Apple Watch Series 4 review: it lives up to the hype

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The Apple Watch Series 4 has been fully redesigned with new screens, new sizes, new speakers, and of course new stuff inside. There's a faster processor, Bluetooth 5, and a more accurate set of sensors. Dieter Bohn spent the past week testing the Watch Series 4 and, yes it is expensive, but everything is just better. Better screen, better health features, and better speed.
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19 вер 2018

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The Verge
The Verge Місяць тому
Will you upgrade?
Jon Baca
Jon Baca 10 днів тому
The Verge just did!
gsh0ck3d 17 днів тому
The Verge would love to! Steel or aluminium? What do people think?
zadelheer 19 днів тому
The Verge No , AW3 is good, waiting for AW5
Erika Medina
Erika Medina 24 дні тому
Hellll ya
Serena the Patriot
Serena the Patriot 14 годин тому
People say bad things about these watches because of security and the ability to listen in but I'd still have one. I love a good bit of geek.
Mark B
Mark B День тому
I love how u really like your watch. I’m the same way. So excited with my new watch! Loved my old one as well!! Simply the best! Better than all the rest!
Blah Blah
Blah Blah День тому
Haha, before Apple watch we had one watch may be $300 and we used it for years. Now it's $400 or more for every 2-3 years. Yes, it does more things than a watch but seriously this is too much technology in everyone's life. There should be a tech detox soon else it will be curtains for human race.
E P День тому
Are you able to disable activity tracking while you drive?
Egil Mæland
Egil Mæland День тому
Douglas Stewart
Douglas Stewart День тому
I really have to wonder-seriously, how devices like this will affect our health long term. Having all that electronic emission right on your skin seems really sketchy to me. We've already seen that there are serious concerns about holding cell phones up to your ear, close to your head, or in carrying them close to the skin, in a bra, etc. Not sure at all about something monitoring my heart rate, etc. Just sayin'
D lopez
D lopez 2 дні тому
just finish watching this vid on the Samsung 46mm ...so whats new on apples S4..ps. Comenting on it too
Alan Reid
Alan Reid 2 дні тому
I’ve been using my nose for years on my Apple watches lol
LynMac76 3 дні тому
Bought my first Apple Watch (Series 4) a few weeks ago. This is the second one within that time period. The problem was the "fallen feature" kept coming on, when I was sitting, driving, walking. This replacement has been working for the last 18 hours. Hopefully, it will last.
HPRshredder 4 дні тому
Where did you get the leather bands in this video? I can’t find them. I want leather without stitching like that.
Gary Marsh
Gary Marsh 4 дні тому
M er
Ben Dunn
Ben Dunn 5 днів тому
If they had it on all the time the Burn in issues would come up... I am fine with it tbh
jeff86038 6 днів тому
Is the 40 mm less advance
Ivan Cindrić
Ivan Cindrić 6 днів тому
hm , , , , you should do a review in 2 years . . . trouble with "smart" watches is that they turn "stupid" very quickly . . .
Daniel Yong
Daniel Yong 6 днів тому
There’s an accessibility setting to change push to talk for walkie talkie to just tapping the button to start or stop.
Jerry Webster
Jerry Webster 7 днів тому
What kind of band is that? It looks nice.
celio bautista
celio bautista 7 днів тому
I need that leather band!!!
Yali Legorreta
Yali Legorreta 7 днів тому
That’s it? I wish it were more about the software than hardware, beautiful watches already exists...
roninathens 8 днів тому
Thanks for the great review Dieter! I’m thinking of getting the Aluminum Space Gray watch and am wondering what band you’re wearing with yours throughout most of your review, it looks like the Storm Gray Sport Loop to me. I’m also wondering if at times the other images of the Space Gray watch in your review were paired with the Midnight Blue Band and where I might be able to get that brown band. Thanks so much for your review!
Mariusz Wilk
Mariusz Wilk 8 днів тому
So you guys really don't mind having to charge this thing every night?
Coleblue1 10 днів тому
IN the last few frames there is a cool rustic leather band. Can you provide a link? or pitch the product? Ta mate
Leon Wei
Leon Wei 10 днів тому
Hello. How about fitness tracking?
