Arnold Pranks Fans as the Terminator...for Charity

Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Want to ride up with me to the Terminator Genisys Premiere and drinks Schnapps with me at the after party? Enter here: bit.ly/TERMINATOR_PREMIERE

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17 чер 2015





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SAS SAS 20 хвилин тому
We love you, Arnold!
Deanna Helmick
Deanna Helmick 6 годин тому
how he can stand w a straight face and say 'whats thematter'? arnold WAX FIGURES dont come 2 life?? :) :)
den kuzmich
den kuzmich 7 годин тому
Арнольд - лучший!
Retrospecterr 9 годин тому
1:01 Daniel The cooler Daniel
๖ۣۜMᴇᴛᴇᴏ๛ 14 годин тому
1:35 fake: ill be back Real: *I'LL BE BACK* fake: Understandable have a great day ✌️
Oscar A. Peña C.
Oscar A. Peña C. 21 годину тому
3:00 Who's this girl hahaha
Netreek День тому
How bad the movie was, Arnold is still the best Terminator. Great Actor in many ways. Not just Action, but comedy and I would trust him in Drama aswell. One true actor. :)
MrCrrispy День тому
"He looks real" "Because I am!" Best part :-)
Ромчик Борода
Ромчик Борода День тому
I love this guy!
Ambrush Sangma
Ambrush Sangma День тому
Dude he just speak like real
Neywin Phukan
Neywin Phukan День тому
"Get to da choppar"
Lunna Elizaa
Lunna Elizaa День тому
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ŚťëëVëň Ćm
ŚťëëVëň Ćm День тому
I loved.....🥺💕💕
Azzim Martiyus
Azzim Martiyus День тому
AIL be back
Roberto Alejandro Gomez Perez
Do you thing I am the real Terminator? It iiiis
ian vosik
ian vosik День тому
Jay Hernanes
Jay Hernanes 2 дні тому
01:51 "because I am" XD
Mr Feast
Mr Feast 2 дні тому
Don't these idiots realise that's Arnold from his voice?
Generxl_Shxdow3 2 дні тому
I am old not obsolete
NR 2 дні тому
pause at 2:26 (vs bruce lee)
us real
us real 2 дні тому
Arnold : Get Out! Guy : Understandable. Have a great day
Man Man
Man Man 2 дні тому
Fuck u
Mr brightside
Mr brightside 2 дні тому
Arnie : i'll be back Fake : i'll be f*ck
Xtilr 2 дні тому
Wheres the prank?
David Ringo
David Ringo 2 дні тому
I have had dull moments most of my life. There's never been a dull moment in most of Arnold's life . What a guy😮
alex penkin
alex penkin 3 дні тому
Арни умеет веселиться
Tintin 3 дні тому
1:28 so that's how to pronounce his name!
Virak Chhang
Virak Chhang 3 дні тому
None of their friends will believe that they took a picture with the real Arnold considering it's taken at the wax museum lol
fgy21 4 години тому
Apple live photos 😉
Jacques Bonaparte
Jacques Bonaparte 3 дні тому
fdyjt 3 дні тому
hey arnold when are you coming to europe? i would like to meet and greet u also but america is to far away
abhishek Singh
abhishek Singh 3 дні тому
Love you Arnold Schwarzenegger sir
Adam Rayhan Murakabi
Adam Rayhan Murakabi 3 дні тому
1:01 the best moment 😂😂
BULLET XD 3 дні тому
Arnie: sees Justin bieber, who is this girl LOL😂
Nisar Khan
Nisar Khan 3 дні тому
Greatest actor and bodybuilder of all time 👍👍
jae pae von
jae pae von 3 дні тому
Hasta la vista Arnold🇲🇽🙏
Ulowwxrld 4 дні тому
0:41 dude actually moving like Jack lmao
Lo Wait
Lo Wait 4 дні тому
This was awesome! What a Legend
travis bakaty
travis bakaty 4 дні тому
i loving arnauld
Anonyms Anoyms
Anonyms Anoyms 4 дні тому
0:44 Easter egg Jack sparrow
Drew Senna
Drew Senna 4 дні тому
Guys, can I say his last name? I don't think that I have the N word pass
Che Sinson
Che Sinson 4 дні тому
Dr Ragavan Rocky
Dr Ragavan Rocky 4 дні тому
Arnold should live long Bcos without him our heroes will b zeroes
SnowCYYCling 4 дні тому
1:20 LMAO I didn't realize this is a reference to an actual scene ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-wdUVU-dFPRI.html
TEF -D- 4 дні тому
Lol 🤣ukvid.net/video/%D0%B2%D1%96%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-IyATvIRIkDI.html
Amir gedon
Amir gedon 4 дні тому
2:20 ...hold my nigga..
Miroslav Grnjak
Miroslav Grnjak 5 днів тому
Arnold for ever💪👍👌
Dodge Dodgey
Dodge Dodgey 5 днів тому
Arnold 1984:"I'll be back" Arnold 2020:"Oh my back"
BLUE GAMING 4 дні тому
This comment!!! This is underrated
Zyrent Tube
Zyrent Tube 5 днів тому
Semoga selalu diberi rezeki untuk kita smua SUPPORT MY CHANNEL LIKE N SUBSCRIBE KANG FANY DARAT🙏🏻😅
Gospel Bundo
Gospel Bundo 5 днів тому
I wonder what is wrong with the 7k people who disliked this. I mean this is good stuff.
Veronica Jackson
Veronica Jackson 5 днів тому
Great prank lol loved it!
Ronald Molina Sandoval
Ronald Molina Sandoval 5 днів тому
Saludos cordiales desde Sudamérica Santa Cruz bolivia 🇧🇴 👍 excelente 💜 okey 👏 👏 💯 puntos 👏 😁 👍 👍 es uno de mis actores favoritos felicidades 👍💚👍👍😁👏👏👏👏👏😍😀🇧🇴🇺🇸
