Apple Watch Series 4 review: it lives up to the hype

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The Apple Watch Series 4 has been fully redesigned with new screens, new sizes, new speakers, and of course new stuff inside. There's a faster processor, Bluetooth 5, and a more accurate set of sensors. Dieter Bohn spent the past week testing the Watch Series 4 and, yes it is expensive, but everything is just better. Better screen, better health features, and better speed.
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19 вер 2018

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The Verge
The Verge 5 місяців тому
Will you upgrade?
David C.
David C. День тому
I did
Jamane Ma Raas Hollington
Jamane Ma Raas Hollington 16 днів тому
Just have from the 1 to the 4 for me and the wife.
Sarah Jayne
Sarah Jayne 26 днів тому
I love my 44mm cellular Apple Watch series 4 on T-Mobile. 🥰
Marshall Mayes
Marshall Mayes 3 дні тому
the fall feature is auto off if your younger than 65
girish ramachandran
girish ramachandran 4 дні тому
The brown leather band looks awesome. What brand is it?
bornflex2975 4 дні тому
this probably a $50 watch sold for way too much!!! ..not worth it!!
Sean Nixon
Sean Nixon 6 днів тому
I just got one today and I’m very happy!! Started out with the Series 1 40mm and now I have the 44mm and that screen is awesome to look at as there’s no other wearable that works so well!! Btw I’ve had Samsung S2 and my wife has the FitBit which she’s happy with and I’ve barely scratched the surface with the Apple Watch 4!! Great job Apple cause I’m damn sure not upgrading this year!!!
Keoni Chicago
Keoni Chicago 11 днів тому
Which band is he wearing
Joey C
Joey C 11 днів тому
What about memory?
Sourav Datta
Sourav Datta 13 днів тому
Apple overpricing their products has become a feture right now..😅😅...every year they increse like a 100 bucks or so
The Illusionist
The Illusionist 17 днів тому
Is this news or advertising? Is this guy paid?
Fat Nigga
Fat Nigga 19 днів тому
Vjeran Pavic, he is not from USA, is he from Croatia or Bosnia or Serbia?
Wilhelm Tel
Wilhelm Tel 19 днів тому
The Heart rate sensor on AW4 is a breakthrough gadget with hardly any competition amongst wrist-heart-rate sensors. Even more accurate than my chest strap
marie helly
marie helly 25 днів тому
This watch is fab until the screen breaks. Then it is £286.44. They have built a watch that you can't fix, and you have to pay almost the price of a replacement. I thought this kind of design was being outlawed.
Rebecca K
Rebecca K 25 днів тому
Is it worth it if u don't get cellular data
Carolle Bécotte
Carolle Bécotte Місяць тому
I like you video but for me you speak to fast, maybe next time. I French
Co D a q e r t u
Co D a q e r t u Місяць тому
Get out of here broke bois
Josh Місяць тому
But does it run crysis
Michael Mansfield
Michael Mansfield Місяць тому
This guy is a real life marty bird from ozark
Ray Tomson
Ray Tomson Місяць тому
Can’t believe I bought this for ekg and I can’t use it as apple wont enable it for the uk like buy a car without and engine
iherb mop737
iherb mop737 Місяць тому
WOW you can use third-party-party-party watch bands?!
ET&T Місяць тому
0:50 please tell me where can get this leather strap? it looks nice
Super Brian Games
Super Brian Games Місяць тому
Still rocking gen 1 Apple Watch.
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores Місяць тому
Ahhh now I see how biased reviewers are pressured to be smh smh
Julie S
Julie S Місяць тому
What is you drop the watch, like - watch in jewelry dish, cat knocks over jewelry dish, it calls for help? Try that and let us know!
azam Місяць тому
I have a prepaid (simple mobile) service can I still connect to lte and also be able to leave my iPhone at home and just use the watch?
Zaif Khan
Zaif Khan Місяць тому
Kya mujhe watch do ge
Teshiana Jabri'
Teshiana Jabri' Місяць тому
I’ve been trying to get my Apple Watch face like yours for forever but I can’t figure out how 😩. Any tips?
R MCK Місяць тому
Another video not showing things like The Internet, web pages, video, music etc. on The Apple Watch.
Claudio Toma
Claudio Toma Місяць тому
Hi, cuould you please tell me where did you bought that brown leather strap ? Thank you.
koolerpure Місяць тому
i upgraded my series 2 for series 4 and holy the changes, mostly im glad i can choose music from my phone on the watch again since they removed it as a classic apple scam to put it on series 3
Coleton Krause
Coleton Krause Місяць тому
Who makes that brown leather strap? It’s really nice.
