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Arnold Schwarzenegger shows you how to build muscles with these Bodybuilding beginner exercises covering weight lifting, bench pressing and squats!
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28 лис 2017





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Hi How Are Ya
Hi How Are Ya 2 години тому
Guy: how much is this? Bar: 65 pounds Arnold: waves it around like a wand
Nate Broadway
Nate Broadway 15 годин тому
Arnold could lift the host and use him for dumb bell curls !!! 😄
Yehlien День тому
dude has a bigger armpit bush than I got one on my carrot
BEZ Gaming
BEZ Gaming День тому
He is why I want to be a SEAL, I’m building my body AND keeping it healthy for the Navy
MR TAMIMI День тому
Ok Mr Arnold bag of zinger Your telling me that every kid dream is to be Mr universe that's insulting
Myat Chae
Myat Chae День тому
I love Arnold he is my favourite actor all around the world
T.C. Crawford
T.C. Crawford День тому
Buddy wanted nothing to do with lifting 😆 but Arnold was still very encouraging
ashish bhatt
ashish bhatt 2 дні тому
I still prefer old way of diet and exercise s
Morshidi Ismail
Morshidi Ismail 2 дні тому
arnold's english we really good even back then.
kandoo1316 2 дні тому
''This is only 65 lbs'' He just crushed this guys world'' :)
Santhosh Kumar
Santhosh Kumar 2 дні тому
Arnold is greatest man
Sweeneytv 2 дні тому
arnold desperately wants to get this mans pump on, but this man is determined to get a good interview XD
Martyna Polka
Martyna Polka 2 дні тому
"And breeze out" xD
BigDickGirl 3 дні тому
Fact u did not search for this video
soss17beatz 3 дні тому
7 999 918 wiews
Sreejith Gopinath
Sreejith Gopinath 3 дні тому
Phillip 4 дні тому
Josh Peterson
Josh Peterson 5 днів тому
Arnold speaks anybody can build muscle but the thing is most people do it for health and fitness. When you do it for Mr universe, mr America mr Olympia you have the goal you envision and you will get the physique. That’s what separates you from doing it for fitness and becoming a champion. Break through the pain barrier you make it to be a champion. Arnold says anyone can do it if you have the goal and envision your physique and training for that level you’ll get it. Arnold is my idol I will be just like him and Franco a legend in 3 fields. One day he could train me for the Olympia.
KingDrippyWet 5 днів тому
*only 65 pounds*
Karl Fernandes
Karl Fernandes 5 днів тому
KDXtreme ™
KDXtreme ™ 5 днів тому
So glossy
BenGunns 5 днів тому
The Interviewer is Tommy Boyd, who works in Radio now usually Talk Radio.
TéchnicaL Gáur
TéchnicaL Gáur 5 днів тому
He Did'nt Laughed at him...Instead He Motivated him Greatly!
TéchnicaL Gáur
TéchnicaL Gáur 5 днів тому
Arnold: The Man Whose Terminator...Series made my Childhood Great!❤️
Asim Giri
Asim Giri 5 днів тому
"Were you bullied, sand kicked in your face ?" That guy is reflecting his past 😂
Kool Kat
Kool Kat 3 дні тому
Asim Giri it’s actually common with big muscular dudes. Like terry cruise got huge because his dad abused him
Yournextdoorgamer withgames
Yournextdoorgamer withgames 6 днів тому
First inject yourself with steroids Second become famous for it Third profit
Soy el panda grande y gordo
Soy el panda grande y gordo 6 днів тому
1:55 I just love this guy
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia 6 днів тому
Only 65 pounds😂😂😂
TheHonestDutch/Irish/Italian guy
Why people generally miss 1980s television and before. Because we used to have kind, polite stuff like this. No insulting, sarcasm or anything. Just information and respect for interviewer and interviewees. Everything has become so self centred and deceitful now.
D S 6 днів тому
Jesus, even here he looks better than most of the bubble gut monsters of today
Wesly Rosales
Wesly Rosales 6 днів тому
"Only 65 pounds" lmao
Roger Pavon
Roger Pavon 6 днів тому
How old was he in this video ?
Aidan Gittings
Aidan Gittings 6 днів тому
Dude why would I listen to a steroid user. Sure it’s Arnold, but he shouldn’t give advice such as this
Razorhawk90 6 днів тому
It comes from a good place. Everybody benefits from weight training and everyone can build some muscle.
Shriaz Hennessey
Shriaz Hennessey 6 днів тому
Your already pumped lol😆🤣🤣💀
Zaloxety 6 днів тому
Ohh no he couldn’t squat that lol
Einoel 7 днів тому
"we don't have that much sand in austria"xDD
Ronny 7 днів тому
I wonder where the interviewer is now
BJ64Th3M0v13f4n 7 днів тому
That guy is clearly making a fool of himself.
poepman man
poepman man 8 днів тому
Brandon Petersen
Brandon Petersen 8 днів тому
Such a humble man, providing compliments and encouragement right from the start.
Red Sol
Red Sol 8 днів тому
Control that weight.
Donald Hellscream
Donald Hellscream 8 днів тому
Arnold really is a great motivator I have a hard time trying to lift at my local planet fitness cause I cant compare to the weights some people lift. I see some bench 250lbs while I'm doing 60-80lbs and I struggle to even do at least 7. But watching this and seeing Arnold not clowning the little guy about having a hard time sparks something in me.
PetroFor3 9 днів тому
Arnold seemed like such a chill guy man jeez. What a beast but still humble
soolly 357
soolly 357 10 днів тому
"Get in the habit of helping your self"
Chase DaSilva
Chase DaSilva 10 днів тому
Arnold is actually very intelligent.
Rodrigo 10 днів тому
T-800: Come with me If you want to lift!
ImELFY 10 днів тому
This is oddly relaxing
Max R
Max R 11 днів тому
This guy was downing himself since the very begining. You could tell Arnold wasn't having it at 1:57. You are what you believe.
Alan Silverio
Alan Silverio 11 днів тому
Level 5 vs level 100
Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart 11 днів тому
"You get into the habit of helping yourself"
Superior FT
Superior FT 11 днів тому
Arnold lifts everything,include girls eyes
SpoopyAnts 12 днів тому
I’ll watch the video just get out of my recommended section
MAI 12 днів тому
U gain 20lbs of muscle 3 months before the competition? What kind of anabolic egg whites was Arnold on!!
kularek93 12 днів тому
What do you think of lost crazy amounts of weight using Custokebon Secrets? I notice many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets.
D bro
D bro 12 днів тому
20 pounds of muscle in three months waaaa has to be roids cuz no wAY joSe
mayoman 1010
mayoman 1010 12 днів тому
the interviewer seems like a cool dude not as cool as Arnold tho
Johnny Rimbow
Johnny Rimbow 13 днів тому
That is the most 80’s set I’ve ever seen.
Cameron Gray
Cameron Gray 13 днів тому
Ok UKvid I finally watched it. Happy?
Colin Strickland
Colin Strickland 13 днів тому
2:41 that muhfucka said ohhhh shit like he was holding 315 pounds n shit lmfo
Strike Bros.
Strike Bros. 13 днів тому
arnold got such a good personality. god bless
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