Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals his intense workout routines | The Graham Norton Show - BBC

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Graham chats with the guests about their workout routines & Arnold Schwarzenegger's days of bodybuilding.
Graham Norton presents a show on the people, trends and stories that interest him most and covers some of the best new films and music albums coming out soon!
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19 жов 2012





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FitnessTeche 16 годин тому
They didnt even let arnold speak
Michael Willhoit
Michael Willhoit День тому
How do you get the time to train? Didn't you need a job?
FitnessTeche 16 годин тому
He took night school on acting
Thomas Schmidt
Thomas Schmidt 4 дні тому
I don't think Arnold understands British humor.
Jason Striation
Jason Striation 7 днів тому
Been running sauce since the 60s
Elvisfan 11 днів тому
Arnold is the man!
MartinUToob 13 днів тому
Thanks. I always wanted to be able to touch my toes.
Mark Cox
Mark Cox 13 днів тому
Bless Ronnie, he was one of a kind. I lived close to him and rumour was that if you'd knock on his door at Halloween, he'd shout at you to get off his property and hurl abuse at you until you were gone. I never knocked so I only have great memories of him as one of the funniest comedians that ever lived. The house he lived in before the guy from JLS set it on fire backed on to the Addington golf club, someone told me he avoided fees by making a hole in his hedge and sneaking in. Not sure if either of them are true but I kind of believe both. Legend.
The Badger
The Badger 22 дні тому
“It’s not too late Ronnie!” Unfortunately it is now! 😢😢 He was one of the ones that 2016 stole!!
The Badger
The Badger 15 годин тому
Sadly, he is!
FitnessTeche 16 годин тому
Hes not dead
Damon Verse12
Damon Verse12 22 дні тому
I always thought he was russian
Scion C
Scion C Місяць тому
i think its Panerai Arnold wearing...
Dan Bee
Dan Bee Місяць тому
I remember Simon Pegg saying, on a special features, that it was way more enjoyable to work out as his "job" on star trek, but emphasizing it was his current job be ABLE to spend so much time in the gym. Helped my perspective, kinda like Arnold's buddy's leg work out was 6-8 sets of each leg work out. Indeed.
The Gitz Journey
The Gitz Journey Місяць тому
"I don't play as much now because of my replaced knee but I still play every day" haha
incredible SHOHRAT KHAN
incredible SHOHRAT KHAN Місяць тому
3:30 what graham said to that lady?(sorry my eng is weak)
Blaze of Glory
Blaze of Glory 2 місяці тому
Forget the Terminator for a second, who is that English chick?
Jayjay Ralda
Jayjay Ralda 2 місяці тому
Arnold is the man
Nati Tadesse
Nati Tadesse 2 місяці тому
What's Arnold wwoekout routines ?
PHC Mathighatta
PHC Mathighatta 2 місяці тому
He only had 4packs
Soul Man
Soul Man 2 місяці тому
Arnold stuck up for the lady like a true gent, she also noticed it lol 😝😉
Ccia Ó dubhshlaine
Ccia Ó dubhshlaine 2 місяці тому
Arnold is right. They do call it groping.
Tom 2 місяці тому
Notice Graham only speaks when Arnold has or is about to finish. While Arnie was telling his story on any other chat show he would have been interrupted endlessly...
Kevin McCarthy
Kevin McCarthy 2 місяці тому
Didn’t he take steroids though?
Junior17 2 місяці тому
bhaijana singh
bhaijana singh 2 місяці тому
Americans talkshow host should learn from this guy!!! Let your guest speak🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Marco Moreno
Marco Moreno 3 місяці тому
Arnold is such a bad ass cool as a Q always.
Bache Watani
Bache Watani 3 місяці тому
Don’t forget the steroids Arnold
Kshitiz Gupta
Kshitiz Gupta 3 місяці тому
Lady is the best
JohnstasBACK 3 місяці тому
what is that roliepolie thing on the end of the couch
Levi Patterson
Levi Patterson 3 місяці тому
Great more tv hosts who know nothing about physical fitness asking the greatest bodybuilder of all time what his secret is.
Theodore Cooper
Theodore Cooper 3 місяці тому
I love Arnold... such an inspiration
whooshkaboomie 3 місяці тому
Arnold still looks like a Terminator in real life.
