ALL WHEEL DRIVE Camaro? (and 14 other BADASS Cars!)

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We finally made it to the UK for Doorslammers 2019 - IT WAS AWESOME! Santa Pod Raceway takes the traditional drag racing culture and nearly creates a holiday out of it! Celebrating some of Europe’s most incredible builds, amazing culture, and some of the most positively impactful people we’ve ever met was only a small part of what we took away from our first time at Santa Pod Raceway. We are VERY excited to bring you so much more!
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18 лип 2019

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Mk1Kieran 29 днів тому
Life goal complete... to feature on the 1320Video channel after following it for so long is amazing! 🤩 It was great to meet you Kyle and we look forward to having you back again next year!!
Grant Kelley
Grant Kelley 7 днів тому
thank you for letting 1320 use your footage, without we would have never seen these awesome cars. you, sir are a true hero
M Whitelaw
M Whitelaw 9 днів тому
Thanks for the content Subbed Cheers mate!!
Paul Davis
Paul Davis 17 днів тому
I was gutted seeing this cant believe ive never been there didnt think the cars were this good here didnt espect to see anything over 500 hp tbh
CJK20 24 дні тому
Mk1Kieran good job dude !!! Uk for the win
Dikka0 25 днів тому
It was very good of you and the others to help Kyle by allowing him to use your footage.Subbed to your channel a while back and you're doing a cracking job.Thanks for all you do to show UK drag racing.100x👍
marcoxtv 7 годин тому
how can a awd gtr do a burnout??
Sludge Pump
Sludge Pump 2 години тому
gearbox setting
Zuibble Gamer
Zuibble Gamer День тому
How "never heard of this kind of car" but "seen it online" ? If you seen it online then you heard of it right ? Just sayinnnggg... lol
Blackout День тому
That’s a 67 camaro
manny vargas
manny vargas 2 дні тому
Thx for helping out the boys at 1320
Chazz Ram
Chazz Ram 2 дні тому
I've never seen anything like it awd Camaro no way...wowww
FILM N SHOOT CO 2 дні тому
💥 the UK
jimmie Roan
jimmie Roan 3 дні тому
great video and what a line up of cars, reminds me of the old days here in the US when we had so many different ideas and built cars instead of buying and bolting on, yeah i know it's lots different but some of these builds are so awesome and unusual. i was most impressed that the pissants trolls didn't appear and ruin my night. thanks,
Fuk Hue
Fuk Hue 3 дні тому
Thanks to 1320 for the great videos. If they find the guy that broke into your car I will pay the Vet Bill to get him neutered! This link will explain what will happen if you are neutered just incase he doesn't know. www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=QkJTXYrzB9SLtAbSgpSwCA&q=neutered&oq=neutered&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0l10.1361.4137..4927...0.0..0.345.1009.8j3-1......0....1..gws-wiz.......35i39j0i131.Bjx87nUOBBA&ved=0ahUKEwiKnJbu-oDkAhXUBc0KHVIBBYYQ4dUDCAs&uact=5
Grant Kelley
Grant Kelley 7 днів тому
fucking theves, idk how many times i watched this video and looked in the opposite lane and was like "wait wtf is that" and it wasnt even shown ( purple blown viper & the orange delivery wagon to name a couple) theves are just the worst kind of people.
Gary Abbott
Gary Abbott 8 днів тому
I'm surprised that CUNT, CUNTY, health and safety WANKERS didn't shut this down for somebody HAVING a Water bottle, or a Name such as Gary???? Be careful people!! Hsa, will shut shit down if you use a Vowel... Out of context! It's surprising that they let cars run... With Slick's that is due to one person allowing the word slick!!! Jeremy CORBYNS mum is the only item called slick!!! Ohhh Shit... I apologise everyone!! I meant Slack!! As slack as the distance between Dover and the nearest CUNTRY???? Labour need Ded milliband bk!! H has a bacon sandwich eating... Non commie CORBYNS brain-dead, Anti semetic neurological issue's similar to all the labours liberal green party failure's!!!
