Ariana Grande Reflects On Moving To LA For VICTORiOUS

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Ariana Grande first visited Los Angeles during the lengthy casting process for her breakout show "VICTORiOUS." According to Ariana, those times were filled with a lot of waiting in a hotel room with her mom, hoping for some good news. Ariana tells Kelly about those early days in her career, and the big risk she took in LA before landing a role on the show.

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20 вер 2021





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Jenifar Lopez
Jenifar Lopez 12 годин тому
The lavish bomb nomenclaturally treat because james understandably risk unto a obedient screwdriver. obsequious, ambitious lilac
It’s MK
It’s MK 22 години тому
I can just remember younger me being excited to see Cat Valentine on TV. Look where she is now. ✨✨✨
gumersindo costa mallo
gumersindo costa mallo День тому
¡Que no te toquen el pelo!
Kai 4 дні тому
She so fine 😍
OfficialNataly 8 днів тому
Did Ariana get an eye pull and a chin job? She looks so weird now 🤔
ROSE 7 днів тому
U guys are so jealous wtf she looks gorgeous as always stfu.
Rosie 13 днів тому
she is gorgeuss
Bruno 14 днів тому
Gosh I just love Kelly. She is an incredible human.
Ashton March
Ashton March 16 днів тому
That outfit is gorgeous!!!!
L Lawliet
L Lawliet 16 днів тому
Damn... I can't believe her family was willing to uproot their life from Florida and live across the country--just like that. My family could (and would) NEVER.
Jaime Sanchez
Jaime Sanchez 17 днів тому
She can easily play shadow cat in the X-men
Lovley_boo 18 днів тому
Luv you my baby Ariana :) ❤️
Polar Express 7
Polar Express 7 18 днів тому
Ariana is dressing more maturely
Sophia Krupp
Sophia Krupp 18 днів тому
love her ❤️
Ardo 18 днів тому
I'm so jealous people can chase their dreams more easily thanks to economic support. I wouldn't be able to rent a place out of the blue in another city just to wait for possible callbacks
niddg viiut
niddg viiut 19 днів тому
It’s been amazing so far watching her grow up the past 10 years
Robb Polanco
Robb Polanco 20 днів тому
We loved u since then, queen 👑❤️
O S 20 днів тому
Fire Kelly’s stylist !
Denise Steward
Denise Steward 20 днів тому
I didn't realize how many random tattoos Ariana has...she doesn't strike me as the type to have so many. I guess it's cus she seems so Danity n petite...But I'm here for it tho. I would love a video on her tattoos n the inspiration behind it.
niddg viiut
niddg viiut 19 днів тому
Awesome 👍😎 much better than Tamron hall !!!! #NoLimitForeverRecords
Catherine Cecio
Catherine Cecio 21 день тому
why did she say arianna was gonna kill us??
alida flus
alida flus 21 день тому
Two amazing vocalists! They were amazing singing Respect and I would looove to see them sing together again 🥺
Positions Queen
Positions Queen 21 день тому
hearing her talking about victorious wakes up so many memories :')
alida flus
alida flus 20 днів тому
Ariana and Elizabeth Gilles were my favorite and I’m so happy they are the most successful ones
Nini Tsitskishvili
Nini Tsitskishvili 21 день тому
she is so cuteee ❤
nicolofosho 22 дні тому
anyone else worried about how skinny Ari is?
mycenth22 22 дні тому
Ok but Mariah’s literally worn the same dress in like 1997… they way they converge is wild
9 777
9 777 6 днів тому
where did she wear it i wanna see plss 😩
alida flus
alida flus 21 день тому
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 22 дні тому
What a good friend ????
coffeee 22 дні тому
she didn't wear the brown- brown wore her.
Kat Loves Ariana
Kat Loves Ariana 22 дні тому
She’s the sweetest person
taylor too wavey
taylor too wavey 22 дні тому
ugh I just ADORE Ariana!
K ZM 22 дні тому
She is anorexic
K ZM 22 дні тому
@laskin riubn What she from a millionaire background????!?!?
laskin riubn
laskin riubn 22 дні тому
Why is she pretending like she came from nothing when her mom is a multi-millionaire…? It’s annoying
misolou fout
misolou fout 23 дні тому
Liz I.
Liz I. 22 дні тому
Reality tv to promote the people who have big deals. There's billions of humans on earth can you imagine the choir that we can make? But we worship.... literally WORSHIP these idols. I mean they can stay but the talent is not rare by any means.
washitawambassador 23 дні тому
Awesome 👍😎 much better than Tamron hall !!!! #NoLimitForeverRecords
Yona 25
Yona 25 23 дні тому
JojoLOVE 23 дні тому
her face it to white dont match her body but shes pretty
JojoLOVE 23 дні тому
it cause if the make up..thats what im saying lol
Juan Cruz
Juan Cruz 23 дні тому
HOW CAN I WATCH THE FULL SHOW of this Kelly Clarkson Show!!!!??????? I need the entire START to finish episode of this!
