Anna Naklab feat. Alle Farben & YOUNOTUS - Supergirl [Official Video]

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„Something Near“, „Lines“, „True Thougts“, „Fading Nights“... The passion in her voice brings an unique spell to the songs and calms you down at the same time. An outstanding and significant voice with the recognition value that is always given. She’s a Supergirl and she wants to fly higher in 2015 than she already did the year before!
Alle Farben - artist - dj - music lover! Almost half year has passed since the summer hit breaker „She Moves“ feat. Graham Candy made it’s way through the radios. There is already the next breaking thing at the ready over here: super-Farben with his super-girl Anna Naklab. This all makes sense! The painting discjockey receiving his super-muse to take the year 2015 to next level!
YOUNOTUS - the third player on the game - the newcomer’s from Berlin! Gregor and Tobias producing hard to bring their releases to an always evolving, ever growing constant peak! Already releasing on influential labels such as Kallias and Love Matters the guys have mixed everything that matters in here to make it count. This is it and it’s all the way up!
Now getting to the release, let’s see what the super-troop made up. We can tell beforehand that we’re getting ready for the summer, ain’t we?
Supergirl: „You can tell by the way...“ Well, was this song written for Anna Naklab? Over fiveteen years ago everyone was obsessed with this one in Germany. The Reamonn song is now finely and fully decorated with fine repeating synths and great beats to push it forward. 2015 - the daughter of the super mother takes it’s way: proud and strong like a super girl should be! A super girl that flies!
Writer/ Director/ Producer: Marc Rissmann
Director of Photography: Christian Huck
Editor: Ole Wiedemann
Colorist: Nadir Mansouri
Camera Assistant: Christopher Coronado
Postproduction: Mamapost
Dialogue Mix: Jörn Steinhoff
Cast: Julie Engelbrecht, Mariah Bonner, Alex Garcia, Gustavo Nunez
Special Thanks: Leonie Roelle, Martin Heuser, Manuel Overbeck