Rickychaos 7
Rickychaos 7 Місяць тому
Can I watch UKvid on it? Then it ain’t worth it.
Janna J
Janna J Місяць тому
😬I've the 44 mm gold love the Watch very classic and neat, it's my first Apple Watch ever , the most cool thing than the watch.. it was a gift😎I use it mostly for the gym, maan it's like my fitness trainer on my wrist, am really crazy at the gym, it's just tells me when to stop and when to go on, love love it😘now my battery is enough for my really active crazy day from 5 to 9 I won't ask for more 😘😍
AndreGames Місяць тому
If trade my series 3 for the series 4 how much would the 4 cost me ?
Unbiased Tobias
Unbiased Tobias Місяць тому
Unless both hands are full I don’t see why u can’t hold your coffee with your free watch hand then use your other hand
LifingRight with Dino Dollar
LifingRight with Dino Dollar Місяць тому
Can you use the walkie talkie with the wifi watch or it has to be lte?
Gary Woods
Gary Woods Місяць тому
I bought a Apple Watch series 4 44mm space grey aluminium black sport band for $839 .00 for a Christmas gift to myself and it’s worth every penny
Rigo Martinez
Rigo Martinez Місяць тому
44mm space grey for me !!
varnak singh
varnak singh Місяць тому
I have this and I can see pixels
varnak singh
varnak singh Місяць тому
Bought this hate it
No Excuse Just Produce
No Excuse Just Produce Місяць тому
I have the series 1 so this is gonna be a big upgrade for me had this watch for awhile 😂😂😂
Nick Howard
Nick Howard 2 місяці тому
multiple colors make for easier identification, function over form. complaining that all the colors are not "designerly" is taking practical design back too the 19th century
William Ng
William Ng 2 місяці тому
Time is money
Its—Me Anthony
Its—Me Anthony 2 місяці тому
I went from an Apple Watch Zero I got in 11th grade, so yes this is a big Upgrade.
Jordan Norrell
Jordan Norrell 2 місяці тому
Lololol I wonder when it won’t be funny to see someone talk to their watch
Elizabeth Mcintyre
Elizabeth Mcintyre 2 місяці тому
I’m so glad I asked my dad to get me the new Apple watch it’s seem really cool !
ZipEmUp 89
ZipEmUp 89 2 місяці тому
Anyone wanna sell me there old Apple Watch? lol
Luke Meiritz-Reid
Luke Meiritz-Reid 2 місяці тому
Now I own the Samsung S3 Frontier Celular have had for over a year now. Ystrday left my phone at home went for a remote hike .. called my wife while trekking through woods had a conversation freely conversing loud clear no boundaries. Bottom line Samsung like other competitors have been doing this better for a long time now ** Apple with the Series 4 is still playing catchup and charging big $$ for it . Further question when the heck is Apple going to provide Always On Display to its Fans ???
Luke Meiritz-Reid
Luke Meiritz-Reid 2 місяці тому
Nose Calling ... Hilarious Apple being Apple making their Fans look iDiotic **
Luke Meiritz-Reid
Luke Meiritz-Reid 2 місяці тому
Hmmmm would say this Video Clip does expose a lot of Negatives that are real **
Luke Meiritz-Reid
Luke Meiritz-Reid 2 місяці тому
Everything every Feature has already been available via Competitors. Yep and Apple Siri for Apple remains iDiotic and not reliable **
Luke Meiritz-Reid
Luke Meiritz-Reid 2 місяці тому
Just watched another review on the $1300 Apple Watch series 4 which exposed the Saphire glass used is Not Pure and compared against a Tissot with True Saphire . In short an example of Apple selling what it claims to be Quality is absolutely not ** Consider this Apple are a total ripoff
Gary LeRoy leroygt
Gary LeRoy leroygt 2 місяці тому
Does it have a camera?
Ron Crate
Ron Crate 2 місяці тому
Kill hiv predators and I’m in.
Ron Crate
Ron Crate 2 місяці тому
When it can warn of hiv predators I will support it. Men spreading hiv is still a huge issue for young men being hated by older.
edgar artis
edgar artis 2 місяці тому
Ethin Whitman
Ethin Whitman 2 місяці тому
I'm ordering this and the 8 plus. I would get the xr but ya boy like the home button 😂😂
Ahmad Jamal
Ahmad Jamal 2 місяці тому
I am not sure what to do. I mean I did not use an apple watch before. But after the release of the apple watch series 4, I am starting to like it. People tell me it is not that necessary and expensive. What should I do?
