Ariana Grande - no tears left to cry

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No Tears Left To Cry (Official Video)
Song Available Here: arianagrande.lnk.to/notearsYD
Connect with Ariana Grande:
Director - Dave Meyers
Producer - Nathan Scherrer
Editor - Nick Gilberg
Director of Photography - Scott Cunningham
Production Designer - Ethan Tobman
Visual Fx - Buf
Colourist - Stefan Sonnenfeld
Music video by Ariana Grande performing No Tears Left To Cry. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




20 кві 2018






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uma army qualquer
uma army qualquer Годину тому
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson Годину тому
They are programming you to become heartless whores and men are all becoming rapists. The planet doesn't have long if it continues
Snouie 22 хвилини тому
people just want to listen to music why are you here clogging up the comments with your bullshit!
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson Годину тому
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson Годину тому
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson Годину тому
You just need to remove the mental and emotional blocks.
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson Годину тому
It's possible to have a full body orgasm from loving missionary sex. An alien species devised that plan to ensure that woman could only orgasm from rough sex. In order for us to degrade ourselves
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson 2 години тому
Rain can quite literally be purple.
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson 2 години тому
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson 2 години тому
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson 2 години тому
Jarek Ry
Jarek Ry 2 години тому
And Polend lowe Ariana Grande 😂
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson 2 години тому
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson 2 години тому
you can fuck off.
Snouie 25 хвилин тому
no you can!
Aaron Gibson
Aaron Gibson 2 години тому
I don't care if you like it. It degrades society; other people who don't like it get pulled into it nd then society doesn't protect them.
Ivy Nguyen
Ivy Nguyen 3 години тому
Ivanne ouakoube
Ivanne ouakoube 4 години тому
Arianna love you
babeegwed YTB
babeegwed YTB 4 години тому
Isabella chan
Isabella chan 4 години тому
Me: I can't even friken walk Ariana: *W A L K S O N W A L L S* Me: Wtf
Smoothie 4 години тому
Je l’aime trop cette fille 😍😍
Bryanbro13 Hi
Bryanbro13 Hi 5 годин тому
It’s Wong time “Mirror dimension!”
Aisha 5 годин тому
love it
Elides Perez
Elides Perez 5 годин тому
Mi bella cantante 👩🏼‍🎤 más favorita 👑
Слава Булышев
Слава Булышев 5 годин тому
Я обожаю Бориса Галужаного
: Diplepoo:
: Diplepoo: 5 годин тому
Gravity has left the chat
HSY 9.4
HSY 9.4 6 годин тому
Arianators we have to make this MV 850M+ by the end of this month!!!
Joshua barton
Joshua barton 8 годин тому
the animation of video is awesome, her music no so much....
Have fun with Lindsey,Leanne and Amiee
Love you
Nick visco Sucks
Nick visco Sucks 9 годин тому
No my chips in the baaaaag oh im crying crying crying
Gummy Worms Rock
Gummy Worms Rock 11 годин тому
The amount of views made my jaw drop😂😂 song is good tho
eliza Quintero
eliza Quintero 11 годин тому
Like si quiers una casion con billi alih
Lord Vader
Lord Vader 11 годин тому
No one in history can walk on walls without having suckshin cups or some kind of new technology
savliin's GamingWorld
savliin's GamingWorld 12 годин тому
arianaa grandeeee you soo cutee
Johnny Lima
Johnny Lima 12 годин тому
Ozuna & Anitta❤🔥
John Kaleb
John Kaleb 12 годин тому
This is the power Ariana got after raiding Area 51
Rosé ARMY 12 годин тому
JK love this song!
Cooper Sweeny
Cooper Sweeny 13 годин тому
Can you teach me how to sing please all of your songs i will do what you want
Miyesha Hernandez
Miyesha Hernandez 14 годин тому
These music videos being doing the most! The inversion, the umbrella, the circles, the facemask. I guess there is not enough imagination when it comes to music videos, I see it a lot! Maybe there's an agenda.
Latanna Stokes
Latanna Stokes 14 годин тому
100,000 subscribers with 0 videos
100,000 subscribers with 0 videos 15 годин тому
Who is better? Like: *Ariana Grande* Comment: *Lady Gaga*
Cool Wolf
Cool Wolf Годину тому
Taylor 15 годин тому
Britney celeste Olivares Belmonte
Britney celeste Olivares Belmonte 15 годин тому
Ariana grande su apeido lo dice todo eres súper grande
전정국 16 годин тому
Everyone: "ariana walks one the wall" And I'm here coz i love here voice it moves smth inside of me
alessandra 2009
alessandra 2009 17 годин тому
Little Mix Turkish Team
Little Mix Turkish Team 17 годин тому
my fav part is first 18 seconds. those voices sounds too beautiful. so aesthetic
iZaBeLlE pErEiRa
iZaBeLlE pErEiRa 17 годин тому
Love music
hola garcia
hola garcia 17 годин тому
3:10 what! I knew it she wears a mask!!! thats why she is so gorgeous!!
Cyborg 13 годин тому
It s a shame that she s 5 foot tall
its just luke Revive
its just luke Revive 17 годин тому
I'm using my phone, iPad, MacBook Air, and XBox to get these views to 900M then eventually 1B. Is anyone else doing something like this?
emily hocking
emily hocking 17 годин тому
2018: (Listens to every Ariana Grande song possible) 2019:(Goes to her concert and listens to all of her songs again) All because of 1 song❤
kamila Sobral
kamila Sobral 18 годин тому
Ozuna e Anitta "muito calor"
Melo The Unicorn
Melo The Unicorn 18 годин тому
Ĺovit I'm pick in it up
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