Darren Antoine
Darren Antoine 10 днів тому
Good on all the guys that helped you out. Like a big family and it is nice to hear that these people were happy to help. Most people would absolutely not be giving under any circumstances. Hats off to all
Huzaifa Khan
Huzaifa Khan 11 днів тому
I love that camaro but american drag tradition is of RWD cars so i don't prefer it in a drag strip
x111 11 днів тому
sticky shit, such a waste of money !!
apostate001 13 днів тому
A Trailblazer SS AWD/LS swap seems a natural and that there should be more AWD Trailblazer SS sourced swaps.
Gsfbffx Pdhhdf
Gsfbffx Pdhhdf 13 годин тому
apostate001 chevy s10 4wd
Erik Veston
Erik Veston 13 днів тому
great video man! straight to the point without all the BS chatter.. Thank you!
Richard Fernandez
Richard Fernandez 14 днів тому
Are there plenty of MAGA supporters at these events or is that NASCAR?
israel bush
israel bush 14 днів тому
To help your favorite number 10 the turbo diesel S10 you should tell him to look up diesel Brothers
Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell 15 днів тому
14:00 why the heck was that beauty in the left lane not on the list
LM4 300zx
LM4 300zx 17 днів тому
I NEED to see more of that GTR!!
Pingman 18 днів тому
4wd camero didn’t think to bring spare turbos :o
Erik Hadinger
Erik Hadinger 19 днів тому
Once again yes thank you to the guys that helped Kyle out! If not for you we would not have got to see this I have subscribed to their channels thank you again.
PimPsonTop 20 днів тому
Click here 14:08 for all wheel drive Camaro "1 pick, thank me later
LiveLikeYouFly 20 днів тому
We old Hot Roders are a dying breed. Not many guys left out there that can build a 6 second car all by themselves in a dirt floor Garage. Hale to the old kings.
tecums3h 20 днів тому
Go get the Swede.
CAPTAIN DABBIN 20 днів тому
Wow! An aston martin with a backpack too!! Wow!
Cesar De La Sancha
Cesar De La Sancha 20 днів тому
Alex Golovchenko
Alex Golovchenko 20 днів тому
That was really cool!
Atheer Athman
Atheer Athman 20 днів тому
That black car that you couldn't recognize was a Mitsubishi FTO.
Atheer Athman
Atheer Athman 20 днів тому
That little hatch needs weight up front, he's asking to hit a wall on second gear.
Greg Cressey
Greg Cressey 20 днів тому
Thanks guys for helping and being footage to us :)
Chris Sullivan
Chris Sullivan 21 день тому
That 69 Camaro is my dream car 😊👍
Steve Veness
Steve Veness 21 день тому
Well done on borrowed film content😉🙂👍👍 Good one to all the People who gave willingly. May Karma bit the ads of the thief real hard.😡
Benjamin Walker
Benjamin Walker 21 день тому
What was the black car racing the 1969 Sunbeam "Stilleto"?
Sean Gangstad
Sean Gangstad 21 день тому
15:25 gives you an idea of how shook up he was after that run.
Sean Gangstad
Sean Gangstad 21 день тому
@14:10 awd camaro thumbnail
zak Elek-Palmer
zak Elek-Palmer 22 дні тому
yo i live 10miles away from santa pod fuck i missed you guys
Big Money
Big Money 22 дні тому
Are they running 1/4
kariya 23 дні тому
15:54 I’m in love with this 8.. the sound is perfect and seeing it run against the lambo made me love it even more
Tyran Ducksworth
Tyran Ducksworth 23 дні тому
That awd Camaro a beast
Hunt Gaming/Productions
Hunt Gaming/Productions 23 дні тому
rule of thumb never leave electronics visble
stopglobalswarming 23 дні тому
14:14 for all wheel drive camaro
twas brillig
twas brillig 23 дні тому
was hilarious to watch the sunbeam beat the camaro....EXCELLENT video, love all the information/narration you included
Dave Micolichek
Dave Micolichek 23 дні тому
That Stilleto should have been in the 7s without the turbos.
taxibrony30 23 дні тому
To the Person that stole your footage "You Sir are a Asshole"
McKinnely Bentley
McKinnely Bentley 23 дні тому
Go to 14:06 for Camaro.
