Apple iPhone XR walkthrough

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Apple's iPhone XR takes the style of the iPhone XS but brings it to a more accessible price point
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12 вер 2018

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when he tried to force touch on the brightness bar but failed lol
Bryce Brown
Bryce Brown 12 годин тому
That blue color on the Xr is everything.
Drongorius 17 годин тому
 could trick you and say that this is a 1080 p display ,nobody would understand. Amazing display even at 840p.
Justin Winford
Justin Winford 19 годин тому
Ohh this thing is about to send Apple to trillion status! I'm an Android user but I'm seriously considering this puppy as my FIRST ever Iphone
Sky-view День тому
That was almost a good video. I He wasted a lot of time reviewing software that everyone has on their phone now. What a retard, people are more interested in the varied colours and the finish of the new hardware that will assist them to preorder without having to get to the Apple shop in person to choose one. Human beings nowadays are becoming useless everyday and irrelevant in the world.
A Nonymous
A Nonymous День тому
uh... uh... uh.... uh.... uh.... uh.... uh...
eamonob84 День тому
Those side bezzels are bigger than the ones on my 6s Plus.
jaysonrobles25 День тому
The iPhone XR has a single lens that is the same Wide angle lens of the iPhone XS and XS Max without the telephoto lens, it also has the same FACE ID camera as the XS and XS Max, it has the same A12 Chip with a 3gb of RAM, it has the same features of the iPhone XS and XS Max except the said feature on the camera the telephoto lens, and doesn’t have 3D Touch, and that’s it, most of the features of the XS and XS Max will be available on the XR Specially the live preview of the Bokeh effect on iOS 12.1 that will be also be available on the XR
Ronald Cheng
Ronald Cheng 2 дні тому
There is nothing special about XR. You can already find these features on Android phones. Every release, people will say fantastic this fantastic that. What people need is usefulness and innovations. Apple took away headphone jack, no USB-C and Apple is still stuck in 2015 Boring -_-
Sasha Meow
Sasha Meow 2 дні тому
If i can stand looking at the pixel 2 xl screen and first gen ipad pro with lcd screen this should be no problem edit: I like the product red the best
Edward Lewis Jr
Edward Lewis Jr 2 дні тому
Fit to get a Android tablet so I can still download movies n such....hate to say I'm gonna get an iPhone again🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Alyssa mikes
Alyssa mikes 2 дні тому
this video is so helpful​ all the other videos just show them showing the phone
FatBananakid 76
FatBananakid 76 2 дні тому
Uhh uhh uhh
István Mező
István Mező 2 дні тому
shame on u apple
Sir. Fender
Sir. Fender 2 дні тому
The lighting effects in The Elders Scrolls really makes me want this phone even more!!!!!
smart one
smart one 3 дні тому
People focus too much on 1080p or 720p, none of that matters in a smartphone, it’s all about ppi, anything over 350ppi is a waste of system resources and will decrease battery life. Apple never should have released 1080p in the 6s plus, it added nothing to the viewing experience and only degraded battery life which is why the OLED Xs Max gets worse battery life than the LCD Xr even though the Xs has a bigger battery.
Sublime 3 дні тому
Insightful video, but all the uh's really take from the content.
Aries Targett
Aries Targett 4 дні тому
People keep whining about the display, but I think it looks nice, better than the one I have rn
Kamil Kwak
Kamil Kwak 4 дні тому
Hey guys I have the SE and want to upgrade. I want the best bang for my buck. I’m thinking either the 8, X, or XR. What are your thoughts ? Cheers
yonatan hajibai
yonatan hajibai 3 дні тому
If you get the 8 your a fucking idiot get the Xr it’s a much better upgrade
Yohan Ds
Yohan Ds 4 дні тому
This panel honestly looks very good
PAC MAN 4 дні тому
*Probably the most informative iphone XR review out of all of youtube. THANKS
Hiram Rivera
Hiram Rivera 4 дні тому
Is anyone actually going to buy this phone?
Garrett Parr
Garrett Parr 4 дні тому
Lets uh... talk uh... next uh... about the um... a uh... 12 bionic uh... chip But still the best hands on
posceve 4 дні тому
What’s about to watch 1080p content on 720p screen??? Can u notice the pixels?
Nana Wongsili
Nana Wongsili 5 днів тому
Ice 2
Ice 2 5 днів тому
3D Touch is great for editing text on your phone. The fact that a $750 2018 phone lacks it and the iPhone 7 which they are still selling has it, shows how greedy Apple and Tim Cook are.