26 бер 2015

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Vila Petrovic
Vila Petrovic Годину тому
I prefer being a crybaby than a supergirl thx
NeXon HD
NeXon HD 4 години тому
Worst song i even heared I'm sorry
dullariallional 5 годин тому
Hate video - love melody Sad society.
Nelson Lim
Nelson Lim 12 годин тому
Still loving this song #2019
Карина Атанян
Карина Атанян День тому
Tony Torres
Tony Torres День тому
The lobbyists will protect their money and make it impossible for science to prove homosexuality is a mental disorder. Like alcoholism. Lobbysts don't care about people's minds just about making money out of their mental issues. I don't mind an adult drinking alcohol. I don't mind an adult engagimg in homosexuality. I do find reprehensible to influence young people into any of these twp activities without them understanding enough about themselves and the world. Now burn me as heretic. P.S.: I love the song. The video is... so cliché.
MAROXpl 2 дні тому
Barsa NL
Barsa NL 2 дні тому
Beautiful song RESPECT From Lithuania my best song thanks Anna Naklab end Alle Farben
Нозим Давлатов
Нозим Давлатов 3 дні тому
Cinare Bayramova
Cinare Bayramova 3 дні тому
Damnn. January 2019? Love it😢💔
Erix 3 дні тому
нигяр нигяр
нигяр нигяр 3 дні тому
Super.ya ne mogu ostanovitsya slushat ee
Ventolinswd 4 дні тому
Sorry for this Reamonn...
нигяр нигяр
нигяр нигяр 4 дні тому
Пожл.кто знает похожий репертуар.напишите.
hej_to_ja a
hej_to_ja a 4 дні тому
Юлия Черкасова
Юлия Черкасова 4 дні тому
2019!!!! Красота,Супер,Шедевр!!!
Ug Lee
Ug Lee 5 днів тому
i cringed.
Buyantamir Ganbaatar
Buyantamir Ganbaatar 5 днів тому
Сквидвард тентеклс
2019? (ી(΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)ʃ)♥
The Joker
The Joker 5 днів тому
Sadly, in real world lesbians are never as hot as they are in movies or films...
buro tektek
buro tektek 6 днів тому
And in 2019..
Oliver Bosquez
Oliver Bosquez 6 днів тому
Enero 10 de enero 2019 ❤️, Panamá
Kimmo Hämäläinen
Kimmo Hämäläinen 6 днів тому
Loistava kappale. Oes. Rea on!!
George Bethanis
George Bethanis 6 днів тому
So better than the original. Love the music
Oren Ish-Shalom
Oren Ish-Shalom 6 днів тому
I guess this is how guys picture two good looking girls on a road trip ... reality? much less dancing ... :))
jose verenetty
jose verenetty 7 днів тому
En 2019?
Aykut Aydoğdu
Aykut Aydoğdu 8 днів тому
Why she became a lesbian immidiately
Marika Arshakian
Marika Arshakian 9 днів тому
Mary Ch
Mary Ch 9 днів тому
Kara and Lena😍
Рома 05
Рома 05 9 днів тому
Rafael TLV
Rafael TLV 9 днів тому
the guy is hot but she will eat pussies so be it
Aydan Hüseynli
Aydan Hüseynli 9 днів тому
Reynita Diana
Reynita Diana 10 днів тому
2019 😍😍🌸
Austėja Austėja
Austėja Austėja 10 днів тому
I love all Alle Farben songs💖 Because he can make soo beautiful, fun melody's💞 Who agress??? 👇
windoe 63
windoe 63 10 днів тому
Try Reamonn's original version and see the difference...
Amy Tazzik
Amy Tazzik 10 днів тому
2019 🖐🖐✌✌❤❤ I love this song very much ❤
Gerardo Vega
Gerardo Vega 10 днів тому
And 2019. ❤️
fan farm
fan farm 10 днів тому
Anna Bachkovska
Anna Bachkovska 11 днів тому
Why I love this song so much!??? I like it!!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
unXcepted 11 днів тому
2019 still good
Saltanat Kadyrova
Saltanat Kadyrova 11 днів тому
...in 2019?
Evelxn. yt
Evelxn. yt 12 днів тому
You listening taht song 2019?! 😍🎈
Prasinh Thea
Prasinh Thea 12 днів тому
ерентнонон оноеноен
adam adams
adam adams 12 днів тому
2019? super music Best music
Skankhunt42 13 днів тому
2437 anyone?
TBN's CHANNEL 13 днів тому
Filip Głowala
Filip Głowala 14 днів тому
And in 2019? Who?
Oluś S
Oluś S 14 днів тому
Minh Hoang Tran
Minh Hoang Tran 14 днів тому
Djaffar Djaffar
Djaffar Djaffar 14 днів тому
Cool song and clip
Cinare Bayramova
Cinare Bayramova 15 днів тому
Damnn. January 2019?😢😢
Frank Alzamora Alvarado
Frank Alzamora Alvarado 15 днів тому
2019 Wuuu 🙌🙌💥🌊❤🌳
Magistrsave The first
Magistrsave The first 15 днів тому
2 0 1 9
kirito 15 днів тому
...and in 2019?
Thomas Groot
Thomas Groot 15 днів тому
Shirex 16 днів тому
Brix X
Brix X 16 днів тому
I like this song, but the original by Raemonn is still way better. There is so much emotion in his song and in my opinion it's also more romantic because it's sung by a man.
Dude4G 16 днів тому
everythinginyourmind 17 днів тому
Whats going on in the clip? I dno't understand???〰〰〰
ana bonet de gispert
ana bonet de gispert 17 днів тому
Wilmer Gonzalez
Wilmer Gonzalez 18 днів тому
She's my girl, my supergirl 😍😍Kathy I love you so much 😗😗😗
J u l i a
J u l i a 19 днів тому
Brandy The Bunny
Brandy The Bunny 19 днів тому
2 0 1 9? 💖❤️
Tuning لعبة هجولةbr
Tuning لعبة هجولةbr 19 днів тому
🇧🇷 Boa...
extreme p#ssydestroyer
extreme p#ssydestroyer 21 день тому
I think the guy deserves love!
XACAH 22 дні тому
под напас пойдет
Маришка Маришка
Anand Enkhee
Anand Enkhee 22 дні тому
I m a supergirl
Özkan Şekerci
Özkan Şekerci 23 дні тому
very beautiful
vamos lá elaine Silva Babylon
💗💗💗💗💞 2018
NIKOS NTEMOS 24 дні тому
kalutero apo to originaaaaaaleeee
Adil Huseynzade
Adil Huseynzade 25 днів тому
My favourite music !
3rdHalf 25 днів тому
This is like the most normie, booring, unoriginal mix of a song |'ve ever heard... ...and I kinda like it.
Pöschl Schnupftabak
Pöschl Schnupftabak 26 днів тому
Oyvind Pedersen
Oyvind Pedersen 26 днів тому
Nice beat, then the power that are put out a video to advance their agenda and you are too stupid to see it!
Anakin Thorné
Anakin Thorné 27 днів тому
machin gun tree tree
machin gun tree tree 27 днів тому
E Va
E Va 27 днів тому
AURA Carmen
AURA Carmen 27 днів тому
auper girl!
TIME - Используй Время
yousf gamer
yousf gamer Місяць тому
HeroTastic Місяць тому
Any other boy here that sings along "But I'm a supergirl"?
ll GLADIATOR ll Місяць тому
AlexExtr AcedV
AlexExtr AcedV Місяць тому
Temazo muy guapo
Слава Слава
Слава Слава Місяць тому
Лайк лайк лайк😎!)))
Gallo Glz
Gallo Glz Місяць тому
And 2019...
Chrisgigi 67
Chrisgigi 67 Місяць тому
you're a supergirl
Rosemary Mayer
Rosemary Mayer Місяць тому
ali ege cinar
ali ege cinar Місяць тому
2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 Forever ..
X-Girl Місяць тому
There’s no straight explanation for that...
Ar4i Місяць тому
Ограбление, сколько они там 300 баксов спиздили с заправки придорожной и радуются? Дебильный момент, ну и как и лесбухи.
Ar4i Місяць тому
Lesbian is supergirl? Idiots
Burak Talha Bolat
Burak Talha Bolat Місяць тому
Good song. No Homo :)
Lore Marle
Lore Marle Місяць тому
My best friend send to me this song in a bad period of my life. Since then is my favourite song and it is medicine for my soul.👌
аНДРЕЙ кРИУШИН Місяць тому
sic clip, sic music, sic love.
Joshua Mon De Belen
Joshua Mon De Belen Місяць тому
This song will always remind me of my ex. We broke up even though we still deeply love each other. I always miss him to this day.
Асхат Абдрайтынов
Асхат Абдрайтынов Місяць тому
Кто 2020?
Dark Boy
Dark Boy Місяць тому
Képek lehetnének jobbak de amugy tök jó zene👍👍😁😁
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