Bob Xziang
Bob Xziang 23 дні тому
AWD V8s coming to america soon. :) That would be cool to see.
Mick Annical
Mick Annical 23 дні тому
First the AWD Cutlass on Hoonigan, and now this Camaro. I'm quickly recalibrating my dream build!
Jeff Ward
Jeff Ward 23 дні тому
lovethe way hondas drive in reverse because of the way the tires are setup
BHISAO 23 дні тому
How could a 176 people NOT like this video?.. Awesome choice of CARS!!!
ziiofswe 23 дні тому
I thought the voice was a little low occationally... sure, I want to hear the cars but I also want to hear what you're saying.... (Might be a bit more difficult for me to hear since English isn't my primary language, or something...?)
o2boutdoors 23 дні тому
The variety of cars is incredible!
Tintin 24 дні тому
Mr Beetle - busy busy busy with the wheel (and the toilet paper)
xTony92 24 дні тому
FTO The overshadowed little brother of the EVO & 3000GT
scotty pidgeon
scotty pidgeon 24 дні тому
14:06 for the camaro
Sid May
Sid May 24 дні тому
You called it. " BADASS "
Dave Jr
Dave Jr 24 дні тому
Not that fast at all for something that small.
Zsavage1 24 дні тому
so much GM junk....lol bring a GM and lots and lots of tools and a few extra motors..
Eman ASMR 24 дні тому
Gotta love Fast Fred!
Robert Cable
Robert Cable 24 дні тому
Shame what happened but racing community looks out for each other. Some mean little shoe boxes.
dynodon427 24 дні тому
very well done SIR!
Robert G
Robert G 24 дні тому
Great video and cars, thanks Kyle & Crew!
aaah tex
aaah tex 24 дні тому
aaah tex
aaah tex 24 дні тому
Piston420 24 дні тому
8:34 #7 it's a Polish Maluch! 😋😋
Daniel Huertas
Daniel Huertas 24 дні тому
Go directly to14:09 for the camaro you came to see.
Justin Credible
Justin Credible 25 днів тому
The FTO was my shit in the original Gran Turismo
Chaun Ralls
Chaun Ralls 25 днів тому
Fast Freddy recently had a Really bad shop fire-- it's Great to see him back in action
Lazarus Magellan
Lazarus Magellan 25 днів тому
the smoking smart car XD
Droppin Lowlows
Droppin Lowlows 25 днів тому
HighDef Gaming
HighDef Gaming 25 днів тому
Wooo UK! I live near Santa Pod. Shame about about the break in though. Welcome to England I guess.
Shamphere 25 днів тому
The variety! I love this! AWD Camaro was my fave for sure but that Fraudster power plant....mind blown. WTF Lots of unique vehicles here.
Derredmax 25 днів тому
May the lowlife scum sucking dickweeds that jacked your stuff be plagued with an agonizing case of colon cancer!!!
maverick buckley
maverick buckley 25 днів тому
Wait, you never heard of an Escort mk1? Ugh I'm so jealous, must be like not knowing what women are and then being introduced.
GamerScoreM4STA Productions
GamerScoreM4STA Productions 25 днів тому
FWD and Diesel drag cars 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 25 днів тому
I feel like having everyone elses footage probably made this video more epic.. how else would you get driver views and all those angles ya know?
JeepYJ91 25 днів тому
Great video. Good racing footage and I like the voice over work. Nicely done. Keep the great content coming.
fleiva30 25 днів тому
Greetings UK from Los Angeles California..!!!
philip saunders
philip saunders 25 днів тому
is this 1/8 or 1/4
Robert Bruneau
Robert Bruneau 25 днів тому
Plenty of fast Fords, and no coverage,
Gregory Eagle
Gregory Eagle 25 днів тому
14:11 AWD Camaro....
2000HP Twin Turbo Viper SHREDS the drag strip!
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