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Arnold Schwarzenegger shows you how to build muscles with these Bodybuilding beginner exercises covering weight lifting, bench pressing and squats!
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28 лис 2017





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Niko 4 години тому
Arnold is the type of person to be like your not that strong it’s okay bro I gotchu
Vlasis Productions
Vlasis Productions День тому
Ο αλροντ
Junk Dog san
Junk Dog san День тому
He is massive and he is so nice and humble. Bless his soul❤️
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez 2 дні тому
Arnold: This is only 65 pounds Skinny dude: O N L Y???
Giovanni Ciaramella
Giovanni Ciaramella 2 дні тому
Secondo voi era dopato in questa condizione?
Your Loneliness
Your Loneliness 2 дні тому
Lol this video is jokes, first of all the 80s English accent priceless and second them weights really got dudes heart racing the way his breathing is after at least 2-3 minutes of rest.
Your Loneliness
Your Loneliness 2 дні тому
Feel like this is the first time ive heard his name said correctly.
north indians are king of king
Arnold i s a prostitution son
Offensive 3 дні тому
No we dont have that much sand in Austria
George Smith
George Smith 3 дні тому
50 tones a day is nothing
Lee 93
Lee 93 3 дні тому
Back when Arnold ate steaks and eggs instead of promoting this shit vegan diet. Sellout.
QueensNative 7 годин тому
@JohnDaWhale3 I guess no one can disagree that a plant based diet is the best choice for purposes of health and longevity! But for a young guy trying to pack on pounds of raw muscle a meatless diet defintely has short-comminngs!
JohnDaWhale3 7 годин тому
Vegans live longer than non-vegans...
QueensNative 13 годин тому
Well he's old now, he can't eat the way he did in his hey day.. He probably ate around two pounds of red meat a day along with a dozen eggs and plenty of protein drinks.. Your body can't handle that kind of food when you get older
ChuckOnFire TM
ChuckOnFire TM 3 дні тому
*Hasta la vista Baby*
yaggle fraggle
yaggle fraggle 3 дні тому
Step 1: Take steroids
Psycho День тому
Its not only steroids fucking idiot
RXI 6375
RXI 6375 3 дні тому
People in the comment section actually think 65 pounds is heavy? Pathetic.
QueensNative 13 годин тому
True.. I mean 65 pounds is pathetically light on the bench press, even for a beginner..
Alex Beck
Alex Beck 4 дні тому
This is only 65 pounds Only?
lil bacon
lil bacon 4 дні тому
I like Arnold.
The Pack Is Back
The Pack Is Back 4 дні тому
Me when I look at the Arnold Schwarzenegger workout routine: *I’ll be back*
The Pack Is Back
The Pack Is Back 4 дні тому
I honestly didn’t think I could love Arnie anymore. What an absolute diamond 🙏🏻
Lugo 4 дні тому
Ah shit , we got a new meme
Ghost Of The Third Reich
Ghost Of The Third Reich 4 дні тому
omg he is so skinny there
Ghost Of The Third Reich
Ghost Of The Third Reich 10 годин тому
@QueensNative compared to when he was in pumping iron
QueensNative 12 годин тому
I think it's rediculous to say that he's skinny here.. He's definitely not at full size though.. I think at this point he wasn't thinking about bodybuilding competition anymore and he wanted to make his body look more normal for acting roles.. He had to get huge again for the movie Conan
Skadzer 4 дні тому
There is genuinely no way to possibly hate this man at all
Skadzer 8 годин тому
CheesyToast 1 lol
CheesyToast 1
CheesyToast 1 8 годин тому
Skadzer I don’t even know, he’s trying to find reasons to hate Arnold.
Skadzer 8 годин тому
CheesyToast 1 dafuq is going on here? 😂
CheesyToast 1
CheesyToast 1 8 годин тому
Booby Jail pink So do all bodybuilders, it is practically a pro-steroid sport. Get over it.
Skadzer 14 годин тому
Booby Jail pink ?