Shan sham
Shan sham 19 днів тому
@misolou fout yah
misolou fout
misolou fout 23 дні тому
my question is, is ari wearing REM beauty here? 🤍☁️💜
V 23 дні тому
ariana queenie
Cindy Fernandez
Cindy Fernandez 23 дні тому
I remember her old videos she did with Frankie
She's A Mess
She's A Mess 23 дні тому
Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Ariana was trying to cover her stomach as she walked? 👀👀👀👀. She is married now sooooo, could she be starting to show?
TheRealJacob98 23 дні тому
Because Ariana literally NEVER does press and is usually pretty private, this feels SUPER weird to watch! XD I guess she's taking a bit of a break from music to do media stuff now!
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht 23 дні тому
I love how supportive her mom is
GLB A 23 дні тому
Thinking about how Ariana’s family’s exorbitant wealth is a key factor in this story even being possible
Sandra sarkis
Sandra sarkis 9 днів тому
@Stephanie wholeheartedly agree, she is super talented. An amazing vocalist, probably one of the best of our generation! I’m very glad she had her family to support her in her dreams! .. i don’t think anyone was discrediting her talent, hard work and ability. Just saying that It does play a big part that her family had the financial means, let’s not discredit that either. That doesn’t take anything else from her, just my opinion 🙏🏼🤍
Stephanie 11 днів тому
@j nobody was discrediting her, what ? there's no doubt ariana is extremely talented & hardworking and really was the main driver behind her own career, but to discredit her family's ability to support her pursuit of her dreams wholeheartedly as not being a key part to the story is doing them a disservice. there's no shame in having a supportive, wealthy family and I don't think anyone is holding that against her. it's more like, thank goodness her family had the means to support her the way they did or we probably wouldn't have the current version of the ariana we know today.
Sandra sarkis
Sandra sarkis 15 днів тому
Yup! Very important, I remember when I wanted to move from Austria to LA for a couple of months to connect and record some stuff. It’s just too expensive man, and also there are a loooot of Sketchy People! Glad she had her mum with her and also the .. well money 🤷🏻‍♀️
GLB A 19 днів тому
@Lucy W precisely what Stephanie said! Regular people can’t just take a gamble and get an apartment in Cali in case their teen daughter can land a tv show
Stephanie 19 днів тому
@Lucy W coming from wealth gives people more freedom to explore their passions freely & at full force compared to the average person, plus it can also bring them more opportunity. you'll notice a lot of big name celebrities and influencers come from wealthy backgrounds already.
daniel 23 дні тому
I swear this woman looks like a different person every few years, idk if its just her growing older, makeup, surgery, or something?...
Karyme Delgado
Karyme Delgado 23 дні тому
Karyme Delgado
Karyme Delgado 22 дні тому
@Regdu Geht your mom is
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht 23 дні тому
Ariana ain’t nothing. She is sickening.
Jim Jimunds
Jim Jimunds 23 дні тому
Why is she pretending like she came from nothing when her mom is a multi-millionaire…? It’s annoying
Lololoserfish 20 днів тому
i’m more surprised she’s being interviewed from her right side.
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio 23 дні тому
the way she came out and walked moment is so adorable
Andres Hermosa
Andres Hermosa 24 дні тому
Her face looks stiff cold and somewhat unemotional!..I mean she's very pretty but I prefer her couple of years back
Ceara Bostick
Ceara Bostick 24 дні тому
It’s crazy to see Ariana taller than someone else.. lol
Eva 🤍
Eva 🤍 24 дні тому
my question is, is ari wearing REM beauty here? 🤍☁️💜
Rinielle 아리엘 Choi
Rinielle 아리엘 Choi 24 дні тому
The Glow up and the Growth of this Woman is Real.
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio 23 дні тому
LOVE this women and everything she’s done since Victorious🤍 so happy for her, she truly deserves everything and more!!
richy king
richy king 24 дні тому
Yesssssss ARINNA
Carson Taylor
Carson Taylor 24 дні тому
What song did she come out to? I can’t figure it out
Tram Dang
Tram Dang 24 дні тому
Kelly’s humor cracks me up every time
Amirah 24 дні тому
Her makeup is literally FLAWLESS how
A A 24 дні тому
Ariana really just gets more and more beautiful 😍
Braydon Muñoz
Braydon Muñoz 24 дні тому
but what y’all know about 13?
Mitch Liam
Mitch Liam 24 дні тому
Kelly and Ari have the big and small sister thing going and I'm all for it!!
Libby Fuller
Libby Fuller 24 дні тому
Ariana ain’t nothing. She is sickening.
Cutiepututie 18
Cutiepututie 18 24 дні тому
I keep forgetting Ariana and cat are the same person
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 24 дні тому
Wow! Ariana is such a big name. I love her. I hope Kelly would invite Mariah, too.
Rini Rin
Rini Rin 24 дні тому
I truly don‘t like the competition between coaches in The Voice. It‘s fine in the blind auditions,because they want the most talented people to chose them. But afterwards it‘s not about the coaches at all. I don’t know why they say „Ariana is going to win“. Well I hope she gets the most talented competitor then. Because rooting for the coach who already have their established fame instead of the best voice no matter who they‘re coached by is so unfair to the young talents.
