name of the Mexican song when Leo story comes out?
Jumbo 380
Jumbo 380 5 годин тому
Santa Cruz is going to 💤 😴 🛏
Ferlygg40 Storri
Ferlygg40 Storri 5 годин тому
my man Kenny p I see u
oscar S
oscar S 5 годин тому
I dont like davis ever since he hit fonseca in the back of the head. And they gave him the win.
clever guy Peralta
clever guy Peralta 5 годин тому
Garcia vs. Davis will be the best deal make it happen! 👊🏼
carlos jones
carlos jones 5 годин тому
The bag on Davis❗️❗️❗️💰
Daniel Mejia
Daniel Mejia 5 годин тому
Maidana whooped mayweather twice. Have a goood day people!
The Truth
The Truth 5 годин тому
Ppv come on get out here!
Lando Ftx
Lando Ftx 6 годин тому
Is tank mannie fresh son/nephew/cousin or something lol
AtkRite 6 годин тому
I don’t think Tank is comfortable talking in front of the camera. That’s why Floyd talks for him but when Floyd talks he needs make it about Tank. He could’ve kept that May preview comment to hisself.
ruben gutierrez
ruben gutierrez 6 годин тому
Floyd Mayweather Jr's the best trainer in the world!
BIG.PUN!! GREEDYVATO 6 годин тому
autumn jackson
autumn jackson 6 годин тому
Is gervota special he speaks like it.
HUMBLE GREEK 6 годин тому
I'm from Baltimore and started off like Tank with the growing up in group homes, Charles hickey school for boys, Victor Cullen academy and boys village but I took it a little further becoming a heron addict and eventually jail and prison. But today I work for the state of Maryland got a family and I might not be rich but I am, you feel me.... anyway Tank looks like he respects Mayweather but ain't for some of his shit at the same time.
Yung Slimzy
Yung Slimzy 6 годин тому
I just hope davis doesn’t end up like broner under mayweather’s wings, he needs to only focus on boxing and be disciple.
Eddie B
Eddie B 6 годин тому
Respect on putting Mexican music 💯🇲🇽
Young Provel
Young Provel 6 годин тому
Santa about to get knocked out by this young boy
S Boogie
S Boogie 6 годин тому
Santa Cruz is gonna get destroyed
Don 001
Don 001 6 годин тому
Tank is a monster..he on another level..,niggas can’t see him
Marc Sepulveda
Marc Sepulveda 6 годин тому
Listen nothing last forever,everybody is a great fighter.the fact is....these fighters are gonna meet there match
Lee Bolden
Lee Bolden 6 годин тому
DMV stand up!!
Mario Gonzalez
Mario Gonzalez 6 годин тому
Cheeseburger Davies can’t handle Lopez, Haney or Garcia. At 25 he should already be an established fighter.
Michael 6 годин тому
Salute to Cruz, good luck to you bro. Keep rising. May the best man win. Great episode!
Dez Kong
Dez Kong 7 годин тому
At 14:12 I think the other level Santa Cruz speaks of is Heaven.
Michael 7 годин тому
Salute to Mayweather mentoring the young Black fighters. He's in a powerful position to monopolize boxing so that Black Men can sustain our power in boxing forever. Salute to AL Haymon & Mayweather. 💪🏿
Do gg
Do gg 7 годин тому
Lopez want belts and these clowns only money
Andre martin
Andre martin 7 годин тому
I like the way they both commit to one another Coach Calvin and Tank
Otis Thelonius
Otis Thelonius 7 годин тому
Definitely reppin for the home team. #CharmCity
Arrow Head
Arrow Head 7 годин тому
Going to be a great fight. Let the best MAN win.
TheLU83 7 годин тому
He needs to fight Tank the way he way fought Frampton the second ×2
Demoniiiic 7 годин тому
Don't see how leo can hold off gervonta. Hopefully he gets the w tho.
sxrg dope
sxrg dope 7 годин тому
I like Davis but he fr has been hit in the head too much.
amywjn 7 годин тому
UFC Champ Masvidal:ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-fPZkdhubStI.html
One Skill Point
One Skill Point 8 годин тому
Floyd has the chance to be a better promoter and trainer than he was as a boxer.
YungFlacko23 8 годин тому
What’s the song called at 9:14
Kevin D
Kevin D 8 годин тому
Santa Cruz is very inspirational I hope he wins.
X Z 8 годин тому
Serious question is tank slown? Like does he have a mental disability? He talks so slow and uneducated
DC DC 8 годин тому
Cruz is a stand up guy I like him, but he got no chance against the tank
Eze quiel
Eze quiel 8 годин тому
Ryan vs tank = Ryan wins, jajaja cry floyd
Mashaaa 209
Mashaaa 209 9 годин тому
Tank a star but how can you not root for Santa Cruz a great guy with a great family All the best to him.
Spider Man
Spider Man 9 годин тому
I must admit. Davis got the dumbest looking sideburns EVER in the history of mankind.
Loupgarou 9 годин тому
Reminds me of Margarito.
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 8 годин тому
Davis you cant grow a beard shave the sides ffs
Saun Drayton
Saun Drayton 9 годин тому
@ GTD Stay Focus, Keep Your Cool, Dont SLEEP on Cruiz .. Animal Mindset
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 8 годин тому
Mayweather thinks this is his All Access
oneel khan
oneel khan 9 годин тому
Great fighter but a big ppv star not yet his character is not there yet.