Admiral General Aladeen
Admiral General Aladeen 4 дні тому
The guy Arnold helped grew to be the legendary 8 time Mr Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman
Ganesh Ashwin
Ganesh Ashwin 4 дні тому
Classic Arnie. Gaining 20 lbs 3 months before a show on a cut, lifting 50 tons a day, 4 hours workout. The man liked to troll people so subtly. That's what makes him so entertaining to watch. XD XD
Steve 4 дні тому
Second time watching this it seems the session were very rushed it was rare seeing old interview footage with this rushed attitude
Subscript 5 днів тому
Some people make fun of people who play soccer, and yet this man did it lol
Lord Orochimaru
Lord Orochimaru 5 днів тому
Level 1 vs level 100
C H I Ł Ł 5 днів тому
3:00 making me think he was about to do a snatch😂
6 of 10
6 of 10 5 днів тому
arnie always had perfect equel muscles
SubStrainGaming 5 днів тому
You can tell he went off-cycle when he wasn’t prepping for a competition
Steven P
Steven P 5 днів тому
give me Tommy Boyd´s cunning wit any day
ermonski 5 днів тому
Come with me if you want to lift
WarneFit 5 днів тому
Guys watch this transformation video of my physique. @
Vergil 5 днів тому
My favorite trainer
Aiden Rementer
Aiden Rementer 5 днів тому
True body builders don’t just lift waits. They lift other people up too. Thanks Arnold
Casey Wood
Casey Wood 6 днів тому
Man i respect arnold for never putting others doen, i am in high school and much bigger/ stronger than most kids but i never try to show it off or make others feel bad for not thaving it. I truly respect arnold for not trying to act tough, strong people dont put others down
calle jidell
calle jidell 6 днів тому
Two more? Toumore
Andrew Jennings
Andrew Jennings 8 днів тому
Host guy had more muscle than me.
XGavinWX 4 години тому
Lol you have a problem there then.
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 8 днів тому
*This big guy would be a wery good actor if he go to Hollywood*
Trevor C
Trevor C 8 днів тому
this is what a alpha looks like. gone are days where you are in the gym and you see maybe a newbie working out and maybe instead of helping him/her (technique is off a little) todays said gym goer laughs, ignores or worse posts what they see in the gym on social media to make them feel better about their own skin.
Your Uncle
Your Uncle 8 днів тому
This shows you how back then how little people knew about the gym
Entropy Anonymous
Entropy Anonymous 8 днів тому
His English was so good and fluent back in the day, what happened?
ImaFnT-Rex 10 днів тому
no pain no gain :v
jordan simms
jordan simms 10 днів тому
0:09 yes I could if I did crack
Coneman3 11 днів тому
He doesn't acknowledge the massive effect genetics has.
Mito Luil
Mito Luil 11 днів тому
2:53 too moah
Analog Foundry
Analog Foundry 10 днів тому
Too muah
Kevin Peat
Kevin Peat 12 днів тому
He's a great guy. An incredible man. His book Total Recall is one of the best I've ever read.
ben w
ben w 13 днів тому
I thought at first the guy on the right was a 60 year old woman
Alex Fedorenko
Alex Fedorenko 13 днів тому
Old but good!
abemie Kelate
abemie Kelate 13 днів тому
The host was the first hobbit
Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality 13 днів тому
So did this mop head continue lifting or did he give up when Arnold left the building ?
ZimZong 13 днів тому
Arnold, from my perspective, you are just the champion of all times.
Julian Scalici
Julian Scalici 14 днів тому
Even though arnold is clearly way bigger than that guy there's not an ounce of judgment coming from him at all.
Lizard King113
Lizard King113 15 днів тому
Where can I get those style of weights, I want them
Lizard King113
Lizard King113 11 днів тому
I need names!
Братишка 11 днів тому
In some vintage shops, maybe?
NeonKnight 15 днів тому
The guy don't look athletic he just look skinny
Ricardo Antonio
Ricardo Antonio 15 днів тому
He looks just like the terminator
UnloveableYoshi 16 днів тому
All might training deku
Loading_please_ wait
Loading_please_ wait 17 днів тому
“‘‘Tis man is growing fast”
Naylay Win
Naylay Win 17 днів тому
Arnold was a soccer guy?
カツカツカツ丼 17 днів тому
Pramit Nandi
Pramit Nandi 17 днів тому
*in 2019 still the best trainer Arnold Schwarzenegger* ❤️❤️
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