Kathy Mangers
Kathy Mangers 2 місяці тому
There is now a setting for walkie talkie mode. You turn it on and you can just tap to start and tap to stop
Ira Bliss
Ira Bliss 2 місяці тому
I just want to say that the fall detection works like a champ...in fact it save my life! I fell hard and cracked my skull so much that that I needed 36 staples in my head.......note I had multiple skull fractures prior to this.....( I have a T.B.I.) I was hurt so bad I couldn’t even get my bearings ro think where one will be.....I didn’t have to do a thing! My wrist vibrated and said fall detected,calling emergency services in 5,4,3,2,1. And boom I am on a 911 call! So 5seconds not a minute.....the blood was pouring from my head.....I couldn’t even think straight to do anything....I,e. Mess with trying to make a call etc. Yeah. I. Would not be here if it wasn’t for the watch.......because I have the watch I can continue to live ALONE. The watch expensive? Are you kidding me? Price Life Alert or another Help I’ve fallen and can’t get up”.......that is way more expensive in the long run..... This watch is BOMB,!!!!!
TallSomeone 2 місяці тому
Good Lord, to be selling fall detection is absurd. To be selling all this heart rate stuff in the name of some new way to be healthy is completely absurd, too. Just go running and eat well. Ridiculous.
TallSomeone 2 місяці тому
The very best potential of this would be to have Siri or Google work well. You’d truly have a portable data source at voice command. But it doesn’t work well. That’s a crushing blow. Took mine back.
Dimitris Kritsilis
Dimitris Kritsilis 2 місяці тому
Honest question: Have you noticed or heard if the Watch 4 glass face is less durable than the series 3? I swear to you, despite caring for it like it's a soap bubble, my month-old 4 has more micro-scratches on its face than a 3 that's been through a year of workouts and accidental contact with things. I'm concerned that part of the Watch's radical redesign was gimping the material quality to cut costs. Wouldn't be the first time Apple did that :(
nicole farley
nicole farley 2 місяці тому
i am special ed and would just want to use it for communicating with my mom and use apple music is it worth it
ChaoticOrder73 2 місяці тому
Still can’t use Spotify or other useful apps
Nintariz 2 місяці тому
My only complaint is the silly use of the word "series". It's pointless. Just call it Apple Watch 1,2,3,4 etc.
Colin Johnson
Colin Johnson 2 місяці тому
I bought the watch for my wife and neither my engineer on the boat me or my wife could get it to sync.. eventually it did then the battery life would only last 10-12 hours plus to top it of she slipped the bath and caught the watch on a tile and shattered the screen and now has to fly to london from italy to have someone look at it although she willow have to pay 326 pounds to have the screen replaced. basically apple HAVE NOT MADE IT CLEAR how fragile this watch is. my garmin and fit bit work better. apple really need to sort out there policy on breakages as to replace a screen is the same price as new one plus to sync and follow instructions was a nightmare
Gladys Martel
Gladys Martel 2 місяці тому
Still I’m not sure if I’ll upgrade though. I have the Apple Watch series 3 and I’m thinking about the cons. So maybe I’ll keep my $$ and wait for series 5 😉
jon brazil
jon brazil 2 місяці тому
Hold the coffee in your watch hand
Luis Salinas
Luis Salinas 2 місяці тому
Are they waterproof
Pop & G
Pop & G 2 місяці тому
Luis Salinas yes. No deep water stuff but swim is ok.
Fawaz Khalid
Fawaz Khalid 2 місяці тому
daddy marry me 😍
Jake Carpenter
Jake Carpenter 2 місяці тому
I really like your review. I just bought the series 4 stainless steel. However, the battery life STINKS! My fitbit Versa did everything I needed. Answering calls, music, apps and all that. I even got the fitbit scale. LOVE IT. The Battery life on the Fitbit Versa is 4 DAYS! apple watch is 18 hours? that is NOT a good feature. The battery life of the apple watch was the only thing really stopping me from buying it in the first place. But of course, I broke and got one anyway. I still like not having to charge my phone ever day ot two. FitBit VERSA is 4 or 5 days.
