Antonio Brown looks weak for saying he has no beef with Vontaze Burfict - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith finds Antonio Brown's Instagram post about Oakland Raiders teammate Vontaze Burfict unnecessary and says that Brown continues to "make a federal case" out of everything said about him.
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22 бер 2019





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Kyle Lee Jr
Kyle Lee Jr 3 місяці тому
I'd have beef with him too if he caused me a cte or concussion
Clark Clark
Clark Clark 8 місяців тому
This did not age well
Mikeman Jordan
Mikeman Jordan 8 місяців тому
Not hard to decipher stop it hata a. Smith he grazed him he didn't almost decapitate anyone f.o.h
Unkle Joe
Unkle Joe 11 місяців тому
Fukk the MEDIA ,all they do is keep up b.s.
Windy City Fan
Windy City Fan Рік тому
Now they on the same team
Muhammad Baig
Muhammad Baig Рік тому
Lol now we got people protection brown. He ain’t respect his own mama y’all talking about he showing his teammate love look I don’t even wanna comment on UKvid cuz I actually have a life but for this minute I’ll just comment. JUJU was his teammate how did that go? The dude who cracked him and almost killed this man he respects?! Lol!!! Y’all man are some fucking losers lol
Mark Freeman
Mark Freeman Рік тому
Yo how come Brown didn't "STAY WOKE" when he was coming at Ju-Ju, he is a straight up two face SNAKE for real!!!!
J-Rok 978
J-Rok 978 Рік тому
Not a game no mo hahaaaaaaaaaaaaa Will is too funny and the look on Steven A.s fuckin face said it all i would be so embarrassed to be colored especially at times like that but Damien Woody knows it thats why he laughed hes not racist he just goes with the flo hes awesome then you gut Mista pro Negro Steven A. taking it to heart hahaaaaaaaaaaaa YES
Raider Zacc
Raider Zacc Рік тому
Watching this 3 weeks later, after hearing all this stuff about AB being a "bad human being" it's funny. He's a bad teammate. But he's welcomed Vontez to the Raiders who knocked him out. Raider Hate is at an all time high. And if the Raiders meet the Pittsburgh in the playoffs, JuJu better watch it.
Michael Baugh
Michael Baugh Рік тому
They should add a link that skips Max, love watching Stephen A. And everyone else but damn. Just please move him to a different show.
Davis .Clan
Davis .Clan Рік тому
max's opinions are mostly fiction
Jewel Clark
Jewel Clark Рік тому
Maybe he doesn’t have a beef with Burfict.Nobody can read AB’S heart
Deborah Nadolski
Deborah Nadolski Рік тому
AB is getting his karma now. He dissed Big Ben, Tomlin, Buffalo, and slept with Jordan Poyer’s fiance. What do you get? Burfict! Have fun practicing against him.
I M Рік тому
Typical Steven A response and all because Antonio Brown is a Raider. If he was on any other team, he'd be praising him for being the bigger man and letting bygones be bygones. In fact, except for Will Cain, they're all haters!!!
Sabs 88
Sabs 88 Рік тому
Funny thing is media makes money of shit like this! For them it would be a good thing if they fight and fuck up the raiders locker so they can have more to talk about and make more money ! They get paid to be bitches and heat things up !
Terrance Reese
Terrance Reese Рік тому
It's not hard to understand what he saying black man..let me get this straight yall upset that he let some football beef go?! There teammate now! Guess yall wanted him to be all negative & say some BS that was going to keep up BS in the locker room..smh..ever since AB got what he wanted yall been at his neck.AB doing the rite thing by staying positive an not giving them gas.. An Steven A & the fat black guy sould me ashamed of themselves for trying to start Shit between two black teammates.its enough of that shit going on everyday..
DA CHIEF Рік тому
If he woulda said something bad dey woulda been saying Antonio Brown's a Trouble maker and Blah blah blah there Always on that Guys 🍆 Sack
Todd Tollfree
Todd Tollfree Рік тому
SAS...voice is. Bipolar
TiredOfApathy Рік тому
HAHAHAHAHA AB Got Knocked the Fuck Out!!!!