Joe Mobley
Joe Mobley 11 днів тому
Dieter, love the video. I believe the fall detection requires you to 'fall' and lie there for a minute as if you were incapacitated. Hope that works for you. I don't have the series 4 just yet.
James R
James R 11 днів тому
I'd love this review so much more without the Weather Channel music.
Binh Vo
Binh Vo 12 днів тому
Where did you get that brown leather band???
Why Not
Why Not 12 днів тому
How far range will the Bluetooth on the new 4 reach ? I'm planning on getting the Cellular watch, but don't plan on getting the extra line for it right away.. So I'm wondering how far apart I'll be able to use the watch with my phone. I live on 1ac of land and would like to live my phone in the house while doing yard work.. - This will be my first apple watch, had an apple watch for over 8 years.
abolade omotolani
abolade omotolani 11 днів тому
Why Not Add this hacker on Instagram @hack_dave he's good and legit.
Triple Striker
Triple Striker 13 днів тому
I spent $800 on one I want to say I’m really happy with it but in the end I’m the only one happy my bank account is crying
Evangelist eric nartey
Evangelist eric nartey 13 днів тому
Please can any one get me one of the Apple Watch for free? 😁😁😁😁
Caleb Velasquez
Caleb Velasquez 13 днів тому
Watch app - General - Accessibility - Tap to talk. Problem solved.
Freddo Flintstono
Freddo Flintstono 13 днів тому
I would like a *data only* SIM option - I prefer to receive calls on my phone..
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor 13 днів тому
Made by LG
krishool 14 днів тому
Nose calling rocks!
abdel aziz ibrahim
abdel aziz ibrahim 14 днів тому
can u connect it to wifi and use the messenger?
Victor Wong
Victor Wong 14 днів тому
Great repair! Just happened to my watch..I think after 3 years, the adhesive kind of melts...and I live in FL where it's hot most of the time. Thanks again!
Fahad S
Fahad S 15 днів тому
I wish they introduced a vegan friendly leather band!
Fabien 15 днів тому
Guys, where can I order that leather band at 0:50?
Leslie Mihalik
Leslie Mihalik 16 днів тому
I have the very first one out and I finally ordered the series 4 IM EXCITED to get it !!!
abolade omotolani
abolade omotolani 11 днів тому
Leslie Mihalik Add this hacker on Instagram @hack_dave he's good and legit.
Will Bray
Will Bray 16 днів тому
I had series 2. Just upgraded to series 4 Nike plus in silver. 44mm. I love it. I didn’t realise how slow and sluggish my series 2 had gotten till I started using this!
Nicholas Lusk
Nicholas Lusk 16 днів тому
Whats on the posted notes on the wall? Give us the break down
Tahreem Sajjad
Tahreem Sajjad 16 днів тому
Should I upgrade my iPhone 6s to iPhone 8 or my Apple Watch 1st generation sport to series 4 watch??
Miguel Guzmán
Miguel Guzmán 16 днів тому
With the new infograph watch faces, there’s no complication for text messages 👎🏼
Jack Petfield
Jack Petfield 17 днів тому
Good video
lola1491 17 днів тому
can u still call on the GPS (not cellular) version of the watch?
aby0ni 18 днів тому
Remoooooove the battery and put it into the strap, otherwise many won’t even bother.
Matthew Andrew
Matthew Andrew 18 днів тому
People have asked if you can use money from an HSA account to buy one. There is confusion on this point. The answer is yes, you can, with a caveat. The watch is not considered a valid qualifying medical device (so far), but an HSA is a savings account, and it is your money! The catch is that if you use the money to buy the watch, and since the watch is not qualified, the money you spend is considered taxable income when you with draw it for the purchase. You have to declare that money as taxable income on your taxes, and pay the tax on it. If you do not, you are subject to penalties.
Jei LaDarius Norris
Jei LaDarius Norris 18 днів тому
The music that starts a 7:36....I NEED IT.
Itz Ahnafy
Itz Ahnafy 19 днів тому
lives up to hype does not live for even 24 hours
Shanboss 17 днів тому
he said the whole weekend 3:18
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller 19 днів тому
Does anyone know what leather bands are used on the watch in this video??
Phily Delphia
Phily Delphia 18 днів тому
did we ever find this out, I want one
James Kristoff
James Kristoff 19 днів тому
Hey Dieter you need to fall without cushion or mattress. It's gonna work I Promise. Youre welcome
Hustle Hawlik
Hustle Hawlik 20 днів тому
geez, I see how the matrix is beginning.
