ALL WHEEL DRIVE Camaro? (and 14 other BADASS Cars!)

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We finally made it to the UK for Doorslammers 2019 - IT WAS AWESOME! Santa Pod Raceway takes the traditional drag racing culture and nearly creates a holiday out of it! Celebrating some of Europe’s most incredible builds, amazing culture, and some of the most positively impactful people we’ve ever met was only a small part of what we took away from our first time at Santa Pod Raceway. We are VERY excited to bring you so much more!
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18 лип 2019





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Mk1Kieran 4 місяці тому
Life goal complete... to feature on the 1320Video channel after following it for so long is amazing! 🤩 It was great to meet you Kyle and we look forward to having you back again next year!!
Grant Kelley
Grant Kelley 3 місяці тому
thank you for letting 1320 use your footage, without we would have never seen these awesome cars. you, sir are a true hero
M Whitelaw
M Whitelaw 4 місяці тому
Thanks for the content Subbed Cheers mate!!
Paul Davis
Paul Davis 4 місяці тому
I was gutted seeing this cant believe ive never been there didnt think the cars were this good here didnt espect to see anything over 500 hp tbh
CJK20 4 місяці тому
Mk1Kieran good job dude !!! Uk for the win
Dikka0 4 місяці тому
It was very good of you and the others to help Kyle by allowing him to use your footage.Subbed to your channel a while back and you're doing a cracking job.Thanks for all you do to show UK drag racing.100x👍
SAS Parts
SAS Parts 22 години тому
VTG build some ten years ago 4x4 Vette c3 ;)
Chevy sucks
Chevy sucks 6 днів тому
So when did a 9.7 become not that fast?
Mad Ashell
Mad Ashell 9 днів тому
lol cool cars.
James Lehner
James Lehner 17 днів тому
Little Fiat does 10's and he said its not really fast!! lol Awesome video!!
quilibrium 18 днів тому
The GTR has some major handling issues, dudes gonna kill himself one of these days
Crazy Funny Cats
Crazy Funny Cats 18 днів тому
15:44 First time we’ve seen gas ⛽️ masks 🎭 . Alcohol and nitro fumes damage your lungs . 🐝smart wear the gear ⚙️. Metal in the eye 👁 sucks
Jared THISDELLE 25 днів тому
Oh my Lord awd.is sick
Shawn p
Shawn p 29 днів тому
As an American in to very fast cars I was very impressed what UK has done way to go guys
Rocker Pat
Rocker Pat Місяць тому
Its a good thing that Diesel S10 was there to offset those damn wind generators!!! Keep Rocking it out!!!
Donavan Hays
Donavan Hays Місяць тому
i need to get a camaro like that
Jess Connelly
Jess Connelly Місяць тому
Wind turbines at the track how European the douches
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Місяць тому
Wow, I want to make my 4th Gen Fbody All wheel drive 😁👍🏼
Andre Labeach
Andre Labeach Місяць тому
A v8 Evo that's still awd... Awd Camaro??? Holy Fxxking Shit!!!!!
ipodguy9 Місяць тому
Niice :).. Shame about some utter twat robbing you :/
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Місяць тому
Long story short. You wanna go! Invest in turbo!
Sebastian Skuban
Sebastian Skuban Місяць тому
The GTR at place 9 from germany now has around 3000hp ,achieved 3 days ago 😅
TJ Місяць тому
Buddy of mine got drugged and robbed when visiting Germany. He Woke up in a hallway in a random hotel. phone, wallet, jacket, IDs, passport all stollen. Shit bags everywhere
theorignalgrayson Місяць тому
what a dick chav to who ever stole the gear
Shaun PC
Shaun PC Місяць тому
Great to see you in the UK, hopefully you will get over here for more in the future.
Mart C20LET
Mart C20LET 2 місяці тому
Love the escort c20let
Wardel1234 2 місяці тому
followed all!!! love 1320 and i think so does everyone else
franko send it
franko send it 2 місяці тому
Thanks some blood boiling builds wish i could get chance build somthing more than pos dually or family im about drop gear ratio past 4.56 so it can drift more than gravel i can just skip 1st 2nd gear
Cartney84 Ian
Cartney84 Ian 2 місяці тому
Damnn all wheel drive camaro is insane
Not Stupid
Not Stupid 2 місяці тому
Think you got enough ads on this video damn
bob licher
bob licher 2 місяці тому
Show the camaro first !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LITTLE MANIAC 2.0 2 місяці тому
I love having 3 spare fucking motors
PixelRx-7 xd
PixelRx-7 xd 2 місяці тому
you need more than 13 hands for shift at those rpms lol
Chuck Hickl
Chuck Hickl 2 місяці тому
Thank you Ken Block for inspiring AWD drag cars with the Hoonistang!
Ritchie103 2 місяці тому
When you ls swap the smallest car in forza
radarw64 2 місяці тому
We have a gas station in our town which used to be called Fast Gas. It had a mascot on the sign named Freddie Fast.
Charles 2 місяці тому
Who's here for the O'Reilly Auto Parts commercial...Oh Oh Oh, OH ReeReeeee!!!!
floyd loonie
floyd loonie 2 місяці тому
That little car at #14 looks like all four wheels come off the ground at launch!! That's insane!!! The only thing tyingit to the ground is the wheelie bar rollers!! WOW!!
46wireboy 3 місяці тому
14:29. When you have to say "one of a kind" because you F@#$ed the hell out of the first 100 times you butchered the word unique.
cleanview70 3 місяці тому
its not faster than a rwd camaro
Greg Rogers
Greg Rogers 3 місяці тому
Hey, I used to have a 1980 Ford Fiesta with the same body style buy mine was Black with black and orange inside, and I took the Ford Exp Wheels and put the on the Fiesta. I loved that car but that was when I was sixteen lol
SpykeZ0129 3 місяці тому
What kind of shifter is that on the camaro, it was shifting itself? I've never seen anything like that (not too huge into cars). Really neat.
P.Tkhalid 3 місяці тому
Is this speed by km or mbh
SlabOnMyDab710 YT
SlabOnMyDab710 YT 3 місяці тому
Your car was broken into? I woudnt go back
Nic C
Nic C 3 місяці тому
Anyone else See the Viper Run a 5.6 at 246mph, like god damn!!!!! it was when he was showing the 1966 volvo amazon at 8:22
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