Luis Botello
Luis Botello 2 місяці тому
If you use your nose how does one drink coffe?🤔🤔🤔
Football Starr
Football Starr 2 місяці тому
I would bet the fall detection works with the heart rate sensor. When you fall your heart rate spikes, but when acting it doesn’t. That may be the reason it wasn’t activating.
Kent Lee
Kent Lee 3 місяці тому
Wonderful content.
Vunami 3 місяці тому
apple watch 5 will be worth it.
Emma Setterfield
Emma Setterfield 3 місяці тому
I bought one on Saturday and it took two days to be able to get connected on LTE. But now it's up and running I love it.
Vince Friel
Vince Friel 3 місяці тому
Less than a day of battery. Wow
Vince Friel
Vince Friel 2 місяці тому
+Memo Gamboa still abysmal. my Galaxy watch can hit 7 full days
Memo Gamboa
Memo Gamboa 2 місяці тому
Its not true. I go 48 hours sometimes. no JOKE. On the 44mm
Ender Wiggin
Ender Wiggin 3 місяці тому
I just want a watch with a giant curved OLED screen the size of a phone on the inside of my wrist
ErwinA TV
ErwinA TV 3 місяці тому
you can use little finger instead using nose
FuZe 3 місяці тому
Never have I spent my money more wisely than on this watch. It is absolutely fantastic! The difference between my old Series 2 and this one is crazy! I absolutely love it!
Ed Murray
Ed Murray 3 місяці тому
It is great unless you own an iphone 6 plus. Then the apps that are supposed to be on you watch will not show if they have been updated after the WatchOS 5.1.1 update. Very disappointing.
Lorry Buehler
Lorry Buehler 3 місяці тому
I’m waiting for mine I ordered online !
Cletus C
Cletus C 3 місяці тому
You don’t have to hold the Talk button down on walkie talkie, you can set it for Click to Talk - tap, start talking, tap when done talking
Arunpreet Singh
Arunpreet Singh 3 місяці тому
have been using a standard digital watch but now I am planning to get an apple watch. How comfortable is it to wear on a daily basis?
Finley 3 місяці тому
Good review
Lisset Sanchez
Lisset Sanchez 3 місяці тому
Great review! Just don't know if it is worth getting since I have the 3rd generation.
Janna J
Janna J 3 місяці тому
I got the gold 44mm, I’ve never had Apple Watch before, and oh my God this the most beautiful useful thing for my active indoor and outdoor life, I’ve ever had, I feel like my Dr. and my fitness trainer on my wrist, Amazine.. and the most cool thing it 😉..... was a gift .. Awesome 😎
Victor Cortes
Victor Cortes 3 місяці тому
I have the 3 in stainless steel so I’ll pass and just save up for the 5 lol
Christopher Cabral
Christopher Cabral 3 місяці тому
Just received mine in the mail today. Luckily I can test it out for two weeks
Christopher Cabral
Christopher Cabral 3 місяці тому
The ending was stupid!
Yieng Kee Huong
Yieng Kee Huong 3 місяці тому
i just thought apple products such as iphone and apple watch which boast how health orientated these products are are getting more and more expensive to the general public. it seems to me that only the rich ones can benefit from these features
Danilo Dabic
Danilo Dabic 3 місяці тому
Who is Vjeran Pavic, I'm from Croatia and it seems to me as a Balkan name, hahahha
EDLuke246 3 місяці тому
why don't you just put the coffee in the hand you have the watch on.... xD
SWLinPHX 3 місяці тому
Because he doesn’t want to spill his coffee all over when he turns his wrist to use it.
sally may
sally may 3 місяці тому
Hahaha Thats was some good jokes he got in at the end. I laughed. 😊👍 Also thanks, because I am getting my first iwatch, this and this is the one I’m getting. The iwatch 4 series 44m pink sport should arrive today!! 😁🤞 I’m so excited.
Rich B
Rich B 3 місяці тому
18:35 or just put down the coffee?
Kate Fitzgerald
Kate Fitzgerald 3 місяці тому
Not often I see someone with my same surname. Great review!
Mr P
Mr P 3 місяці тому
the need to charge your watch daily is just stupid. my g-shock gw-5000 series is so much better.
Sangye C
Sangye C 3 місяці тому
"Time is Money"
Mighty Murph
Mighty Murph 3 місяці тому
I have the series 1 with my iPhone 8+. I may jump on the series 4 watch with LTE instead of the XR
Jonathan Barrow
Jonathan Barrow 3 місяці тому
Yes focus on the content but no one else appreciating the hands and song at 4:48?
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