Anna Naklab feat. Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS - Supergirl [Official Video]

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„Something Near“, „Lines“, „True Thougts“, „Fading Nights“... The passion in her voice brings an unique spell to the songs and calms you down at the same time. An outstanding and significant voice with the recognition value that is always given. She’s a Supergirl and she wants to fly higher in 2015 than she already did the year before!
Alle Farben - artist - dj - music lover! Almost half year has passed since the summer hit breaker „She Moves“ feat. Graham Candy made it’s way through the radios. There is already the next breaking thing at the ready over here: super-Farben with his super-girl Anna Naklab. This all makes sense! The painting discjockey receiving his super-muse to take the year 2015 to next level!
YOUNOTUS - the third player on the game - the newcomer’s from Berlin! Gregor and Tobias producing hard to bring their releases to an always evolving, ever growing constant peak! Already releasing on influential labels such as Kallias and Love Matters the guys have mixed everything that matters in here to make it count. This is it and it’s all the way up!
Now getting to the release, let’s see what the super-troop made up. We can tell beforehand that we’re getting ready for the summer, ain’t we?
Supergirl: „You can tell by the way...“ Well, was this song written for Anna Naklab? Over fiveteen years ago everyone was obsessed with this one in Germany. The Reamonn song is now finely and fully decorated with fine repeating synths and great beats to push it forward. 2015 - the daughter of the super mother takes it’s way: proud and strong like a super girl should be! A super girl that flies!
Writer/ Director/ Producer: Marc Rissmann
Director of Photography: Christian Huck
Editor: Ole Wiedemann
Colorist: Nadir Mansouri
Camera Assistant: Christopher Coronado
Postproduction: Mamapost
Dialogue Mix: Jörn Steinhoff
Cast: Julie Engelbrecht, Mariah Bonner, Alex Garcia, Gustavo Nunez
Special Thanks: Leonie Roelle, Martin Heuser, Manuel Overbeck




26 бер 2015

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Bang Bang
Bang Bang День тому
Supergirls don't carry guns and rob gas stations. Fucking dumb.
Ahmet Aktaş
Ahmet Aktaş День тому
100.000.000 please =)
r real
r real 7 годин тому
Gol BalkanSportKlub
Gol BalkanSportKlub 3 дні тому
Petr Musil
Petr Musil 3 дні тому
OnlyKpopTrash c:
OnlyKpopTrash c: 4 дні тому
Let get this to 100m. Only 600k left ❤️
Avery Marshmallow
Avery Marshmallow 4 дні тому
Lesbian alert
TheLambdaTeam 5 днів тому
I don't know, guyz...this song sounds utterly, totally depressing and sad.
leeeopardenkimi 6 днів тому
I listen it in 2059😂🖕🏻
Shadman Sikandar
Shadman Sikandar 6 днів тому
Selin Erdoğan
Selin Erdoğan 6 днів тому
99 milyon izlenemenin 20 milyınu benim
Kamiiila23 7 днів тому
ive listened to this song when it first came out and have been since. i'll never get sick of it
Γιάννης Μαλακός
Γιάννης Μαλακός 7 днів тому
Τελικα δεν ειμαστε πολυ Ελληνες .... like αμα εισαι για να δω .
Алексей Aqaw
Алексей Aqaw 7 днів тому
x y
x y 8 днів тому
Tagataro Lian
Tagataro Lian 8 днів тому
Laura Vischer
Laura Vischer 9 днів тому
Sebæ xxx
Sebæ xxx 9 днів тому
2015 😖❤️❤️
dannyskillz 9 днів тому
love it!
mr funboy
mr funboy 10 днів тому
παμε στη λεσβο κοριτσια??
Emma Van Wonterghem
Emma Van Wonterghem 10 днів тому
This made me cry
barbi 13
barbi 13 11 днів тому
Juli - Napoleon
Juli - Napoleon 12 днів тому
Can you fly? I CAN!❤
Gjgkhi Cjhkhk
Gjgkhi Cjhkhk 12 днів тому
انت عيشة قنديشة مغربية
Cemre Fenerbahçe
Cemre Fenerbahçe 13 днів тому
Better than Reamon
Eli E
Eli E 13 днів тому
and supergirls don't cry! 😘
Σπυρ ός
Σπυρ ός 14 днів тому
And in 2019;;;
Fire Phoenix
Fire Phoenix 14 днів тому
The song reminds me of the first visit to the hospital (in Germany) because of diabetes 1 😢🏥🇩🇪😭😔😩
Stephanie Craig
Stephanie Craig 15 днів тому
❤ this
przyang 15 днів тому
and you? can you fly?
australia2635 15 днів тому
love this song …...