Justin Mariki
Justin Mariki 5 днів тому
Looks like a Chinese fake iPhone x, damn those bezzels
Jose Gomero-Rodriguez
Jose Gomero-Rodriguez 5 днів тому
Quick question when you play music or any kind of audio from the phone, does the phone play the audio out of the ear piece like it does on the x, 8 plus, and the 8?
Anthony Raygoza
Anthony Raygoza 6 днів тому
Did anyone count how many times he said "uh"
Woochan Nou
Woochan Nou 6 днів тому
do those bezels feel really thick compared to the XS?
Ghost 6 днів тому
I'm coming from a SE so yea, absolutely zero complaints from me.
If that is 720p sign me up!
Kim Kim
Kim Kim 7 днів тому
Will Bowling
Will Bowling 7 днів тому
I feel like this phone is going to break selling records for Apple or at least be the most seller iPhone of 2018. This phone has so many of the same features of the others and it lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes longer than the iPhone 8 Plus. Also I’m going to buy this phone when it comes out. Should I get (Product) Red, White, coral, or black. I can’t stand the blue or yellow colors 😬 Yellow should have been a gold and blue should have been magenta or something like that
Jordan Lopez
Jordan Lopez 7 днів тому
great review but you used "uh" too much😂
Jiangnan Xia
Jiangnan Xia 7 днів тому
Doesn't he know he shouldn't move his finger when he wants to enlarge the brightness bar? Poor demonstration on the haptic touch.
jerry vincent
jerry vincent 8 днів тому
Looks like my type of phone.
jerry vincent
jerry vincent 8 днів тому
Looks my type of a phone.
Bnailszzz yu
Bnailszzz yu 8 днів тому
Ragnvald David
Ragnvald David 8 днів тому
Those colors. Reminds me of the iPhone 5C
This iPhone was my favorite of the presentation
Dumbass Potato
Dumbass Potato 8 днів тому
Noah Hikerdude
Noah Hikerdude 8 днів тому
Display looks great to me, so, don’t listen when people say it will look bad
Lucas Varotto
Lucas Varotto 8 днів тому
the xr is so cool
iTheaX 9 днів тому
U keep saying UH and it’s really really annoying 😒
Stephen Rodgers
Stephen Rodgers 9 днів тому
Please stop saying uhh but good video
AkerrzYaBoi xD
AkerrzYaBoi xD 9 днів тому
Bro Imma Buy This Flipping phone man It's Technically The Same thing as the iPhone x but 3 inch bigger Imma definitely gonna buy this phone I'm watching this on a 2nd Generation IPad Rn
Synquis Harris
Synquis Harris 9 днів тому
This phone reminds me of the iPhone 5C but more advanced they’re selling almost all the same colors the 5C had when it was launched
Lynette Richardson
Lynette Richardson 10 днів тому
Someone count how many uuh ‘s
TommyMcJ -
TommyMcJ - 10 днів тому
Hussein Joudee
Hussein Joudee 10 днів тому
I might wait to get this .
Hussein Joudee
Hussein Joudee 10 днів тому
The cool colours are like fiat and Ferrari
1k week
1k week 11 днів тому
Hey, @SlashGear, what camera or device you use to record this video and record the iphone xr?
Chrono Drake
Chrono Drake 11 днів тому
Good video bro
Nahid Parvaj
Nahid Parvaj 11 днів тому
Nahid Parvaj
Nahid Parvaj 11 днів тому
Deung Woo
Deung Woo 11 днів тому
why not 5 colums yet? How difficult ???
Erdin Hoxha
Erdin Hoxha 12 днів тому
1080p and 3D Touch, then I would've buy it without any second thought...
Adam Rebel
Adam Rebel 12 днів тому
I can’t...uhhh even finish this uhhh video uuhhh. Fuck uhhh.
Nico NRG
Nico NRG 12 днів тому
Are the videos and photos captured in Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia & Belitung, Indonesia?
Adam Rebel
Adam Rebel 12 днів тому
So ...uh.... i am.. uh... going to... uh... load.... uh... this game... uhh and.. uhhh... as i... uhhh... move... uhh forward ... Uhhhh fuck this guy.
Kai Carpenter
Kai Carpenter 12 днів тому
Y r people bashing the display to me and literally everyone who’s gettting this it looks just as good as an oled display
Austin Makofka
Austin Makofka 13 днів тому
Uh uh uh uhhh uh uh uhh uh uh uh uh uh uh uhhhhhh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh
The ReFormaters
The ReFormaters 14 днів тому
People always complain about the resolution. Didn't you realize that it almost has the exact same specs for less the price. But to be honest if this phone is smaller, I would probably get it.
Waris Shah Baba
Waris Shah Baba 14 днів тому
Man that screen looks really good!
