Apple iPhone 11 Review: the best iPhone for most people

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Thanks to some under-the-hood improvements, a new camera and its $699 starting price, you're getting more of what matters for slightly less. In absolute terms the 11 might not be the "best" iPhone, but it's still the better choice for almost everyone.
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18 вер 2019





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Lily kingston
Lily kingston 4 години тому
It looks like us 6/6s/6plus people are finally ready to upgrade ! lol it wasn’t just me😂
JakieVids 10 годин тому
the fact that he doesn’t have a case on the phone gives me so much anxiety and makes me not want to watch the video
Noble Price
Noble Price День тому
I'd love to send you some of our new iPhone 11 cases to try. Let me know which are your favourites and where I can send them!
Mars TV cartoons
Mars TV cartoons 2 дні тому
Dude... You've missed 37 phone calls! I think maybe you're missing the whole purpose of this product! 🤔
Anaan 2 дні тому
I am currently using an iphone 7 with 13.1.3 IOS. I dont use iCloud for backup. I get my iPhone 11 in about 10 days now. Anyone give me any ideas on how to transfer all my data? Thanks!
yodarulez 2 дні тому
Thanks for a great review 👍
Haresh Patel
Haresh Patel 4 дні тому
wallpaper please
Alex Silva
Alex Silva 4 дні тому
Watching this on my 11😂🤫
Ksenus Blessed
Ksenus Blessed 3 дні тому
Alex Silva me too😊
nino mendoza
nino mendoza 4 дні тому
I love my 11 and I have the same Color ur reviewing :)
Some Random Human
Some Random Human 4 дні тому
lmao, I thought he said "A small package that poor people can get" But he's right cuz I picked up the 11 on Sunday and it's perfect.
MD. MONIRUL ISLAM 4 дні тому
Apple sucks !!!!!!!
Filip Cetkovic
Filip Cetkovic 5 днів тому
In my country it is $1299 base model
Filip Cetkovic
Filip Cetkovic 5 днів тому
iPhone 7 to 11
vivek gopinathan
vivek gopinathan 5 днів тому
I am using one plus 5t, everything is fine with the phone. Is iphone 11 an upgrade from it?
Arjhun achu
Arjhun achu 3 дні тому
@vivek gopinathan yeah
vivek gopinathan
vivek gopinathan 3 дні тому
@Arjhun achu yeah & tbh 5t is an amazing phone.
Arjhun achu
Arjhun achu 3 дні тому
wait for a year or two cuz iPhones gonna manufactured in India so that prices will reduce☺️
Blake Rothman
Blake Rothman 7 днів тому
Just got it in red :)
highroadtohell 8 днів тому
I love the green colour and actually prefer the aluminium frame! Nicer look/touch. Stainless steel isn't necessary and is heavy..
Uniquorn 8 днів тому
I. love. this. colour.
Twice Pink
Twice Pink 8 днів тому
i thought iphone 6 were the most sold phone by apple??
Jaleen Ace
Jaleen Ace 9 днів тому
Someone make an alien case hurry😂
Ac Works
Ac Works 10 днів тому
The thing is 1050$ in Canada:(
Vicente Pena
Vicente Pena 10 днів тому
Yea I got the red 11 and I don’t use a case you don’t need it just use a tempered glass screen protector and your good
Dani Malik
Dani Malik 10 днів тому
The display on the iPhone 11 (and the Xr) is absolutely fine. You have to see it in person to know it.
Azraa Sirajudeen
Azraa Sirajudeen 10 днів тому
I changed from iphone 6s to 11 ! Hahaha thats a huge leap now ! Iphones are the best and my 6s still works the best even after 4 years
KiMoX 10 днів тому
how about my iphone 5S! >.
F Nouasse
F Nouasse 11 днів тому
I’m gonna upgrade from the 6 to the 11 c: I wanted the xr at first, but then this one came out
Büsra Dedeoglu
Büsra Dedeoglu 12 днів тому
I am going from the I phone 5 to I Phone 11 but I do not know witch color.I am between Green,White
Ridha 12 днів тому
Background music please... i need the link.. btw i upgrade from X to 11...
Gillian 12 днів тому
2:19 why would you say that. I just got this phone yesterday and now ill never see it any other way. you ruined everything
Hayden Foutz
Hayden Foutz 13 днів тому
Tomorrow I'm going in for the iphone 11. Upgrading from a 7 plus. I have no idea if I'll notice the performance difference.
Zach 13 днів тому
Friend Kane cello got it first day
TheMohammadislam 13 днів тому
Plz give me your iphone 😭😭😭
Ronald Pilares
Ronald Pilares 14 днів тому
Is he the guy i saw on ellen?
shea Hill
shea Hill 14 днів тому
Excellent video, except for the camera comparison to a phone that isn't out yet. Pixel 4
Sofie 15 днів тому
I don’t know if I should wait for a year or not, I have a iPhone 6s, I’ve had it for years now. It still works but it’s falling apart and the battery dies so fast. I don’t know if I should upgrade to the 11 I mean the price is great! And I feel like the iPhone 12 is going to be more expensive.