Ваня Михайленко
Ваня Михайленко 17 днів тому
2018, отличный трек
anina loo
anina loo 18 днів тому
Csaba Mereticzki
Csaba Mereticzki 19 днів тому
Mouna Sebahi
Mouna Sebahi 19 днів тому
Yes. Super girl don't cry because she must be strong
Rainbow unicorns 3
Rainbow unicorns 3 20 днів тому
Michailas Gerai
Michailas Gerai 20 днів тому
Michailas Gerai
Michailas Gerai 20 днів тому
Anni Billy
Anni Billy 21 день тому
Is it just a video of the song or a movie !??
российская страна
Gomo?? Wtf!!!
Michailas Gerai
Michailas Gerai 21 день тому
yaseen olo
yaseen olo 22 дні тому
I'm boy and like this song
Doggie.vasion 21 день тому
yaseen olo so
amy bonnici
amy bonnici 23 дні тому
You don't need any superpowers to be invisible
Sanja M
Sanja M 24 дні тому
Pepa Days
Pepa Days 24 дні тому
But I'm a Supergirl. And Supergirls just fly.
Айжамал Джолдошова
i don't like m/v
Biedro 25 днів тому
Ktoś Polska 29 Sierpnia 2018? ;]
Biedro 21 день тому
+Doggie.vasion hallo
Doggie.vasion 21 день тому
Biedro hallo
Glenn Johnston
Glenn Johnston 27 днів тому
Gah, I never knew this was a lezzo song, of course it is. I hadn't watched the video up til now. Ruined.
Doggie.vasion 21 день тому
Glenn Johnston all equal
טובה שנקר
טובה שנקר 27 днів тому
שיר גאוני אלוהיםםםםםםםם
Pixelowy Lis
Pixelowy Lis 29 днів тому
͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
Livka DrawsYT
Livka DrawsYT 29 днів тому
And I am still looking for my supergirl..😔
nann26 29 днів тому
Livka me too..but i guess she's right beside you... :)
Gabrijel Ristić
Gabrijel Ristić 29 днів тому
Ar Сhe
Ar Сhe 29 днів тому
Радужная Деш
Радужная Деш Місяць тому
иван бабиков
иван бабиков Місяць тому
бесят ебанные лизбиянки любовь может быть только между мужчиной и женщиной другого не дано
Mateusovskyyy PL
Mateusovskyyy PL Місяць тому
This music is sad 😞
Lord Boreas
Lord Boreas Місяць тому
Arek Koks
Arek Koks Місяць тому
Денис Измайлов
Денис Измайлов Місяць тому
Super girls. Do not forget that there are ordinary men. Who love you. And your libido to the same sex. You're ruining their lives(
nann26 Місяць тому
hmm..when you love someone and everything about them, they naturaly feel it if its true, they feel happy, they feel free. So ask yourself honestly how it really is, cause you can't force anything here. And then its better for each one to go their own way. Its not ruining lifes. Who knows maybe they would meet again...
Salma Atifi
Salma Atifi Місяць тому
What's that ending?? I didn't understand it :(
Fufaika Dddd
Fufaika Dddd Місяць тому
I am getero , but gust video.... may respekt!!!!
TAWS4 TAWS4 Місяць тому
Fanni OwO
Fanni OwO Місяць тому
This is so pure, and cute!*0*
аНДРЕЙ кРИУШИН Місяць тому
Sic clip
Natalia F.
