Anna Naklab feat. Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS - Supergirl [Official Video]

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„Something Near“, „Lines“, „True Thougts“, „Fading Nights“... The passion in her voice brings an unique spell to the songs and calms you down at the same time. An outstanding and significant voice with the recognition value that is always given. She’s a Supergirl and she wants to fly higher in 2015 than she already did the year before!
Alle Farben - artist - dj - music lover! Almost half year has passed since the summer hit breaker „She Moves“ feat. Graham Candy made it’s way through the radios. There is already the next breaking thing at the ready over here: super-Farben with his super-girl Anna Naklab. This all makes sense! The painting discjockey receiving his super-muse to take the year 2015 to next level!
YOUNOTUS - the third player on the game - the newcomer’s from Berlin! Gregor and Tobias producing hard to bring their releases to an always evolving, ever growing constant peak! Already releasing on influential labels such as Kallias and Love Matters the guys have mixed everything that matters in here to make it count. This is it and it’s all the way up!
Now getting to the release, let’s see what the super-troop made up. We can tell beforehand that we’re getting ready for the summer, ain’t we?
Supergirl: „You can tell by the way...“ Well, was this song written for Anna Naklab? Over fiveteen years ago everyone was obsessed with this one in Germany. The Reamonn song is now finely and fully decorated with fine repeating synths and great beats to push it forward. 2015 - the daughter of the super mother takes it’s way: proud and strong like a super girl should be! A super girl that flies!
Writer/ Director/ Producer: Marc Rissmann
Director of Photography: Christian Huck
Editor: Ole Wiedemann
Colorist: Nadir Mansouri
Camera Assistant: Christopher Coronado
Postproduction: Mamapost
Dialogue Mix: Jörn Steinhoff
Cast: Julie Engelbrecht, Mariah Bonner, Alex Garcia, Gustavo Nunez
Special Thanks: Leonie Roelle, Martin Heuser, Manuel Overbeck




26 бер 2015

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Sasuke 222psycophat
Sasuke 222psycophat 20 годин тому
Gay panic I think at first never mind they kissed
Dustin Spindler
Dustin Spindler День тому
Dustin Spindler
Dustin Spindler День тому
Dustin Spindler
Dustin Spindler День тому
David Hunt
David Hunt 2 дні тому
I really love this version but my only complaint is that whoever wrote the lyrics down mistook sowing for sewing, so not having English as her first language sings it sooing seeds, burning trees rather than sowing seeds, burning trees. That's all, only a minor whinge.
BlackPackGamerz 3 дні тому
Still one of my favourite songs, even in November 2018❤️❤️
Giadeta L
Giadeta L 3 дні тому
My supergirl..♡
Pati Maria  KMSM
Pati Maria KMSM 3 дні тому
Just fly
Евгений 4 дні тому
Я лично не против геев и лесбиянок,но афишировать зачем это публично.Кто вам мешает жить?
skoczek66 4 дні тому
blondi śliczna ;)
Insatable 5 днів тому
Юлька очень похожа на мою бывшую.. В синергии с такой песней - прям нахлынуло
Amin Faridi
Amin Faridi 6 днів тому
😍 I love it
Amin Faridi
Amin Faridi 6 днів тому
Mud Muska
Mud Muska 6 днів тому
John Vanish
John Vanish 6 днів тому
Reminded "The 1975 - Robbers" lil bit :)
Flexan 22
Flexan 22 7 днів тому
supergirls just.... fly
Just Zazzy
Just Zazzy 7 днів тому
Moral of story: be a villian and rot.
Jasmin Jasmin
Jasmin Jasmin 7 днів тому
Cok senalardan beri aradim bu sharkini cok seviyorum iz love
Denisa Tulvan
Denisa Tulvan 9 днів тому
Listening to both, this one and the original, because of my bisexual heart
the city is ours
the city is ours 10 днів тому
Instagram @supergirlcw1
Volencho 10 днів тому
2019?? Come on
alex voronov
alex voronov 11 днів тому
adesso a 2019?