Dash 24 дні тому
Simmons Entertainment
Simmons Entertainment 24 дні тому
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cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 24 дні тому
trust me one day Ariana gonna marryme
Harpreet Bains
Harpreet Bains 24 дні тому
LOVE this women and everything she’s done since Victorious🤍 so happy for her, she truly deserves everything and more!!
Joey Monroe
Joey Monroe 24 дні тому
She needs to lay off the doughnuts.
donutsyo 24 дні тому
I remember watching her cover songs on her youtube channel bacccckkk in the day♡
Christopher Laszlo Bonis
Christopher Laszlo Bonis 24 дні тому
It’s nice to see an LA audience without masks for once.
OL6HALO DUDE 24 дні тому
As a father of progeny who are now teenagers, I wish nothing but the very best for these artists who had careers in children’s TV shows. I love them all!
Silentbydeadly 24 дні тому
Ariana is so classy and professional.
Sour Bananas
Sour Bananas 24 дні тому
But is she still preventing obesity by licking donuts though? Lol
heejin shiu
heejin shiu 25 днів тому
ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-VO5U8w6_Opk.html Oh la la la - Daniel el Travieso
Ephesians 6:10-12
Ephesians 6:10-12 25 днів тому
Ask her about dan snyder haha
Carlos Lozada
Carlos Lozada 25 днів тому
Kelly is way too bii8g
Candices K
Candices K 25 днів тому
she looks like kylie Jenner 🤔
Tay Rens
Tay Rens 25 днів тому
Am I the only one that has found Kelly Clarkson hella annoying for years?
Blogsanjay 25 днів тому
Does Ariana wear glasses or something? There's this look on her face like she struggles to see the world around her
Masti Wochi
Masti Wochi 25 днів тому
trust me one day Ariana gonna marryme
Double M On Tha Beat
Double M On Tha Beat 25 днів тому
*ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-PbypdtT1Edg.html* 🔥🔥⬆️🖤🖤🔥🖤🖤⬆️🔥🔥
a.k.a ASMR
a.k.a ASMR 25 днів тому
She's unbelievably gorgeous
Chloe Nam
Chloe Nam 25 днів тому
Humble queen 👑
Ivve 25 днів тому
📍Check out this track on TIDAL: "Seu" by Ivve tidal.com/track/147745027
AG Things
AG Things 25 днів тому
She has a real Queen vibe while walking and waving I mean she's already a Queen 👑
Aaron 25 днів тому
*Hey, to you reading* ..... you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
sweet AG
sweet AG 25 днів тому
Yassss girl Ariana u got it
ourforgiveness *com
ourforgiveness *com 25 днів тому
..."And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
music_tv_movie_addict 25 днів тому
Have been a fan since early victorious days. Give a like if you remember the osnapitzari days 😂
06MERC 25 днів тому
When you leave an apple slice out in the sun for too long
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance 25 днів тому
Hello, Humans. In the popular 2014 movie “Godzilla“, the Godzilla portrayal was only seen for about 8 minutes in the entire film. TERRANCE OUT
BouncyBooty 25 днів тому
Its unfair how cute 1 person can be
JCM 25 днів тому
Krissymconnorsvlog 25 днів тому
I need a Ariana and Kelly duet ASAP ❤️
TRILLION CROWNS 25 днів тому
the older the better she looks
Victoria Wise
Victoria Wise 25 днів тому
LOLLL when you see VICTORIOUS in the title ofc it is trending haha. as it should though! kelly's show deserves all the interest! too short of a vid though haha!
Addison Herrewig
Addison Herrewig 25 днів тому
Jennie Rodrigo
Jennie Rodrigo 25 днів тому
I'm so proud of how far Ariana has came since victorious
CHERYL TANG 25 днів тому
I know that ariana grande was attacked bye fan
Leo Manoban
Leo Manoban 25 днів тому
I remember hearing LA Boyz in an episode of Victorious and thinking "Cat sings better than Tori" hahaha (no hate to Victoria, I love her. It's just that Cat never had like a solo, and in that song she shined)
Leo Manoban
Leo Manoban 25 днів тому
She was my favorite in Victorious and my mom's favorite too. We always thought Cat and Jade were the best characters- and also Andre- haha
Luke Lee
Luke Lee 25 днів тому
Where is Victoria now, onlyfans?
The Truth Hurts
The Truth Hurts 25 днів тому
No. She’s an independent artist has a net worth of $12m, and has made movies and been in tv shows. New movie came out on Netflix this month. Another one next year. And one that already came out. Trust me she’s doing just fine.
Luis Pacheco
Luis Pacheco 25 днів тому
Jesus is coming Jesus he loves you he came and died for our sins you can repent and accept him as your lord and savior remember we are not going to live for ever what are you going to say when you go befor him guys hell is real you don't want to spend youre eternity in hell burning and saying if only i would have accepted Jesus as my savior come to his arms he is waiting for you!!!! God bless !!!!
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