Jess831W Рік тому
Stephen A your weak bro DC would knock your ass out there teammates now beef has to get squashed
new hire
new hire Рік тому
Only a Raider can be so hated..there scared
Philphilly 5.0
Philphilly 5.0 Рік тому
Raiders won’t win 8 games
Freddy Hernandez
Freddy Hernandez Рік тому
Stupid a. Smith always the instigator yet he never followed up with carrs challenge on a mma fight, talk about weak you too max a hole.
proverbs 23:23
proverbs 23:23 Рік тому
It's just business and now their on the same team and have aligned business interests. Get out of with this mess @ S.A.S should be changed to ASS lol
Manuel Ray
Manuel Ray Рік тому
Stephen A is on a come down
Manuel Ray
Manuel Ray Рік тому
They seem nervous cause they know exactly that's what they want # stay woke
The Nati
The Nati Рік тому
Chevron Shawtyy
Chevron Shawtyy Рік тому
Man everytime damien and stephen a do dat shit i be dead 😂 U BETTA WATCH IT MAN
Caleb Johnson
Caleb Johnson Рік тому
Except one problem with that whole arguement. The end of the day they want to win? Both of then have demonstrated at the end of the day, they care about putting on a show instead of winning. Oakland gonna be fun to watch but are they going to win..? We'll see.
Steve Lopez
Steve Lopez Рік тому
Stephen Smith is that dude that's never been to war but wants to talk shit about soldiers that have.
Larry McMillan Jr.
Larry McMillan Jr. Рік тому
D Woody look n like bruce bruce
Jason Arnett
Jason Arnett Рік тому
At least y'all talking about the Raiders 1 or 2 pick will have a significant impact with Mayock it's over ☑ RN4L!!!
RAMB0 GLIZZY Official Рік тому
Man that's some real shit
Mr. Mata
Mr. Mata Рік тому
ESPN trying hard to force a conflict for a story.
These tv sports networks people that work for them are becoming a Marc ,punk ass bustas, haterz in no disguise , mad cuz they not getting the loot that these athletes are getting today and it’s always the sour ones that talk mad shit .
NCYungin Рік тому
S.A corny asf for saying this
Bernard Horstman
Bernard Horstman Рік тому
Yo momma was weak last night Steven.🍴💤
Patrick Fouhy
Patrick Fouhy Рік тому
These are four of the worst human beings on the planet.
Jerry Anderson
Jerry Anderson Рік тому
This was stupid
fireball1 Рік тому
Where is Stephen A.'s anger over Hines Ward breaking Hall's jaw?...🤔
222 Sol6r
222 Sol6r Рік тому
How you call a man weak for being mature? Damn Stephen A. You must have got beat up a lot as a kid
LReigh84 Рік тому
AB is a bitch
javarie ledbetter
javarie ledbetter Рік тому
Smh this is y i hate this nigga...if AB would had said man fuck him.... Stephan A..: Ab should let it go smh pussy ass nigga man
Two dogs Garrett
Two dogs Garrett Рік тому
Because Burfict shouldn’t be playing.
Milthebarber Рік тому
Can’t respect what Stephen A says anymore after he said Haskins was more of a Mobile QB after “watching the tape”
Beast Mode
Beast Mode Рік тому
Everyone hating on the Raiders trying to stir shit up in the locker room KEEP HATING BITCHES!! RN4L!!!
esteban rodriguez
esteban rodriguez Рік тому
Why they so loud cant give these foos any money act like clowns
Hush Рік тому
What’s happening with this show? Smh
Terry McBride
Terry McBride Рік тому
Vonteze knocked that Bitch Out Cold!
EAGLES BI**H Рік тому
Teams that beef dont win chips why would he beef with one of his own football is football dust it off an go make his whole team pay now they're teammates so lets fuck up the league together. SIMPLE💪💯
Mondo Covington
Mondo Covington Рік тому
AB and the squealers cried to the NFL said Burfict should be banned and had no place in the NFL... It just reinforces my thought that him and the squealers always wanted him as a teammate cause they support it when they hunting but against it when they become the hunted. F.O.H. "Karma" U bitch u
Juiiicceee Рік тому
“I look better than you with that shirt on” 😂😂
Paaxi SoReal
Paaxi SoReal Рік тому
Stephen A is out for Oakland and Derek Carr
Richard Holguin
Richard Holguin Рік тому
Of course more hate towards the Raiders by these 2.
Jacque Hardison
Jacque Hardison Рік тому
ESPN hates the Raiders. Good, keep hating!
Shay Perry
Shay Perry Рік тому
Haters gana hate RNFL!!!!