Swingg -
Swingg - Місяць тому
Yeah he kinda looks like the terminator
Jays People
Jays People 3 місяці тому
I dont think Arnold could understand thd conversations for the most part. 😂😂😂
Tamjid Monnan
Tamjid Monnan 3 місяці тому
she's so sexy.
jon doe
jon doe 3 місяці тому
Misleading title
Tommo Hughes
Tommo Hughes 3 місяці тому
Love Arnies hair, nice dye that
Mors Inimicis
Mors Inimicis 3 місяці тому
Funny how nobody slams his steroid use, but today's professionals are another story..
onacsut 3 місяці тому
If he’d told that story about his mom being concerned he way gay this year they’d probably end his career. Sad where times r
J T 3 місяці тому
Arnold reveals his intense testosterone, primobolan dbol and trenbolone routine
Aslam Bloch
Aslam Bloch 3 місяці тому
Who is best Arnie vs Ronnie
Aslam Bloch
Aslam Bloch 3 місяці тому
Arnold The GOAT
Aslam Bloch
Aslam Bloch 3 місяці тому
Arnie:muscles&fitness Subtitle:muslim fitness lol I am a muslim
SwenglishGamer 4 місяці тому
“I only do widths” Rest in piece Ronnie, one of the greatest comedians ever.
ValensBellator 4 місяці тому
“Grope away!” 😂
Snow Flowset
Snow Flowset 4 місяці тому
Greatest guy 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Dayga 4 місяці тому
As always, Arnold is clever, quick-witted, and a good sport. Bravo to the GOAT!!
Danoi 4 місяці тому
What a misleading title. No where did they mention his workouts. Good job BBC uploader.
Bran Kind
Bran Kind 5 місяців тому
I was a Big Bang Theory type Geek and changed my body from 140lbs to 170lbs of low fat muscle
90 4 місяці тому
No1 cares u skinny piece of shit
John Price
John Price 5 місяців тому
Thumbs down, title is wrong
Bles 5 місяців тому
Arnie will always be the man
Faylum1 5 місяців тому
Bullshit the last time she did exercise London was called Londinium
J 5 місяців тому
2:17 Freddie Mercury
Muldfeld 5 місяців тому
Nothing about Arnie's workout routine. Disappointed.
1234 •
1234 • 5 місяців тому
Let Arnold talk ffs
Rajendra Nadarajan
Rajendra Nadarajan 6 місяців тому
4.18 - If I do it they call it groping. Equal rights my ass
Dominic Jackson
Dominic Jackson 6 місяців тому
😧wow 0:19
Mike Sherwood
Mike Sherwood 6 місяців тому
One day there will be a world without arnold,and what a sad day it will be. The guy's epic!
AL C 6 місяців тому
I love his undying enthusiasm for bodybuilding
Great David
Great David 6 місяців тому
2:21 burn
JJRJ 85 6 місяців тому
I'll be back. Get to da choppah! Put dat cookie dowwn! Coolest austrian since Mozart.
K FC 6 місяців тому
🇺🇸🇪🇺💕💚💙💛❤💖💕💘❣💚💛🧡🎀🏈💜🎄❄😍😍🤩🤩🏆🏅🥇🕹🎰🎮🎯🥊USA Hillo 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙏
Imran Ahmed
Imran Ahmed 6 місяців тому
Arnie is a comedian, always entertaining
Da Paintbrush 69
Da Paintbrush 69 6 місяців тому
When Arnie dies don't worry I'll be back
Kevin Ray Banks
Kevin Ray Banks 6 місяців тому
Arnold is steroids trust me !!! And a real murderer he killed a changed man that was writing children’s books in end to show he was a reformed character did Arnold care no and you all following him not your idol a murderer yeh I said it people look it up he’s got to sleep with this every night I wish !!!
Adrian 6 місяців тому
I love how he lifts people up and not bring them down. It’s what makes Arnold just Arnold.
J G 6 місяців тому
Interviewer is a fag!
Dickie 6 місяців тому
Ahh when the BBC was funny! Remember it fondly
Achilleas Pafios
Achilleas Pafios 6 місяців тому
imagine how many 15-years-old failed trying to do the same.
John Geo
John Geo Місяць тому
Im 15 and i just started weightlifting Currently i can deadlift 100 kg
Bullidom 6 місяців тому
5-6 hours a day....what....
gordon Ferguson
gordon Ferguson 6 місяців тому
Get to the chopper lol
Dank Bonk ripper 65
Dank Bonk ripper 65 6 місяців тому
4:18 ah pre PC humor
Hank Clury
Hank Clury 6 місяців тому
Probably the Coolest Guy on the Planet ! 💪💪💪😁😁
Doge of Dojima
Doge of Dojima 6 місяців тому
Arnie is awesome
Kakarot 6 місяців тому
The woman seems hugeeee
TacoHorse 6 місяців тому
She wants Arnold to buff her muff
Steve Snider
Steve Snider 6 місяців тому
That was a good one 👍
Mani The Comic Collector
Mani The Comic Collector 6 місяців тому
“If I do it they call it groping” 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 like a boss
JRZ ANT 6 місяців тому
Arnold movies are part of my timeline
Hayden 6 місяців тому
Arnold Schwarzenegger is awesome lol
FutureChris 22
FutureChris 22 6 місяців тому
one of the funniest of all time
S M 6 місяців тому
My muff on buff moment lool
dogma01011951 6 місяців тому
Couldn't get away with saying that in 2019 now could we!!!!
cyber slayer
cyber slayer 6 місяців тому
so hilarious
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