John Smith
John Smith 20 днів тому
There is a tap to talk option in the settings for the Wallis talkie. No need to hold it. Just tap to talk and tap again when you’re done.
R Reddy
R Reddy 21 день тому
Great review. Clean, precise, and shows all the features. Keep it up TheVerge. Dieter is very really good at his job.
JOE Bozza
JOE Bozza 21 день тому
😳The series 4 looks exactly like the series 4 😳
tenelitebrains 21 день тому
I use my nose to interact with my Apple Watch all the time when my hands are full!
Alan N
Alan N 21 день тому
What band is the brown series 3 using ?
Luke Pruscino
Luke Pruscino 22 дні тому
I’m going from a series 1 to a series 4
Guillermo Aparicio Estévez
Guillermo Aparicio Estévez 22 дні тому
hey Dieter, what is the model/brand of your leather band? Thanks!!
Thang Pham
Thang Pham 22 дні тому
What’s the damn point of smartwatch anyway smdh.
Serge ENT94
Serge ENT94 22 дні тому
what color band is that in the beginning
Pablo Meza
Pablo Meza 22 дні тому
Dude, put your coffee away and be amazed that you are talking through your watch... and even you have a friend to do so...
iMPiNoY 22 дні тому
Awesome review! I’m getting one soon. Just curious, what kind of ring are you using? It looks really nice...
jaspal singh
jaspal singh 23 дні тому
Save your money for series 5.
Lightwing games
Lightwing games 23 дні тому
How to buy a cheap apple watch: step one: click off the apple page step two: search "Android wear" Step three: buy one step four: download google os to iPhone Save $300
Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell 23 дні тому
I honestly can’t imagine the day where the gripe I have is when I’m wearing a computer on my wrist and I can’t instantly speak with Dan because I’m carrying a coffee cup. I want that to be the worst part of my day.
g gg
g gg 23 дні тому
can i connect to my samsung galaxy 8?
Sameer Vohra
Sameer Vohra 24 дні тому
Which watch band is that brown leather one in the video?
Paul Sorensen
Paul Sorensen 24 дні тому
You put on that 3rd party brown leather watch band. Would you mind telling me from where that band was purchased. It looked very nice on that watch. Thanks.
Susan Hugus
Susan Hugus 24 дні тому
For all that money, the watch doesn't take pictures or 15 second videos with sound. Still using the Sansung Gear 2 watch with the Note 9. The Gear 2 arrived before the first iwatch. Samsung keeps updating the software to work with the newest phones too.
Matthew Bryant
Matthew Bryant 24 дні тому
...they haven't turned the ECG on... I may need to return my order if it's not on when it arrives to my house in late October... smelling bs here... it's literally the only reason I bought one of these stupid watches.
chaz choy
chaz choy 25 днів тому
Just got mine today :-)
Education Tutorials
Education Tutorials 25 днів тому
Apple fan boy
K.C. Marsh
K.C. Marsh 25 днів тому
No. I went back to a beautiful analog watch that doesn’t interrupt my conversations and thought process like an annoying toddler. Yes you can turn notifications off but you still have a device that has a woefully short battery life and has to be tended to daily. I acknowledge it’s power and utility but it still remains an ugly square chunk on your wrist. Years of glancing at my watch with sidelong glances made the smart watch annoying to have to raise so far to get a glimpse at the face. To overcome that they would have to have much better battery life and it is just it their yet. If the battery could last a week my opinion would be much different. I do think the waterproofing is very cool and I’m sure this is a great tool for activity monitoring but that was never my primary need. Selling my Apple Watch.
Christopher Quinonez
Christopher Quinonez 16 днів тому
K.C. Marsh how much?
Edward McGee
Edward McGee 25 днів тому
You don’t have to hold walkie talkie button down for the entire time. You can push it let go and talk...then push it again to turn it off...
Davide Graffieti
Davide Graffieti 25 днів тому
I’m gonna get one, 500 euro is 500 euro and it’ll take up to a month to arrive (in Italy, I’ve seen in the US people have to wait for MONTHS) but hey, super exited about it!