streetcertified612 5 днів тому
Arnold is cool
streetcertified612 5 днів тому
Shuai Ge
Shuai Ge 5 днів тому
Sonic THD
Sonic THD 5 днів тому
Is funny cuz I belive people dont think its really him
Uzair Stories TV
Uzair Stories TV 6 днів тому
Hahahahaha that was so funny like you said get out of the car
Apostolos Ginnakidis
Apostolos Ginnakidis 6 днів тому
Was ist denn mit dem Auto den Essens Schüssel mit dem Auto den Schüssel und die anderen t t und die Tastatur waschen den anderes sou entsprechenden
Bituin Travel
Bituin Travel 6 днів тому
Nobody: Not a single soul: not even arnold: PERFECTLY CUT SCREAMS
Alexsandro Jardim Nogueira
Alexsandro Jardim Nogueira 6 днів тому
Everything he touches turns to gold. he is blessed by God ..
Dr. rahul dipankar
Dr. rahul dipankar 6 днів тому
i m big of yours i will miss you 😔😔😔😔😣 no one can be like you real arnold
Ibrahim Can
Ibrahim Can 6 днів тому
God Won
God Won 6 днів тому
Trump Won 2020
Babe Girl
Babe Girl 6 днів тому
Just wow💖💖
Shadows Dark 550
Shadows Dark 550 6 днів тому
Arnold:Get out The Guy: Getting out Arnold: Just joking Me:I Love This Guy xD
void world
void world 6 днів тому
I love it when big tuff Arnold is putting on the shades and says "there sizzling"
ian sirius
ian sirius 6 днів тому
3:00 who is this girl ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 right ...
Rosa Esther Hernandez
Rosa Esther Hernandez 7 днів тому
Alka Sagotra
Alka Sagotra 7 днів тому
Sir I m from India I m big fan of u plz sir 1 reply
Probike16 7 днів тому
Arni is great
Vinyas S r gowda
Vinyas S r gowda 7 днів тому
Rowan Atkinson would be interesting if he taken part of this video
Hiram Ulysses Grant
Hiram Ulysses Grant 5 днів тому
@Donald trump Best president ever yea..
Donald trump Best president ever
Hiram Ulysses Grant in your opinion
Hiram Ulysses Grant
Hiram Ulysses Grant 5 днів тому
@Donald trump Best president ever Donald is really not the best president
Donald trump Best president ever
As black adder mr bean or Johnny English
Black Magician
Black Magician 7 днів тому
Can't say I support the cause(Terminator Genesys) but I do love the man.😁
Black Magician
Black Magician 7 днів тому
🤤Man, some of these women got some heavy shelves and lower decks.😍
Black Magician
Black Magician 7 днів тому
1:20 The man in truck: "Well...I always knew this day was going to come".
Black Magician
Black Magician 7 днів тому
What these fans seem to fail in grasping is- outside of body builder and governorship. Arnold is also a waxing actor.
Nexter men
Nexter men 7 днів тому
1:52 XD
Tatsu 8 днів тому
none of those Arnold's thought the Terminator was showing up
Heath C
Heath C 8 днів тому
"It look real" famous last words
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 8 днів тому
Daaaang everyone destroying the fake terminator 😂 but in all honesty he did a pretty good job.
iiSniper 7
iiSniper 7 8 днів тому
Please dont bump my selfie stick’’ i would cry if he says that to me lol scary
Sunny Field
Sunny Field 8 днів тому
0:39 had they ever watched The Terminator?
_yahzoo _444
_yahzoo _444 8 днів тому
1:26 just choking or joking can't tell the difference 🤔
stkfr 9 днів тому
One of the best prank ever
Gilberto Freitas
Gilberto Freitas 9 днів тому
Hi Governor! Greetings from Fortaleza/Brasil.
saverio giuseppe russo
saverio giuseppe russo 9 днів тому
Arnold io ti adoro sei il mio mito Sono cresciuto a pane e terminator ❤️❤️❤️❤️💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Kas 10 днів тому
The young dude sounded like a little girl
Ceao 10 днів тому
2:45 gotta love the boogers
FrutiWrath 10 днів тому
1:16 why does that guy look like mark zukerburg
user died
user died 10 днів тому
Who is the girl to Justin rofl.
Snapptastic 43
Snapptastic 43 10 днів тому
this is the definition of awesome
adnan rasool
adnan rasool 10 днів тому
When the terminator tells you to exit the truck, you don't hesitate....
hristo gradinarski
hristo gradinarski 10 днів тому
That guy probably shit his pants when he saw Arnold xDDD
ZoltanoMoltano 10 днів тому
good stuff:)
VARIETY MEMES 10 днів тому
look at that eye..... I thiught that's real!!ha
Juan Infante
Juan Infante 10 днів тому
Ralfer -Lee
Ralfer -Lee 10 днів тому
DownerRBLX 10 днів тому
“I’ll be back, I’ll be back, I’ll be BACK.
sil c
sil c 11 днів тому
Sos el mejor árnold.. un día eres un robot que quiere asesinar humanos.. luego eres un agente secreto .. en la vida real eres un gobernador ... Demonios! Eres el mejor !! Ojalá algún día pueda conocerte .. saludos desde argentina
gewenzsko 11 днів тому
Just choking
abhimanyu kumar
abhimanyu kumar 11 днів тому
Hello terminator hw r you?? Nice to see you
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