Jason Solomon
Jason Solomon 15 днів тому
I have an iPhone 8 Plus, should I upgrade to the 11? Lol ordered but it’s gonna take up to 2-3weeks because of backorder.
It's Nobody
It's Nobody 15 днів тому
Me after seeing iphone 11: 4:43 My pocket after buying iphone 11: 4:45
Navroop Brar
Navroop Brar 17 днів тому
Who else is upgrading from iphone X to iphone 11
Smokey Eyes Gamer
Smokey Eyes Gamer 4 дні тому
That's a downgrade
Puppy Toes
Puppy Toes 17 днів тому
I ordered my 11 in mint green and I am picking it up at Best Buy on sunday. Trading up from a 7 Plus, 128 go and I went for 256 gb.
Ancient iOS
Ancient iOS 17 днів тому
I’ve never had a phone. And my iphone 11 Minty/blue color is coming in 2 days wish me luck.
Holly Marie
Holly Marie 17 днів тому
Just got the Red IPhone 11 yesterday I’ve never had an iPhone so I came from a Galaxy 9 to the iPhone, but I really like it so far
Ahmad Kanzul Fikri
Ahmad Kanzul Fikri 17 днів тому
Its an awesome review, but what do you think, should i upgrade my ip 8+ to xs max or 11 (not pro) ? Thankyou
Paula Wunderwelt
Paula Wunderwelt 17 днів тому
I have an Brocken iPhone 5 😂
Chisom Agbara
Chisom Agbara 18 днів тому
I literally traded my XS for this green iPhone 11 and I’m really loving it. The battery and camera are what really sold me. Don’t mind the lcd over oled. But that camera is just 🤯🤯
Mike Yt
Mike Yt 18 днів тому
I'm upgrading from a Huawei p20 lite to an Iphone 11 and I feel so excited about it.
Gaming With Gibs
Gaming With Gibs 18 днів тому
I have an iPhone 5 that is broken. All around are people with an iPhone 6, 7, or at most 8. I feel so vintage.
Mikayla O'Neill
Mikayla O'Neill 2 дні тому
I have a 4 thats mic doesnt work
Büsra Dedeoglu
Büsra Dedeoglu 12 днів тому
Gaming With Gibs Same 😔
Indranil Choudhury
Indranil Choudhury 18 днів тому
I will be buying my first iPhone that is iPhone 11 only ...😍 And I am super excited about it
Kamirah Riley
Kamirah Riley 19 днів тому
Simply Justine
Simply Justine 19 днів тому
Iphone 11 is not cheap its just lower price to make sure people can afford it
TheTinyTimmyTimTim 20 днів тому
I have a macbook pro and a 4k TV. Literally no use scenario where i'd ever need an OLED Panel on my phone lol. Easy choice, grabbing an 11 and upgrading from my 8 plus.
Marina Cleaning
Marina Cleaning 20 днів тому
Still here with my SE 🤣
Andrew McGuinness
Andrew McGuinness 20 днів тому
I’ve just upgraded from iPhone 6 to iPhone 11. Such a great move - loving this phone!
Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor 20 днів тому
Okay but can you log help me out please? Green or Purple? :)
3Bisgaards 19 днів тому
Seth Skywalker
Seth Skywalker 20 днів тому
Just got an iPhone 8 on my birthday and was told I can’t get a new phone for 2 years😂
Seth Skywalker
Seth Skywalker 20 днів тому
Shoutout to my first like whoever you are😂
T Johnson
T Johnson 21 день тому
screen still sucks.
Adimas Eka Putra
Adimas Eka Putra 21 день тому
I am not iphone user. But I already have Note 9. Is the Ip11 worth to buy as my 2nd? because there are features that android do not have
Jasper Kanoao4
Jasper Kanoao4 21 день тому
I have an iPhone 8 should I get a 11 now or wait
Kishor Kurle
Kishor Kurle 22 дні тому
what about heating issue in iphone 11 ?
Kishor Kurle
Kishor Kurle 22 дні тому
Any one notice?
SimpleSencilla 23 дні тому
Nevermind, I wanted to upgrade from the iPhone XR, but that dreaded line at the bottom put me off big time (I really was hoping they had a workaround or something). That is the worst thing in Apple design, period. It's extremely annoying to keep closing apps accidentally or messing up my games when I'm freaking fighting a boss precisely (I was really angry when I somehow touched the line as I was trying to kill the Twins in Terraria) it was very irritating. It is even more irritating when my granddaughter was grabbing make-up for her Barbie doll (you have to drag the makeup up from the bottom of the screen!) and she closed the app a good twenty times before I lost my patience and moved her to my iPad Air. Thank God for that HOME BUTTON!!
Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 5s to iPhone 11 or wait till iPhone 12?
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