Dirt Therapy
Dirt Therapy 25 днів тому
Stainless or Aluminum??
wizkid3726 26 днів тому
For $800 i can buy a true timepiece
Michael Okele
Michael Okele 26 днів тому
can i pay bit by bit for the watch
Alvin Lam
Alvin Lam 26 днів тому
What's the battery life?
John Krone
John Krone 26 днів тому
"I'll tap you when I'm ready." I thought was a slow issue with my Series 1, reason I wanted to upgrade and get rid of that annoyance. LOL how wrong was I. Thanks!!
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 26 днів тому
Hi Dieter, is it possible to use the LTE abroad, like in europe? Is it still waterproof?
K B 26 днів тому
Hang on!! STILL no proper facetime or camera! I'm going to wait this one out and still with my series 2 a little longer. When you think about it, it's really not all that big a leap. Lots of gimmickry. Nice though :)
Taylor the kid Thompson
Taylor the kid Thompson 26 днів тому
What band are you wearing on your watch?
Evans Banda
Evans Banda 26 днів тому
Totally not worth it! Since Steve Jobs died, Apple has been releasing half-baked products that are at times way more buggy than Samsung! Up to $700 for this?? A watch and its not even a TAG! Get outta here! Even Siri doesnt work well, an Apple basic feature.
rf101259 27 днів тому
I upgraded from a series 1 (original first Apple watch from 2015) to the series 4 and I can attest that it was totally worth it. The screen is so much brighter and the sound is definitely louder. I'm looking forward to trying out the music streaming feature when I work out. Already took calls on it and it really was convenient to do so. If you are on the fence about upgrading, I'd say if you have a series 1 (original 2015 watch) it's worth it to upgrade to the series 4. If you have a newer watch, then probably not.
John Delynn
John Delynn 27 днів тому
I went with the Samsung Gear S3 frontier. It is extremely easy to navigate with it's rotating bezel and has 46mm screen, LTE and 10's of thousand watch faces and an app that you can make your own. I can also leave my phone at home and make calls with the watch which is great so you don't have to be close to your phone to make a call. I have forgotten my phone at work before. You do have to pay an extra $5 a month to use LTE if you don't want to be married to your smart phone. The best part is it cost $225. I just got it a month ago and love it.
repeatextension 27 днів тому
7:28 "my other hand is free to" what? Couldn't understand what he said.
Jeffery Wattie
Jeffery Wattie 27 днів тому
Actually it doesn’t. I expected to be blown away when I got it and really all it was is a bigger screen in a fancy box. The info graph screens are essentially useless because you’re limited to the ten apps that actually work on them at the moment. Mine is going back tomorrow. Don’t bring a product to market that isn’t ready for prime time Apple. I can understand third party apps not working, but phone and messages? F outta here.
Bacnow 27 днів тому
Guys i have a question: will the iwatch 4 integrate with my samsung note 9 through the use of apps? I know it wont be as seamless as an iphone/iwatch experience, but will it come close? And...NO...not switching phones!!
Marked Man
Marked Man 27 днів тому
Can you stop saying ‘totally’? It’s TOTALLY annoying
Eric Lowenbach
Eric Lowenbach 27 днів тому
I bought my first generation iWatch for Siri integration. I wanted to be able to set appointments and reminders on the go, send quick texts, etc. But Siri is complete garbage and it's sad to learn that after all these years, Siri is still broken.
Stevan Terzic
Stevan Terzic 27 днів тому
Please, don't read my username!
Lewcifer G
Lewcifer G 27 днів тому
Is the oled the Samsung screen on the new iPhones?
Dave M
Dave M 27 днів тому
Where did you get your leather watch band?
Andrew 27 днів тому
Anyone else only watch Verge videos with Dieter?
Echoesoftimelover 28 днів тому
I bought a hemes, and I bought a ceramic one last year. I feel like a tool and I don’t mind
Timothé CORNILLAUD 28 днів тому
Can we get the links of your waych band please ? The grey one and the brown leather one ?
Bill Rice
Bill Rice 28 днів тому
I heard the Fall detection is turned off by default if you're under 65.
Kieran McCann
Kieran McCann 28 днів тому
These videos are worth it just for Dieter alone.
Taha Zaidi
Taha Zaidi 28 днів тому
Which watch face you are using in the video?
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