Natalia F. Місяць тому
Do you also hear at 2.21 "and superboys don't cry" or it's just me and my bff (who is a bit psycho) ?😂
Emma Persson
Emma Persson Місяць тому
Wonderful and a great song. A guy I dated about 3 years ago, he send me this song when I visit Turkey and he said I was he's supergirl.
buum maaan
buum maaan Місяць тому
Alig használt paplan elado
Michał Kalinowski
Michał Kalinowski Місяць тому
and You, Can U Fly ?
kuzma1911 Місяць тому
pjesma nasa nikad ne staje
nakami Місяць тому
Lucas Andres Garcia Posadas
Lucas Andres Garcia Posadas Місяць тому
Yyyyy viste este tema lo pones despegando con un sukoi jajajajjajaajaj
Poe Luphy
Poe Luphy Місяць тому
I can make myself invisible, that's kind of the saddest super power you can imagine. I love this song.
Qazaq-Qıpçaq Orda
Qazaq-Qıpçaq Orda Місяць тому
the original is better
Natalia Wilczewska
Natalia Wilczewska Місяць тому
I love jest debest
xEmilciax Shuffle
xEmilciax Shuffle Місяць тому
I Love this music!
Piotr Walczak
Piotr Walczak Місяць тому
Original was better, was more sentimental an deeper. That music video just made it a lesbian agenda while it's not a point.
Rafik G
Rafik G Місяць тому
Super kawałek dobrze mi się kojarzy....
Iris Schmidt
Iris Schmidt Місяць тому
Karen Schmidt
M j G
M j G Місяць тому
This song became a LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 Pride anthem. Lesbians were marching to this song at Hamburg Pride last week.
Marcel Szymkowski
Marcel Szymkowski Місяць тому
Fan GTA V Місяць тому
Sandy shores ? XD
Александр Коч
Александр Коч Місяць тому
С какого это фильма, кто подскажет?
Rostyslav & Kseniia
Rostyslav & Kseniia Місяць тому
О чём эти красотки говорят?
George Printezis
George Printezis Місяць тому
Is this from movie?
Liza Jusof
Liza Jusof Місяць тому
My favorite X
xXTinusia Xx
xXTinusia Xx Місяць тому
trong dinh
trong dinh Місяць тому
so nice, lovely
YouTube YouTube
YouTube YouTube Місяць тому
I Love this💗
ИГОРЬ НОСОВ Місяць тому
Supergirl (feat. Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS) (Stereo Express) Анна Наклаб You can tell by the way She walks that she's my girl You can tell by the way She talks, she rules the world You can see in her eyes That no one is her chain She's my girl My supergirl And then she'd say It's okay I got lost On the way but I'm a supergirl And supergirls don't cry And then she'd say It's alright I got home Late last night, but I'm a supergirl And supergirls just fly And then she'd say It's alright I got home Late last night, but I'm a supergirl And supergirls just fly And then she'd say That nothing can go wrong When you're in love What can go wrong? Then she'd laugh The night time into day Pushing her fear Further along And then she'd say It's okay I got lost On the way but I'm a supergirl And supergirls don't cry And then she'd shout Down the line Tell me she's got no more time 'Cause she's a supergirl And supergirls don't hide And then she'd scream In my face Tell me to leave, leave this place 'Cause she's a supergirl And supergirls just fly Yes, she's a supergirl A supergirl She's sewing seeds She's burning trees She's sewing seeds She's burning trees Yes, she's a supergirl A supergirl A supergirl My supergirl
RivanKeshna /Yaman
RivanKeshna /Yaman Місяць тому
Huzur veriyo
Jasmine MakesStupidVids
Jasmine MakesStupidVids Місяць тому
why does this got so many views
F O K U S Місяць тому
August 2018?
thanashs migdisian
thanashs migdisian Місяць тому
Paulina Petrosiute
Paulina Petrosiute Місяць тому
Soo good
Jony boy
Jony boy Місяць тому
The song released on my birthday!
Etopas Zaidzia
Etopas Zaidzia Місяць тому
One of The Legend Music In Future And still awesome at 2018 2019 ;)
Rikis. Reyes
Rikis. Reyes Місяць тому
Kathlin Munhoz
Kathlin Munhoz Місяць тому
Amo essa música
Majkeloo Lilo
Majkeloo Lilo Місяць тому
Holidays 2018?
Byamba-Suren Jagdagdorj
Byamba-Suren Jagdagdorj Місяць тому
I miss you. ... Where is it. SuperAZAA.
Byamba-Suren Jagdagdorj
Byamba-Suren Jagdagdorj 15 днів тому
She is my love.
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