Jovanny Mendez
Jovanny Mendez 11 днів тому
Wou hermosa canción la conocí a través de un mix del 2016
Gold Digger
Gold Digger 13 днів тому
Перепели шедевральную песню.... Хорошо что не испортили
Jamshid Akramov
Jamshid Akramov 15 днів тому
Super music
Max Gutti
Max Gutti 15 днів тому
This Track is for me, have a good Time with Friends
hamza BinLadin
hamza BinLadin 15 днів тому
🇹🇭😎2018 2019🎆🎇🎉🎄
Roberto Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez 16 днів тому
Mi melodía favorita
Lavandyr 16 днів тому
So fucking amazing song! It is and will be best song in my life :)
giovanni patti
giovanni patti 16 днів тому
top supergirl...
Sandra Corazon
Sandra Corazon 17 днів тому
so gay
Tamo Tam91
Tamo Tam91 17 днів тому
👌from Georgia🇬🇪
TFE niname
TFE niname 17 днів тому
Did you know that there is a real Supergirl and with enormous powers. She is the biggest martial Arts Expert in the World. As an 11-year-old girl, she already had more than 300 Champion titles, 49 of them as World Champion in a multitude of martial arts. She is also a Hollywood movie star from the age of 8. See her in action in this short playlist with the title Chuck Norris vs. Jesse-Jane McParland
JAZZZ 18 днів тому
i dont understand what this song is about
nann26 17 днів тому
jazzz it can have so many meanings, people debating on sense of last scene and whos supergirl etc. but apart from each individual interpretation guess its overall about superpowers we all have, ones that can be a blessing and a curse at same time, about how we use them in our lifes and how they shape us..
celeen zeini
celeen zeini 18 днів тому
This song makes me feel invincible like a supergirl💜💜💜💜
Fishing InTheDeep
Fishing InTheDeep 18 днів тому
The original should have got so much more views than this
aa bb
aa bb 18 днів тому
Sup2018! !!
A Pen
A Pen 18 днів тому
I'm gonna cry
Denizhan Çetin
Denizhan Çetin 18 днів тому
Its ok Supergirl 2018?
A Pen
A Pen 19 днів тому
Amy The Witch
Amy The Witch 19 днів тому
Today me and my *best friend forever* broke up, forever, 3 years of friendship is ruined by a slut and laiar she met 3 month ago, this song was our favorite,we used to listen this song and start planing our future. We were planing to move at our house when we would be 18,than go and live in Paris, we were planing to marry, just as *friends* she said,cause till we would marry our family would kept sucking our brains to marry a men,and we both hated mens. I loved her more than anyone and anything,she was my friend,family,my whole fucking universe, she dissapeared, and woth her all my future and dreams died. I will commite suicide tomorrow, such a nice song huh? Last song i want to hear before i die,Elene if you will read this one day,know that i loved you
Evelina Chios
Evelina Chios 6 днів тому
Amy The Witch what the heck
setab csgo
setab csgo 20 днів тому
polska słucha
Parislive007 Great
Parislive007 Great 20 днів тому
I fly with this Song🤗✌just great
Евгений Лагунов
Евгений Лагунов 21 день тому
They are so beautiful!!! Lovely!!!
JUAN GONZALEZ 21 день тому
Anonimowy Skurwysyn
Anonimowy Skurwysyn 24 дні тому
I need super girl 😊
earrape 24 дні тому
I only came here when my mum played this song 3 years ago, a big memory hit my brain lOl
Stefania Bustos
Stefania Bustos 24 дні тому
I want to cry !!!!😑😶😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😖😖😖😖😖
Володя Мацик
Володя Мацик 25 днів тому
Who since 2019?
ميثم الياسري
ميثم الياسري 25 днів тому
TFE niname
TFE niname 26 днів тому
Did you know that there is a real Supergirl and with enormous powers. She is the biggest martial Arts Expert in the World. As an 11-year-old girl, she already had more than 300 Champion titles, 49 of them as World Champion in a multitude of martial arts. She is also a Hollywood movie star from the age of 8. See her in action in this short playlist with the title Chuck Norris vs. Jesse-Jane McParland
Prashanth Reddy
Prashanth Reddy 26 днів тому
Replayyy replay replay replayyy Whos listen everytimee??????? come with meee....😘😘😘. Love from *india*
Fonded Cream
Fonded Cream 26 днів тому
This gives me so many memories
Hanae Ben
Hanae Ben 26 днів тому
18, oct,2018 ❤
Boris Meskov
Boris Meskov 26 днів тому
Probably my favorite song 😊
Comic Picasso
Comic Picasso 27 днів тому
2018😵 who still possessed???