Z L Рік тому
Ab is one to talk about supporting your team lol
Jonas Tonas
Jonas Tonas Рік тому
Either way Stephen A. Smith would be talking about AB. If he does squash his beef, calls him weak. If he doesn't, will most likely call AB a locker room problem like he has in the past. Can't win with Stephen A. sometimes
Rob Franklin
Rob Franklin Рік тому
Enrique Villarreal
Enrique Villarreal Рік тому
Stephen A mad Antonio brown didn’t sign with the cowgirls!
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson Рік тому
Get it over it fuckers
t sanders
t sanders Рік тому
Yall just want something to talk about, lets face it, sports is dying, sports media is all about drama and not the product on the field.
Devin M.
Devin M. Рік тому
Will Cain reading the hashtags was the best part of this segment. I'm only a minute and 30 seconds into the video.
roderick franks
roderick franks Рік тому
Max said :Antonio brown is on one 🤣🤣
Soldier for Christ
Soldier for Christ Рік тому
5:28 Damien Woody just admitted the NFL is scripted with story lines. #Rigged
Soldier for Christ
Soldier for Christ Рік тому
@ABRAXAS I've got a person who believes pro sports is legit competition. Calling me an idiot. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 the irony is real. Wow
ABRAXAS Рік тому
You're an idiot. Professional sports is all about story lines, doesn't mean it's rigged.
TROUBLE Fallen Angel
TROUBLE Fallen Angel Рік тому
Listen i used too watched ESPN faithfully but since it turn into soap boppers and now they trying too make the NFL like a soap i stop watching, because i love the NFL and i go get my news elsewhere because the Nfl is real life stories where grown man and young Adults become together as a team and go to war against 31 other teams and the worse team becomes the best or the Browns are the Browns but let's keep it 100 the NFL been successful because is unique and represent your City win lose or tie Raider till i die but this trying too make drama and like Stephen A did he ever played any professional sport? Or the dude talking about this is what AB should of said no stupid he is a grown man the said what he said because he felt the way is not a book or a movie play, but they could actually be talking about every move every team is making how the jets still suck the Raiders going win it all 😉😉😉 how we going Tuck the Patriots back i mean talk about the sport not what you want hear hello we here for football not what you want AB to say I'm out
Evan Anthony
Evan Anthony Рік тому
The poor camera guy for Will. He had to work so much harder lol
jed Рік тому
the media is the enemy
TROUBLE Fallen Angel
TROUBLE Fallen Angel Рік тому
This dudes need tampons they worse then females on they period so Stephen A is mad the AB isn't hiding behind a locker with a bat waiting for Burfict because the is what it sound to me yes we all seen the play in 2017 yes we seen the JuJu hit 1000 times we heard the karma video but the was a Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati rivalry they are supposed to hate eachother,but now AB is a Raider and Burfict is a Raider so the rivalry is no longer is like big Bubba said when i was playing for the Patriots and Rodney Harrison was considered a dirty player but he came to play for us we realized he was the nicest guy duhhhh is football you are supposed to hit your opponent you are supposed too fight alongside your teammates wtf are they really the dumb and Naive is like they think the NFL needs them to make billions no y'all actually making fans walk away by trying to make the NFL like WWE liste love WWE i love the NFL because they are different.
Sergio juarez
Sergio juarez Рік тому
He ain’t weak he’s being the bigger man!!!
Jonosen Jaestar
Jonosen Jaestar Рік тому
Will Cain >>> Molly
Larry Lattimore
Larry Lattimore Рік тому
Stephen A. Mad because his Steelers don't have Bell or Brown ahhhhh u mad
robert Jones
robert Jones Рік тому
All 4of them don't like black men he said we fighting a harder fight like racist people then each other them dudes is all sucker's
Charles Haley
Charles Haley Рік тому
Many enemies become great friends This is know
Carl Davis Jr
Carl Davis Jr Рік тому
That shirt is weak tho 😂😂
T J Рік тому
But how about the roast session before the topic lol
NatarisX Рік тому
Hearing stupid ass people talk about #StayWoke is fkn ridiculous.
Whoplah Рік тому
terrible take. they’re on the same fucking team, he dropped the beef like a man.
CedRock Starr
CedRock Starr Рік тому
SAS that shirt and jacket ain’t it 😅
justin billops
justin billops Рік тому
whatever thats a good teammate keep goin' AB 4real ....
FIT NESS Рік тому
These mofos stay in their feelings lmaooooo
Truck's Fits
Truck's Fits Рік тому
“ I look pretty smooth” 😂
When you forgot what you were JUST doing
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Vontaze Burfict perfect for Oakland Raiders