BK Gerald
BK Gerald 9 годин тому
AB could’ve been great but like tank said u can’t have 1 foot n da streets an 1 foot n da gym it ain’t gon work despite mayweather personality he is a winner u would have to b a fool not to follow his methods I’m proud of TANK fo having da heart to stick wit him an put his ego to da side dat was AB down fall now it’s TANK turn an I think he will b better den Floyd
reggieburris 9 годин тому
DMV is behind Tank! However, you gotta love the Santa Cruz story!
Jose manuel Pantoja
Jose manuel Pantoja 9 годин тому
Tank davis is too short. Santa Cruz has the height and reach, he knows how to box going backwards. Davis is going to be frustrated all night long.
GelatoGabe88 9 годин тому
I like how Davis is getting a lot of help from a lot of people..trainer is right pay per view level is another monster.. and they know Leo Santa Cruz is no slouch
GelatoGabe88 9 годин тому
I fucken love boxing!!!!!!!
Cameron kupka
Cameron kupka 9 годин тому
when coach Calvin had tears in his eyes.. man that was deep, Tank is so blessed to have that man in his life.
TreyGuccii 9 годин тому
Cruz seem like a great dude but I got tank KO
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz 9 годин тому
Stop lying Mayweather you want nobody to feed your record 50 and o. Who you trying to kid bro.
G Code 609
G Code 609 9 годин тому
He gave the belt to his Pop that was 💯👏🏾
juju bone
juju bone 10 годин тому
bull419 10 годин тому
This chump Davis hasn't been tested yet, it's easy to be good when no one is hitting you back, a reckoning is coming.
Ty Robinson
Ty Robinson 10 годин тому
Mayweather thinks this is his All Access
One Skill Point
One Skill Point 8 годин тому
He's executive producer and it's under his promotion.... so part of it is his all-access, even if he's not the one fighting.
jlipstraw45 10 годин тому
Davis you cant grow a beard shave the sides ffs
b z
b z 10 годин тому
This fight is going to be so good
imjusthere8 10 годин тому
Dude is punch drunk in his early 20s
BMG Kato
BMG Kato 10 годин тому
Remember Kato?ukvid.net/group/PLJoVxIW0a9jZVNXXSnWc2i19kaklPrZqs
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva 10 годин тому
Like Santa Cruz but he’s too little for tank and they know that.
Anthony Gallego
Anthony Gallego 10 годин тому
Spanish Song please ?
dlastdon1 10 годин тому
Floyd is a bull shitter how come he never left his guy fight Lomachenko, now he have Lopez or Haney or even lomachenko come on and man up kid pick your poison, that’s how you’re going to make your millions not showing a flashing life style don’t worry you’ll pay for all that once you start having mega fight Floyd will hand you the bill..
Alan Sanchez
Alan Sanchez 10 годин тому
As much as I want Santa Cruz to win , Tank is a damn monster with a great mentor and is hungry to put his damn name out there in the big lights like Floyd it’s going to be a interesting fight
Teelynn Official
Teelynn Official 10 годин тому
Lets Goooooo
the noob
the noob 10 годин тому
why is this leo's first fight in a new division? they don't care about him
Louis Payan
Louis Payan 11 годин тому
Who are they trying to kid passing this off as a PPV. Tank Davis is a NOBODY and imagine what leo Santa Cruz is. He's a nice guy but this is a joke. The numbers are going to embarrass these guys.
Don Bully AHB#LCP
Don Bully AHB#LCP 11 годин тому
coach calvin is a dogg!!
Gxldie evans
Gxldie evans 11 годин тому
They both underdogs
Jay Simmons
Jay Simmons 11 годин тому
Sorry Floyd you are being outmaneuvered by Top Rank. They just gave ppl Lomo vs Teo for an ESPN sub......No one wants to pay $70 for a fight.
rico pesos
rico pesos 11 годин тому
AB was all about being a fraud Tank Davis is the truth and real lil bro to Mayweather but he just has to keep his hands sanction in the ring and not on women like Mayweather and stay outta trouble and away from Rachets and he will be fine.
Bingo 11 годин тому
How about you put Tank with someone in the top 10 at lightweight. This fight vs Santa Cruise is a rip off and it doesn't deserve to be on PPV
Kalio Spits
Kalio Spits 11 годин тому
Santa cruz aint even bother cleaning up before the camera came. Lol.. what a houae tho and amazing pool and yard. Wow
dinitis 12 годин тому
Davis had one of the worst starts you can get in life and turned it around.
ItsIOUEnt 12 годин тому
Looks like Shane Mosley has some explaining to do 🤔
heron fields
heron fields 12 годин тому
Now we are going to see if Davis can really fight. About time they gave him a real fight. Gamboa would have beat him if he wasn’t so old.
Makin' The Cut
Makin' The Cut 12 годин тому
So So Lit , Tank For The Win ALL DAY !! #TMT4L 😷
c j
c j 12 годин тому
Pray goes out Santa Cruz father 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 my lost my mom to stage 4 liver cancer fuck cancer I know u going make your father proud
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