Ianism 14 днів тому
If I got a dollar everytime he said 'uh' in this video I would actually be able to buy the iPhone XR xD.
Master S
Master S 14 днів тому
How many time did you had to touch the screen to get it to respond... LOL Overpriced low tech that Apple loves to make.
NTH THN 14 днів тому
Ehhh it isn't so bad. It's just really expensive :/
Unknown Banana
Unknown Banana 14 днів тому
"UH" intensifies
swayelicious ._.
swayelicious ._. 14 днів тому
anyone else count the million times the guy said "uhhh"
Eve Fanton
Eve Fanton 14 днів тому
I love how he just starts playing the game.
BrandyKoopa 15 днів тому
i have the Iphone SE you think its worth upgrading to the XR ?
Ryan Sanghavi
Ryan Sanghavi 11 днів тому
No you should keep the SE, it’s still an advanced and new phone.
Boys for boys
Boys for boys 11 днів тому
BrandyKoopa hell year look at it in my opinion it’s way more beautiful the the Xs phones , and i have the 8 plus but definitely I’m upgrading to the XR red 📲❤️
Jay Thomas
Jay Thomas 15 днів тому
This is Japan Display's Full Active LCD. with Thin bezels. New Structure. Excellent Color and Black levels. This is the one to get. Resolution is one downer.
Sam Adams
Sam Adams 15 днів тому
Is this a different kind of LCD than on the iPhone 8 or iPads? The black looks deeper somehow...
Owen S.
Owen S. 15 днів тому
Bit too expensive.
Owen S.
Owen S. 15 днів тому
I hate the way almost everything is locked on iPhone and not customisable.
Hard Top
Hard Top 15 днів тому
that bezel tho..
Chris Colvin
Chris Colvin 16 днів тому
XR does not have smart HDR? Correct me if I'm wrong...
jaysonrobles25 День тому
Chris Colvin XR have the SMART HDR
Chris Colvin
Chris Colvin 16 днів тому
I'm sorry, but no one is watching films in 720p
Larry Rubin
Larry Rubin 16 днів тому
Should of been called iPhone 9
Cliff Hopkins
Cliff Hopkins 16 днів тому
this guy was really struggling
X O 16 днів тому
This guy just says “uhh” the whole time makes me wanna hit him
VolumeLowHigh 16 днів тому
is it just me or are the bezels bigger?
KoolBeanz 16 днів тому
This nigga handles phones like my grandma lmao
King Genji
King Genji 16 днів тому
720p looks amazing to me. But liquid retina is just Apple trying to make things fancy and attract customers. LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
Bogdan Coman
Bogdan Coman 7 днів тому
King Genji the term Liquid Retina is not referring to the LCD panel itself. Liquid Retina is the name of the technology that allowed the LCD to have smaller bezels.
jayden medina
jayden medina 16 днів тому
‘’Ugh’’ ‘’Um’ over 100 times I sware 😃
Miheer Poradiya
Miheer Poradiya 16 днів тому
Aluminium feels more premium than stainless steel..
MrDienie 17 днів тому
Amoled screens use ‘pulse with modulation’ which uses screen flickering to dim the screen. This causes eye strain and sometimes headaches that lcd don’t. Thats why I avoid amoled screens. Causes me severe eye strain.
czyzy1 17 днів тому
I would buy if he had 3dtouch
Kit Rocks
Kit Rocks 17 днів тому
This guy sounds like a fucking middle schooler giving a report in front of the class like seriously I remember this is how I sounded when I would get book reports as a kid stop fucking say uh every five seconds
อิสระพงษ์ วงษพราหมณ์
Go Go Power ranger
Mun Chee Hong
Mun Chee Hong 17 днів тому
What so liquid about the display???
Cody L
Cody L 17 днів тому
Such a gay ass feminine dude Jesus Christ dude you kill the review
Victoria Larsen or VictoriaSkatez18
The 5.8 xs will sell the least because it’s just the same as last year
brainwallet balance
brainwallet balance 17 днів тому
Uh... Uh... Uhhhhh. Uh... Uhhhhh. Uh... Uhh.
ishulove001 17 днів тому
if i am not wrong Xr doesn't have HDR....
Abhishek Pawar
Abhishek Pawar 17 днів тому
Omg ! How does the screen look so good ?! 😍 Love this phone
SuPahPetaa 17 днів тому
People complaining it's the same PPI as iPhone 4.. you realize that it's the same all the way up to iPhone 8 right? (not including plus models).
Peerote Muiee
Peerote Muiee 18 днів тому
ConnorsLife12 18 днів тому
Em lol 😂 he said em a lot
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