TheDaymos777 27 днів тому
так символично, что эту песню мужики написали, лол.
Gresa Gresa
Gresa Gresa 27 днів тому
Supergirl I AM A SUPERGIRL 161018. 😀✨
Tom Beck Fan
Tom Beck Fan 28 днів тому
Who listens also 2018?❤
Danielle Nay
Danielle Nay 29 днів тому
Love her voice.
Ci Fashion & Style Blog
Ci Fashion & Style Blog 29 днів тому
Super !!
Piotr 29 днів тому
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Rhenz Williams
Rhenz Williams 29 днів тому
missinka studios
missinka studios Місяць тому
Дима Саенко
Дима Саенко Місяць тому
... still 2018)
Vasinka Adilzade
Vasinka Adilzade Місяць тому
Julio Cesar Torres Barcenas
Julio Cesar Torres Barcenas Місяць тому
México 2018.love...
Eva Black
Eva Black Місяць тому
SAND Місяць тому
J'adore .....Sensuel .......Dansant .......
laola 7w7
laola 7w7 Місяць тому
2020? Heh
animal lives Matters
animal lives Matters Місяць тому
Love the video, love the song yessss!
Evelyn Hansarat
Evelyn Hansarat Місяць тому
In my listtttttt😍😍😍😍
Sushi Bilgee
Sushi Bilgee Місяць тому
(♡)Still Legend!
Sarah Davidova
Sarah Davidova Місяць тому
Сunt eaters
Sarah Davidova
Sarah Davidova 29 днів тому
im a mess 😂 неll))
im a mess
im a mess Місяць тому
I can't see the problem
Arman Esimov
Arman Esimov Місяць тому
девушка зарулем транс
Arystan Orynbassar
Arystan Orynbassar Місяць тому
Finally 100 Million Views! We made it!!!
hakem hakem
hakem hakem Місяць тому
PC games
PC games Місяць тому
2019 ?
Żebram suby
Żebram suby Місяць тому
100 MLN
Prabhath MP
Prabhath MP Місяць тому
That voice! 😍👌🏻🎶
Клаус Зиберт
Клаус Зиберт Місяць тому
IBRAHIM Місяць тому
this song always remind me of kasie and the memories with her .. maybe one day you will see this
Mustafa Balcan
Mustafa Balcan Місяць тому
Supergirlism until see the boyfriend.
Leilute Pal
Leilute Pal Місяць тому
Maria Falanga
Maria Falanga Місяць тому
OMG Marina is back
aquabuch Місяць тому
super lesbian do not cry :)
Crozy90 Місяць тому
Still listening to in 2069, im gonna grow old with this
Loredana Marilena
Loredana Marilena Місяць тому
Still on top of my heart in 2018 ❤️
G. Michael Vasey
G. Michael Vasey Місяць тому
Another cover here -open.spotify.com/track/0Sp4AQ6IAZzSW8dy8EWBFX?si=zPX-Y9D4Sxyd-mrJmxMjDg
Kamink Місяць тому
Really similar to Aviciis "Addicted to you" video
PCSchrauber93 Місяць тому
Its just a cover from the reamonn song and not even a good one. The essence of the song is how its written, not the autotuned voice or the electronic beats
Volker Koch
Volker Koch Місяць тому
Leider habe ich mein Supergirl im April verloren :-( Aber alles passiert, wer weiß warum ;-) Danke für die tolle Zeit TANJA
SeppZocktGeileGames Місяць тому
Top Top Top Top Top
Jonas Ammann
Jonas Ammann Місяць тому
God how i hate the lyrics
JAZZZ Місяць тому
i just dont get it. Are they lesbians? Is she happy? Is she sad? I am confused.
Илья Николаевич
Илья Николаевич Місяць тому
Venom CS:GO Crimea
Venom CS:GO Crimea Місяць тому
*мне так ее не хватает...*
Lilly Eshari
Lilly Eshari Місяць тому
Almost 100mln views
fabian Dassel
fabian Dassel Місяць тому
Ich liebe dieses lied
Something Worse
Something Worse Місяць тому
Reminds me of Max&Chloe from Lis
Bartek 92
Bartek 92 Місяць тому
Chciał bym mieć taką super dziewczynę...:)
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